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Chemical Science And Engineering Research

ISSN(p):XXXX-XXXX | ISSN(e):2582-3353
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Chemical Science And Engineering Research

E-ISSN 2582-3353
P-ISSN xxxx-xxxx
Publisher Name Ariviyal Publishing
Email ariviyalpublishing@gmail.com
Language English
Starting Year 2019
Discipline Scientific Research
Frequency Quaterly
Website https://www.ariviyalpublishing.com/chemicalscience/
Country India
Accessing Method Peer Review
Articles Format PDF
License Type Normal
Description Chemical Science and Engineering Research (CSER) is an international forum for the publication of original reproducible research on the development of fundamentals, processes, designs and products involving chemical science and engineering aspects. The original contributions may be based on experimental or theoretical, mathematical or descriptive, chemical or physical investigations. CSER welcomes high quality original research from a wide range of disciplines which are integrated with chemical science and engineering. In addition, other closely related topics such as environmental research, nano-science, bioprocesses and bioenergy, corrosion science and engineering are also within the scope of the Journal. The Journal aims to form an important link between chemists, physicists, biologists, engineers, materials scientists and all other research scientists. CSER is a Triannual (3 issues per year) open access journal with no article publishing charges or subscription fees for authors. The journal publishes a diverse selection of full length research articles, communications and critical reviews. CSER invites original research on a variety of topics which is not limited to the followings; Chemistry - organic, inorganic, physical, analytical, computational and theoretical Materials science and engineering Computational materials modeling Corrosion science and engineering Electrochemistry Reactor engineering Nanoscience Green chemistry Catalytic materials and catalysis Composites and hybrid materials Polymer science Chemical reaction kinetics and engineering Environmental – chemistry, bioprocesses, bioenergy and nanotechnology Biochemical engineering Waste minimization Hazardous materials Thermodynamics Fluid mechanics Minerals Energy and fuels Sustainability Soft matter Pharmaceuticals To ensure the rapid publication of the research outcomes, CSER offers a simple and easy electronic submission process for the authors. The manuscripts can be submitted via our secure website. All the original submissions received by the Technical Team are initially checked and moves around a stringent and efficient peer-review process by our high-profile editor-in-chief and associate editors to confirm the international quality and accuracy of the results. Keywords Chemical reactions, reaction kinetics, thermodynamics, catalysis, catalyst materials, transport phenomena, heat transfer, mass and momentum transfer, combustion, pharmaceuticals, synthesis, systems analysis, process control, modeling, scale-up procedures, novel reactor designs and materials, unsteady-state reactors, multiphase reactors, reactor safety, membrane reactors, chromatographic reactors, unconventional fluidized beds, electrochemical reactors, micro-reactors, enzymatic reactors, photoreactors, environmental issues, separation processes, soft matter, fluids, minerals, energy, fuels, water, environment, sustainability, food, medicine, plastics, elastomers, fibers, adhesives, coatings, paper, membranes, lubricants, ceramics, aerosols, pollution control, resources recovery, environmental bioprocesses, bioenergy, environmental nanotechnology, waste minimization, simulation, fuel-cells, energy conversion, straightforward bioreactor, energy harvesting, energy storage, energy utilization, microstructures, nano-structured materials, composites, hybrids, electrochemistry, metallic corrosion, non-metallic corrosion, metals, rust, oxidation, passivity and etc.

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