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Journal of Urban and Territorial Planning

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the protection of urban and heritage sites, touristic areas

The Journal of Urban and Territorial Planning ISSN 2698-6159- DOI:10.13140/RG.2.2.15313.07529 JUTP is a quarterly, international peer reviewed journal. It publishes high quality and original unpublished research articles that deal with studies and researches in the fields of Urban and Territorial Planning. The JUTP is issued regularly: quarterly edited by the Democratic Arabic Centre for Strategy, Political and Economic Studies of Berlin-Germany, and has a worldwide, actively involved scientific committee, that oversees its evolutive edition, given that it encompasses a wide range of international academicians coming from many countries. The JUTP is based on a code of ethics in relation with its editing conditions, and to an internal list of reviews’ arranging, knowing that the selection of the articles that would be published in every issue, depends on the formal and objective specifications of the international journals. All the research content of JUTP is freely available online, and there is no charge to researchers who access online, read, download, print, copy or cite parts of the published articles, as long as they mention the references in conformity with the international reference system, and accordance with the BOAI definition of open access Editorial Board Editor-in-chief and Scientific Committee President: Dr. Said Ahmad Soufiane - University of Baji Mokhtar-Annaba-Algeria . . . . . . Goals and fields of the JUTP: The Journal of Urban and Territorial Planning is specialised in Urban, provincial, and territorial planning, and every area that deals with the aspects of planning, civil engineering, technologies of geographical systems, such as transport and the infrastructure, in addition to the protection of urban and heritage sites, touristic areas and new cities, without forgetting the improvement of urban areas and their rehabilitation, the architecture and the local development, the aesthetic considerations, the planning of the use of lands, the utilities, the infrastructure management, the legislation of the building and the reconstruction, the planning of the transport, the environment and the spatial planning. The aim of the Journal of Urban and Territorial Planning is to provide a platform for Arab and international researchers, especially those working in the Arab world, to disseminate research on issues related to rapid changes affecting the built environment. Issues such as those related to the planning programs and the sustainability of these developments and their social, economic and physical impacts; make the obstacles that the urban areas face, pose great challenges for studies and research. In addition, JUTP facilitates every data collection and development plans, aiming to guaranty the sustainability of the communities according to the constructive and architectural plans, that take into consideration the specificities of the field and the identity of the society. Terms and Conditions of Publication: 1- The journal is open to all research in the fields of urban planning and space, as well as the information systems of architecture, geography and environment, that are written in Arabic, English, French, Turkish, German, Italian and Spanish. 2- Every research candidate should Commit to objectivity in his research and respect the rights of intellectual property and scientific honesty, and most of all renunciate any conduct that would prejudice his scientific research. 3- The researcher must have at least a master's degree or be subscribed on a Philosophy Doctorate or having a PhD graduation. 4- The article expresses the opinion of its own author who has the full responsibility about it and does never express the opinion of the JUTP. 5- Every submitted article should be original, unpublished, and not under consideration by another journal, neither home nor aboard, before getting a prior agreement from the scientific and editorial team of the JUTP. 6- The submitted article should never be a part of a master’s dissertation or a PhD thesis, or a part of a yet published research /article/book… 7- The articles are printed in black and white 8- Two abstracts in two languages (one of which should be Arabic, and the other in the language of the article) should be attached to the article, length of which should not exceed one page for every abstract 9- The publication material should be written in Microsoft Word format with the Traditional Arabic font, and having as size 15 for the body and 13 for the margins, whereas for articles written in Latin characters (which language is either French or English or German ...) the font should be Times New Roman with a size of 13 for the body and 11 for the footnotes and citations). 10- The whole material of a research should be between 15min and 20max pages of A4 format (references and annexes included). 11- Margins should be 2 cm from the four borders of every page of the article. 12- Assignments, notes and references should be automatically added at the end of the articles (endnotes, references list, annexes), being numbered sequentially as they appear in the text. 13- Once a reviewing report received, every researcher should agree and apply all the necessary modifications that are required by the scientific committee members or the editorial team of the journal JUTP. 14- The research project shall be automatically cancelled if the researcher does not respond within one month of the date of the last electronic communication between him and the editorial team. 15- The JUTP shall publish only the article in which all the conditions are fulfilled, and the editorial team has the right to postpone its publication to a later number when necessary. 16- The sent research projects to the JUTP, are never referred back to the researchers, whether published or not. 17- The researcher, whose article is published in the JUTP journal, is given an electronic copy of the issue, as well as an approved certificate from the editorial team of the journal, stating that his research is accepted for publication and mentioning the date of publication and the Volume/Issue of the JUTP. 18- The editorial board of the JUTP disclaims any infringement of intellectual property rights. 19- The publication material should be sent as an attached file to the e-mail of the journal: jutp@democraticac.de, The secretariat: The Democratic Arabic Centre for Strategy, Political and Economic Studies of Berlin-Germany Germany: Berlin 10315 Gensinger Str: 112 030- 54884375 030- 91499898 030- 86450098