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Journal of Economics Finance and Management Studies

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1 Assessment of Disclosure of Financial Information of Selected Insurance Companies in Bangladesh with IASS and IFRSs , Md. Mirajur Rahman
This paper reviews on the assessment of disclosure of financial information in annual reports of selected insurance companies in Bangladesh and discusses the level disclosures with IASs and IFRSs. Increasingly, the credibility of the annual report does not rely so much on the requirement for the measurement to be accurate, but, to start with, on the relevance of the chosen indicators. The purpose of this study is to identify content analysis using IASs and IFRSs Disclosure to understand more about the effectiveness of financial reporting. Effective financial reporting disclose required information that measures the strength of any company. In order to remove the asymmetry of accounting information worldly, this study has been focused on to analyze getting the actual scenario of disclosure with IFRSs and benefits of fully application of its for insurance companies. Assessing the reports of selected insurance companies, it was seen that the most insurance companies have poor application of IFRSs Disclosure. With the evidence, this study has tried to present the scenario of disclosure with IFRSs in annual reports.
2 Effect of Organizational Downsizing on Job Satisfaction of Surviving Employees at Vodafone Ghana , Isaac Nti Ofori Ph.D, Ifediba Margaret-Mary, C, Onyeaghala Obioma H, Ph.D and Bruce Zilpah
This study is aimed at investigating the effect of downsizing on the job satisfaction of surviving employees at Vodafone branch, Ghana. The study specially sought to find out if there was any sex, job status or age differences in job satisfaction among survivors of downsizing at Vodafone Ghana. This research employed the survey research approach. The study population included the staff of Vodafone Ghana, Osu branch. A total of 68 respondents were drawn from various departments of the organization out of 97 for the study using convenience as well as purposive sampling techniques. A Likert scale-typed questionnaire was used with responses ranging from strongly disagree, disagree, Uncertain, agree and strongly agree. Quantitative data analysis was done using computer software: Ms Excel and SPSS. Data collected was analyzed using both interpretive and statistical methods. In all, the study tested three hypotheses. Results of the study indicated that, there were no gender differences in job satisfaction among survivors of downsizing. Again, contrary to the hypothesis stated, age was not found to affect the job satisfaction of survivors of downsizing. However results of the study showed that survivors of downsizing experienced less job satisfaction than their senior counterparts. Based on the findings from the study, the following recommendations among others are put forward: For downsizing to be effective and strategically beneficial, an implementation plan must be in place. It is also recommended that management should involve employees in the process, and communicate comprehensively reasons for the downsizing. Further research on the effects of downsizing on survivors will serve to further refine the relationships as presented, or add data sufficient to assess those variables not used in this study and in addition, may identify new variables not currently identified as potentially relevant to downsizing.
3 Relationship between Export Diversification and Economic Growth, Case of Tunisia (1987-2015) , ALOUANI Ahmed, Ismahène ABID
If in the empirical literature, the postive relationship between divisification of exports and growth has been detected. However, this relationship does not always come out. As an indication and as we have argued, Michaely (1977), for example, has found a significant positive link between exports and economic growth only in the most developed countries. This was not the case in the least developed countries. In our study concerning Tunisia, we concluded that this relationship, indeed, exists. In this study we chose as period: 1987-2015. On the econometric side, we used the co-integration method. According to the results of the analysis, we found that exports, especially agricultural exports, have a positive effect on long-term growth. Hence, investments in the production of exportable agricultural goods must be encouraged.
4 Performance Mea surement Systems in Quick Service Restaurant Chains , Dr. Muhammad abd elmonem ebrahem abdelsalam, Remon Samir Fouad
Measuring performance becomes a key issue in both academia and business, as organizations are challenged to obtain efficient and effective outcomes. This research explores the effectiveness of current PMSs in QSR chains. This research also identifies best practices and proposes a set of recommendations for QSR chains enabling them to enhance their management practices towards the proper use of PMSs to achieve their strategic plan and accomplish their objectives. To achieve this aim a self-administrated questionnaire was directed to a random sample of restaurant managers in the investigated QSR chains. A number of 200 forms was distributed, among them 124 forms (62%) were completed and valid for analysis. The major findings showed that the BSC and the KPIs systems are widely used by QSR chains and those were classified as systems that can be easily adapted to service organizations. Moreover, the results showed that the major barrier for implementing the PMS in QSR chains is the lack of employee and management support.
5 Context of Organization and its Scientific Approach , Mr. Kenan Spaho
The topic of this paper is context of organization as a new element of international standard for quality management ISO 9001:2015. By applying a scientific approach, we presented some key elements of internal and external context of organization. From the point of view of internal context, we defined the following elements: organizational structure, leadership styles, and organizational culture. From the point of view of external context, we focused on stakeholder relationship.
6 Malaysia National Education Blueprint: An Overview on the Policy of Recruitment and Selection of Teachers , Syed MuhamadUbaidillah bin Syed Husin
The purpose of this study was to explore the policy of recruitment and selection of teachers and their impacts on organizational performance.It was to find out the impacts and the challenges associated with the poor teacher recruitment and selection practice and ways to help improve human resource planning and development. High turnover, teacher quality, retraining of teacher and organization’s goals were amongst the issues. Special reference was given to the latest Malaysia’s educational policy - Malaysia National Education Blueprint (2013-2025) (MNEB). The study tries to answer three questions namely; Why the Blueprint has included human resource management (HRM) in its transformation program as one of the key initiatives?How far is the influence of Teachers’ Unions in the making of Human Resource policy in education and to what extent the existing recruitment and selection policy has given impacts to the country’s educational system?.
7 Proposition of a Macro Health Index in the World , Rodrigue N Tchoffo, Dany T Dombou , Achille T Tanga , Guivis Z Nkemgha
This article provides an aggregated indicator of health in the world from a macroeconomic perspective. Using World Bank Data Based on a sample of 178 countries and regions covering the period 1995-2014, we adopt the principal component analysis (PCA) to estimate the new indicator. The main results are as follows: the new indicator belongs to -5.375 and 4.239, where -5.375 is the score recorded by the worst-ranked country while 4.239 is the highest score recorded. In 2014, 69% of the sample have an index greater than the average of zero because of the normalization of data in ACP. The remaining 31% are mainly found in Africa, mostly in the Sub-Saharan regions.
8 Democratic Republic of Congo and Crisis of Leadership (2016-2018) , Jibrin Ubale Yahaya, PhD, Musa Mohammed Bello
Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) has experience some leadership crisis since the time it gains its independence in 1960, the country’s leadership has been lacking three attributes of the utmost importance to the attaining of development which has temper with a real vision for the DRC’s future, which includes lack of competence and inability to execute the vision, and the character needed to ensure the realization of the vision with sound judgment, integrity, and equity. The paper has a finding from the literature reviewed on the DRC’s past patterns of poor governance, a clear and practical vision for the country’s future was not articulated and implemented, which has failed in developing concerted effort from a new and energized leadership that can move the Congo to the next level of development and prosperity. The paper has of the view that Congo must open up for various opportunities and avenues for reform in revamping democratic governance and electoral reform, promoting economic growth by moving beyond aid and creating a favorable environment for investment, reforming the mining sector, improving the health and education systems, and strengthening the DRC’s judiciary. The county needs leaders who are committed towards developing DRC. Secondly, well-organized and invigorated Congolese Diaspora must join hands with Congolese living in the DRC to work toward the reforms.
9 The Determinants of Customer Satisfaction in Business-To-Consumer: A Multidimensional Approach Applied to Mobile Telephony Services in the Cameroonian Context , Nguebang tazangmo hervé francis, Douanla jean, Tchoffo tameko gautier
This exploration is part of a logic of continuous improvement in customer satisfaction. The aim is to determine the explanatory factors of customer satisfaction in business-to-consumer of mobile telephony services in the Cameroonian context. The documentary research made it possible to identify the theoretical approach. A sample survey helped in the methodological approach to data collection via a questionnaire administered to a convenience sample made up of 399 mobile phone subscribers. The structural equation model for testing hypotheses is used and the results show that the processing of customer complaints and the perceived quality of service better explain the overall customers satisfaction in business-to-consumer in the Cameroonian context.
10 Rethinking Error Correction Model in Macroeconometric analysis: A Relevant Review , Christian P. Pinshi
The cointégration methodology has bridged the growing gap between economists and econometricians in understanding dynamics, equilibrium and bias on the reliability of macroeconomic and financial analysis, which is subject to nonstationary behavior. This paper proposes a comprehensive literature review on the relevance of the error correction model. Econometricians and economists have shown that error-correction model is a powerful machine that provides the economic system and macroeconomic policy with a refinement in the econometric results1.
11 COVID-19 Uncertainty and Monetarypolicy , Christian P. Pinshi
The COVID-19 pandemicis influencing the management of monetarypolicy in its role as regulator of aggregate demand and guarantor of macroeconomicstability. We use a Bayesian VAR framework (BVAR) to provide an analysis of the COVID-19 uncertainty shock on the economy and monetarypolicy response. This analysis shows important conclusions. The uncertainty effect of COVID-19 hits unprecedented aggregate demand and the economy. In addition, it undermines monetary policy action to soften this fall in aggregate demand and curb inflation impacted by the exchange rate effect. We suggest a development of unconventional devices for a gradual recovery of the economy.
12 Free Trade Agreements: Opportunity or Threat to the Moroccan Economy? , Daifi Sara, Lemkadem Ilyas, Echaoui Abdellah
The world has witnessed a gradual Evolution of international trade for about a century. Since the establishment of the World Trade Organization (WTO) in 1995, trade openness has become an inevitable choice for countries in various Sectors of activity. In this work, we will identify the impact of globalization on the Moroccan economy. Starting from the processed data, we can conclude that leaves Trade Liberalization many doubts as to the attainment of the objective of free trade expected. Rather it is the partner countries of Morocco that benefit from it. And in order to remedy this situation it is Necessary to analyze the Conditions That Increase this gain by exploring the limits of the growth potential of the national economy.
13 Evaluation of the Firm Performance: Evidence from Food Firms Listed in the Hanoi Stock Exchange , Tran Thi Hoang Mai, Nguyen Thị Hai Yen, Nguyen Van Thu
The main objective of this study was to identify, evaluate, and to measure the attributes of the firm performance of Food Firms Listed in the Hanoi Stock Exchange (HNX). The study was based on professional interviews and by collecting data on ROA, ROE and ROS targets from 2015 to 2019 of 15 food firms listed in the HNX. Data was collected from reputable websites such as cafef.vn, cophieu68.vn. By using several statistical analytical tools, i.e. Cronbach’s Alpha analysis, the study has ident ified and measured attributes of the firm performance of Food Firms. Based on the findings, some recommendations are given to improve the firm performance of Food Firms Listed in the HNX.
14 The Determinant of Underpricing Towards IPO Company at Indonesia Stock Exchange in 2019 , Ario Hestu Utomo, Augustina Kurniasih
This research aim to examine the influence from leverage, profitability, company size, and underwriter reputation towards level of underpricing on initial shares at Indonesia Stock Exchange in 2019. The population from this research was company who did IPO in 2019. The sample chosen by purposive sampling technique. So it was selected of 51 companies. Data collection was carried out by took data from company's financial statements from its official Indonesia Stock Exchange website. This analytical method used multiple linear regression analysis with Assist of Eviews program version 10. The results showed that leverage, profitability and underwriter reputation had no significant impact on underpricing of initial shares at Indonesia Stock Exchange in 2019, company size had significant and negative impact on underpricing of initial shares at Indonesia Stock Exchange in 2019.
15 A Proposed Factors of Social Media Advertisements Influencing Young Customers Brands Preference: Empirical Study , Professor Younes Megdadi, Dr.Mohammad Hammouri, Zaid Y.A.Megdadi
This study aims to investigate and testing the proposed factors of social media advertisements influencing young customers brand preferences. A number of e. marketing contributions to marketing management to understand these factors in order to redesign its online advertisements by social media to influence young customers for selecting their preferred products brands, .A number of proposed factors concerning social media advertisements namely privacy, creditability, entertainment, advertisements values, and reachability. Study sample consist of (400) young customers of both gender in private universities in Amman District. The study results show that the entertainment, privacy, creditability, entertainment, values and reachability are a major social media advertisements factors influencing young customer's products brands preferences.
16 Transmission Mechanism of Monetary Policy in Nigeria: Investigating the Role of Interest Rate , Igweze Amechi H., Adetoba Olutope O., Dzaan Kumafan S., Mimiko Daniel O
Many studies on transmission mechanism of monetary policy only examine statistical relationship between policy variables and target variables. Most of these models may not be able to explain the pathway through which the monetary policies are transmitted. How monetary policy affects target goals can better be explained by chain and sequence of events known as path analysis. This paper tries to use mediation approach to assess the significance of causal path of monetary policy variables through the interest rate channel. The paper dwelt on the first transmission paths- from MPR to private sector credit through the interest rates. The Sobel test, which is one of the most widely used tests of indirect effect in simple mediation was employed in testing the significance of mediational path of the interest rate transmission mechanism of monetary policy. The results lay credence to effective and significant transmission of effects of monetary policy rates through maximum lending rate, interbank lending rate and treasury bill rate. These variables were found to be partial mediators in the transmission channel of interest rate. Only the prime lending rate was found not to significantly transmit the effect of monetary policy rate to private sector credit. The study concludes that the maximum lending rate path has the highest transmission effect of monetary policy rate. This is followed by the treasury bill interest rate path and the inter-bank call rate path respectively. The prime lending rate’s path was not significant at 5% level of significance. It is sacrosanct to also test if the private sector credit (PSC) can effectively transmits the effect from the maximum lending rate, inter-bank call rate and treasury bill interest rate to the target goals-inflation, output and unemployment in subsequent studies. These findings are new in the case of Nigeria as little or no studies have applied mediation approach to the study of transmission mechanism of monetary policy rate in Nigeria.
17 A Study on Selling Price of Luxury Apartments in Hanoi, Vietnam , Huu Cuong Nguyen, Duc Tai Do
The main purpose of this study is to empirically test the selling price of luxury apartments in Hanoi, Vietnam. The authors collected secondary data from previous studies, real estate firms in Hanoi. For this purpose, in this study we evaluated and analyzed selling prices of luxury apartments of real estate firms. The results of the research show that there are many differences in the selling price of luxury apartments. Based on the findings, some recommendations are given for real estate firms in Hanoi to improve the selling price of luxury apartments. This study will benefit the real estate firms in Hanoi in the improvement of their performance
18 A Study on Firm Performance of Construction Firms Listed in the Hanoi Stock Exchange , NguyenThi Xuan, Nguyen Dieu Linh, NguyenThị Thu Thao
Because of the effect of the world economy and national economy, construction firms Listed in the Hanoi Stock Exchange (HNX) are forced to improve firm performance to develop. This paper presents the firm performance of construction firms Listed in the HNX to adopt the evaluation and the measurement three (03) basic financial ratios, including: (i) Fixed asset turnover ratio (FAT), (ii) Total Asset Turnover Ratio (AT) and (iii) Equity turnover (ET). The authors collected secondary data from previous studies, construction firms Listed in the HNX for the period of 2015-2019. The results of the research show that the firm performance of construction firms has many limitations. This study will benefit the construction firms Listed in HNX in the improvement of their performance.