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International Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences Review and Research

ISSN(p): | ISSN(e):0976-044X
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Authors Guidelines

International Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences Review and Research (IJPSRR) is a non-profit, peer-reviewed, open access, bi-monthly published, international online journal, which emphasizing of Pharmaceutical Sciences.

It will publish innovative research papers, review articles and case reports dealing with Pharmaceutical sciences.

The journal will cover topics related to Pharmaceutical Sciences (Pharmaceutical Technology, Pharmaceutics, Biopharmaceutics, Pharmacokinetics, Novel Drug Delivery, Pharmaceutical /Medicinal Chemistry, formulation technology, pharmaceutical product development, nutraceutical product development, cosmetic product development, Pharmacognosy and Phytochemistry, Pharmacology, Pharmaceutical Analysis, Pharmacy Practice, Clinical and Hospital Pharmacy, Pharmacogenomics, Bioinformatics and Biotechnology of Pharmaceutical Interest, Pharmaceutical Marketing, quality assurance, herbal technology, regulatory affairs, Biological sciences (Botany, Zoology and Biochemistry), Chemistry etc….).

ISSN number of our International Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences Review and Research is eISSN: 0976-044X. USA CODEN: IJPSRR. Abbreviation: Int J Pharm Sci Rev Res.

Currently our journal was indexed in the following: Elsevier: Scopus & Embase (up to 2016); EBSCO Publishing Inc, USA; Directory of Open Access Journal (DOAJ), Sweden; Index Copernicus International Ltd, Poland; Urlich's Periodicals Directory, Proquest, USA; SOCOLAR, China; NewJour-Georgetown University Library, USA; The Open Access Digital Library, USA; Chemical Abstracts Service (CAS), USA; Open-J-Gate, India; Dayang journal system, Korea; Science central, USA; San Jose State University Library, USA; Pharma Trendz International; Lenide Journals; Google Scholar; Pharmpedia, Canada; VIKAS PSOAR (Pharmaceutical Sciences Open Access Resources). Further, in the positive opinion by (In the process): Thomson Reuters, USA.

Note to Author:

It is essential that authors prepare their manuscripts according to the instructions / specifications listed below. The length and effectiveness of the peer review process will largely depend upon the care used by authors in preparing their manuscripts. Therefore, authors are strongly encouraged to read these instructions carefully before preparing / submitting a manuscript for publication.

Please read the following instructions carefully and for any questions, please contact at

submit@globalresearchonline.net or


Submission of a manuscript to International Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences Review and Research for publication implies that the same work has not been either published or under consideration for publication in another Journal. Authors, in their cover note to the Editor, have to clearly mention whether the manuscript shall be considered as a Research Paper, case report or Review Article and also confirm that the manuscript has not been submitted to any other Journal for publication. Authors publishing results from in vivo experiments involving animals or humans should state whether due permission for conduction of these experiments was obtained, from the relevant ethics committees, in the Materials and Methods section.

Publication Ethics and Malpractice Statement

Welcome to International Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences Review and Research (IJPSRR), we are committed to maintain the optimum level of publication ethics and strongly discourage the malpractice. Our Editors/reviewers and Authors are responsible for maintaining the global standards of Publication ethics and malpractice statement. We will continuously monitor the conflicts in above matters with high commitment. For the full details of publication ethics, please refer our guideline document from the following weblink:


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Peer review process

All manuscripts receive individual identification codes. The Editor in-chief (Managing Editor) then sends it to an appropriate Editor. However a submission may be declined by the Managing Editor without review, if deemed inappropriate for reasons other than scientific merit. The Editors are fully responsible for decisions about manuscripts. The final decision whether to accept or reject a paper rests with them. The Editor in-chief (Managing Editor) only communicates the final decision and informs the authors about further processing.

Revised manuscript submission

When revision of a manuscript is requested, authors should return the revised version of their manuscript as soon as possible. Prompt action may ensure fast publication if a paper is finally accepted for publication.

Types of manuscripts

Research articles should present new experimental studies in elaborate form that constitute a significant contribution to knowledge. Research articles should not exceed 15 pages.

Review articles should bring up the most important current topics or present interpretative and critical accounts, but not simple compilation, on subjects of general interest. It should be long enough to cover up-to-date information. All format requirements are same as those applicable to full papers. Review articles need not be divided into sections such as Materials and Methods and Results and Discussion, but should definitely have an Abstract and Introduction, if necessary. Review Papers should not exceed 25 pages.

Case reports: Case reports can be prepared with suitable introduction and case out puts in suitable formats. Suitable sub titles can be made.

Transfer of Copyright Agreement

A properly completed Transfer of Copyright Agreement must be provided for each accepted manuscript and that should be duly signed, scanned and sent via email to the Editor in-chief. The copyright form can be downloaded from the following link or will be provided later after acceptance.


[Press Ctrl button + click on above link or copy above URL link and paste in web browser and enter]


Manuscripts preparation and submission

Type-written manuscripts prepared using MS Word should be sent as a MS word document to submit_ijpsrr@rediffmail.com and submit@globalresearchonline.net

Page format:

Prepare the manuscript in Calibri font using a font size of 12, with sufficient margins on all the sides. Title shall be in a font size 14, bold face capitals. All section titles in the manuscript shall be in font size 12, bold face capitalsSubtitles in each section shall be in font size 12, bold face lower case. Standard International Units could be used throughout the text. Pages should be numbered consecutively, manuscript should be starting with the title page indicating author details and the text should be arranged in the following order:

1. Title page, with names of Authors, affiliations/addresses, phone numbers, email ids and address for correspondence


3. Keywords,






Each table or figure should be presented with corresponding numbers. Tables and figures must be cited in the text in numerical order. Table 2 cannot be first cited before Table 1. If citation to a Table or Figure is not found in the text, the table or figure will be deleted.The total combined tables and figures should not be more than 8.

1. Title Page:

The title must be as brief as possible, comprehensive and descriptive. Each author must provide their full name including their forenames and surname followed by their address in normal face lower case. The Corresponding Author of the manuscript must be marked with an asterisk, and should be listed first. In addition the corresponding author must include telephone (mobile number, for ready contact during peer review) and E-mail address at the bottom left corner of the title page. If any of the co-authors are from different organizations, their addresses too should be mentioned and indicated using numbers after their names.


Should start on a new page after the title page and should present the reason of the study, the main findings, and principal conclusions, not more than 300 words. All the three categories, Review Articles, Research papers and case report should have an Abstract.

3. Keywords: 4-7 keywords are to be provided by the authors. Recommended to use the MeSH terminology (U.S. National Library of Medicine's controlled vocabulary), if suitable words available in this database. You can refer http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/mesh. Other standard pharmaceutical terminology also acceptable.


Should start on a new page and should clearly indicate the aimof the study. It should include the introduction to the work presented.


The section should include concise details on the methodology adopted, sufficient to repeat the experiment. Extracts and/or fractions tested for in vitro or in vivo biological activities should be chemically defined, at least by means of the results of preliminary phytochemical screening. Complete formulation details of all crude drug mixtures and extracts should be mentioned. The plant name should be fully mentioned when cited first, and the authors are asked to add the details regarding its identification, voucher herbarium specimen number and name of the herbarium institution where it has been deposited. The statistical method and the level of significance chosen should be clearly stated.


In this section all observations should be described neatly in text with indication of corresponding table or figure numbers. All results presented in tabular or graphical form shall be described in this section. All Tables and figures must have a title and a legend to make them self-explanatory and they should be given numbers.


Conclusions should contain a critical review of the results of the study OR with the support of relevant literature. It can end with brief conclusions.


Should be numbered consecutively in the order in which they are first mentioned in the text (not in alphabetic order). Identify references in text, tables, and legends by numerals in superscript (References should be referred to by number insuperscript after the paragraph).

Avoid using abstracts as references. Information from manuscripts submitted but not accepted should be cited in the text as “unpublished observations” with written permission from the source.

Avoid citing a “personal communication” unless it provides essential information not available from a public source, in which case the name of the person and date of communication should be cited in parentheses in the text.


Journals: Author (last name) AB (initials), Author BB, Title of Article, Journal name, volume, year, page numbers.DOI: xxxx/xxxxxx; PMID: xxxxx.

Books:Author AB, Author BB, Author CC, Title of Book, Ed, Vol, Publisher, City, year, page numbers.

Thesis: Kaplan SJ. Posthospital Home Health Care: The Elderly’s Access and Utilization [dissertation]. St. Louis, Washington University (1995) 78-80.

Gallery Proofs/Draft copy:

Galley proofs/draft copy would be sent unless indicated otherwise to the corresponding author. It is the responsibility of the corresponding author to ensure that the galley proof is to be returned without delay with correction (if any). The authors are responsible for the contents appeared in their published manuscripts.

The editorial board reserves right to condense or make necessary changes in the length of manuscript.

Corresponding Author's Biography: (Optional)

As per some author’s request, we are capturing the photograph and short summary of the corresponding author in the published article. It is not compulsory and not part of our author’s guideline, it is optional only.

Authors (corresponding author) who interested to keep their photograph and short summary in their upcoming article, they can send their passport size colour photograph with good clarity (scan or image format) and their short summary to our mail id in word format along with your article to submit_ijpsrr@rediffmail.com. We will add this author short summary at the end of the article (last page).

Publication Charges:


Every article will be charged with nominal publication charges. For the details of Publication charges to be paid per article, please refer below or last page of the PDF file of “GUIDELINES FOR AUTHORS – IJPSRR”.