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Biomaterials and Tissue Technology (BTT)

ISSN(p):2398-970X | ISSN(e):2398-970X
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Biomaterials and Tissue Technology (BTT)

E-ISSN 2398-970X
P-ISSN 2398-970X
Publisher Name OAText Publishers
Email mikeoatext@gmail.com
Language English
Starting Year 2017
Discipline Social Sciences
Frequency Quaterly
Website https://oatext.com/Biomaterials-and-Tissue-Technology-BTT.php
Country United Kingdom
Accessing Method online
Articles Format PDF
License Type Priority
Description Biomaterials and Tissue Technology (BTT) is an international peer-reviewed journal that covers all aspects of biomaterials, tissue engineering and regenerative medicine. It publishes studies on all types of biomaterials, including synthetic polymers and their composites, ceramics, glass, minerals, metals, wood, as well as biopolymers (e.g. collagen, chitosan, alginate etc.) and natural tissues, regarding topics such as synthesis, characterization, properties and surface modification; stability/degradation in physiologic media; cell/tissue-biomaterial interactions; applications as carriers in drug delivery systems, as implantable devices, and as scaffolds in tissue engineering; nano-structured biomaterials; and biomimetics. Other applications can include bioimaging, micro/nanoelectromechanical systems for biomedical applications (bioMEMS/bioNEMS), biosensors, biofabrication, biotribology and artificial organs. Tissue technology is an emerging field that offers hope to the people with compromised tissue function. It focuses on the creation of biological substitutes containing viable and functioning cells for the restoration, maintenance and improvement of tissue function. It is a multidisciplinary field that covers not only aspects pertaining to tissue engineering but also to platform technologies for developing tissue/biomaterial products that incorporate biomaterial scaffolds, genetically-engineered cells or progenitor/stem cells, and systems for delivery of bioactive agents, such as biosignaling molecules. Considering that the autografts are still the gold standard and that our body is complex and sophisticated bioreactor, it can be said that tissue technology is ultimately biomimetic.

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