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Music - Its Influence on Self Awareness and Stress Among Adolescents

M.Arulsubila, Dr.R.Subasree

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Music has potential influence both psychologically and physiologically. Music helps restore harmonious balance of body, when it is undergoing stress. (Walworth, 2003). People listen to music to regulate arousal and mood, to achieve self awareness and expressing social relatedness. (Thomas Schafer, Peter Sedlmeir, 2013). The study aims to investigate the level of self-awareness and stress management of adolescents trained and untrained in music. Purposive sampling technique is used for the study consisting of 30 adolescents, 15 music trained and 15 untrained. The tools include Personal effectiveness scale by Udai Pareek and Dr.Thomas Holmes, Inventory for stress. The data is analyzed with t test and correlation with SPSS.