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Author Guide Lines for Article Submission

European Scientific e-Journal requests the authors to meet the essential criteria before submitting their article so it enables us to carry on the further process conveniently without delay. Authors are requested to make sure that their articles adhere to the following gidelines.

1. An articles has to meet to the standards of IMRaD and APA6/7. We have Recommendations that can be sent you in help to design.

2. Quantity of the authors is recommend to up to 4 researches.

3. The file format is Word (2013 or later version).

4. Margin on all sides is 2.5 cm.

5. Garamond font style, size 14, line spacing 1.2.

6. Full author's data - name, surname, academic title and academic degree (if any), position, department, faculty, organization, active email (-s). 

7. Head of the article has to have Title up to 3 lines.

8. Abstract is recommended from 750 to 1500 characteristics.

9. Keywords have to include the words of the article text - to 12 words.

10. Author's data, title, abstract and keywords has to be printed in English and the language of the article if it is written in other language.

11. The article text has to include following parts - Introduction, main part divided on several logic paragraphs headed, Conclusion, and References.

12. Every paragraph has to end by logic conclusion in 4-10 lines beginning from the phrase "Thus,..." or similar.

13. We recommend to include the paragraph of Discussion in main part of the article before Conclusion.

14. Abbreviations can be printed under Title or after References.

15. The tables and figures are numbered and placed after References in the part of Appendix.

16. All numbers of the tables and figures used in the Appendix has to be mentioned in the text in view of example: (table 1) and (figure 1).

All articles has to be sent to the emal: pub@tuculart.eu