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Sir Syed Journal of Education And Social Research (SJESR)

ISSN(p):2706-8285 | ISSN(e):2706-6525
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1 Effect of Peers on Academic and Personal Behavior of Students at Undergraduate Level , TahiraKalsoom* Fakhra Aziz** SyedaSameeha Fatima***
The present study was conducted to analyze the effect of peer on academic and personal behavior at undergraduate level. The main aim of the study was to find out difference in opinion of male and female students regarding effect of peers. The study is descriptive in nature. The sample of 500 students (male and female) was selected through the procedure of convenient sampling technique. The data was statistically analyzed by applying t-test, and frequency, percentage, standard deviation and mean scores were also calculated. Results indicated that students were feeling effect of peer pressure positively and negatively both. There is also a significance difference between male and female in influencing their peers in relation to academic performance and it was also noted that effect of peers is almost same in all ages (19-20, 20-21, and 21-22). It is suggested that educators should know that peer group is a significant factor in the learning of teenager and should be used to stimulate learning. Intervention should be given to teenagers engaged inrisk taking behavior due to peer pressure.Key Words: Effect, Peer, Academic, Personal, Undergraduate