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Instruction to Authors


Umm Al-Qura University Journal of Engineering and architecture (UQU of E&A) publishes original research, scientific revision, reports and case studies in Arabic and English languages. Author should respect research ethics, and by all means not to assault or cause harm to any party. Editorial committee or editor-in-chief have the right to drop or add whatever convenient without affecting research results. Author should also bring an official letter from approved institution showing language and grammar revision. The submitted manuscript should be typed double-space with a 3 cm margin in all sides, using Time Roman font size 12 normal for the text, use size 14 Bold for main titles, and 12 Bold for subtitles. Submission should be made through journal website. Manuscripts should not been submitted elsewhere for publication. In case of co-authors a letter of authorization from corresponded author/s is needed. Papers should not exceed 20 pages for engineering disciplines and 25 pages for architectural and environmental design disciplines.

The content of the manuscript should follow the following order.

1- Title page with author's name, affiliation and address.

2- Abstract followed by a list of key words (should not exceed 10 words).

3- Text should follow the following order: Introduction, Methods, Results, Discussion,

Recommendation . Acknowledgments and References. Tables, Figures, and Photographs should be placed within the text.

Title should not exceed 20 words and should represent the content of the manuscripts, or indicate main finding (conclusion), (use size 16, Bold).

Authors Name should be in English and Arabic in the following order (use size 12 Bold):

First Name --- Middle name --- Surname OR initials (use size 12 Bold) accompanied with affiliations , full address and email of the author (use size 10 italic).

Abstract should be in English and Arabic (Approx. 250-300 words) and should indicate the aim, execution of the work and the findings.

Introduction should include the purpose and justification of the project. Primary references should not exceed 15. Should not include methods, data, results, discussion, or conclusion from the work being reported.

Materials and Methods should be precise, clear, complete and objectively acceptable to the readers.

Results should be presented in a clear and logical sequence in the text avoiding repetition of data given in Tables and figures. Results should be supported by appropriate statistics.

Discussion should be pertinent to the data presented, findings and conclusions. It should be clearly related the objective of the study with a reference to previous relevant studies.

Acknowledgements should be as brief as possible.

References should be written in the text with authors name and date of publication in parenthesis, and listed at the end of the paper in alphabetical order.*

Tables should be typed on a separate sheet using double spacing. The size of the table should not exceed 18x14cm. Table number and informative headings should be written at the bottom of tables.
Figures and photographs should not exceed 18x14cm. Legends should enable the reader to understand the information contained in figures, or tables without reference to the text.

Units The recommended System International (SI) units should be used.

References are indicated in the text by Harvard System (name and date). e.g "Recent studies (Sultan 1996; Al-Amoudi 1997; Richards 1998) found……" or Recently, Sultan (1998) found……". When referring to a work by more than two authors, give the name of the first author followed by et al. (Fjuimoto et al. 19992). More than one work by the same author(s) in the same year should by the letters a, b etc. Following the year of publication. The name of the journal should be written as in the Index Medicus. For example: 

Journal Paper

Chen, L. & Twu, H.1995. Synthesis of multilevel NAND gati circuits for incompletely specified multi-output Boolean functions and CAD using permissible cubes and PCRM graphs. International Journal of Electronics 78 (2): 303-319.

Reusch, B. 1975.  Generation of prime implicants from sub functions and a unifying approach to the covering problem. IEEE Transactions on Computers C-24: 924 – 930.

Bartee, T.C.1969. Computer design of multiple output logical networks. IEEE Transactions on Electronic Computers EC-10 (1): 21-30.


Jenny, H. 1980. The soil resource. Springer-Verlag, Berlin, 377pp.

Muroga, S. 1974. Logic design and switching theory. Wiely, New York, 617 pp.

Edited volume or Book chapter

Kaszab, Z. 1981. Coleoptera: Family Tenebrionidae. In: Fauna of Saudi Arabia (Edited by Wittmer, W.&Buttiker, W.) Vol. 1, pp257-288. Ciba-Geigy, Basel, Switzerland.

Conference or Symposium Paper

Darwish, M.A. 1983. Better arrangement of desalting plants using multi effect boiling system. The |First Saudi Engineering Conference, King Abdul Aziz University, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.


Yilbas, B.S. 1985. Heat transfer mechanisms initiating the laser drilling of metals. Ph.D. thesis, University of Birmingham, U.K.

Publication is electronic through journal webpage.