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Author Guide Lines for Article Submission

Publication Criteria

We request the authors to meet the essential criteria before submitting their manuscript so that it enables us to carry on the further process conveniently without delay. Authors are requested to make sure that their article adheres to the following guidelines.
Authors are requested to submit the article in Microsoft word format.
The article should be accompanied by a cover letter. Details regarding cover letter are outlined below.
The article should be written in single-column format with Cambria font style and 10 point font size.
Please keep the text layout as simple as possible.
Equations and formulae should be readable, preferably written using equation editing software like Math Type.
All the figures provided should be of high resolution, preferably 300 dpi.
References should adhere to the MLA style of referencing.
The article should not exceed 30 Pages and number References should be below 50.

Manuscript preparation guidelines

Before your submission, please confirm the below author checklist
1. Cover letter
2. Title
3. Author names and Affiliations
4. Abstract and Keywords
5. Abbreviations
6. Introduction
7. Appropriate Headings
8. Discussion
9. Conclusion
10. Acknowledgements (If Any)
11. References

Cover letter

Acta Scientific requests the corresponding author to write a cover letter mentioning the way the manuscript is suitable for publication in Acta Scientific. All the authors should be included in the cover letter (preferably along with their signatures) stating that the article has not been published elsewhere or communicated for the purpose of any other publication apart from Acta Scientific. If the author of the article is a student, it is requested that he/she should acquire the approval of the institution department prior to submitting the article.


The title should be specific and suitable to the topic of the article. Please avoid using abbreviations in the title and present the title in title case (capitalise all the words except prepositions, articles and conjunctions). All species/botanical names should be represented in italics.

Author names and Affiliations

Please provide complete names of all the authors and the name of the corresponding author should be represented with an asterisk (*). Also, please provide Name, Affiliation, E-mail, Tel and Fax of the corresponding author.

Regarding Affiliation details, you are requested to include Department, University/Organisation, City, State and Country for all authors.

Abstract and Keywords

The abstract is the section that introduces the article and it should not exceed 350 words. It should summarise the main content in a brief. Please do not include any citations and avoid using abbreviations if possible.

You are requested to provide a minimum of 4-6 keywords for the purpose of indexing.


All abbreviations should be defined under the heading of abbreviations.


Please provide appropriate headings for the content and also we request authors to number the headings for clear understanding.

Units and Symbols

Please follow the International System of Units (SI Units) and symbols should be used while referring to alpha (α), beta (β), mu (µ), pi (π) etc.


All the figures provided should be of high resolution, preferably 300 dpi. All figures are to be cited in the text and authors should clearly indicate where they should be inserted in the text. Figure captions have to be provided sequentially at the end of the article. Please do not submit any figures that have been previously copyrighted unless you carry express written permission from the copyright holder granting permission to publish under the CCAL.


Please include all the tables in the text at the end of the article with appropriate captions.


People, who contributed to the work but are not authors, should be listed in the acknowledgements part, along with their contributions. Authors have to ensure that everyone whose name is included in the acknowledgements does not have any objection to include their name in the acknowledgement part of that particular manuscript.


Please include only published manuscripts as references for your manuscript. Authors are requested to provide a sequential list of references at the end of the text.


The content of Acta Scientific is protected under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International Licence. We give the rights to the corresponding author to make necessary changes and he/she will act as the guarantor for the manuscript on our behalf. Acta Scientific grants all the users the right to access the content that is published and also to stimulate the use of the data for any sane and non-commercial purpose, subject to proper attribution of authorship and ownership of the rights.

Format for the presentation of the manuscript to Acta Scientific

1. Cover letter
2. Title page with all the required information
3. 2 cm margin on all sides
4. 1.5 spacing
5. Abstract and Keywords
6. Species/Botanical names in italics
7. Citation of any brand name should be provided with the manufacturer’s name and address.

Article submission to Acta Scientific

Acta Scientific delightfully accepts all types of original literature such as Research article, Review article, Mini-Review, Case Report, Short Communication, Opinion, Letter to Editor, Symposium, Commentary, Perspective, Conceptual Paper, Proceeding, News Letter and any authentic dossier that is worthy of publication.

Link to submit an article: https://www.actascientific.com/submission.php 

Author receives 1st acknowledgement mail within 24 hours of submission regarding receipt of the article (In case you don’t receive an acknowledgement mail, please mail us to editor@actascientific.com

Author receives 2nd acknowledgement mail providing article reference ID

View Flow char for clear idea: https://www.actascientific.com/images/flowchart.pdf