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Journal of International Business and Management (JIBM)

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Guidelines for Authors

Submitting a manuscript to Journal of International Business and Management (JIBM) means that the work has not been published before in any medium of publications including other journals, book(s) or in a book chapter, be it printed or online (except in the form of an abstract or an academic thesis) and it is also not under consideration for publication elsewhere. If there are more than one author, the correspondent author must take permission for submission and publication from all the authors. If the paper is accepted in JIBM, the authors are also not allowed to publish elsewhere in the same form or in any language, without the prior permission of the Research Publications Academy (RPA). The respective editors of Research Publications Academy (RPA) have the right to alter all contributions to make the paper more comprehensive and well formatted; however, the corresponding author of the submitted work will be notified before the publication in an issue of the journal.

As far as copyrights are concerned, they are retained by the authors of manuscripts published or to be published in Research Publications Academy Journals but with first publication rights granted to particular RPA journal. The journal or editors are also not responsible for any successive use of the author(s) work. If so desired, it is the responsibility of the author(s) to bring an infringement action.

Manuscripts should be typed in MS Word and submitted via our Online Submission systems or sent to e-mail of the respective journal. The submission will be acknowledged within 24-72 hours time.

Length and Format of the Manuscript

Length of the manuscript (research article, review paper, case studies and commentaries) should ideally be between 2500-7000 words. We advise prospective author(s) to use only black and white colors in the manuscripts since the layout of the RPA journals supports only black and white color

Manuscript Submission and Sample Format

Authors should submit two files. They should contain the following elements:

1) Title Page File: This page should contain the full title of the paper with the author(s) name, institution(s), phone and e-mail address. The corresponding author must be highlighted for editorial correspondence.

Sample Format of Title Page File (Download)

2) Anonymous File (Paper): The anonymous file must exclude author identifying information. It must consist of the title of the manuscript, abstract including keywords of not more than 200 words and full manuscript including references.

Sample Formal of Anonymous File (Download)

To submit your manuscript click hereSubmission will be acknowledged and confirmed within 24 hours.

Review Process and Publication

Research Publishing Academy (RPA) strictly maintains double-blinded peer-review system in which identity of author(s) remain anonymous to the reviewers (and vice versa) to make the review process fair. Having received the review result from the reviewers, we will then send those results to the corresponding author via e-mail. The authors then must revise the manuscript if recommended by the respective reviewers.

The review process may take 2 to 8 weeks. The accepted article and review paper will be published in the most recent issue (June or December) within 2 weeks.

Peer Review Process

The aim of peer review process is to ensure that high quality and original papers are published. All published papers in RPA journals are peer reviewed and all manuscripts submitted follow the procedure presented below.

Initial Manuscript Evaluation

All manuscripts submitted for the publication in RPA journals are firstly evaluated by the respective area editor to initiate for reviewers comments and judgment. It takes only 7 working days. Manuscripts, which fall outside the aims and scope of the journal or is not enough for requirements of a scientific study, are rejected or may be asked respective author(s) some revisions at this initial stage.

Duration of Peer Review Process

The peer review process that has long time is a significant barrier and problem for author(s) specially for new researcher(s). Research Publishing Academy (RPA) aims to complete the all peer review process within a shortest period. However, if the initial review is successful, the possibility of the publication in the RPA journals’ regular issues is high. The initial review of the paper takes just 7 days. After the review of the submitted manuscript, our area editor will send it to two reviewers for their judgment and comments that can take 2 weeks to 8 weeks. The author(s) submitting an article to the RPA Journals consider accepting of these peer review conditions and procedures.

English Language Editing

Research Publishing Academy (RPA) accentuates on the linguistic accuracy of every manuscript published. Therefore, all Non–Native-English-Speaking Authors are required to get their manuscripts edited by professional English language editors. Author(s) must provide a certificate confirming that their manuscripts have been adequately edited. A proof from a recognised editing service should be submitted together with the cover letter at the time of final submission of a manuscript (after revision(s) based on reviewer comments) to RPA. All costs will be borne by the author(s). Authors may seek professional editing service from the following editors. However, the author(s) are not bound by these suggestions.

1. John Smith: johnsmithuk1983@gmail.com

2. Azad Khan: khanazad0070@gmail.com

3. Monica Christopher: Monica.Christopher@gmail.com

4. Crescentia Morais: baruchcres@gmail.com

5. Doreen Dillah: doreen.dillah@yahoo.com

Publication of Paper

After receiving opinions of respective referees, Editorial Board makes the final evaluation.The articles accepted for publication by Editorial Board are placed in an issue sequence when the APC is sent to RPA.

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