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Journal of Organisational Creativity

ISSN(p): | ISSN(e):2624-2850
Journal Papers (3) Details Call for paper Volume 1 No 2
Indexed Journal

1 The magic cloak: Releasing the creative genie in your workplace , Rouxelle de Villiers & Alexandra Hess
This paper builds on the need for executive problem-solving skills by offering insights and tools in role-plays as creativity training – designed for the organizational innovation environment. The unpredictable nature of role-playing makes it an appropriate tool for developing creative thinking – testing ideas and preparing people for unpredictable situations in simulated environments which subsequently links to real-world problem-solving issues. In this paper we discuss the implications and benefits of role-plays; including its aids, such as props and costumes, in organizational training programs and as a tool for enhancing creativity skills. Next, we develop a 5-Stage Group Creative Thinking Framework. Lastly, this paper provides clear guidelines to assist practitioners to develop their own scenarios for role-playing in cooperative simulations or collaborative creative teams. We provide a checklist for designing your own simulated settings, roles and finding suitable props to inspire and excite the role of actors and observers. By using role-plays, organizations utilise individual competencies, capabilities and skills, and enable group creative think-tanks aimed at expanding the range of possible solutions, increasing teamwork, enhancing the workplace experience and yielding proficiency in desired soft competencies. Keywords: creative drama; ideation; problem-redefinition; role-play, simulated interaction; think-tanks
2 Csikszentmihalyi meets Socrates: Fostering a sense of group flow to produce creative outcomes , Philip Dennett
Collective consciousness (and ultimately creativity) can evolve from a sense that contributions are group ones rather than personal ones. A facilitator can enhance this by fostering a sense of “flow” which Csikszentmihalyi says adds up to an outcome greater than the sum of the inputs. This idea of flow also explains how a fully engaged team can perform at high levels regardless of the individual creativity of team members. This paper introduces a model based on a Socratic Dialogue that can be used to produce group flow resulting in creative outcomes in a real-life context. Keywords: creativity; innovation; ideation; socratic dialogue; teamwork.
3 The effectiveness of Brand Integration in television programming, and how it resonates with today’s audiences , Anna Ogilby
In the last few decades product placement has matured and become more sophisticated in the marketing environment. Branded products are no longer just 'placed'; they are woven into entertainment content making a stronger emotional connection with the consumer.