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Continuance Intention to Use Facebook: A Study of Perceived Enjoyment and TAM

K. Praveena and Sam Thomas

Journal Title:Bonfring International Journal of Industrial Engineering and Management Science

The use of social networking sites has emerged rapidly as an ideal platform for social interaction. Different social networking sites are characterized according to their usage like business networking, entertainment and social interactions. Facebook, the most commonly used site for social interactions has the large number of users worldwide. This study aims to identify the continuance intention of using facebook, through an extension of the Technology Acceptance Model (TAM). TAM is one of the most useful models used for predicting user acceptance. Perceived Enjoyment was added to the TAM variables to explain the continuance intention to use Facebook. A survey method was adopted and the sample constituted students of undergraduate and post graduate courses. The results reveal that the model explains 36% variation in the continuance intention to use Facebook. Perceived Enjoyment was seen to be a strong determinant of attitude towards using Facebook in this study.