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International Journal of Social Science And Human Research

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1 Speaking Anxiety and Language Proficiency among EFL at A University in Vietnam , Le Quang Dung, Ph.D, Tran Luu Hung, M.A
A quantitative study investigated the levels, causes and effects of anxiety in speaking over academic achievement among EFL non-English majors at Thai Nguyen University of Education, Vietnam. The study examined 128 non-English majors who had finished one year of intensive English at university. The findings show that EFL students at Thai Nguyen University are at moderate level of speaking anxiety (M=67.45; n=128). The findings also indicated that the causes of speaking anxiety came from MSOSA4 (Fear of making mistakes), MSOSA8 (Fear of being laughed at), MSOSA9 (Lack of confidence), MSOSA20 (Fear of negative evaluation), and MSOSA14 (Fear of being the focus of attention). The study also found that students who had higher levels of anxiety gained lower academic proficiency in speaking. The mean of levels of proficiency for Low anxiety (M = 2.22, SD = 0.70) was significantly larger than that for High anxiety (M = 1.68, SD = 0.66), p = .002. The mean of levels of proficiency for Medium anxiety (M = 2.02, SD = 0.60) was significantly larger than that for High anxiety (M = 1.68, SD = 0.66), p = .026.
2 Problems of Older People and HIV and AIDS Scourge in Sub-Saharan Africa With Reference to Kenya , Michael Ang’anyo Onyango , Solomon Leiro Letangule
This paper examines the twin problem of older people and the HIV and AIDS scourge in Sub-Saharan Africa with reference to Kenya, particularly in the rural areas. Specifically, the paper assesses the direct and indirect effects of HIV and AIDS on the older people, and suggests policy and strategic measures that could be undertaken to empower older people to effectively respond to the HIV and AIDS scourge, in addition to their own problems of ageing. The central argument is that older people in Sub-Saharan Africa are increasingly being infected and affected by the HIV and AIDS scourge, and in some cases, forced to care for their adult HIV and AIDS sick children; and ultimately to their orphaned and vulnerable grandchildren. At the same time, the problems of the older people, who traditionally were largely supported by their working adult children, are worsening; as the adult children no longer effectively give support to their ageing parents, usually living in the rural areas. There is need for Sub-Saharan African Governments, the NonGovernment Organizations (NGOs), the Charity Organizations, and other relevant institutions operating in the region, to include and support the older generation in programmes to fight HIV and AIDS scourge and empower the older people to effectively care for their grandchildren orphaned by AIDS scourge as they address their own ageing problems. The paper is based on a review of various reports on old age problems and HIV and AIDS scourge, and its impacts on older people.
3 Competency of Overseas Student in Overcoming the Culture Shock Among Indonesian Students , Rahmadya Putra Nugraha , Nor Fauziana Ibrahim , Tai Hen Toong
Communication is an important thing in interacting with fellow humans. Intercultural communication is a communicatioan betweens peoples with different culture. In the process, constrains is often encountered oobstacles which can hinder the intercultural communication process. These constraints can obtained from the different cultural environment or from people’s psychologisc. One of the cultural communication problem is culture shock. This research will describe and explain the competence of Mercu Buana University’s overseas students to overcome culture shock in new environment. This research is an constructivist type, research that seeks to understand the people’s environment and develop subjective meaning. Moreover, this research is derciptive type with qualitative approach. Descriptive is aim to collect, explain, and summarize a data towards the subject under study. Qualitative is an indeep research and analysis of collected data. The research methods is case study taht collect, organize, and analyze data about certain cases. The research result is, everey overseas students has their own methods to handle culture shock and adapting with new environment. The first thing that became a challenge for overseas students is the different culture. The different culture make some overseas students feels worry, homesick, and culture shock. But they can handle the problems, they try to develop the competence of communication in order to adapt with new environment.
4 Ranking of Districts of West Bengal by an Index Developed Through Probabilistic Approach Based on Household Data for Rural Areas of Census 2011 , Partho Pratim Bhadra , Tushar Kanti Ghara
Population Census in India is conducted once in every ten years under the census Act 1948 and Census rules 1990. The last decennial census was conducted in the year 2011. The three broad categories of Houselisting & Housing Census are Housing condition, Amenities and Assets. Here, an attempt has been made to use four different approach using Probability theory for finding Ranks based on these House listing and Housing Census Data for rural areas. Although, there may be different Index developed to find such ranking, ranks obtained here using these different approaches are then compared and statistically tested. Statistical techniques like Probability, Weighted Geometric mean and Weighted Arithmetic mean, Correlation coefficient,and other Descriptive Statistical theories have been applied on this.
5 Insights into English Non-Major Students’ Learning Autonomy at Thai Nguyen University , Nguyen Thi Dieu Ha
The study aims at exploring teachers and students’ perceptions towards learning autonomy, and how the learning autonomy affects their English language proficiency. The understanding of learning autonomy will help teachers apply appropriate pedagogical solutions for their students. The results show that participants seemed to have some aspects of autonomous learning, so they are considered as autonomous learners. Furthermore, learning autonomy correlated with teachers’ objectives and requirements, learning styles and learning strategies significantly. The highest correlation is for the relationship between learning autonomy and teachers’ objectives and requirements, followed closely by the association with learning styles and learning strategies. Hence, it is suggested that, the higher being awareness of understanding teacher’s purposes and requirements and better understanding how to create learning styles and adjust learning strategies students are, the more autonomous they are.
6 Insights into English Non-Major Students’ Learning Autonomy at Thai Nguyen University , Nguyen Thi Dieu Ha
The study aims at exploring teachers and students’ perceptions towards learning autonomy, and how the learning autonomy affects their English language proficiency. The understanding of learning autonomy will help teachers apply appropriate pedagogical solutions for their students. The results show that participants seemed to have some aspects of autonomous learning, so they are considered as autonomous learners. Furthermore, learning autonomy correlated with teachers’ objectives and requirements, learning styles and learning strategies significantly. The highest correlation is for the relationship between learning autonomy and teachers’ objectives and requirements, followed closely by the association with learning styles and learning strategies. Hence, it is suggested that, the higher being awareness of understanding teacher’s purposes and requirements and better understanding how to create learning styles and adjust learning strategies students are, the more autonomous they are.
7 Release of Medical Certificate for the Practice of Physical Activity in Gyms and Civil Liability , Luis Domingos Fornitano , Homaile Mascarin do Vale
There is a growing demand in the world for the ideal body and physical activity, specifically in gyms, has achieved a large increase in fans. For the practice, it is necessary medical care that reflects the health (or not) of the practitioner, whether professional or amateur. It so happens that in the State of São Paulo, where more than 45 million people are concentrated, a law was enacted that frees medical care and places the responsibility on the practitioner to define himself as fit for the practice and from such a cause serious consequence can arise.
8 Public Education in Uzbekistan History of Formation and Development , Khatamov Tokhir Abdumutalovich
The article analyzes scientific-historical analysis of the existing problems in the system of public education in Uzbekistan and the implementation of reforms and measures taken in the framework of the National Program for Personnel Training in 1997-2009, using archival documents and scientific sources
9 Socio-Political implication of Urbanization in Nigeria: An Overview , ILYASU, YAKUBU AHMED , AKWASHIKI, SUNDAY VINCENT2 , JAMILA SALISU WALI
Urbanization is old as human existence when man took a sedimentary life to settled and think of how to use the available recourses to live a better life. Therefore Nigerian cities witness high rate of urbanization deterioration and are rated among urban areas with the lowest livability index in the world. It is estimated that between 20 percent and 30 percent of the urban population enjoy decent urban life in the country .Although studies have identified various urbanization problems in Nigeria, its impact and factor that lead to urbanization challenges in Nigeria. However the paper examines Socio-Political implication of Urbanization in Nigeria an overview. it is in this premises that the paper explore the use of historical content analysis’s with the use primary and secondary sources in its findings.
10 CHLOROCHINE - Scientific Antagonism and Risk of Professional Culpability of the Doctor , Marcelo Augusto de Freitas , Homaile Mascarin do Vale
The scientific world finds it difficult to position itself against the prescription of chloroquine and its derivatives. The role of the Supervisory Councils is innocuous and does not guarantee the physician a risk-free role in the event of prescription of the medication. In Brazil, the drug law makes it a crime to prescribe medication that does not comply with the literature. The physician is raised in a result gap that is not yet known due to the difficulty of understanding between what is recommended in the guidelines and what the law determines, especially the treatment rule of the Brazilian Ministry of Health. In this article, from the perspective of criminal law, we sought to frame the doctor's conduct in the prescription of chloroquine.
11 On the History of the Agro-Industrial Food Complex of Uzbekistan (80-90s of the Xx Century) , Izzatilla Mahmudovich Khaydarov
The article describes the formation of the agro-industrial food complex in Uzbekistan by the Soviet government in the 1980s-90s to provide the country with food and agricultural raw materials, as well as the establishment of an agro-industrial food complex in Uzbekistan, and industry impact. The article also addresses the sectors of the agro-industrial food complex related to the production, processing, transportation, storage and sale of agricultural produce, divided into sectors. The study also provides a comparative analysis of the various sources and draws conclusions.
12 Linguocultural Units in Turkish Wishes and Praise (Epithets) , Aripov Makhamadjon Pulatboevich
This article focuses on the subject of epithets in Turkish wishes and analyzes the ones selected from the wishes and praise given during the wedding ceremony. It is known that the role of the wedding ceremony in the life of the Turkic peoples is special. The good intentions and wishes of those who come to this ceremony for the bride and groom who are getting married are imbued with the spirit of high humanity. Wishes made by the father to the girl who left her house as a bride at the ceremony. It also provides information on what to call this ceremony. The bride is dedicated to characterizing the bride in the wishes and praise expressed by the mother-in-law during the meeting in the house where she is going. For the girl who came to the apartment, the analysis of examples of how skillfully the arts used in the wishes expressed by the mother-in-law and father-in-law were observed.
13 The Social Classes Who Served in the Great Silk Road Service System , Anvar Achilov Tuychievich
In this article some features of the service system of the Great Silk Road are discussed based on historical sources and literature.
The article reveals the place and role of Ustrushana as an important commercial and cultural center on the Great Silk Road. On the basis of research materials and historical sources, data are presented on Ustrushan, as an independent state, on its rulers and social structure. Based on materials from archaeological research, an assessment of the socio-political, economic and cultural life in Ustrushan is given.
This article covers various aspects of Maturidi's life, including his views and the fact that he contributed to the cultural and scientific development of the region in his time. If we take a look at the origin of the scientific word, we can clearly see the great services of Abu Mansur al-Maturidi in this field and the superiority and superiority of the Maturidi faith over other sects. Abu Mansur al-Maturidi also used logic, which was a weapon of the Mu'tazilites. Abu Zahra said: “Maturidi relied on reason under the guidance of the Shari'ah, which was the recognition of reason. In this way, he opposed the muhaddithin and faqihs who demanded the truth from the narration and relied on the narration.
16 Work Team Management; a Recipe for Tertiary Institutions’ Productivity in Delta State, Nigeria , Nwinyokpugi, Patrick Nkiinebari PhD , Ebietuoma, Stella Toneukarin
This study takes the form of a descriptive survey carried out in order to investigate work-team management and organizational productivity in Tertiary Institutions in Delta State. The population of this study comprises of 35 deans and directors of programmes of the three government owned polytechnics, thus a census of all the target population was studied .The descriptive statistics consisting of tables, mean and standard deviations was used to analyze the research questions while the Pearson Product Moment Correlation Coefficiecnt analytical tool was used in the analysis of the hypotheses and presented using the SPSS version 22 statistical software. The results of the test of hypotheses, showed a significant positive correlation coefficient between the dimensions of the work team management and the measures of organistional productivity as well as strong moderating effect of leadership styles on work-team management and organizational productivity in the tertiary institutions studied. Hence, the study recommended their applications because they encourage consultation among staff for the way forward in the department; increased departmental progress; freedom of speech in departmental meetings; increased commitment among the staff and boost of team spirit for effective curriculum delivery.
17 A Multimodal Discursive Analysis of the Communicative Elements of Sexism in Facebook Picture Uploads , Yemi Mahmud  , Idegbekwe, Destiny
A good number of studiesin the past have examined the language of sexism from the feminist perspectives, gender segregation and degradation, etc. using semiotics resources, discourse analysis, multimodal discourse, among other theories. This study looks at sexist language as one of the choices available to language users on the Facebook social media platform by identifying the linguistic and non-linguistic elements used as a communicative vehicle of sexism on the platform. Using the multimodal theory as framework, the study examines 10 Facebook posts with texted pictures and comments. This is precipitated on the discovery that less attention is paid on the signification of the communicative elements deployed to convey sexism on the Facebook platform. From the analysis, the study finds out that Facebook users engage linguistic and non-linguistic elements symbolising sexist language on Facebook postings; that the posts on Facebook rely predominantly on both written texts and pictures, combined to make the tagging or stereotyping concrete;that the sexist posts on Facebook platforms rely heavily on hasty or intentional generalisation in order to demean the sex they chose to target through texts, pictures and the combination of texts or pictures and that there is usually an undertone of humour in most of the sexist posts, which can, in a way, undermine the fact that the posts are created to demean the opposite gender rather than for fun.
18 Part-Time Jobs of Students Today , Master Do Minh Hoang
Ha Noi, the capital city of VietNam, have many top universities in the country. Therefore, it attracts a large number of students from other regions to come here to live and study. The demand for employment of young people is always a problem to be solved in big cities with strong economic, scientific and technical development. Students are young people who are still attending training courses to prepare their knowledge and skills before starting a career and officially working. From the labour market, the demand for jobs of students outside class time is also very high.
19 Comparative Analysis of Verbs of Perception in English and Turkish , Amirova Nigora Saidgani kizi
 the article is devoted to the comparative studies of structural and typological peculiarities of verbs of perceptive semantics of the English and Turkish languages representing the basic means of perception. On the base of the five types of perception: visual, auditory, gustatory and tactile, there are three groups of verbs of perception – active, passive and copulative ones in lexical-semantic field of perception
20 Practical Ethics of Concrete Humanity , Hans Lenk
We are all human(s). Yet, are we in the same vein ethically human, i.e. do we know that we should act humanely ? The general idea of being humane towards other humans, the ideal of an all-encompassing humanity was developed much earlier in ancient Chinese philosophy than in the middle stoic tradition (Panaitios) in the West. “Ren” (“humanity” or “humanitarianism) was indeed the main idea in Confucianism already (KongZi: Lun Yu XII, 22) , though KongZi (Confucius) himself did rather favour particularly the component of righteousness, rightness or justice in applying this ideal of humanity, relying basically on the well-known Golden Rule (Lun Yu V, 12; XII, 2; XV, 24), i. e. the negative formulation of that formal principle of reciprocity.1 . MoZi (Micius) had extended the reciprocal idea of treating other compatriots in a humane way to all humans, including so-called "barbarians" (i.e. non-Chinese people); all of them were considered addressees of the universalised and generalised “jian ai” (universal love).
21 The Role of Worker Families in Lifestyle Educating Under 4.0 Industrial Revolution Period , Assoc.Prof Hoang Thi Nga , BA Ngo Thi Hong Nhung
The establishment of Industrial Zones (IPs) has created opportunities for industrial development and industrialization shortened by being able to combine and learn the latest achievements in science and technology, about organization and management of enterprises, and to take advantage of foreign investment capital for development. The development of industrial zones has led to a dramatic change in society, creating a new worker- family model in industrial zones. This family model is becoming more diverse and complex in modern society. Family - the first and most important socializing environment for children from birth to 14 years old. So, how are these children educated in such a new family model This is a social issue that needs attention from all levels and sectors.
22 A Study on Popularity of Netflix among Youth , Sweta Mishra, Dr.Vanitha Esaimani
The Evolving Television Industry Relies Heavily On The Corresponding Shift In The Audiences That It Addresses. New Practices For Consumption And Production, Particularly The “Disruptive” Force Of Streaming Services Like Netflix, Have Been Evidenced Not Only In The Methods Of The Companies Themselves But Also In The Content They Have Begun To offer. Netflix Is The Absolute And Categorical Media Company Of A Hybrid Nature In The 21st Century. It Is Now One Of The Leading Providers Of Digitally Delivered Media Content And Is Continually Expanding Access Across A Host Of Platforms And Mobile Devices. Despite Its Transformative Role, However, Netflix Has Drawn Very Little Critical Attention-Far Less Than Competitors Such As You tube, Apple, Amazon, Comcast, And H b o. This Paper Tends To Study The Popularity Of Netflix Among Youth With The Help Of Primary Research.
23 Who Is Directing The Evolution Of Science? , Laura Sinay, Maria Cristina Fogliatti de Sinay , Rodney William (Bill) Carter , Iluska Lobo Braga
Clarivate AnalyticsTM, the company responsible for managing Web of Science, publishes once a year a list with the scholars that have written papers that rank in the top one percent by citations for field and publication year. Using this list, this paper analyses the profile of the scholars who contributed the most to the evolution of science in the decade ending at 2017 and the methods they used to become top scholars. The study concludes that science is being driven by male scholars affiliated to institutions located in highly developed countries where the official language is English. Scholars who work and publish as large groups and self-cite potentially bias the science agenda and gain possible inappropriate standing. This work concludes that to avoid bias, research budgets need to be more equitably distributed among scholars with multiple profiles, especially including women from Latin America and Africa, and search engine algorithms need to be adjusted to include scholar’s characteristics, such as gender and place of affiliation, and to avoid skewing created by multiple authorship.
24 Comparative Effects of Individualized and Cooperative video-Based Instructional Strategies on Secondary School Students’ Achievement in Biology in Makurdi Metropolis, Benue State, Nigeria , Nwaokolo, B Adejoh, M. James, Okwara, O. Kalu
This study was designed to determine the comparative effects of individualized and cooperative video – based instructional strategies on secondary school students’ achievement in Biology in Makurdi Metropolis, Benue State, Nigeria. Three research questions were asked and three hypotheses were formulated and tested. The study adopted a quasi – experimental design of non –randomized pretest posttest control group type. The population of the study is one thousand and seven (1,907) while the sample of eighty four (84) SS1students was drawn from two secondary schools using multistage sampling technique. In each of the schools intact classes were randomly assigned to individualized video – based instructional strategy and cooperative video – based instructional strategy. The research instrument, Biology Achievement Test (BAT) was developed, validated by five experts, trial-tested and used for the study. The reliability of BAT was calculated using Kuder-Richardson formula 21 (K-R21) and was found to be 0.68. Mean and standard deviation were used to answer the research questions, while Analysis of covariance (ANCOVA) was used to test the hypotheses at 0.05 level of significance. Findings reveal that individualized and cooperative video – based instructional strategies are effective in improving students’ achievement in ecology. However, cooperative video – based instructional strategy is more effective than individualized video – based instructional strategy. There is also statistically significant difference between the mean scores of male and female students when taught ecological concepts using individualized and cooperative video – based instructional strategies in favour of cooperative video-based instructional strategy. It was therefore recommended that Biology teachers in secondary schools should adopt cooperative video –based instructional strategy for teaching Biology.
25 Performance Level of Debate in the English Language Proficiency Module of Students , LEOVIGILDO LITO D. MALLILLIN, Ph.D., MS. CHERUBIM S. GILBANG
Debate is one of the components of the English Language Proficiency of the modules of students in developing their skills in speaking.The study examines the performance level of debate in the English Language Proficiency (ELP) module level of students. The study employs the quantitative methods of research as this design answers the data in analysing the study on the level of debate and performance of the students in their English Language Proficiency module. The subjects of the study are the students of Gulf College in the Sultanate of Oman who are officially registered in the English Language Proficiency, Level 3 Block 2 for the academic year 2019-2020. One hundred sixty (160) is utilized in the study. All respondents are utilized as samples in the study. Results show that communication skills and evidence of information of the students are poor in which the performance level in debate of students are low, however; the area of language proficiency, critical thinking, and teamwork reveal good in which the performance level in debate of students are moderate.
26 Competency Skills and Performance Level of Faculties in the Higher Education Institution (HEI) , LEOVIGILDO LITO D. MALLILLIN, Ph.D.
: One of the measures on the performance of the faculties is their competency levels and skills. This is true with their profession since teacher is the noblest among all professions. Teacher or lecturer involves challenges on their technical teaching as innovators to the young minds. The study examines the profile of the respondents and their competency skills and performance level of the faculty in the Higher Education Institutions ((HEI) in terms of communication,planning and administration,teamwork,strategic action, and selfmanagement. The study employs quantitative descriptive approach and method of research because this approach collects the data that attempts in a quantifiable approach and information for statistical analysis of the competency skills and performance level of the faculties in the Higher Education Institution (HEI). Purposive sampling is utilized in the study because this kind of sampling is subjective, selective and judgmental in choosing the number of respondents needed in the study. It is a non-probability method used in choosing the population of the study. The subjects of the study are the different faculties in the Higher Education Institution (HEI). They are lecturers, module coordinators and program leaders. This is conducted for the period 2019-2020. The study comprised of thirty (30) respondents only Results shows that there is no significant relationship between the profile of the respondents and their competency skills and performance level
27 Language and Social Behavior a New Look At (In) Discipline in School , Hadinei Ribeiro Batista
The present work is a preliminary discussion on cognitive syntax and social behavior. From the analysis of textual productions of students of basic education in a public school that serves low-income students, two different cognitive systems were identified among groups of apprentices with varied socioeconomic profile. These systems were monitored by observing students' daily routines in order to diagnose the extent to which the cognitive system relates to the conduct of young people in their interpersonal relationships. It has been found that student behavior is, in general, the result of cognitive traits (or cognitive syntax) built from their experiences. Such findings made it possible to start this debate on reflections within the scope of (in) discipline or the conviviality of students in school.
28 The Role of the African Union in the Political Stability of Africa , Sheriff Ghali Ibrahim, Akaazua T. Emmanuel , Farouk Ibrahim Bibif
The paper examines the growth and development of political stability as supported by the African union in Africa, it analyzes some of the areas in which the AU has contributed in bringing stability within the African region. Using the descriptive-historical research, findings show that, the African union has contributed immensely in peace-keeping operation in Africa, but has failed to implement some major decisions made. The paper recommends that, Africa and Africa leaders should eradicate corruption and those who take joy in it should be severely punished under the laws. This will serve as deterrent to others. This is because corruption is the major cause of conflicts on African soil. The looting of government funds that should be used for development in Africa is creating untold hardship on the masses and what we see today as conflict violent in Africa is a reaction to the poor leadership and the mismanagement of natural resources deposits in Africa
29 Global Integration and International Criminal Police Organization (Interpol) , Sheriff Ghali Ibrahim , Mohamed Lamin Yansaneh
The paper investigates the nature, functions and successes of the international criminal police organization (INTERPOL) and analyzes how it affects global security. From the secondary methodology, findings show that, the organization is effective in tackling cross-border crimes and hardened criminals around the world. The paper concludes that, to keep Interpol as politically neutral as possible, its charter forbids it, at least in theory, from undertaking interventions or activities of a political, military, religious, or racial nature or involving itself in disputes over such matters. Its work focuses primarily on public safety and battling terrorism, crimes against humanity, environmental crime, genocide, war crimes, organized crime, piracy, illicit traffic in works of art, illicit drug production, drug trafficking, weapons smuggling, human trafficking, money laundering, child pornography, white-collar crime, computer crime, intellectual property crime and corruption. The paper recommends that, for the work of INTERPOL to be effective and efficient member Countries should be willing to update the Interpol databases and at the same time be able to check against the Interpol criminal data bases regularly, this will enable them to be able to arrest dangerous criminals on the run.
30 The Status of Public Health Service Delivery (PHSD) After Decentralisation in Rural Tanzania , Hussein S. Lufunyo
This article determined the status of public health service delivery under decentralisation in rural Tanzania. It adopted a combined case study design to explore health service delivery and its status in Pangani and Urambo local government authorities. the study was mainly qualitative; primary data collected by using interviews, questionnaires, FGDs and observation. Secondary data extracted from various reports and academic works related to the theme. The study established that, decentralisation had minimal effect on improving public health service delivery in rural Tanzania. The health services were found to be characterised by poor access and quality. Very few health centres, lack of equipment, drugs and medicines, low levels of competency among health workers, distance, lacked clear complaints handling mechanisms and responsiveness were found to be the major bottlenecks. Delayed service, poor time management, lack of accountability and transparency, lack of political will, poor records management and resistance to change persisted in the sampled health centres. The study recommends a review of the existing legal frame, administrative systems, structures and processes. Efforts on resourcing, Human resource capacity building and institutionalisation of health sector reforms and decentralisation are also recommended.
31 The Challenges Faced By Advanced Level Teachers in Teaching of the Advanced Level Literature in English Comment and Appreciation Paper in Zimbabwe: A Case Study of Selected Schools in Masvingo Urban. , Jabulani Moyo
This study is an investigation into the challenges faced by Advanced Level Literature in English teachers in Zimbabwe in the teaching of the Comment and Appreciation paper. The study takes a qualitative approach to unearth the attitudes of teachers and to unravel the implications from documents studied. Content analysis, interview and observation techniques were used to gather data. The study established that instead of teaching skills for explication of the ‘unseen’ texts, the general approaches used incline more towards ‘testing’. Equally, the study revealed that most teachers are not confident to teach the paper, with the majority resorting to drills of particular genres, instead of taking a holistic approach encompassing all the three genres [poetry, drama and prose], including the recreative-response type question. The study, therefore, holds that the misconception about the difficulties of this component of the syllabus is rather unfounded. As a recommendation, the study implores institutions of higher learning to ensure that prospective or would-be-teachers of Literature in English are well grounded in the skills of explicating ‘unseens’. In the wake of the updated secondary school curriculum under the auspices of the Zimbabwe Education Blueprint (2015-2022), the Advanced Level Literature in English learning still has the Comment and Appreciation component as a compulsory, hence the need for teachers [and learners alike] to have an indepth appreciation of how to unpack meaning from a given ‘unseen’ text.
32 Psychological Determinations of Intention to Save Money: The Influence of Attitudes, Subjective Norms, and Perceived Behavioral Control , Ismail Mohamed said , Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ahmad Martadha Mohamed
The financial management of individuals varies around the world. With rapid economic growth there is an alarming increase in the value of products and services that challenge people who have poor financial management. As a result, it requires individuals to manage their financial resources through appropriate saving behaviour. This paper, therefore, attempts to investigate behavioural factors that influence individuals’ intention to save money. Using extended theory of planned behaviour, three predicting variables were constructed that include attitudes, subjective savings norm, and perceived behavioural control. The study hypothesized that attitudes, subjective norms, and perceived behavioural control had a positive relationship with intention to save money. Using a questionnaire survey distributed randomly to 2500 respondents, of which 1192 had completed the questionnaires, the hypotheses were tested using correlation and linear regression analysis. The findings indicate that all three predicting variables have a positive and significant relationship with intention to save money. Specifically, perceived behavioural control is the strongest predictor to engage in savingbehaviour. Future studies should try to examine psychosocial factor such as culture that may also have some effect on intention to save money.
33 Impact of L1 on learning ESL (English as a Second Language) grammar skills of the ESL language learners- An error analysis with special reference to the undergraduates of the University of Jaffna. , Dr. K. Sanmuganathan
The purpose of this study is to examine whether L1 had an impact on the ESL (English as a Second Language) grammar skills of the beginning ESL language learners. An experimental research design was conducted at University of Jaffna. The study involved qualitative methods of data collection. General English Proficiency Test was administered among the subjects randomly, the data collected from the subjects’ responses were analyzed, and the findings were derived. The findings show that there are a number of problems which are found to impede the learning of English due to the greater dissimilar features found between English and Tamil. The results will be beneficial for material development, ESL teaching and learning process in future. The major finding on overall error rates demonstrates that there is statistically significant difference in error rates with the comparison of students’ L1 and English. Evidence provided by the written samples suggests that L1 played a role in the process of beginning ESL learners’ writing in English. Understanding linguistic difference between students’ L1 and English may help the learners reduce interference from their first language.
34 Risk Factors for Cardiovascular Disease in a Congolise Art-Naive HIV Population: A Cross-Sectional Study. , Blaise MakosoNimi, Benjamin Longo Mbenza, Basil BazingaMaba,  Léon MakosoNgoma, Bernadette Nzuzi Phaka, Gedeon Longo Longo, ElyséeBuanga Khuabi, Maria Phemba Mabemba, Fabrice Thamba Makunga, Aliocha Nkodila
Background and Aim: The identification and management of cardiovascular risk factors become a major problem in people living with HIV before but especially after taking ARVs, hence the need to list these factors before in order to establish the proportion due to treatment Methods: From January 1 to May 31, 2019; we conducted a cross-sectional and descriptive study at the Boma reference hospital located in the southeast and 440 Km from Kinshasa, the capital of DR Congo. Included was any patient infected with HIV aver 18 years and informed consent. Information on demographic parameters, behavioral lifestyles, anthropometric and biological (blood sugar, creatinine, urine strip and lipid profile) and blood pressure (BP) measurements was obtained. Results: The most frequently reported cardiovascular risk factors: Age ≥ 55 Years 43.3%, Smoking 45%, Alcohol intake, 46.7%, HTN 15% and DM 13.3% significant between the two sexes Conclusion: Les patients infectés par le VIH sont porteurs des plusieurs facteurs de risques cardiovasculaires
35 Ho Chi Minh Concept on Labor and Event Relations Applying to the Innovation of Training Methods , Assoc. Prof, Dr. Nguyen Van Hiep1 , Assoc. Prof, Dr. Pham Ngoc Tram2 , Pham Thi Van Anh3
Labor relations is one of the social relationships of people, appearing in the process of division of labor, and is attended by many scholars of different disciplines (politics, psychology, sociology, economics, jurisprudence ...) in the world interested in researching together with the development of industrial revolution in the 19th and 20th centuries. For Ho Chi Minh, in the process of seeking to save the country, pursue the path of independence for the nation, bring freedom and happiness to the people; including ensuring social justice, creating jobs and protecting the legitimate rights and interests of workers. Ho Chi Minh's thought on labor relations is vividly embodied in his legacy, with significance and significance in the application of the renewal of current labor relations training methods in Vietnam.
36 Mixed Methods Research: An Overview , Nasser Alasmari
: One critical aspect of good research is the methodology that is used to logically correlate the aims and goals of the study and the answers to the research questions. Rajasekar et al. (2006) defined research methodology as “the procedures by which researches go about their work of describing and predicting phenomena” (p. 2). This section aimed to shed lights on mixed methods, quantitative and qualitative approaches and its applications.