1 Multicriteria synthesis of combined stochastic robust system by co-regulation thickness, tension and loop strip finishing group broadband hot rolling mill , Balyuta S.N., Nikitina T.B., Kopilova L.A., Tatarchenko M.O., Khomenko V.V.
Developed a method for the multicriteria synthesis of combined stochastic robust system by co-regulation thickness, tension and loop strip finishing group broadband hot rolling mill. It is shown that the developed system allows greater control precision of thickness, tension and loop strip over the existing systems. Figs.: 4. Refs.: 18 titles.
2 Schematic features of diagnostic and therapeutic devices based microcontroller PSoC , Barylo G.I., Virt V.V., ?otra Z.Yu., Ivakh M.S., Kozhukhar O.T.
An overview of electronic systems and active control of treatments during their execution. using specialized software and a modern type of PSoC microcontrollers developed research model of the device for the continuous monitoring of treatments which allows for continuous monitoring and correction of treatments. Figs.: 3. Refs.: 10 titles.
3 Optimal allocation problem for infrastructure objects of general use roads , D.S. Biriukov, O.V. Zaslavska
In this article we consider formulation of discrete optimization problem of specific kind. The problem occurs when allocation of infrastructure objects of general use roads are considered. The specifics of the problem related to the properties of the objective function, use of Boolean and Integer variables, nonlinear functions in the restrictions and interval restrictions on Integer variables. The scheme of the decomposition algorithm for solving this problem is proposed. Figs.: 1. Refs.: 12 titles.
4 The development of decision support systems in radiology for the improvement of the pathologies visualization , Boyko D. Zamozhska O., Filatova A.
This article presents the urgency of the development and the structural scheme of the decision support system in radiology to improve the pathologies visualization on mammograms. The workstation doctor mammalogy and decision support subsystem, interfaces, the modules, the systems and their interaction are described. Figs.: 1. Refs.: 10 titles.
5 Adaptive algorithms of filtration and contrast changes of image , Bondina N.N., Murarov R.Yu.
The adaptive filtering, on the basis of linear and median algorithms, change of sizes of aperture or choice of different templates are considered. The examples of modification of histograms on the base of adaptive algorithms are resulted. The objective criteria of comparison of filtration algorithms by adaptive filters are got. Figs. 3. Tabl.: 1. Refs.: 9 titles.
6 Prediction correlated time series small sample basic data , Golovko V.A., Yamen Haz?m
Considered the method of assessing the predicted value of a random process, which counts correlated. Isolation deterministic polynomial and harmonic components of the observed process, taking into account the small sample size of real statistical data provided by the least squares method. Calculation of the random component of the predicted value is made using the value of the correlation function corresponding to the interval between the observations of the process. Refs.: 8 titles.
7 Formation of modifications and properties analysis of structural description in image recognition, Gorokhovatskiy V.A., Vlasenko N.V., Poliakova T.V.
The principles of formation, transformation and modifications property for the structural descriptions of images as a set of features are discussed in article. The experimental results on estimation of reliability and noise immunity proposed methods are adduced, that in terms of reliability and performance is better known methods. Figs.: 2. Refs.: 8 titles.
8 Developing software tools that automate the conversion nonlinear systems to equivalent linear system in form Brunovsky, Dmitrienko V.D., Zakovorotnyi A.Y., Nesterenko A.O.
Matlab package for a program that automates the transformation of nonlinear systems to the equivalent linear form by means of geometric control theory. Synthesis was carried out in a linear mathematical model diesel train traffic in canonical form Brunovsky. Refs.: 13 titles.
9 On noise stability of secretive subband data embedding in the image , Zhilyakov E.G, Chernomorets A.A, Bolgova E.V.
The paper shows the advantage of secretive subband data embedding in the image-container subareas of spatial frequency in stability (as well as in volume of the embedding information) to the effects of varying intensity additive noise in comparison with the method of replacing the Discrete Cosine Transform coefficients. Figs.: 1. Tabl.: 2. Refs.: 8 titles.
10 Simplification of transactional databases based on clear productions , Zayko T.A., Oliinyk A.A., Subbotin S.A.
The problem of transactional databases simplifying is considered in this paper. A method for reducing the database transaction on the basis of productions is proposed. The developed method allows to eliminate redundant and uninformative features and instances of the specified data arrays, which in turn leads to lower structural and parametric complexity of synthesized diagnostic models. Refs.: 14 titles.
11 The teaching process as a criterion for interaction of teacher and student , Zlepko S.M., Tymchyk S.V., Koval L.G., Kostishyn S.V., Postemska K.S.
The formalization of the pedagogical process based on the interaction of the teacher and the student is considered in the article. The optimized model for structural and functional organization of the pedagogical process and model for effective learning activities within the universities based on psychological compatibility are developed. Figs.: 1. Refs.: 9 titles.
12 Identification of the parameters of external heat transfer during cooling the workpiece in the CCM , Kalitaev A.N., Tutarova V.D., Ponomarev Y.V.
On the basis of one-dimensional unconstrained optimization (a method of Fibonacci) and a mathematical model of solidification blank considered the identification of parameters of external heat transfer during cooling in high-grade billet continuous casting machine as an example fivestream variety of continuous casting billet radial type of firm VAI. Figs.: 3. Refs.: 10 titles.
13 Formation of students personal knowledge space in the distance learning, Karasiuk V., Ivanov S.
The article describes a study of features of formation Personal Knowledge Space. There was analyzed the components of the Knowledge Space. A conclusion is made that tool for integrate various resources into a single structure can be ontology. Legal knowledge ontology is considered as the main link of model of Personal Knowledge Space. The characteristics of the software package that implements the ontology in the domain of law are presented. Figs.: 1. Refs.: 12 titles.
14 Multistage allocation of company assets on strategic directions of activities , Katkova T.I.
The problem of multistage allocation of resources in selected areas of the enterprise activity is researched. The solution of the problem is achieved using dynamic programming method, which reduces the original multistep problem to a set of one-step optimization problems. This ensures getting the exact solution of the original problem. Importantly, the nature of the computational procedure that implements the method does not depend on how long the next distribution is influenced by the following. Refs.: 17 titles.
15 Simulation of formation process of a gradient light guide in nematic liquid crystal layer , Kotsun V.I.
The degree of order and account director of the liquid crystal model which is held in the pore of homeotropnymy boundary conditions in different mesogenic phases. By means of molecular dynamics computer simulations performed graded fiber formation process under an electric field. Figs.: 3. Refs.: 10 titles.
16 Decision support in the selection anisotropy models for thermoelastic media , Lomazova V.I.
The problem of of decision support in selecting (constructing) a model of the anisotropy to study the thermoelastic processes in heterogeneous anisotropic media is considered. The approach is based on the allocation of subtasks of structural and parametric synthesis, the first of which is solved by evolutionary methods, and the second - the methods of solving inverse problems of mathematical physics. Figs.: 1. Refs.: 14 titles.
17 Construction algorithm for computing tooth thickness in the normal section in nominal contact point cylindrical transmission Novikova , Matyushenko N.V., Fedchenko A.V., Kraevskaya E.A.
The paper obtained the equation of the teeth of cylindrical gears with two lines Novikov gearing with longitudinal cycloidal form, chopped the cutting head. Tooth shape is the envelope of one-parameter family of the instantaneous position of the initial contour of the tool. Constructed an algorithm for calculating the thickness of the tooth. Figs.: 3. Refs.: 8 titles.
18 Identification parameters of traction asynchronous drive of diesel train , Mezentsev N.V., Zakovorotniy A.Y., Gejko G.V.
Identification parameters of asynchronous traction drive of diesel train on the basis of the method of least squares is proposed. The conversion of the original mathematical model of a traction drive model, which excluded the direct measurement values intractable is completed. The results of the simulation, confirming the correctness of the proposed parametric identification is given. Figs.: 1. Refs.: 9 titles.
19 System of processing of medical images in radiology on the basis of the fractal analysis , Povoroznyuk A.I., Emelyanova A.V.
Theoretical framework for fractal analysis in medical images in radyolohyy processing is considered in this paper. The aim of the research is to get from fractal characteristics criterias for the diagnosis pathologies on the medical images, especially on mammograms. Figs.: 1. Tabl.: 2. Refs.: 8 titles.
20 A dynamic neural network model of the primary converter , Poliarus O.V., Podorozhniak A.?., Koval A.O.
Through the use of neural network algorithms developed dynamic neural network model of the primary converter, which can adapt its dynamic parameters under the measurement conditions. The results of mathematical modeling of the proposed neural network model of the primary transmitter. Figs.: 6. Refs.: 8 titles.
21 Improving the efficiency of generalized 3D Hough transform , Ruchkin K.A., Shevchenko E.O.
In this paper we continue the study for improving the efficiency of the generalized Hough transform to search for multiple spherical surfaces for a given three-dimensional array of points in space. Proposed parallelization of the algorithm to speed up its work on multicore PCs. Greatest efficiency this campaign shows together with a cascading Hough transform. Figs.: 1. Tabl.: 1. Refs.: 10 titles.
22 An integrated approach to the combination of uncertainties using belief functions , Skarga-Bandurova I.S.
The article is devoted to the theoretical aspects of the decision making reasoning in the presence of competing hypotheses. In the context of research problems the features of the decision-making with belief structures is discussed. Dedicated the conflict problem, which is unsolvable in the classical model. Improved decision-making model based on fuzzy goals in the presence of competing hypotheses by using additional procedure of their combination is proposed. Tabl.: 1. Refs.: 28 titles.