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Annals of Geriatric Education and Medical Sciences

ISSN(p):2348-7348 | ISSN(e):2348-7240
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Annals of Geriatric Education and Medical Sciences

E-ISSN 2348-7240
P-ISSN 2348-7348
Email rakesh.its@gmail.com
Language English
Starting Year 2015
Discipline Miscellaneous
Frequency Semi Annually
Website https://www.innovativepublication.com/journal-archive/AGEMS
Country India
Accessing Method Open Access
Articles Format PDF
License Type Normal
Description Annals of Geriatric Education and Medical Sciences is a biannually published Journal, framed with a purpose to bring kind attention to the number of elderly people, their medical and psychosocial needs which are increasing worldwide. It is tremendously significant and ethically required that with the growing age we make them available with the quality of life which they really deserve. A very few important aspects of geriatric care includes prevention of falls, urinary incontinence, psychosocial issues, polypharmacy, multiple comorbidities, pain relief and palliative care and few more need to be explored at this juncture. There is also a need towards an integrated approach to patients that is why a section on alternative medicine has been incorporated. AGEMS will also feature ethical issues in medicine, nutrition and viewpoint of students where young medicos can share their ideas. AGEMS has been framed with the basic purpose to bring out Original Research Articles, Review Article, Case Reports, Short Communications, academic discussions and many more in geriatric medicine. Aging is inevitable. What you can change is your attitude about what aging means to you. Geriatric Care is defined as the medical care of older or elderly people. The body ages over time and use. Body systems may begin to show their genetics and other signs of aging. One will experience the signs of aging such as loss of muscle mass and wrinkling. Try as you may, one’s body still feels the effects. But more experts believe that people can modify their mental approach to aging and somewhat control when the more physical aspects manifest themselves. Today's seniors are more educated than ever before about things such as alternative medicine, senior rights, and health care. One has more opportunities to learn about the available options for medical care and assistance if necessary. Also, family members have access to more resources to help elders make good choices for their care. It used to be that when a person "got old", the only thing waiting for him or her was the nursing home. The stereotypical associations were anything but pleasant. Today, seniors can choose assisted living or they can employ a caregiver to help them with tasks that they may find difficult. The challenge is for people to make their own assessment of one’s health and medical needs. Certainly, we have the information and tools to maintain good health. All it takes is embracing the here and now and choosing to take charge of your life.

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