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International Journal of History and Scientific Studies Research (IJHSSR)

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1 Research on Internet Financial Risk Based on Fuzzy Analytic Hierarchy Process , Jinhan Sun || Wenyuan Sun
Internet finance is a new financial operation model that is accompanied by the rapid development of a new generation of information technology and represents the direction of reform and innovation in the traditional financial industry. Internet finance includes various development models such as third-party payment, P2P online lending, crowdfunding, big data finance, internet insurance, and internet financial portals. How to scientifically and effectively evaluate and monitor the risks of its development is an important issue for the future of Internet finance development. factor. The risks of internet finance include technical risks, credit risks, operational risks, legal regulatory risks, and other risks. The causes are complex and the characteristics are also diverse. The assessment methods include qualitative assessment, quantitative assessment, and comprehensive analysis. In order to promote the healthy, orderly and sustainable development of internet finance, the countermeasures to be taken include: establishing an internet financial knowledge system; building an internet financial network security system; establishing an internet finance credit risk management system; establishing and improving an internet financial operation risk management system Vigorously improve the Internet financial supervision and legal system
2 Numerical calculation method of various differential equations , Xin Chen, ||  Weidong Tian, || Wenyuan Sun
the differential equation by ordinary differential equation, a differential equations and partial differential equations, different equation algorithm. In this paper, the above three kinds of equations as an example, analyzes the different characteristics of different calculation methods. On this basis, the optimization calculation process of various types of equations, hope to be able to improve the computational efficiency of the equation purpose.
3 Intrusion Detection System in MANETS: Attacks and Using Classification Algorithms , Prof. P. D. Thakare || Anushree A. Wasu
Mobile Ad hoc Network is a collection of mobile nodes equipped with both a wireless transmitter and a receiver that communicate with each other via bidirectional wireless links either directly or indirectly. The self-configuring ability of nodes in MANET made it popular among critical mission applications like military use or emergency recovery. However, the open medium and wide distribution of nodes make MANET vulnerable to malicious attackers. It is crucial to develop efficient intrusion-detection mechanisms to protect MANET from attacks in this paper we present the design and evaluation of intrusion detection models for MANETs using supervised classification algorithms. Specifically, we evaluate the performance of the Multi-Layer Perceptron (MLP), the Linear classifier, the Gaussian Mixture Model (GMM), the Na¨Ä±ve Bayes classifier and the Support Vector Machine (SVM). The performance of the classification algorithms is evaluated under different traffic conditions and mobility patterns for the Black Hole, Forging, Packet Dropping, and Flooding attacks. The results indicate that Support Vector Machines exhibit high accuracy for almost all simulated attacks and that Packet Dropping is the hardest attack to detect.
4 Dual-Transformer based symmetrical Triple-Port Active Bridge (DT-ATAB) Isolated DC-DC Converter , T. Priyanghaa, || k. Veera Ragavan
Dual-transformer based mostly asymmetrical triple-port active bridge convertor (DT-ATAB) is projected to interface 2 completely different dc-sources and a load. The convertor combines a slow primary supply and a quick storage to power a standard load. Since this sort of system is gaining quality in property energy generation systems and electrical vehicles, the projected topology is of sensible interest. The projected convertor consists of 3 high-frequency convertor stages operational during a six-step mode, and a high-frequency threeport three-phase symmetrical electrical device. The convertor provides galvanic isolation and supports biface power flow for all the 3 ports. In three-phase structure, the present handling capability of the circuit is larger and also the ripple currents at the dc sides area unit abundant lower attributable to the interleaving impact of the only part.
5 Nonlinear PWM-Controlled Single-Phase Boost Mode GridConnected Photovoltaic Inverter with Limited Storage Inductance Current , P. Riyas Gani,  || R. Preetha
Single stage electrical converter has become a look hotspot within the new energy powergenerating field. Compared with the buck mode electrical converter, the boost mode electrical converter has the benefits of single-stage voltage boosting, direct management of the output current and simple realizing the most wall socket trailing (MPPT) of the electrical phenomenon (PV) cell, long lifetime of the energy storage inductors’ parts, timely protection with over current and high system responsibility, etc. With the emergence of latest kind devices like two-way obstruction insulated-gate bipolar semiconductor (IGBT) and also the development of superconducting technology, boost mode electrical converter can have a a lot of necessary application worth. Three-phase boost mode grid-connected electrical converter adopting a two-loop management strategy with motor speed outer loop and dc link current inner loop has obtained higher performance.
6 Implementation of A 6- Switch Single-Stage Three-Phase Cuk Inverter , B.Sri Devi,  || R. Preetha
This paper presents a brand new three-phase dc-ac device} supported the essential Cuk converter. there's a trend toward standard structured renewable/distributed system ideas so as to scale back prices and supply high reliableness. This property isn't found within the typical current supply electrical converter (CSI) once the DC input current is usually bigger than the ac output one or within the typical voltage supply electrical converter (VSI) because the output ac voltage is usually less than the dc input one. Averaged giant and little signal model’s area unit accustomed study the Cuk nonlinear operation. Basic structure, management style, and MATLAB/SIMULINK results area unit bestowed during this paper
7 Preparation and applications of Nanomedicine-Review , M.Guravaiah
Nanomedicine is the medical application of nanotechnology. The field of nanotechnology now has pivotal roles in electronics, biology and medicine. Current problems for nanomedicine involve understanding the issues related to toxicity and environmental impact of nanoscale materials. Even today various disease like diabetes, cancer, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, cardiovascular diseases and multiple sclerosis as well as different kinds of serious inflammatory or infectious diseases (e.g. HIV) constitute a high number of serious and complex illnesses which are posing a major problem for the mankind
8 Study of systemic diseases presenting urinary symptoms in Ayurveda , Bishnu kumar, || Jyoti singh
From the study of ancient surgical text Sushruta samhita, it becomes evident that the urological problems form an important part of medical sciences. This article reviews the various concept of Diseases Presenting Urinary Symptoms in Ayurveda. It is an attempt to made a sincere effort to acquaint the reader with the wealth of knowledge available in Ayurvedic literature on the important subject of Diseases Presenting Urinary Symptoms
9 Institutional and Agency Effects on the Status of Free Blacks: Synthesizing Asymmetrical Laws and Social Conditions With Asymmetrical Economic Outcomes, Economic History and Labor , James Curtis Jr
Leon Litwick (1961) and Ira Berlin (1974) provide the most comprehensive historical accounts of free blacks in the north and south, respectively. This paper attempts to build upon their successes by presenting a national study that combines the legal, demographic and economic experiences of free blacks, with an extended analysis of antebellum wealth inequality. In doing so, I propose the asymmetry hypothesis, which is an investigation of the link between the social conditions and economic outcomes of free blacks relative to whites. For the empirical portion of the study, I employ cross-sectional variables from the IPUMS samples. This paper finds that economic differences between free blacks and whites were intertwined with asymmetrical social constraints. While the legal and social status of free blacks was significantly better than slaves, their status did not equal that of whites. Yet free blacks did attempt to overcome the social conditions by structuring their households to provide a basic foundation for the pursuit of happiness.
10 Evaluation of NPM Reform.   , Noralv Veggeland
The United Kingdom was a "vanguard state" for experimentation with administrative reforms that came to be known as the New Public Management or NPM strategies aiming market orientation of the public sector. After three decades, what results has NPM produced in the UK? This is a review of a research report by Christopher Hood and Ruth Dixon, who tries to explain maladministration and judicial challenges to nUK government actions.
11 Resiliency of Open Public Space (Streets) through Transferring Memory “Graffiti and Wall Arts in the Tehran Streets” , Yasin Lotfata || Aynaz Lotfata
Inhabitants find the traces of public life through continuous construction, remembering and transference of memories in built spaces. Built spaces convey previous experiences through physical markers in space and collective memory about the place and adapt to today’s emergences of public life by terrorism, wars, urban conflicts, environmental changes and so on. Open public spaces, particularly the streets, are places which accommodate these emergences and play a role in de-constructing the individual-world relationships. Transferring memories from the past fasten the adaptabilities of public life with the prevailing conditions. In the case of Tehran, this leads to the question of how streets self-organize in traumas through the transference of constructed memories. Graffiti and wall arts integrate public life to the past. This paper aims at exploring the streets of Tehran, Iran as a resilient form shaping and re-shaping itself through the self-manifestation of street youth in graffiti and wall arts. Graffiti and wall arts make the memorial edges of urban spaces. This study defines resiliency as the adaptability of open public space through the accumulation and manifestation of people’s spatial memories. We observe that elements of the streets of Tehran have changed over time from one regime to the other prevailing differing ideologies in public life. Tehran, the capital of struggles, inhibits open public spaces which identify themselves through the reflections of inhabitants against dominating powers in the representation of graffiti and wall arts. These reflections represent the street memories collectively experienced by inhabitants over time. Graffiti often encounter the threat of being erased and diverted into desired ideologies of the time. In response, they resist, and yet, then, adapt to new emergencies and transform into new manifestations. This study pursues the historical documents to explore the adaptive street phenomenon in Tehran and aims to discover the relations between memory and resiliency of space
12 Measurement of Radon-222 Concentration in Soil-Gas of Ogbomoso Southwestern Nigeria using RAD7 , Oni O. M || Yusuff I. M || Adagunodo T. A
Radium-226 in the earth's crust is the main source of radon-222 in the global environment which is the gaseous radionuclide that is highly mobile everywhere in the universe. Radon-222 concentration in soil-gas is a known radioactive gas, contributing the highest exposure of ionizing natural radiation to the public. Its health hazards are well known. It’s origination from soil contribute to its concentration level in air, water and other consumables originated from soil. To identify its concentration levels at different locations in Ogbomoso Southwestern Nigeria, an investigation was carried out using measurement techniques for the first time in the locality with electronic active radon detector (RAD7) manufactured by Durridge Company, USA. Experimentally, 13 feasible locations within the study area and four different depths of 20cm, 40cm, 60cm and 100cm were considered for measurement. The results obtained showed that, the highest concentration of radon-222 at 20cm depth was 4,450±695Bqm-3 found in location 8(8010.058′N/ 4011.930′E) and that of 100cm depth was 25,640±2035Bqm-3 found in location 2(807.437′N/ 4015.519′E)while the lowest concentration at 20cm was 720±389Bqm-3 found in location 13(805.489′N/ 4019.850′E) and that of 100cm depth was 7,370±1139Bqm-3 found in location 5(808.455′N/ 4014.021′E). The mean value of radon concentration of all the 13 locations considered were calculated to be 2,715.386Bqm-3 , 5,920.760Bqm-3 , 7,786.923Bqm-3 and 20,581.539Bqm-3 for 20cm, 40cm, 60cm and 100cm respectively and the average mean of all the 13 locations was calculated to be 9251.154Bqm-3 . Inferentially, a model was derived using regression analysis for further study on radon-222 concentration in soildepths. Thus, the concentration level of radon-222 identified at different soil-depths in the study area provides information on probable level of radon in air, water and other consumables originating from soil in the study area. It is the needed fact in assessing radiological health risk and as other environmental indicator. A derived model could be a yardstick for further studies on soil-gas radon-222 in Nigeria, especially in the study area, Ogbomoso Southwestern Nigeria. Also, comparisons made with other investigators around the globe showed that this present investigator’s region results were within the limited range, when compared with other regions of the investigations with higher value around the globe
13 Emotional Literacy for Emotional Wellbeing , Otih Jembarwati
Learning and teaching process cannot be separated from the interaction that occurs between teachers and learners. The learners’ emotional wellbeing can affect the learning process. The result of the study conducted by the researcher, namely development model of emotional wellbeing (Jembarwati, 2016), shows a condition that resilience and emotional expression affect the emotional wellbeing. Emotional wellbeing in interpersonal relations can make the learning process more fluent and meaningful. Emotional wellbeing is an interesting topic for the discussion and it concerns to the development of schools, and learners as the community care about the issues of welfare development in general. Efforts to improve emotional wellbeing can be done with emotional literacy. Emotional literacy is conducted by exploring, involving and discussing feelings so that individual students understand the feeling of each student in school and can respond appropriately to emotional responses received by teachers and learners. Laerners who have low score of emotional wellbeing will become trainees in the application of emotional literacy. Training of emotional literacy is conducted to the learners and measurement is done after the training. Further results of the training are followed up in the counseling program either individual or in group
14 Antecedents that affect Deviant Behavior at Workplace in Malaysia , Ambikai S Thuraisingam
The study has contributed to investigate the deviant behavior at workplace and its overall impact on the organization performance and employees productivity within the context of Malaysia. The study entails a qualitative design based on previous researches that have shared meaningful insight to the objective of study and data has been analyzed by deductive content based approach. The paper has identified important predictors of the deviant behavior at workplace. The human resource department of organization in Malaysia should formulate strict policies under the Employment Act 1955 and Penal Code to reduce the level of risk.
15 Mathematics Performance in Jamaica   , Paul Andrew Bourne
Introduction: In Jamaica, there is a tendency to place the bulk of formal education for students on schools. Parents, particularly at the primary level, owe most of their children’s success to the involvement of the schools. The issue of solely blaming teachers is a scapegoat for the lethargic role that many parents have played (or not) in their children’s academic life. Aim: The objective of this study is to evaluate factors that influence Grade Six Achievement Test (G-SAT) performance in mathematics, and the performance of students in mathematics at the ending of primary level schooling. Methods: The data were taken from the Ministry of Education dataset of some 4,912 candidates who wrote the 2017 G-SAT examination from Manchester and St Elizabeth in Region 5 (Manchester, Clarendon and St. Elizabeth) excluding the personal information of the students. The level of significance that is used to determine statistical significance is less than 5% (0.05) at the 2-tailed level of significance. Findings: The current research reveals that G-SAT Mathematics performance is influenced by performance in Social Studies, Language Arts, Science, Age and lastly Communication Task. The five predictors account for 83.9% of the variance in mathematics performance. Of the five subjects, previously listed, Social Studies contributed the most to the performance in mathematics (79.3%) followed by Language Arts (3.6%), Science (0.7%), Age (0.1%) and lastly by Communication Task (0.0%). Conclusion: Therefore, it is imperative that students at the primary level are properly taught and socialized to value scholastic achievements especially in mathematics
16 At-risk Students at a Junior High School in Rural Jamaica: The Teachers’ Best Practices   , Devon O. Crossfield || Paul Andrew Bourne
The purpose of this qualitative hermeneutical phenomenological study was to explore and interpret the central underlying meanings, structures and essence of the lived experiences of teachers dealing successfully with at-risk students at a Junior High school in Jamaica. It sought to understand how teachers perceive their purpose, how teachers view their readiness to teach at-risk students and explored the challenges faced by teachers. The sample of four participants, one principal and three ASTEP teachers, were selected purposefully to take part in the study. The instrument used to collect data for this study was one-on-one structured interview protocol lasting one and a half hours. It consisted of eleven open-ended items which were subjected to a rigorous process of validity and reliability testing. An iterative and inductive cycle of the thematic approach was employed to analyze the data collected using the QDA Minor software. It was found that low teacher expectation of students, lack of sync between the Ministry of Education’s policies and teachers’ convictions, lack of support from parents and the Ministry of Education, students’ disinterest, lack of motivation of students, and students’ lack of readiness to learn were the emerging and diverse, chronic challenges teachers faced when dealing with at-risk students. It was also found that when a school-wide attempt was made to employ innovations in putting theory into practice in the classroom, such as building a healthy, productive environment in the ASTEP classroom, students participated more in the learning process. It was recommended that schools include vocation based programmes in the curriculum, to cater to the diverse needs of students using a school-wide approach to employ innovations in putting theory into practice, such as building a healthy, productive environment in the classroom and supporting students’ cultural and individual identity in their learning experiences, supported by the creation of healthy relationships, and an inclusive environment which is crucial for student success.
17 Evaluation of Radiotherapy Dose Distributions Using Different Commercial Algorithms for Treatment Planning System , Adel Farahat Labeeb || S.A. El Fiki || Khaled M. El Shahat
Radiotherapy is an important modality for both curative and palliative treatment of cancer. It can be used either in combination with, e.g., surgery and/or chemotherapy or as the sole treatment modality. The proportion of cancer patients that would benefit from external beam radiation therapy, at least once during their illness, has been calculated to be 52% (Delaney et al 2005). It has been estimated that about half of the cancer cases in Sweden receive radiotherapy (Ringborg et al 2003). During the treatment planning phase the treatment setup and dose distributions inside a patient can be visualized the aim of current study is to assess the accuracy of the various algorithms of eclipse treatment planning system in versus data measured
18 The Social Psychology of Burnout Among Workers in a Higher Educational Institution in Jamaica , Paul Andrew Bourne    
The issue of burnout is among factors that influence retention in an organization as well as the health of that institution including survivability. This research was undertaken to examine the burnout level of workers in a higher-level educational institution in Central Jamaica, and to identify factors influence burnout of the workers. It provides an analysis and evaluation of contributing factors. The conclusion includes a list of recommendations which can be implemented to address issues identified in the analysis. This study employed a quantitative research design that was cross-sectional in nature. It was a cross-sectional probability sample survey (i.e., stratified random sampling) of workers in the higher-level educational institution. A standardized instrument was used to collect the data for this research. This survey instrument was used to provide data on which this study answered the research questions on factors that determine burnout among workers. The survey instrument was a standardized questionnaire comprising 45 questions, with none being open-ended. The instrument also contained Socio-demographic, Social items, including items on burnout. The participants of the study consisted of workers who are currently at work for December 2017. The sample frame consisted of 522 personnel who are employed at the above-mentioned institutions for a minimum of one month—the sampling frame was obtained from the human resource department, from which the sample size was computed for this study. Stratified random sampling was used to select the workers who are likely to participate in the study. The sampled population was 222 workers, with a response rate of 70 per cent (n=164 workers). The current findings revealed that 43 out of every 50 employees are experiencing a high-level of burnout, and age is a negative factor of depersonalization and personal achievement. Another critical finding of this study is a high-level of reduced personal achievement experienced by staff members. Hence being employed to a higher educational institution does not reduced a high level of stress, and so this has meaning for the social psychology in organization.
19 The Psychological State of Religious Leaders in Central Jamaica: An Objective Perspective , Paul Andrew Bourne || Daniel Fider
Major depressive disorder is a medical condition that influences peoples’ mood, behaviour and decision-making skills. Despite knowledge on this medical condition, for centuries, religious leaders have suffered from this disorder; yet a dearth of empirical information is available on the matter. A comprehensive review of the literature unearths not a single study that has examined the psychological state of religious leaders in Jamaica. Objective: This study seeks to: 1) examine the prevalence of mental health conditions among religious leaders in Central Jamaica, 2) evaluate the relationship between healthcare-seeking behaviour and self-reported mental health conditions among religious leaders in Central Jamaica, 3) ascertain whether there are more female than male-religious leaders who reported suffering from major depression, 4) examine the state of fatigue and emotional well-being among religious leaders in Central Jamaica, and whether these differ based on selfreported major depression, 5) examine emotional well-being, self-reported depression, self-reported noncommunicable diseases, gender, and age, and whether they influence general fatigue of religious leaders in Central Jamaica, 6) evaluate leadership styles and fatigue of religious leaders in Central Jamaica, and 7) determine whether there is a statistical relationship between major depression and health status. Methods and materials: A correlational research design was used for this research, with a sample of 206 religious-leaders in Central Jamaica. A standardized questionnaire was developed to evaluate the various research objectives. Results: Three and four-tenth per cent of the sampled respondents indicated that they suffer from major depression. The emotional well-being of the sampled respondents was a moderate one (40.0±10.4, 95%CI: 38.5- 41.4, from a maximum value of 80.0). On the other hand, general fatigue was high among the sampled respondents (50.1±11.3, 95%CI: 48.5-51.7, from a maximum value of 85.0). It was found that only emotional well-being and age emerged as factors of general fatigue among religious leaders in Central Jamaica (F[2,173]=12.847, P < 0.0001) that accounted for 11.9 per cent of the variance of general fatigue (Adjusted squared R). Conclusion: With a part of this phenomenon being irritability, sadness, and lack of interest, untreated religious leaders who suffer from this condition pose a problem to effective leadership and themselves.
20 The Influence of Nurse Managers’ Role and Leadership Style on Nurse Retention   , ,Sharon J. Golding || Daniel Fider
Many factors influence nurse migration. Perceived weakness of nursing leaders in advocating for nurses encourages their migration, as does the inability to influence decision-making and policy-making bodies. This paper examines The Influence of Nurse Managers’ Role and Leadership Style on Nurse Retention in Jamaica. Burn’s theory of Transformational Leadership is the theoretical framework used for this study. A phenomenological perspective in qualitative methodology was employed for the current work and adopted a phenomenological approach. Purposive sampling technique was used to select the participants. Seven Nurse Managers constitute the population. Data were collected using interviews, and a thematic approach was used to analyse the data. The study found that transformational leadership style, motivational skills, good communication skills, and commitment to work influence nurse retention. The study concluded that, there needs to be on-going training and simulation workshops for nurse managers on nursing management and leadership styles. The study recommend that this study be replicated in other hospitals across Jamaica after conducting teaching sessions with the nurse managers as also conducted with registered nurses to understand their perspective of the phenomenon.
21 Socio- Economic, Cultural And Education Legacy Of Faisalabad   , Dr. Aftab Hussain Gillani || Toheed Anwar,
Faisalabad is the 3rd biggest city of Pakistan, it is also known as the Manchester of Pakistan, because it has biggest industries which produce yarn and clothes. Faisalabad contributes a lot of share in the growth of Pakistan. Faisalabad has more than 5 million populations and there is less work has been done in the history of Faisalabad. The aim of this article is to elaborate the socio-economic cultural and education legacy of Faisalabad. Being an author, I have been explained the overall culture trends of Faisalabad. This article is helpful for those scholars who want to research in the cultural aspects and history of Faisalabad.
22 The Perception of Registered Nurses at a Regional Health Facility Regarding the Use of Simulation to DevelopTheir Leadership Skills , Nicola Brown || Daniel Fider
A nurse’s ability to inspire others to higher levels of performance is related to his or her leadership abilities in the healthcare setting. Hence it is imperative that the registered nurse is equipped with the skills needed to effectively manage the unit. The aim of this study is to determine the extent to which simulation training plays a role in the development of leadership skills of junior registered nurses in the health care setting. A survey was administered to 30 registered nurses from a hospital in the North East Regional Health Authority (NERHA) in Jamaica to access their perception of the use of simulation to develop their leadership skills. This research used a mixed method approach to gather qualitative and quantitative data concurrently for the purpose of increasing the breadth and depth of understanding. The findings from the study revealed that simulation has a positive association with improve nursing practice and enhanced leadership skills. Participants indicated that simulation would enhance critical thinking, allow them to gain more experience, increase knowledge and improve their ability to manage the unit effectively. The study further revealed that simulation is a method that can be employed to increase leadership skills, teach techniques and practices in nursing, and improve critical thinking and decision-making skills
23 Development of Economic Growth in Modern World (The Case of Israel)   , Dinner Dan Pinchas
The process of globalization, that is, the trend of unification and openness of local markets relative to the international ones, is becoming a central pillar in economic and commercial life. This process is characterized by many advantages, as in any competition, including streamlining the allocation of resources, expanding production possibilities and spreading investment risks. However, alongside the advantages of this economic openness are the disadvantages of exposure, which is only the opposite side of the globalization currency, such as the wage volatility, the fragility of global financial crises, the worsening of business cycles and the erosion of the effectiveness of macroeconomic policy.
24 The Influence of The World Economy on Thr Economic International Relations   , Levkovich Lavan Limor
In the past few years, there have been many processes in the world that are called "Globalization". These processes affect the economy, society and culture - and the communities, the environment and the way of life of the residents of the entire world. In the processes of globalization - states, communities, economic societies and people from all over the world create close physical or virtual connections, almost without regard to the barriers of political borders. This article will try to present the considerations that leading the economic policy in countries to maintain relationships with others.
The management of society’s resources is important because resources are scarce. Scarcity means that society has limited resources and therefore cannot produce all the goods and services people wish to have. Just as a household cannot give every member everything he or she wants, a society cannot give every individual the highest standard of living to which he or she might aspire. Economics is the study of how society manages its scarce resources. In most societies, resources are allocated not by a single central planner but through the combined actions of millions of households and firms
The Economic Globalization is an Irreversible Trend. Economic Globalization refers to the increasing interdependence of world economies as a result of the growing scale of cross-border trade of commodities and services, flow of international capital and wide and rapid spread of technologies. It reflects the continuing expansion and mutual integration of market frontiers, and is an irreversible trend for the economic development in the whole world at the turn of the millennium. This article will try to focus on the phenomenon of the influence on the country systems.
27 Which Justice Is Rough?: Conflict Resolution and Legal/Pristine Justice in Richard Wright’s Native Son and Shadrach Ambanasom’s Son of the Native Soil”   , Ngwa Yvonne Iden
At crossroads between literature and the Conflict and Peace Studies, this article probes into the dynamics involved in conflicts as depicted in Richard Wright’s Native Son and Shadrach Ambanasom’s Son of the Native Soil respectively, and in the mechanics each author proposes for conflict resolution using legal and pristine justice respectively. I argue in this paper that, contrary to colonialist claims of the Black’s inferiority in order to justify Western imperialism and domination, Ambanasom’s representation of conflict resolution in a primeval rural Cameroonian setting, with its pristine justice, is much nobler, fairer and effective than the inhumane and ghoulish judicial machinery presented by Wright in an urban American city. The postcolonial theory and the conflict and peace theories are the theoretical frameworks on which the paper hinges. While the first establishes the Western/African binary and shows how the presumed Western superiority is deconstructed as a result of Ambanasom’s fairer means of conflict resolution, the peace and conflict theories offer an x-ray of the conflicts portrayed in the novels and the machinery of conflict resolution the writers present.
28 Urban Growth Pattern and Agricultural Land Use Dynamics in Gombe City, Nigeria   , Bala Rabiu Hashidu||Adam M. Abbas || Adamu Muhammad Kamaludeen
Urban growth, particularly in developing countries of the world continues to draw attention as one the crucial issues of global change in the 21st century affecting the physical dimension of cities. The study examines the impact of urban growth on agricultural land use in Gombe city. To achieve the objectives of the research, Geographic Information System (GIS) technique was adopted to determine the pattern of urban growth. Inferential statistical technique “Paired T-test” was equally employed to test the research hypothesis and analyse the impacts of urban expansion on agricultural land use in the study area. Results obtained from the analysis of urban growth pattern showed that the total built up area has grown from 1,234.28 hectares (12.34km2 ) in 1998 to 2,565.15 hectares (25.65km2 ) in 2008 and then to 5,889.11hectares (58.89km2 ) in 2018. Paired T-test computation (P-value=0.022) further revealed that urban growth in most cases has affected the agricultural land use in the study area. In this study, it has been possible to effectively capture the changing pattern of urban landscape. The study revealed that Gombe city has been experiencing fragmented urban growth process, particularly at the fringe areas with substantial increase in built-up area, while the city centre underwent relatively compact growth by infilling open spaces and edge expansion over time. It is concluded therefore, that urban growth in the study area has been affecting agricultural land use at the urban fringes by replacing the viable agricultural lands for mostly residential land use development. It is therefore, recommended that proper measures should be put in place to checkmate the incessant growth of the study area into various directions thereby reducing effects on the agricultural land use that can augment the shortage of the urban food requirement
29 An Analysis of The Factors Responsible for Residential Segregation in Gombe City, Nigeria   , Bala Rabiu Hashidu ||Adam Modu Abbas || Abdulkadir Ahmed
Residential segregation continuous to draw attention as one of the crucial issues of global urban change in the 21st century affecting the physical and social dimensions of cities particularly in developing countries of the world. The study examines the nature and effects of residential segregation in Gombe city. To achieve the objectives of the research, Geographic Information System (GIS) technique was employed in order to map out and show the pattern of segregation in the residential areas of the city. Non inferential statistical technique was also used to analyse the data collected through questionnaire survey on the nature and causes of the residential segregation in the study area. Results obtained showed that the nature of the segregation was socio-economic but with a pocket of ethno-religious in some parts of the city due to the fear of political or religious crises. Likewise the main causes of the segregation in the area were found to be socio-economic characteristics in form of income, ethnicity and religious concern. Consequences of residential segregation were also identified to be socio-spatial division of residential areas by income (high, medium and low classes), inaccessibility of the poor to affordable housing, inadequate provision of infrastructure in the slum or high density residential areas of the city and possibly the reason that may cause ethno-religious conflict in the study area. It is therefore recommended that enlightenment programmes should be organized to educate the people on how to be tolerate one another despite the ethno-religious differences in the state.
30 Adoption of Advanced Manufacturing Technology In Selected Manufacturing Firms In Nigeria   , ORIAKHI, SOLOMON
The study examines the effect of advanced manufacturing technology adoption in selected manufacturing firms in Nigeria. Using a survey research design, primary data were collected using a structured five point likert scale questionnaire. Result from SPSS 16.0 output reveals that although AMT adoption has led to labour cost savings, it has not significantly improved the profitability of the firm. We therefore recommend that more investment be made on the training and development of skilled personnel to ensure efficiency in the installation, repairs and functioning of advanced technology.