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Economic growth in Saudi Arabia: The role of human capital

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E-ISSN 1873-7382
P-ISSN 0272-7757
Publisher Name Alabdulmunim Abdulmunim
Email alabdulmunim@hotmail.com
Language English
Starting Year 2015
Discipline Social Sciences
Frequency Quaterly
Country United States
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Description The purpose of the study was to investigate and estimate the human capital in economic growth in Saudi Arabia for the period 1970-2013. The paper has three parts: In the first part, the theoretical background of the issue is discussed. The equation used to estimate the sources of growth in a neoclassical framework has evolved from Solow?s (1957) basic formulation. The second part presents the education in Saudi Arabia and especially for the human Capital. The third part presents the empirical part of the study which its measure the sources of economic growth for the period 1970-2013. The analysis suggests more roles for the human Capital in economic growth in Saudi Arabia reached 16% of the total of Economic growth. Also, it?s suggesting more emphasis the relations between the production factors and the total of GDP in Saudi Arabia.