1 Miniature Microstrip Antenna with and without a Superstrate at THz Frequency Author: * Address For correspondence: Assistant Professor, Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering, Poornima college of Engineering, Jaipur (Raj.), India, Anurag Anupam
This paper presents comparative study of a rectangular Microstrip patch antenna at Terahertz (THz) frequency ranging from 0.6 to 1 THz with and without superstrate. The results reported here were obtained using Ansoft HFSS 11.0 which uses full wave finite element method for simulation. In this study the miniature antenna was simulated first and then we load it with a superstrate and varied the height of the superstrate to optimize the antenna performance. Here in this paper we have selected 4 antenna configurations to compare. First antenna is a simple rectangular patch, second antenna is having a superstrate of height 50 microns, Third antenna is with a superstrate of 75 micron height and the fourth antenna is with a superstrate of 100 micron. Best performance of antenna i.e., -10dB bandwidth of around 19% was achieved at central frequency of 0.5 THz and 75 micron superstrate height.
2 Financial Development and Economic growth: Evidence from Developing Asian Economies , Arjun Teotia
In this paper I investigate the relationship between financial depth and economic growth, particularly of the Asian region, trying to utilize the data in the most efficient manner via panel unit root tests and panel co-integration analysis. The long run relationship is estimated via Westerlund error correction based panel co-integration tests whereas for the short run relationship I have used simple OLS regression. For 10 developing countries of the Asian region, the empirical results provide evidence that there exists a short run relationship between financial depth and economic growth whereas there is absence of a long term relationship. Keywords: Financial Development, Economic Growth, Westerlund, Asia, Stationary