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Historijski pogledi/Historical Views

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Instruction for Authors

Instruction for Authors

The Historical Views journal is published by the Center for Research of Modern and Contemporary History of Tuzla. The journal publishes papers from a wider area of the history of science, as well as reviews and evaluations of professional and scientific publications and journals, as well as reports from scientific and professional meetings from home and abroad.

Papers submitted to the journal Historical Views are subject to review by eminent experts and scholars in the field of history, after which their scientific, professional, or other value and categorization will be determined. The author of the paper proposes the categorization of papers for the Historical Views: Original scientific paper, Review article, Preliminary communication and Professional paper. Papers should be unpublished and represent the author’s personal contribution to a particular topic in the broader field of historical science.

The volume of papers (articles) can be a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 16 pages and 5 illustrations, and for views and grades (as well as other annexes) 3 to 6 pages of text.

The structure of the article should be as follows:

• name and surname with the author’s address and the name of the institution where he is employed,
• title of work,
• an abstract in the language of the article (about 400 characters) with keywords (5-10 characters) that are brought after the article title,
• translation of work titles, abstracts and keywords into English,
• the text of the article itself (introductory notes, elaborated topic with subtitles, conclusion / summary),
• summary (conclusion, summary) in English of up to 2,000 characters.

Submissions to be submitted should be written in electronic form in one of the versions of MS WORD program up to 6.0 and later, and saved in the format of MS WORD document.

The paper should be submitted in Times New Roman size 12, A4 page format, single line spacing for text, or 10 dots for footnotes below text.

The title of the contribution is in bold, subtitles are in bold, and summaries, original terms, and foreign language titles are italicized.

Illustrations should be clear and sharp in black and white or color. Attachments shall be submitted by email or one of the digital media.
Papers (articles) must be submitted no later than December 31 of the current year. Papers that receive a positive reviewer rating will be published in the journal Historical Views. Manuscripts are non-refundable.
A copy of the manuscript should be mailed to the Center for the Study of Modern and Contemporary History of Tuzla, or to the e-mail address cimoshis@gmail.com, with the note “for the journal Historical Views”. Authors are entitled to a free copy of the journal in which they are published.

How to write footnotes:

1. name and surname of the author – normal
2. Title of the book, collection, publication – italics
Article 3 – Normal (without quotation marks)
4. Newspaper and magazine title – italics
5th law title – italics
6. the name of the official newsletters normal with quotation marks
7. The same – italics.
Quoting archival sources:
Archives of Tuzla Canton (hereinafter: ATK), Fund: National Council of Tuzla (hereinafter: NVT), 55/1. Call to the People’s Army.

Note: Specify the name of the document in italics. In the case of raw material, please provide basic information about the document, in terms of the sender, address and date.

Citing a book:

Sead Selimović, Izet Šabotić, Second Corps of the Army of the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina 1992-1995, Tuzla 2017, 133. (do not write page code on page number).

When quoting the same book in the footer below, insert: Ibid, 81.
When the same book is cited elsewhere in the paper, use the abbreviated name that will be defined in the footnote for the source or literature cited. (eg S. Selimović, I. Šabotić, Second Corps of the ARBiH, 94).

Citing papers in journals:

Adnan Jahić, How Tuzla Welcomed the Creation of the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes, Historical Thought, Year 2, No. 2, Tuzla 2016, 101.

When quoting the same work in the following footnote, insert: Ibid, 114.

When the same work is cited elsewhere in the paper, use the abbreviated name: A. Jahić, How Tuzla Went to Creating K SHS, 98.

Citation of papers in proceedings:

Fedžad Forto, Establishment and Operation of the Militia in Sarajevo 1945, Contributions to the History of Bosnia and Herzegovina in Socialist Yugoslavia, Proceedings, Sarajevo 2017, 85-88.
When quoting the same work in the following footnote, put: Ibid, 92.

When quoting the same work elsewhere in the paper, use the abbreviated name: F. Forto, Establishment and Operation of the Militia, 140.
Citing newspaper articles:
“A New Blow to the Cracked Yugoslavia”, Oslobodjenje, Vol. XLVIII, iss. 356, Sarajevo, 12 September 1991, 6.

Note: If the caption has an author, indicate the author (as indicated in the signature).
When quoting the same article in the footer below, insert: The same.

When the same article is cited elsewhere in the paper, use the abbreviated name: “A new blow to a broken Yugoslavia”, Oslobodjenje, 6

Citing of official state pubications:

Decision on the Recognition of the Statehood of the Federal Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina, “Official Gazette of the Federal Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina”, year XLVII, No. 37, of 23 December 1991, 1085.

Citation from the Internet:

Avdo Metjahić, Who is Husaga Čišić, http://www.orbus.be/aktua/arhiva/aktua2345.htm (Accessed: 7/26/2013).

Address of the Editorial Board:

Ul. Dr. Fuada Idrizbegovića br. 26

(for the journal „Historijski pogledi”)

75000 Tuzla

Bosnia and Herzegovina

E-mail: cimoshis@gmail.com