Call for Paper Issue 2 in December 2019

For the second issue of our journal to be published on December 31, 2019, acceptance of the publication continues until November 15th.

Turkish Journal of Shiite Studies aims to publish studies reflecting the scientific and academic perspective which are related to Shi’ism that one of the most important Islamic thought schools, and all subjects concerned to it.Our journal is an international academic journal published twice a year on JUNE and DECEMBER in electronic media (Article Acceptance Dates are 1 June for the June issue and November 15 for the December issue).In this context, our journal includes copyrighted and translated articles, research notes, symposium/book/thesis reviews, critical editions, simplifications etc. from all kinds of Social Sciences such as History of Islamic Sects, Kalam, Tafsir, Hadith, Law, History, Politics, Economics, and International Relations which are related with Imāmiyya, Zaydiyya, Ismāiliyya and other Shi’ite sects.The articles submitted for publication are evaluated to a double-blind review by at least two referees. The articles are also confirmed through a special program used in the determination of plagiarism that they have not been published before and do not contain plagiarism. 150-200 words abstract is claimed for the articles which are completed the refereeing process.