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1 Relationships between Advertising Value and Dimensions of Advertising: A case of Television Advertising of GSM Providers in Indonesia , Jappy P. Fanggidae
Mobile service industry plays an important role in Indonesia as it connects people in all areas across the country. Its ability to reach remote areas, flexibility and richness in features make it one of the fastest growing industry in Indonesia. This leads to a fierce competition among mobile operator companies to get more subscribers and maintain the existing ones by using advertising, including television advertising. This study found that there are relationships between perceived advertising value and advertising dimensions. These findings are consistent with prior findings from other researches. Recommendation and further study are summarized and addressed to the advertising scholars and practitioners
2 Transformation of Toa Pe Kong Process in Indonesia: From Scarcity to Tourism , Sri Martini , I Wayan Cika, I Nyoman Suarka, I Ketut Setiawan      
Transformation is a change that cannot be separated in the joints of human life both as individuals and as groups.  The current research was conducted in Indonesia, especially in Manado city. People of Manado are built on differences of opinion, language, culture, religion and beliefs.  The plurality of the lives of the people of Manado city is an important part as a driving force for the transformation of the forms and meanings of the Toa Pe Kong (TPK )ritual procession in the city of Manado. From the realm that is sacred by Tridharma followers, it shifts to the tourist attraction.  The sacredness of the rituals of the majority of the Tridharma people has mingled with the charm, uniqueness, beauty and togetherness of the local culture. The transformation of the TPK ritual procession becomes a fixed tone every year, still supported by the people of Manado and tourists visiting in January-February.  The research of TPK in the city of Manado was conducted for (1) describing the shows and rituals needed by men and women, and (2) describing the transition of TPK ritual procession function
3 The Impact of Organizational Commitment as Mediator and Moderator Relationship between Budgeting Participation on Managerial Performance: Evidence From Indonesia   , Janri D. Manafe Tuti Setyorini  
This study aimed at analyzing the role of organizational commitment as moderator as well as moderator relationship between budgeting participation and managerial performance. It was conducted in Savings and Loan Credit Union at Kupang city- Indonesia. The research sample was 62 respondents from a total of 108 leaders of financial divisions and credit union managers. The sample was chosen based on the  5% sampling technique that gained through a purposive sample technique. Next, the data were analyzed by applying regression analysis using mediation and moderation of Macro Process Hayes and Sobel Test with SPSS version 20. The results have shown that budget participation has a positive and significant effect on managerial performance and organizational commitment, but the organizational commitment has no significant effect on managerial performance. Furthermore, organizational commitment mediates a positive and significant relationship between budgetary participation and managerial performance, while organizational commitment weakens the relationship between budgetary participation and managerial performance