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International Journal of Multidisciplinary Research and Studies 
E-ISSN 2640-7272 
Impact factor:- 5.744
Volume 04 Issue 12 DECEMBER 2021 
1) 10 to 20 Dec. 1st Version of December 2021
2) 20 to 31 Dec. 2nd Version of December 2021
Last Date of Submission for December Issue 12; 05 January 2022 
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Issue number: 12
We are going to launch Volume 04 Issue 12  IJMRAS is a blind peer-reviewed, scholarly journal devoted to publishing high-quality papers in the fields of Computing, Engineering, Management, Economics, Information Technology, Medical Sciences, and Space Sciences. IJMRAS is a research journal of international repute and we are publishing research papers for this month with an offer to publish the next 02 papers free of cost in upcoming issues up to the next 45 days, IJMRAS is a notable and distinguishes platform to publish quality research papers.
Submit your article online Submissions or you can send Research Paper directly to editor@ijmras.com
Note- editor@ijmras.commail address for contact.
Types of manuscripts suitable for IJMRAS include Original research, Educational, Innovation, Brief report, case studies, research papers, journals, Reviews on teaching. 
Steven Sayasy