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Philippine Journal of Qualitative Studies

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1 Publication Practices of Undergraduate Authors Using Turnitin.com Software and Its Implications to Reading: A Qualitative Study using Quantitative Approach       , Angela Kate F. Dela Peňa, Adrian R. Manaois, Jordan P. Pasana
Undergraduate authors are like ‘seeds’ of future academicians and researchers, and to analyze their published outputs as early as now is re-routing areas of weakness to an unfathomable strength in the future. This qualitative study, an excerpt, aimed to analyze the publication practices of undergraduate authors by subjecting their published outputs in one Philippine journal series of 2019 in Turinit.com software. Significant findings revealed that, while the undergraduate authors have maintained a similarity check below 20% acceptable cut-off as revealed by the Turnitin.com software, the published outputs have shown significant preference to use internet-based articles than on empirical or original published articles and reports by researchers. Further, of the very few who used publications from empirical studies, much has been extracted from these articles but with less paraphrasing on the part of the undergraduate authors. Furthermore, this implies that undergraduate authors during their literature search favor the use of reader-or-user-friendly articles as reference, and thus, the need to re-visit the senior high school research curriculum as well as the OBE college research curriculum to integrate web-based strategies in literature search is one of the recommendations given.
2 The Use of a Plagiarism Tool in Analyzing Reading Behavior of Special Science Researchers: A Qualitative Study       , John Rommel T. Retuya, Judy Ann C. Castro
The belief that special science students are expected to become researchers holds a central ideology on the conduct of this study. This qualitative study, an excerpt, aimed to analyze the reading behavior of special science program-student researchers by subjecting their research articles in Tunitin.com software. Significant findings revealed that though 87.88% of the special science program student-researchers maintained a similarity check below 20% acceptable cut off in a journal publication as revealed by turnitin.com, a 12.12% still recorded a high similarity check up to 47%. Also, the results show that majority of the special science program student-researchers have shown significant preference to use internet-based articles rather than on empirical or original published articles and reports by researchers. Further, of those authors who used internet sources as reference, majority of them extracted much information from these articles but with less paraphrasing. Furthermore, results imply that the special science program student researchers relied heavily on readily available literature sources when it comes to literature search than on empirical studies. Thus, a proposal to re-design the research curriculum of special science program in integrating web-based literature search is one of the recommendations given in this study.
3 A Review on the Sustainable Management Practices in Aquaculture Production Systems of the Philippines       , John Rommel T. Retuya
The aquaculture sector of the Philippines has stabilized the fisheries production of the Philippines over the year. The growth and development of aquaculture was so rapid that it now produces 1/3 of the total fisheries production of the Philippines. However, its negative environmental effects also becomes visible and significant over the years. This study aimed to identify the sustainable management practices used by Filipino fish farmers in coping with the negative effects of aquaculture production practices. A systematic review was used in the study to thoroughly survey the literature related to Philippine aquaculture. Eight (8) studies passed the inclusion criteria set by the researcher. The review showed that from year 2000 up to 2019, the aquaculture production practices grew tremendously that several technological innovationsare now being practiced by Filipino fish farmers like aquasilviculture and integrated fish farming. However, it also caused water deterioration, disease outbreak, extinction of native species and increased rate of morphological deformation to aquatic species. Further, several sustainable management practices wereinstituted by fish farmers including the use of eco- friendly culture methods, use of probiotics and immunostimulants. Furthermore, enhanced government ordinances and policies towards aquaculture practice is being implemented in the country. Strict monitoring and implementation of sustainable management practices is recommended. A thorough systematic review to include other parameters necessary in the study is hereby warranted.
4 Alter Christus: An Interpretative Phenomenology on the Journey Towards Becoming Christ-like     , Holden Kirby M. Valdez, Al Gerald S. Barde
It seems that most people, especially students, at this day and age have been so engrossed with the offers of worldly offers: Technology, Modernization, Commercialism, Social Media, and countless things which seem to feed the hunger for a convenient existence. This research endeavored to unfold the Spiritual realm of people towards the sacred journey towards holiness in imitating Jesus Christ. Qualitative research particularly Interpretative Phenomenology design was employed in this study. Purposive sampling was employed from which fifteen (15) informants participated. Data were gathered by interviewing the informants. The interview was voice recorded. Most of the informants were spiritually inclined and for them to become Christ is a life-long journey, a mission and a vocation. This research concludes that every human person can become like Christ or Alter Christus, regardless of belief and disposition.