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Follicle dynamics of crossbred mares under field conditions during dry season of year in Campo Maior, State of Piauí - Brazil

Maísa Silva Sales, Deyse Naira Mascarenhas Costa, Siluana Benvindo Ferreira, Luiz Harliton Machado Cavalcante Mota, Ícaro Oliveira Torres de Souza, José Adalmir Torres de Souza

Journal Title:Revista Agraria Academica / Agrarian Academic Journal

The experiment wasperformed from August to December. Thirty (30) non-pregnant crossbred mares 7 years in average, 300 Kg body weight average, and body score from 2,5 to 4,0. The pre-ovulatory follicle diameter in regular cyclingmares (40,8±3,8 mm) was not statistically different (P>0,05) from irregular cycling(40,1±3,5 mm) mares. The number of major anovulatory waves was not statistically differentin regular cycling (1,0±0), irregular cycling (1,8±0,9), and anestrous(2,0±1,4) mares. We can conclude that only 20% of mares showednormal estrous cycles during the dry season of the yearin Campo Maior, PI. The feeding intake and climatic conditions, as well as the mares’ body condition, may have been the major contributing factors to thisphenomenon, since the literature reports that animals near the Equator Line tend not to present reproductive seasonality.