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Sahand Communications in Mathematical Analysis

ISSN(p):2322-5807 | ISSN(e):2423-3900
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1 Frameness bound for frame of subspaces, M. R. Abdollahpour, A. Shekari
In this paper, we show that in each finite dimensional Hilbert space, a frame of subspaces is an ultra Bessel sequence of subspaces. We also show that every frame of subspaces in a finite dimensional Hilbert space has frameness bound.
2 General Minkowski type and related inequalities for seminormed fuzzy integrals, Bayaz Daraby, Fatemeh Ghadimi
Minkowski type inequalities for the seminormed fuzzy integrals on abstract spaces are studied in a rather general form. Also related inequalities to Minkowski type inequality for the seminormed fuzzy integrals on abstract spaces are studied. Several examples are given to illustrate the validity of theorems. Some results on Chebyshev and Minkowski type inequalities are obtained.
3 Existence/uniqueness of solutions to Heat equation in extended Colombeau algebra, Mohsen Alimohammady, Fariba Fattahi
This work concerns the study of existence and uniqueness to heat equation with fractional Laplacian differentiation in extended Colombeau algebra.
4 Inverse Sturm-Liouville problem with discontinuity conditions, Mohammad Shahriari, Aliasghar Jodayree Akbarfam
This paper deals with the boundary value problem involving the di erential equation ly := -y''+qy = ? y, subject to the standard boundary conditions along with the following discontinuity conditions at a point a ?(0,? ) y(a + 0) = a1y(a - 0), y'(a + 0) = a1-1y'(a - 0) + a2y(a - 0), where q(x), a1,a2 are real, q ? L2(0,? ) and ? is a parameter independent of x. We develop the Hochestadt's result based on the transformation operator for inverse Sturm-Liouville problem when there are discontinuous conditions. Furthermore, we establish a formula for q(x) - q~(x) in the nite interval where q(x) and q~(x) are analogous functions.
5 Invariance of Frchet frames under perturbation, Asghar Rahimi
Motivating the perturbations of frames in Hilbert and Banach spaces, in this paper we introduce the invariance of Fr\'echet frames under perturbation. Also we show that for any Fr\'echet spaces, there is a Fr\'echet frame and any element in these spaces has a series
6 Sandwich-type theorems for a class of integral operators with special properties, Parisa Hariri
In the present paper, we prove subordination, superordination and sandwich-type properties of a certain integral operators for univalent functions on open unit disc, moreover the special behavior of this class is investigated.
7 Multiplicity of Positive Solutions of laplacian systems with sign-changing weight functions, Seyyed Sadegh Kazemipoor, Mahboobeh Zakeri
In this paper, we study the multiplicity of positive solutions for the Laplacian systems with sign-changing weight functions. Using the decomposition of the Nehari manifold, we prove that an elliptic system has at least two positive solutions.
8 On X ?-frames and conjugate systems in Banach spaces, Migdad Ismailov, Afet Jabrailova
The generalization of p-frame in Banach spaces is considered in this paper. The concepts of an X ?-frame and a system conjugate to X ?-frame were introduced. Analogues of the results on the existence of conjugate system were obtained. The stability of X ?-frame having a conjugate system is studied.
9 On a sequence related to the coprime integers, Mehdi Hassani
The asymptotic behaviour of the sequence with general term Pn = (?(1) + ?(2) +...+ ?(n))/(1 + 2 +...+ n), is studied which appears in the studying of coprime integers, and an explicit bound for the di erence Pn - 6/?2 is found.
10 A Class of compact operators on homogeneous spaces, Fatemah Esmaeelzadeh, Rajab Ali Kamyabi Gol, Reihaneh Raisi Tousi
Let ? be a representation of the homogeneous space G/H, where G be a locally compact group and H be a compact subgroup of G. For an admissible wavelet ? for ? and ??Lp(G/H), 1?p
11 Simulation study on copulas, Sinem Tu?ba ?ahin Tekin, Vadoud Najjari, H. Hasan rkc
There are several theorical results about order statistics and copulas in the literature that have been mentioned also by Nelsen*. The present study after reviewing some of these results, relies on simulation technique to investigate the mentioned results about order statistics and copulas. The study concentrates on two well known Archimedean Gumbel and Frank families in the case that marginal functions F(k) and G(k) have di erent distributions.
12 Characterization of fuzzy complete normed space and fuzzy b-complete set, Hamid Reza Moradi
The present paper introduces the notion of the complete fuzzy norm on a linear space. And, some relations between the fuzzy completeness and ordinary completeness on a linear space is considered, moreover a new form of fuzzy compact spaces, namely b-compact spaces and b-closed spaces are introduced. Some characterizations of their properties are obtained.
13 Commutative curvature operators over four-dimensional generalized symmetric, Ali Haji-Badali, Masoud Dehghan, Fereshteh Nourmohammadi
Commutative properties of four-dimensional generalized symmetric pseudo-Riemannian manifolds were considered. Specially, in this paper, we studied Skew-Tsankov and Jacobi-Tsankov conditions in 4-dimensional pseudo-Riemannian generalized symmetric manifolds.