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Mechanism Development for Corporate Income Taxation in Russia

Abdusalim M. Abdulgalimov, Visradi V. Anasov , Zina A. Arsakhanova and Ramazan A. Nabiev  

Journal Title:Indian Journal of Science and Technology

Objectives: The article substantiates the necessity of the development of corporate income taxation as a factor of the economic growth of regions. The purpose of the study is to establish an effective system of corporate income taxation, taking into account the specifics of the tax base in various regions. Methods/Statistical Analysis: In an effort to reach the above-mentioned goal, the methods of theoretical and empirical research were used. The authors applied a systematic approach to analyzing the methods of corporate income taxation, making it possible to identify the economically viable method of profit taxation. A unique feature in studying the methodology of taxation is the proposal of a differentiated approach to the application of corporate income taxation methods depending on the state of the tax base. Findings: As opposed to the proportional taxation method, introduced in the Russian business life, the proposed methods of progressive and differentiated application of the tax on profits rate for corporations make it possible to specify the actual tax rate corresponding to the economic climate in a region. Applications/Improvements: The key methods for income taxation related to companies in conditions of the developing economy have been identified. They can be used up to design a development strategy for the taxable base at the regional level. The proposed methods were identified as alternate solutions to the methodological problems in corporate income taxation.