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Health Sciences Journal of Adıyaman University

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Author Guide lines, https://dergipark.org.tr/adiyamansaglik/writing-rules



Editorial Principles


Adıyaman University Health Sciences Journal is Institute of Health Sciences the publication body of the and published 3 times a year (APRIL-AUGUST-DECEMBER).  Research articles, case reports, compilations and editorials are published. The manuscripts submitted for publication in this journal must not have been published in another journal or sent for publication. The copyright of the articles published in the journals belongs to the journal. Published and unpublished writings are not returned. The legal and ethical responsibility of the manuscript belongs to the authors. If necessary, the editor may request approval of the ethics committee.


Manuscript Types


1.      Research Articles: The number of words should not exceed 30 in total with 4000 of the abstract.


2.      Review Articles: The number of words should not exceed 5000, the number of sources should not exceed 40 with the abstract. They should contain new and up-to-date information. The number of authors should not exceed three.


3.      Case presentations: The number of words should not exceed 1000 and the number of sources should not exceed 15.


4.      Letter to Editor: No abstract. The number of words should not exceed 300 and the number of sources should not exceed 10.


Writing Ruls


The writing languages of journal  are in Turkish and English. The Turkish Dictionary of the Turkish Language Association or the http://www.tdk.org.tr address should also be based on the glossary of the terms of the Turkish Medical Associations' own branches. Writing rules for English should be taken as basis. English abstracts should be found in English articles. The abbreviations used should be indicated in parentheses where the first pass is in writing. The figures in the text should be indicated in the text (one-nine), 10 in the text, and arabic numerals if given. The totals should not start with numbers or numbers. Bacterial species' M. it should be written in italics, as in the case of 'tuberculosis'. Tables, figures and pictures should be numbered according to the transitional order in the text.


Manuscripts should be written in MS Word program with Times New Roman font, 12 point font and two line spacing, with a standard A4 (21x29.5cm) size, 2.5 cm space from 4 sides. All pages must be numbered starting from the title page. The sections of the articles should be in the following order. Top Title, Title Page, Turkish Title and Abstract, English Title and Abstract, Main Text (Introduction, Materials and Methods, Findings, Discussion), Acknowledgment (if desired), Sources and Tables-Shapes-Graphics-Photographs.


Review Artical; The reason why the author has printed publications about that subject is especially preferred. Introduction, Subject-related topics, Sources, Tables-Shapes-Graphics-Photographs.


Case reports; it should be supported with enough photographs and graphics. Apart from the abstracts, in the main text; Introduction, Case Presentation, Discussion, References should be included.


The Letter of Editors consists of articles of no more than 500 words including the opinions, experiences and questions of the readers related to the articles published in the magazine in the last year. There is no title or summary section. The number of resources is limited to 5. Which article (number, date given) should be deduced and finally the name, institution, address of the author should be found. The text answer is issued by the author (s) of the editor or the author, again published in the journal.


Cover letter: Title of the manuscript (in Turkish and English), names and surnames of all authors, academic titles, institutions, business phone, e-mail address and correspondence address. If there are sources supporting the work in monetary terms, it should be indicated on this page.


The article must be submitted with the "Agreement Form" signed by the authors of the journal. The publication is available from the web address of the Publication of the Revolution Form, and printed magazines. Where the results of the research have been presented beforehand, the place and date of the meeting should be indicated.