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International Journal of Current Medical Science and Dental Research

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Manuscript Preparation

Manuscript Preparation guidelines:

Manuscript should be prepared in clear, concise and grammatically proper language.

Abstract: It should not be more than 250 words.

All Original articles must be accompanied by a structured Abstract while all other categories of manuscripts should have unstructured abstracts. Structured abstracts should divided into the headings including Introduction, Methods, Observations and results with conclusion etc.

Keywords: Provide 2-3 suitable keywords.

Original article should be prepare including following heads:

Introduction: It should be a concise with clear statement of the background of study including relevant earlier work, suitably referenced. It should be started in a separate page after keywords.

Aims & Objectives: clearly mention regarding aims & objectives.

Material & Methods: Materials and equipments, the manufacturer�s name and, if possible, the location should be provided. The main methods used shall be briefly clearly described with citing references. New methods or substantially modified methods may be described with sufficient details. The statistical method and the level of significance chosen shall be clearly stated along with use of suitable tables & graphs.

Observations & results: The important results of the work should be clearly stated.

Discussion: This part should deal with the interpretation of results, making the readers to understanding of the work taken and should be logical. The discussion should state the scope limitations of the results, which need to be further explored.

Conclusion: Concisely summarize the principal conclusions of the work and highlights the wider implications.

This section should not as duplicate the abstract.

In case of Review articles, case Reports, communications, letter to editor should prepare in concise manner.

Style : Calibri

Font : 10 size.

Spacing : 1.5

Indentation : Right: 1, Left: 1