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Comparison of Different Modalities of Treatment for Extra-Capsular Proximal Femur Fractures

Dr. Ankit Syal, Dr. Yash Bharat Shah, Dr. Chintan Vinod Desai, Dr. Suryaprakash Pitamber Chandani


Introduction: Our study has aimed to assess extra- capsular neck femur fractures and mainly on comparing three different modalities of treatment that were used in our patient group namely proximal femur nail, dynamic hip screw and Enders nail. Materials and methods: 82 patients from May 2012-13 having extra-capsular proximal femur fractures. 76 patients were operated using any of the three modalities. Cases were followed and evaluated at 6 weeks interval for 6 months, the results were evaluated and recorded radiologically and functionally as per criterias laid down by Harris hip score. The study comprises of data of sixty patients which followed up for 6 months, rest of the patients were lost to attrition. Results: We found that in type III and type IV inter-trochantric and sub-trochantric fractures proximal femoral nail implants have better results as compared to others (Dynamic Hip Screw & Enders nail). Weight bearing was earliest in those patients operated with proximal femur nail, optimal range of motion of hip, cross leg sitting and higher harris hip scores were seen in cases of proximal femur nails and were least in those of Enders nails. Radiologically union and alignment was seen in higher percentage in those patients of proximal femur nail group and were these with varus collapse were seen mostly in patients who were operated using Enders nail. Infection rate were higher in patients operated using dynamic hip screw mostly due to open reduction.