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1 İngiliz İdaresi Kıbrıs’ında Bir Osmanlı Âlimi: Hürremzāde Mehmet Hakkı Efendi Ve Eserleri , İbrahim Türk
This article includes the biography of Cypriot Hürremzāde Mehmet Hakkı Efendi, who grew up in Ottoman's scientific circles and performed many duties in the fields of law, education and religion in Cyprus during the British administration, and an introduction of his works. The aim of the study is to introduce this personality, who is particularly important for the religious, legal, and educational life of Cyprus and about whom there isn't any research, to the academic circles in the above-cited period. In the first part of the article, which consists of two main titles, the environment which Hakkı Efendi was born into, his life, his education, his duties and the problems of the Turkish Cypriot community of the time were examined; and under the second title, the works he left behind were included. During the examinations, it was understood that Hakkı Efendi had a serious level of knowledge in the field of Islamic jurisprudence (Fiqh). In addition, it was determined that the following works attributed to him were mentioned in the sources: Canon case records as a product of judicial period, fatwas belonging to the period of Fatwa Emini of Cyprus, translation of the work named “Sirâciyye" which was accepted as the foundation of Islamic Law of Inheritance.