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International Journal of Mathematical Combinatorics

ISSN(p):1937-1055 | ISSN(e):
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The mathematical combinatorics is a subject that applying combinatorial notion to all mathematics and all sciences for understanding the reality of things in the universe, movitated by CC Conjectue on Mathematics of Dr. Linfan MA, i.e., any mathematical science can be reconstructed from or made by combinatorialization. The journal: International J.Mathematical Combinatorics} ( ISSN 1937-1055) is on such objective, which is a fully refereed international journal, published in USA quarterly comprising 120-150 pages approx. per volume and founded in 2007. This journal publishes both original research papers and survey articles in all aspects of mathematics with applications, such as those of: 1) Mathmatical combinatrics; 2) Smarandache multi-spaces, Smarandache geometries with applications to other sciences, such as those of algebraic multi-systems, multi-metric spaces,..., etc.. Smarandache geometries; 3) Topological graphs;  Algebraic graphs; Random graphs; 4) Combinatorial maps; Graph and map enumeration; 5) Combinatorial designs; Combinatorial enumeration; 6) Differential Geometry; Geometry on manifolds; Low Dimensional Topology; Differential Topology; Topology of Manifolds; 7) Geometrical aspects of Mathematical Physics and Relations with Manifold Topology; 8) Matematical theory on gravitational fields and parallel uinverses; 9) Applications of Smarandache multi-spaces to theoretical physics; 10) Applications of Combinatorics to mathematics and theoretical physics. Generally, papers on applications of combinatorics to other mathematics and other sciences are welcome by this journal.