1 Behavioural Investigation on the use of Nanosilica as An Additive in Concrete, Yuvaraj Shanmugasundaram, Dinesh Nagarajan, Dr. Suji Mohankumar
Influence of Nano science in the Civil Engineering industry outbreaks significant solutions for numerous unidentified blending of materials evolve from a Nano product, which can create gigantic changes in the world of Concrete both technically and economically. The Significance of Nanosilica as an additive in my experimental research congeals the behaviour of Concrete considerably. Essential manipulations are carried out here by using a distinctive methodology and by conducting various tests to innovate a better performance concrete thereby found the enhancement of its property. Nano silica as an additive in added mainly to fill up the deviation arises with the addition of flyash, which consequently deviates the strength after its initial setting period. “Ref. [3]” This presence of Nanosilica constructs the silica (S) in the sand, which ultimately reacts with calcium hydrate (CH) in the cement at Nano scale to form C-S-H bond as its improve the strengthening factor of concrete, which are in turn helpful in the achieving high compressive strength even in early days. Here the addition of Nanosilica are done partially with an previously fly ash replaced concrete in a gradual basis, as the comparative results of a Fly ash concrete and Fly ash with Nanosilica added concrete are tested experimentally. The flexural behaviour of the Nano concrete found to be imperative part as analyzed from the Beam Column joint test setup. It has been clearly concluded in the results identified along with the ductility behaviour and the Load vs. Deflection analysis done for the specimen casted. The standard types of toughness test are carried out, which generated data under specific loading conditions with respect to their component design approaches. Also an overview on the experimental tests conducted in relation with the strength and durability of concrete were presented under the influence of Nanosilica in concrete.