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Journal Port Science Research

ISSN(p):2616-6232 | ISSN(e):2616-7441
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1 Shield against beta radiation and gamma of polymer compounds, Melanterite and Eggshells, Esraa Hassan Al Sarray Ali Saleh Jabbar
The focus of the current research is on four barriers made of polymer, epoxy, FeSO4 and 7H2O compounds in addition to egg husks and in certain proportions and the use of these samples as shields from beta and gamma rays. These readings were taken at the Directorate of Treatment and Management of Iraqi Radioactive Waste based on the Cs137 radiated cesium radioactive cesium and the Sr-90 strontium irradiated spectroscopy, The results positive .
2 Transformations of critical attention center     , Huda Yousif Al-Obeidi
The study revolves around what critics and scholars have known as (critical authority), and we start by stating our view of the term. We took the term "critical focus of the curriculum" as an alternative. The critical focus of critic's interest varies according to each approach. As we study this aspect, we must present the critical approaches and their practical movement, and we show our topic according to the emergence and effectiveness of those approaches.     تدور الدراسة حول ما عرف لدى النقاد والدارسين ب )السلطة النقدية(ØŒ وعمدنا بداية إلى بيان وجهة نظرنا من المصطلح الموسوم به فاتخذنا من عبارة )مركز الاهتمام النقدي للمنهج( بديلاً له. وأهميته لا تمنحه الحق بامتلاك سلطة نقدية عليا على مساحة النقد عامة، فلا يمكن أن تُختزَل الجوانب النقدية الاجرائية المتعددة، إرضاء لمعطيات جانب نقدي معين. إن مركز الاهتمام النقدي يتبدل تبعا لكل منهج، فلابد لنا ونحن ندرس هذا الجانب أن نعرض للمناهج النقدية وحركتها العملية، ونعرض لموضوعنا بحسب ظهور وفاعلية تلك المناهج.