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International Journal of Multidisciplinary Research and Analysis

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1 Spiritual Health of Patients Visiting Jahrom Honari Clinic in 2016 , Gholamreza Nadi, Tahere Abdian, Mansoor Darvishi Tafvizi, Mohammad Hossein Modabber, Navid Kalani
Introduction and Objective: Spiritual health is an integral component of health with a significant impact on physical and mental health. Spirituality facilitates coping with the adverse effects and complications of diseases. Therefore, the present study aimed to evaluate spiritual health of patients visiting Jahrom Honari Clinic. Method: This was a descriptive-analytical study on 384 patients visiting Jahrom Honari Clinic in 2016. A demographic questionnaire and Spiritual Health Questionnaire (developed by Freydoun Azaizi)) were used to collect the required data, the validity and reliability of the latter has been confirmed in Iran. Data was analyzed using SPSS, Kolmogorov-Smirnov, Mann- Whitney U and Kruskal-Wallis statistical tests. Findings: The results showed that women enjoyed greater spiritual health than men. The Mann-Whitney U test results showed a statistically significant difference between gender and spiritual health (p<0.05). Spiritual health was also higher in more educated, older (51 to 100 years of age), and married people as well as in housewives (p<0.05). However, no significant difference was found between the mean spiritual health scores in terms of place of residence (urban and rural areas of Jahrom). The mean spiritual health score of patients was higher in cognitive/behavioral dimension than behavioral dimension. Conclusion: Acceptance of disease, adaptation and treatment process are facilitated by highlighting various health dimensions, phonariicularly spirituality, in patients given their demographic characteristics. Health care officials should pay specific attention to this factor.
2 Examining Consumer Perception on Alcoholic Brands - A Case Study of Guinness Cameroon SA and Les Brassseries Du Cameroun Alcoholic Brands in Fako Division , Evaristus Nyong Abam, Dr. Tanyi Bedolf Epey
Keeping your employees motivated is the key to delivering great service that keeps customers coming back to your business, regardless of which industry you operate in and thus giving the business the time needed to develop its brand awareness. In most cases, this process does not happen overnight while the ultimate goal is for the company to identify the success level of brand awareness campaigns, the business should always continue to appreciate and track even the slightest progress. Customers of your products and services need to ask honest opinion of the goods and services you and your organisation provide and organisations and individuals that want to get ahead of their competitors and succeed must be those businesses that are prepared to meet regularly with their employees and appraise performance levels as well as getting feedback about their customers and especially what they want. This is one of the most single attribute that differentiates your brand from that of your competitors and this as perceived by your consumers. Every brand has a story to tell and how well you tell it will give your customers a reason to believe in your employees and come back to buy your brand or prefer your brand to those of your competitors. Guinness Cameroon SA and les brassseries du Cameroun Ltd, these two brewery companies that deals in both alcoholic as well as non-alcholoic brands put a lot of effort and time to tell their own side of the story to their customers in an effort to woe them to selecting their products over those of their competitors.
3 Histeroscopy Procedure on Cervical Stenosis - Check Before Cheque   , Eddy Hartono
Indonesia is the fourth most populous country in the world with population in 2017 reached 261 million people. Perfitri reported that in 2012, blockage was the main common cause of infertility, regarding identified for 12.5 percent of women who underwent IVF. Most of causes of infertility are such as blockage, ovulatory dysfunction, diminished ovarian reserve, cervical abnormalities and endometriosis. A 44 years old woman Para 1 Abortus 1, came to us after several FSH shots and failed IUI procedures. Then we performed hysteroscopy to diagnose and treat the patient. The hysteroscope 3.5 mm sheath couldn’t be inserted into internal cervical os. Then we tried with the smaller sonde and we couldn’t managed to penetrate the uterine cervix. At the next step, we did adhesiolysis by sharp using scissors. After the hysteroscope entered the cervix lumen, the cervical polyps were appeared and well visualized. After we did polypectomy, adhesiolysis and dissection by scissors, the hysteroscope smoothly could be inserted through the cervix, relayed visualization for next investigation to whole area. Diagnostic hysteroscopy helps in identifying the hidden etiology of infertility so that a therapeutic intervention can be initiated, by avoiding unnecessary empiric medical treatment that costly, considering that fertility treatments are generally not covered by health insurance. Check before receive the “cheque”.
4 IUD Displacement with Both Arms Deeply Embedded into Myometrial Tissue: Case Report , Eddy Hartono, Efendi Lukas, and Witono Gunawan
Background: Intrauterine device (IUD) is one of the most commonly used long-acting reversible contraceptives (LARCs) method worldwide. IUD may pose some disadvantages regarding its use and may cause unwanted events. IUD displacement with both arms embedded through myometrial tissue is one of the unwanted events that could occur rarely. This condition has been confered a diagnostic challenge to many physicians . However, most cases could accurately be detected using 3D transvaginal sonography. Mangement of IUD displacement with invisible arms is very challenging that needs to be performed cautiously. Hysteroscopic evaluation and treatment may be the last resort when other approaches fail. Case presentation: A 33-year-old female had had Nova T IUD inserted during caesarean section one year before presentation. The patient had no remarkable medical history except for myomectomy performed two years earlier. She was about to have another pregnancy so she needed to get her IUD removed. 2D and 3D transvginal sonography was performed to confirm IUD position. Sonography results showed displacement of IUD with both arms embedded through myometrial layer. Hysteroscopic evaluation under regional anesthesia was then performed to evaluate this condition. Hysteroscopic views did not reveal the IUD arm but IUD stem that was transversely displaced suggesting the both arms was deeply embedded into myometrial layer. Hysteroscopic removal was then performed with astonishing result. Post-procedural condition was uneventful without any significant complications. Conclusion: Intrauterine device displacement with embedment of both arms occurs infrequently therefore still confers a great diagnostic and management challenges. Hysteroscopic evaluation and management may be the best option available when this condition is suspected.
5 Kinetics of Quality Changes during Vacuum Frying of Germinated Soybean Seeds , Duong Thi Phuong Lien
The effect of vacuum frying process on the quality of germinated soybean seeds was evaluated to develop the empirical models for description of the water loss, oil uptake and bioactive compounds degradation during frying. Germinated soybean seeds were subjected to the frying at vacuum pressure of 660 mmHg and the temperatures of 130, 140, and 150°C up to 12 minutes with 1 minute intervals. The plots of the water and oil contents versus the frying time were recorded. They showed first-order exponential kinetic models adequately predicted the water loss and oil uptake and there was a strong relationship between oil uptake and moisture loss during frying of germinated soybean seeds. The degradation kinetics of total polyphenol content (TPC) and vitamin C during frying were well represented by first-order reactions. The temperature dependence of the kinetic constants was described by an Arrhenius type equation. The activation energies for moisture loss, oil uptake, TPC and vitamin C degradation were 24.15, 18.74, 21.37 and 60.59 kJ mol–1, respectively.
6 Evaluation of the Alcalis and Sulfur Cycle in Clinker Kilns , Javier Alejandro Feijoó Caraballo, José A. Fabelo Falcón, Iván L. Rodríguez Rico
In the present work an analysis was made of the formation of crusts or rings in clinker kilns of cement factories in Cuba and Argentina because these formations are one of the most serious problems presented by the kiln areas, which bring with them, stops unnecessary of the entities. With the use of phenomenological models, general parameters were determined, as well as several residence times of the ovens, as appropriate. In addition, several balances were made in a general way and specifically in several scenarios with the Matlab software in function of the different compounds that enter the furnace or that are formed within it, taking sulfur and sodium as main substances of study, in order , to determine several aspects of them, such as: their influence on the formation of the rings, the quantities present in the system, their main reactions, their behavior in normal operating contexts and in conditions of instability, as well as possible solutions for its mitigation and control in kilns. The calculations showed that sulfur and sodium should be managed close to the parameters established by the entities for a good operation of the ovens, thus avoiding unnecessary stops due to ring formation.
7 Exclusion within the Exclusion: Immigrant and Refugee Women and Girls , Xanthippi Foulidi, Evangelos C. Papakitsos, Terpsichori Gioka
This particular paper has been focused on the multiple discriminations suffered by women and on the problems that they face in the field of refuging and immigration, as recorded to a large extent through informal interviewing of public agencies staff that are involved in this issue. Migrant women are described as “exclusion within the exclusion”, while pointing to the efforts of public agencies in European Union and especially Greece, such as the General Secretariat for Gender Equality, to address the problem.
8 Gender in Sociolinguistics: A Concise Review on Linguistic Sexism , Xanthippi Foulidi, Terpsichori Gioka, Evangelos C. Papakitsos
Until recently, Biology explained the socially “normal”, in the Social Sciences as well. The biological difference (and the different anatomical characteristics) entailed the difference of roles according to Sex (male, female) and influenced the perception that each person had for himself/herself (“biologization”). During the last years, the “de-biologization” of the sciences has essentially been achieved, including the science of Linguistics, by introducing into them the analytical category of “gender”. Since the 1980s, the counterbalance between biological and social gender was disputed and it was argued that gender is exclusively a construction of society and culture. A strong opinion, in the context of the above construction, is that the Discourse and language reflect hierarchical/empowering social realities, which are not “innocent” towards gender inequalities and discriminations. Consequently, the grid of predominant gendered prejudices and stereotypes is reproduced and perpetuated through them, depending on the historical and cultural conditions. A concise historical review of that issue is presented in this paper.
9 Hydrosalpinx Cutting or Fixing? , Eddy Hartono
Hydrosalpinx is a fluid-filled distension of the fallopian tube with concurrent distal tubal occlusion.Hydrosalpinxassociated infertility is supposed to be treated only by IVF. Furthermore, salpingectomy plays a crucial role prior to IVF and scientific evidences have shown that it may improve pregnancy outcomes compared to functional surgery by removing the toxic effects of hydrosalpinx. However, functional surgery may be the excellent option in developing countries or in cases with specific characteristics. Functional surgery (i.e. fimbrioplasty, salpingostomy, microsurgical tubocornual anastomosis) may be amenable to performed in hydrosalpinges. Fimbioplasty, salpingostomy, and microsurgical tubocornual anastomosis may increase pregnancy rate by 53%, 30%, and 80% respectively. Thin-walled hydrosalpinges with mucosal adhesions had a higher rate of tubal pregnancy, whereas thick-walled hydrosalpinges with fibrosis of the wall were not compatible with normal pregnancy. Functional surgery is, therefore, indicated in patients with thin-walled hydrosalpinges with minimal or no mucosal adhesions.Studies have shown that laparoscopic salpingectomy improves IVF outcomes. It should be performed only when hydrosalpinges are unable to be repaired or in cases of IVF failure. Functional tubal surgery should be preferred to salpingectomy in milder forms of tubal disease or in developing countries. Proper assessment of tubal mucosa of hydrosalpinges should be performed prior to surgical treatment as this will prevent mis-management of patients.
10 Do we Need Prophylactic Salphingectomy for Ovary Preserving in Hysterectomy , Eddy Hartono
Ovarian carcinoma was believed to had arised from fallopian tubes and then spread to ovarian surface and peritoneum. In addition, Lack of ovarian lesion precursor identified and the fact that bilateral salphingo-Oopherectomy performed to protect women with BRCA mutations from ovarian carcinoma lead many authors postulated that fallopian tube is probably the origin of serous ovarian carcinoma. Lately, initial form of serous carcinoma in fallopian tubes of women with BRCA mutation has been identified and this precursor lesion is known as STIC (serous tubal intraepitelial carcinoma).Prophylactic BSO in high risk women (with BRCA mutation) after completed parity may reduce risk of ovarian carcinoma dramatically (80%). Meanwhile, prophylactic salpingectomy as an alternative may suffice to prevent ovarian carcinoma if we could ensure that serous ovarian carcinoma arise from tubal fimbriae.
11 To The "Potential Development Zone" of the University Center in "Calixto García" Municipality , MSc. Norton Ignacio Peña Aguilera, MSc. Jorge Luis Reyes López, MSc. Francisco Infante Estrabao , MSc. Noriel Reynaldo Rodríguez, Esp. Gisela Margarita Rodríguez Cedeño, MSc. Irina Reyes Martínez
The work had as object of study the process of integration of Higher Education in Cuban municipalities, due to the novelty of it and the lack of management tools to carry it out. A historical study was made of the process of universalization of Cuban Higher Education with its particularities in the Calixto García municipality of Holguín province, Cuba; all of it constitutes an instrument of invaluable value for the historical, logical and prospective studies related to this subject. The objective of the research was to demonstrate that the integration process of Higher Education in the municipality of Calixto García was successful from the implementation of a procedure for this purpose and the evaluation of the results in basic indicators of the substantive processes before, during and after the integration. Theoretical, empirical and statistical methods used during the research process. The procedure constitutes a theoretical-practical contribution to the process of conception and organization of the integration of Higher Education in the municipalities and at the same time, it is an important methodological and organizational instrument. Its application corroborated its effectiveness and relevance when a significant increase in quality detected in the main indicators of the substantive processes in the Calixto García Municipal University Center during the 2015- 2016 academic year to 2016-2017.
12 Groundwater Quality Dynamics during Wet and Dry Incidents in Urban West Region of Zanzibar Island , Abdul A.J. Mohamed, Rashid M. Ali, Miza Kombo
Groundwater is the major source of water by inhabitants of Zanzibar communities. In this study, twenty-one water sources from three districts of Urban West Region of Unguja Island were studied in May to July 2019. Insitu measurements for temperature, pH, Dissolved Oxygen (DO) and Electrical Conductivity (EC) in groundwater sources were taken by Professional Digital Sampling System (ProDSS). Data analysis revealed that parameters undergo dynamics (spatial and temporal). During the wet period, the ranges of pH, DO and EC were: (4.98 – 7.50), (3.51 – 7.51 mg/L), and (156.2 – 2047.6 μS/cm) respectively. During dry period the ranges were: (5.14 – 7.41), (2.71 – 7.20 mg/L), and (223.1 – 1936.8 μS/cm) respectively. temperature and EC had positive relationship. Nevertheless, small change in groundwater temperature led a remarkable change in DO. Strong correlation existed between EC and salinity (R2 = 0.999). Also, a strong correlation existed between EC (dry period) and EC (wet period) with R2 = 0.896. During wet period, the mean values recorded for all studied parameters were: 27.87° C, 6.92, 782.85 μS/cm, and 5.44 mg/L for temperature, pH, EC, and DO, respectively. While, during dry period the values were: 27.83° C, 6.97, 743.80 μS/cm, and 5.12 mg/L for temperature, pH, EC, and DO, respectively. Remarkably, during wet period, pH was 4.98 (27.17° C - 28.88° C), while in dry period pH was 5.14 (26.74 - 28.83° C). The present study revealed that even slight change in temperature could cause a remarkable effect on other groundwater parameters specifically dissolved oxygen. If water DO is under pressure it might affect other water quality parameter significantly.
13 A Concise Historical Survey of Decision-Making Theories in Educational Context , heodoros Rigopoulos, Evangelos C. Papakitsos
This paper presents a concise survey of some general decision-making theories and especially some methods of making educational decisions by adolescents. The educational decisions of adolescents by the end of secondary education are essentially the same as their first vocational choices, since they are heading then for vocational education, either in postsecondary or tertiary level. As the adolescents’ educational decisions are products of complex and parallel processes, the conditions under which decision-making becomes necessary are firstly presented and then the main features of relevant theories and methods are analysed.
14 Prosthodontics Clinical Cases (Patients with Decreased Inter-Arch Distance-Case Report) , Zainab Mahmood Al-Jammali, Zahra saad M.Sc, Mohamed Saad
The aim: to describe a simple method to increase the inter-arch distance for patient with decreased inter-arch distance. Methods.The study done in the dentistry college of Babylon University at Prosthodontics clinic, the treatment plan was explained to the patient, he was informed of the benefit of this treatment and informed consent was obtained . The following cases report describe the rehabilitation of a patient with decreased inter-arch distance and worn dentition with interim acrylic partial denture to correct reduced inter-arch distance. This study include four patients, three with acrylic RPD and one of them construct complete over-denture. Diagnostic casts were made and mounted on a semi-adjustable articulator with face bow record and centric relation record. Theconclusion.Limitation in interocclusal space is a common problem in prosthetic dentistry. Several approaches have been proposed to solve this problem. The treatment presented here are two different treatment lines used, acrylic bite raising which consider as a primary step to the definite prosthesis. While the other one treated with complete overdenture to improve retention and increase the inter-arch distance with improve aesthetic, and muscle tone with reversible, non-invasive, and relatively inexpensive treatment.
15 Maternal and Perinatal Outcomes in Advanced Maternal Age , Eddy Hartono, Stefannus Wibisono, Suzanna S Pakasi
Backgrounds: Advanced maternal age is defined as pregnancy that occurs at more 35 years old. This condition is considered as high risk pregnancy due to its close association with maternal and perinatal complications. This study was performed to reveal the data of advanced maternal age and its complications. Methods: This study was a descriptive retrospective study performed by taking data of advanced maternal age in Sitti Fatimah and Pertiwi Mother and Child Hospital in Makassar in 2015 – 2016. Results: There were 2,342 (15.7%) with advanced maternal age which most frequently occur at 35 - 39 years old group (74.6%) and mostly were multiparous. Hypertensive disorders were the most frequent pregnancy complications at older age comprising of 33.1% cases. Premature delivery, low birth weight, and fetal growth disorders were the most frequent fetal complications comprising of 17.7%14.1% and 10.2% of cases respectively. 88.9% newborn had a 5 minutes APGAR score > 8. Conclusions: Advanced maternal age was closely related to pregnancy and neonatal complications, such as hypertensive disorders, preterm delivery and low birth weight.
16 Motivation and Identity – Finding Your Voice , Cam Caldwell
The quest for discovering our best selves motivates each one of us as we strive to live with purpose and meaning. Although we recognize our desire to constantly improve, we do not always understand how to best accomplish that noble objective. Often the challenge is not in knowing what we ought to do, but in understanding how to develop the self-discipline and moral courage to put our lives in order. As we mature, we recognize that the patterns we develop and the barriers that we impose on ourselves are often the biggest challenges to overcome. The purpose of this paper is to address the quest to motivate ourselves most effectively as we struggle in understanding our identity and finding our voice. The paper begins by identifying the often-subconscious nature of our identities and the process we use to equate our actions with our beliefs about ourselves. We then address the nature of our individual voices as that concept has been described by Stephen R. Covey. Following that introduction, we present seven insights about the identity as it relates to motivating ourselves in the pursuit of personal excellence. The paper concludes with a summary of five benefits that derive from becoming the person we have the potential to being and words of encouragement to those who struggle with achieving that goal.
17 A Critical Humanitarian Intervention Approach , Mengistu Alamineh
The above statement, in my view, illustrates the argument and the inner thought of the author. Since in this intriguing book, Butler avidly displays a strong interest for the study of how reconceptualising security in terms of Ken Booth’s Theory of World Security can improve the theoretical and practical limitations of solidarist theorizing on humanitarian intervention. These limitations stem from solidarism’s problem-solving approach to analyzing Supreme Humanitarian Emergencies (SHEs), where the focus is on intervention than prevention. For Butler a Critical Humanitarian Intervention Approach (CHIA), which focuses on the prevention of SHEs and changes those structures rather than replicating existing, structures and their management, is the alternative approach. This could be possible through the deconstruction of the liberal peace and solidarist perspective, which contextualized SHEs, and through the construction of CHIA. According to Butler, failing to consider the economic context in which SHEs erupt leads to missing opportunities for their future prevention. Whereas, for solidarists military humanitarian intervention, mainly after Kosovo 1999, shows international society’s moral commitment to support the values of liberty, human right, the rule of law and a better world. However, CHIA argues that these ‘claims will remain nothing more than imaginary unless the workings of international economic order are included in the analysis of humanitarian intervention complexity’ (p.1). Above all, Butler aims to address two central issues: first, reconceptualizing security through Ken Booth’s Theory of World Security and to explain ‘why solidarist theorizing on humanitarian intervention prioritizes the act of military intervention over prevention’ (Booth, 2007, p. 25); and second, to propose an alternative perspective to the solidarist theorizing on humanitarian intervention.
For every economic activity, finance is that the lifeblood. From the business perspective leverage refers to the use of owned or borrowed equity to finance the acquisition of business assets. Leverage on one hand will increase a company's come on equity on the other hand poses a threat to the company's existence inside the type of liquidation; if company is unable actually its fastened interest liabilities. What is more use of leverage protects dilution of owner's equity. Thus leverage is a vital decision making area of financial management. Leverage cannot be regarded as a bad practice; as it is useful to finance company's growth and development through purchase of business assets. Borrowing should be within limits otherwise can pose a threat if company is unable to pay back the borrowed debts. This paper concentrates on the leverage analysis at DECCAN INDUSTRIES PRIVATE LIMITED and also the objective of the paper is to check the monetary financial leverage.
Outsourcing of logistics services is one of the strategies which is becoming very common with many organizations today. Outsourcing is a popular practice in business whereby organizations move some of a company's internal activities and decision responsibilities to outside providers thus enhance their productivity in their operations and service delivery.
20 Effect of Digitization on the Profitability of Selected Commercial Banks in Nigeria (2006 - 2018) , EBHOTE, Jonathan Ehimare (MBA), 2NWANNA, Ifeanyi Onyenwe (Ph.D)
This study examined the effect of digitization on banks profitability in selected commercial banks in Nigeria. The study was precipitated to by the various digital self-service channels by banks for customers’ adoption and other similar works done on the customer service satisfaction of digitization. This work reviewed the digital income earned by four major banks in Nigeria relying on secondary data collected from available information on the banks annual financial result, as presented on the floor of the Nigeria stock exchange, covering a period of 13years from 2006 to 2018. The specific objective of the study is to examine the effect of income earned via the digital channels on the total profit after tax (PAT) of the various banks, and if it has any significant effect on the return on equity. The work adopted the regression analysis model to review and analyzed the effect of digital income to the overall profit after tax of the banks selected out of the 22 commercial banks in the country. The research found out by review of each bank’s analyzed result that in all the banks under review, there was significant effect of digitization on the banks total profit after tax. It however showed that there is no significant effect of digitization on the return on equity of the commercial banks and recommend that banks should ensure their channels uptime is high to increase income.
21 Ideologems in Xi Jinping’s Political Discourse (Concepts 中国梦想 "Chinese Dream" and 类命运共同 "Community of the Common Destiny of Mankind") , Saodat Abdullayevna Nasirova,
The semantic and cognitive features of some new sociopolitical ideological terms are examined in terms of political discourse, the formation and development, the interaction of the concepts of Xi Jinping 中国梦想 "Chinese Dream" and 类命运 共同体 "community of common destiny." The close connection of these concepts with Confucian concepts is revealed. Actual aspects of two concepts are clarified in the context of political discourse. The empirical material of this article are the speeches of the head of the CPC, Xi Jinping, namely the polytheme and the new political vocabulary related to the concepts of the 5th generation leader 中国梦想 “Chinese Dream” and 类命运 «体 “community of common destiny”.
22 Modern Methods and Means of Providing the Press and Information Organizations with Information Resources , Gulrukhsor Sayriddinovna Kurbonova
This article discusses the methods and means of satisfying the student’s need for information resources of the press and information organizations, as well as the resources used in the formation of existing concepts in the field, using modern concepts, to further improve their relevance to the topic. The article used various methods and tools to further develop the provision of information resources to the press and information organizations in order to deliver and ideally use them for the general public.. Each concept is clearly stated and will certainly be effective in providing information resources to the press and information organizations. At a time when the provision of information resources for the press and media in our country has become a global problem, the suggestions and recommendations contained in the article are relevant, this article was written with the intention to use them and apply them to every press and information organization.
23 Political Order and Political Decay: From the Industrial Revolution to the Globalization of Democracy, Francis Fukuyama (New York: Farrar, Straus and Girouz, 2014), 658pp. , Tadie Degie Yigzaw
In this interesting book, Fukuyama keenly insists a strong interest for the study of political institutions. The book presents findings on the origins, evolution and decay of political institutions. A critical question addressed in this volume of Fukuyama’s book is how a strong, impersonal and accountable political institution developed. According to Fukuyama, modern political order based on modern state, rule of law and accountable government. Fukuyama insists that government effectiveness determined by its legitimacy, more flexibility and the response to changing public demands. In other words, a successful liberal democracy can only flourish under conditions of a prior establishment of a well-armed and functional territorial state, an independent judiciary overseeing the rule of law with a measure of accountability.
24 Effect Of Zamin-M Biologically Active Substance On Seed Germination , Sharofiddin Abdukarimovich Karimov, Shukhrat Khamadullaevich Abdualimov, Chorshanbi Khudaynazar ogli Ulugov
The article describes the microbiological preparation of Zamin-M 2.0 before sowing seeds; 2.5 and 3.0 l / t, applied at a rate of 2.0 l / ha during the budding and flowering periods of cotton, provided data on the effect of increased seed germination and cotton yield. It was found that the germination rate of seeds in the variants treated with the microbiological preparation Zamin- M increased by 10.9-14.1% compared to the control variant, and 7.9% higher in the variant treated with Baikal EM 1.
25 Planning the process of physical preparation at the different stages of the annual training of 17-19 year old girls on the block method , Nodirbek Mahmudovich Yusupov
The article presents new approaches to the structure of the annual training cycle of female players, which are related to the precise quantitative distribution of training in different directions on the me so and micro-cycles. From this perspective, rational planning is concerned with the effects of unidirectional physical loads on the body, both during a single micro-cycle (“unidirectional load micro block”) and throughout the entire me so-cycle, with subsequent changes in training stimuli. The use of the block method implies a transition to a new system of regulation of physical loads, which will take the whole process of training 17-19-year-old girls to a new qualitatively higher level.
26 Clusters of Atoms of Copper and Irridium and Their Influence on Recombination Properties of Silicon , Sherzod Axmadovich Mahmudov, Johongir Zokirjonovich Mirzaraimov, Avaz Karimjonovich Rafikov
The types and nature of structural defects of n-type silicon with clusters of impurity atoms of copper and iridium were determined by the method of non-stationary capacitive spectroscopy (DLTS), measurements of the resistivity, concentration and lifetime of charge carriers, as well as using infrared and atomic force microscopes Solver-NEXT. It was found that after hightemperature diffusion, star-shaped defects are observed in rapidly cooled Si <Cu> samples, while in rapidly cooled Si <Ir> samples they are subsequently embedded in a chain and in the form of a needle, and in both slowly cooled samples, only roundshaped inclusions are formed, however, the density is low. The absence of dislocation decoration in slowly cooled Si <Cu> and Si <Ir> samples is associated with the formation of point defects of the [Cu – O] type, [Cu – Si] silicides, and pairs of Cui [Cus – Cui] and Iri [Irs – Iri] atoms. An increase in the lifetime of charge carriers caused by the formation of an adhesion level associated with the [Cu – O] complex in silicon.
27 Innovative Processes in the Field of Logistics of Uzbekistan , Ya.K. Karrieva, Sh.A. Masharipova, B.K. Karrieva, Sh.S. Karrieva, F.A. Ibragimov
This article discusses the innovative processes in the field of logistics in Uzbekistan. In the Action Strategy for the Development of the Republic of Uzbekistan in 2017-2021, the logistics sector received the status of a strategic sector of the national economy and a transition to a new qualitative stage of development began. Correct construction and operation of logistics systems in the supply chain based on the introduction of innovation and technology, international standards for the functioning of integrated logistics is the key to successful activities in world markets and the integration of Uzbekistan into the modern structure of international economic relations. The transition to the concept of freight management logistics can significantly increase the efficiency and quality of transport services for consumers of transport services. The concept of innovative logistics management encourages an integrated, approach to transport process management in foreign economic operations.
28 Theoretical Study of the Parameters of the Discrete Drum Set Teeth on Fiber Movement , К.I. Ahmedov, A.Q. Nematov
In the article, we will consider a dynamic analysis of the design and parameters of the recommended spinning machine, which provides a uniform supply of fibers to the spinning chamber to obtain high-quality filament in the working chamber of the damaging drum. An accurate calculation of the parameters is required while ensuring the parallel movement of the flows. During the period of time the volume changes in the working chamber of the damaging drum of the recommended pneumatic spinning machine. It is known that the rotational speed of the drum is very high. During this period, a tape of fibers receives a lot of blows from the sharp top of the tooth saw the drum. To reduce the impact force, designers recommend convex saws. We know from the theory of operation of spinning chambers, during the discrediting of fibers, in the surface of the spinning chambers, the fiber flow should be mutually parallel, the most basic fiber flow with each other should be at a great distance. Only, the achievement of these qualities depends on the physico-mechanical properties and length of the fibers. During the discredit, the saw of the drum combs the bands. In this process, what part of the fiber hits the saw of the drum, this deteriorates and the process of discrediting. As a result, the quality of the resulting yarn is deteriorating. Here aerodynamic laws give the expected result, therefore, it is necessary to undergo a dynamic analysis of the design and parameters of the recommended spinning machine, which ensures a uniform supply of fibers into the spinning chamber.
29 Characterisation of Phytochemical Constituents, Antioxidant and Anti Bacterial Properties of Red Strawberry against Klebsiella and Streptococcus , Mr. G. Karthikeyan, Ms. M. Eureka, Ms. J. Amalsiya Bernath
In plant kingdom, medicinal plants are main important resource for a variety of drug like emetics, anti-cancer and antimicrobials. Medicinal herbs are highly cultured in India, which includes more than 2000 species are present. Strawberry is soft fruit crop belongs to the family rasacea and genus fragaria and it contain excellent source of vitamins, potassium. Phytochemical constituents are identified in different extract (ethanol, acetone and aqueous). Secondary metabolites are used for the treatment of several diseases. Strawberry is the one of the best natural sources of antioxidants. Total antioxidant capacity was identified in all the extracts. Antibacterial activity of fragaria x ananassa was evaluated against and Klebsiella and Streptococcus. From this study, concluded that the strawberry fruit have potent medicinal value.
30 Lingua-Pedagogical Study Of Family In Oral And Written Speech , Obidkhon Husankhujayev
This article discusses the role of language and pedagogy in the educational and upbringing process in a family. The article reveals the implementation of family lingua-pedagogics through oral and written speech and its unique sides. It demonstrates the significance of individuality in family language. The essence of the article is in disclosing the importance of the role of family lingua-pedagogics in society, nation, spirituality, and upbringing.
31 N-acetyl cysteine (NAC) and COVID-19 treatment: New hopes in old medication , Naser Hatami, Navid Kalani, Farshid Javdani, Sayyed Reza Ahmadi, Seyed Reza Habibzadeh, Behzad Shahi, Fatemeh Maleki, Neema John Mehramiz, Mahdi Foroughian
N-acetyl cysteine is seen to improve patients with acute respiratory diseases. The recommended pathways, of it's the effect on pulmonary diseases, are its antioxidant capacity through glutathione synthesis (GSH) and following effects on preventing and controlling cytokine storm. These features make it a good candidate to be evaluated for COVID-19 disease as this disease is causing a cytokine storm.
32 Methanol poisoning outbreak concomitance with COVID-19 epidemic in Iran , Naser Hatami, Navid Kalani, Farshid Javdani, Sayyed Reza Ahmadi, Seyed Reza Habibzadeh3, Behzad Shahi4, Neema John Mehramiz5, Mahdi Foroughian3
We report outbreaks of methanol poisoning in some regions of Iran and its concomitance with the COVID-19 outbreak and its possible origins. Methanol poisoning outbreaks have placed a heavy burden on hospitals that are highly ready for admission of COVID-19 patients.
33 Knowledge, Attitude and practice against the 2019 Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) Among the Jahrom city people: A Cross-Sectional Study , Navid Kalani, Seyed Ebrahim Sadeghi, Naser Hatami, Mohammad Zarenezhad, Farshid Javdani, Mohammad Rahmanian
BACKGROUND: A new infectious disease named Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) emerged at the end of 2019 and is rapidly spreading across the globe. Most of the instructions provided to stop this outbreak are based on personal behavior and Social Distancing. So people need to be aware of the illness and behavior that they present in the course of the Coronavirus outbreak. The purpose of this study was to investigate the attitude, awareness, and preventive behaviors of people in Jahrom, southern Iran. METHOD: In this descriptive cross-sectional study, 1570 people of Jahrom city were surveyed about COVID-19 by designing a questionnaire consisting of areas of knowledge, attitude, and practice of people. Also, the source of their information about coronavirus and the amount of trust in media were investigated. After confirming the validity and reliability of the questionnaire in a pilot study, sampling was done by an online survey. The online questionnaire was completed by individuals and the results were analyzed by SPSS v. 21 analyzed. RESULTS: The study involved 1570 Jahrom citizens, 57.6% of whom were female and the rest were male. The mean score of knowledge, attitude, and practice of people in Jahrom city was above average. Trust in the media was at an average level (49.18%). The multiple linear regression of demographic variables revealed the significant inverse effect of the male gender and number of households on awareness; while age, education level and marital status had a positive effect predicting awareness level (p = 0.001, F = 28.057). Regarding the attitude variable, there was a reverse effect of the male gender and the direct effect of age and level of education (p = 0.001, F = 6.78). In the study of practice, the inverse effect of the male gender was observed (p = 0.002, F = 3.30). CONCLUSION: Given the importance of community-based individual behavior in controlling the COVID-19 outbreak, providing a tool for measuring the knowledge, attitude, and practice of the community, the questionnaire designed in this study can be used in future research. Also, this study revealed that men and young people appear to have poorer knowledge, attitudes, and practice.
34 Open Educational Resources (OER): Benefits and Issues to Institutions, Educators and Learners in Islamic Studies , Ahmad Hisham bin Azizan
Demand for quality education has been globally increased throughout the world. One of the methods to access quality education is via Open Educational Resources (OER). Open Educational Resources (OER) is not only a buzzing trend, but a realistic platform to realize the spirit of ‘Education for All’ and have gained increased attention for their potential and promise to eliminate demographic, economic, and geographic educational boundaries and to promote life-long learning and personalized learning. The sudden growth of Open Educational Resources (OER) provides new opportunities for education and learning at the same time, challenges established views about educating and learning practices in education. This study aims to explore an introduction to the emerging Open Educational Resources (OER) movement. At the same time, although learning resources are often considered as important intellectual property in a competitive higher education world, yet many critical issues have been identified that must be addressed, especially in Islamic studies. This study will determine the problems that we are facing today in education from technology to quality issues. A survey of the literature review was carried out to analyse the critical problems applied in Open Educational Resources (OER), especially in Islamic studies. A deep search of academic research and writing was performed includes books, journals, conference papers, articles, dissertations, and theses. This study also explains explicitly the benefits of open educational resources to the learners in their respective courses. The paper then clarifies certain challenges and issues hampering open education initiatives by highlighting the implications for institutions, teachers, and students.
35 Trade deficit impede Nepalese economic growth : an analysis from review perspective , *Saurav Khanal,*Saugat Khanal
The current study completely delves into the comprehensive identification, assessment, and mitigation of trade deficit in Nepal. The objective of this article is to study and analyze the growth, composition, and direction of Nepalese foreign trade along with the causes and recommendations of trade deficit. Efforts have been made to sort out the principal sources of the trade deficit in Nepal. Landlockedness, political instability, lack of export diversification, devaluation of domestic currency, lack of resources, etc. are the major causes of the trade deficit in Nepal. Nepal, being not self-reliant on factors of production, consumer goods and capital goods, needs to import goods from abroad. On another hand, Nepal’s exports are heavilyconcentrated;bothintermsofproduct anddestination.Nepal’smajortradingpartners are India, China, U.A.E, Bangladesh, Germany etc. During the year 2018/19, Nepal exports goods worth RS. 97 Billion And import goods worth RS. 1418 billion leading to a trade deficit of RS.1321 Billion. Nepal mainly exports readymade garments, woolen carpets, pashmina products, jute, juices, etc and imports petroleumproducts,gold,vehicle,machineries andsoon. It is a matter of embarrassing that the value of total exports doesn’t cover even the import of petroleum products. Trade deficit is acting as negative catalyst in the economic growth and GDP of a country. Nepal’s job and wealth are being handed over to other countries that have taken advantage of Nepal since very long. Increased deficit has caused suppressed inflation. Import to export ratio is continuously increasing as demand/consumption is increasing and these demands could not be met by the domestic producers. During the year 2018/19, the contribution of tradeonGDPofNepalis55%.Nodoubt,tradeisanengineofeconomicgrowth. So, after analyzing barriers in the foreign trade, some of the steps to be taken are recommended which includes the development of competitive ability and enhancement of Human Resources, commodity and market diversification, formulation of strong legal framework and trade policy, incentives for the promotion of export and priority in the agricultural and hydropowersectors
36 Probable Human Bocavirus meningitis in a child , Dr. Badar Al-Dhouyani, Dr.Saniya Al Husaini, Dr.Suod Al Shabibi, Dr.Nawal Al-Kindi, Dr.Amal Al Maani.
Human bocavirus (HBoV; family Parvoviridae; genus Bocavirus) was discovered in 2005 and was distributed worldwide (1). HBoV has gained considerable clinical relevance since its discovery. It has been detected in respiratory specimens, and when it causes disease, it seems to have a broad spectrum of signs and symptoms. Our patient was a five years old girl admitted to the Royal Hospital in Oman, on March 2019. Presented with headache, vomiting, fever, phonophobia and significant irritability. HBoVS virus was detected in this patient’s BAL (Bronchoalveolar Lavage). This paper is reporting a rare case of probable HBoV meningitis. Abbreviations: CSF = cerebrospinal fluid , CRP = C-reactive protein, CT = computed tomography, HBoV = human bocavirus, HMPV = human metapneumovirus, PCR = polymerase chain reaction, RSV = respiratory syncytial virus
37 Humanizing the Consumer through Neuro-Marketing Tool: A Paradigm Shift. , Dr. Suheela Shabir, Dr.Norah Al Bishri, Dr. Zubair Amin
Neuroscientific techniques allow consumer researchers to understand the basic framework of psychological processes that drive consumer behavior, and get into their “black box” which is the consumer's mind. Each year, over 400 billion dollars is invested in advertising campaigns. Under the traditional marketing mindset, the testing of and predicting the effectiveness of these investments depend on consumers’ willingness and competency to describe how they feel when they are exposed to an advertisement. Neuro marketing offers innovative methods for directly probing minds without requiring demanding cognitive or conscious participation. This paper discusses the increased use of neuro marketing techniques for the evaluation of customer preferences and decision-making processes is considered to be an advantage for customers and marketers simultaneously. The results indicate that neuro marketing is associated to have a high influence on consumer buying behavior, advertising, pricing, and distribution of products, branding and decision-making as marketing inputs. The research concludes with limitations and future scope of research in neuro marketing.
38 A Practical Learning Simulation Software with Specific Applications for Printed Circuit Board Soldering/De-soldering Ability Certifications , Chin-Ming Hsu, Chian-Yi Chao
This paper mainly develops a practical learning printed circuit board (PCB) soldering/de-soldering simulation software to be the reference of the specialized characteristic curriculum for a school. The proposed learning simulation software can train students with the soldering knowledge, the soldering technology, the electronic component identification, and the usage of the instruments. The research aims at inspiring students to be interested in circuitry soldering technology and have different thoughts on electronic/information/mechanical related technology applications. In this paper, the developed practical learning simulation software utilizes Visual Basic programming language as the developing tool and adopts the Bluetooth voice- activated tracking self-propelled vehicle and the number guessing game main control PCBs as the circuitry soldering training targets which was developed by Taiwan Embedded Microcontroller Development Institution(TEMI). The proposed simulation tool has been used as the learning exploration with the students at Kao Yuan University in Kaohsiung City, Taiwan. According to the experimental results, the developed simulation tool could provide three contributions. First, it can be an interactive- and interesting-oriented learning tool. Second, it can cultivate and inspire students learning soldering technology efficiently and effectively to meet the needs in the industry. Third, it can cultivate more professional and technical students actively participate in seeking solutions to problems.
39 The Dynamics of Differential Impacts of COVID-19 on African Countries Compared to Other Parts of the World , Joseph Oyepata Simeon, Musa Tabitha Lubo, Joseph Opeyemi Tosin, Ibafidon Irabor
Corona virus disease (COVID-19) is an infectious disease caused by a newly discovered corona virus. Most people who fall sick with COVID-19 experience mild to moderate symptoms and recover without special treatment. A number of deaths have been recorded across world. The aim of this study is to investigate and compare the extent the virus affects Africa relative to other parts of the world and it significant. One hundred and eighty seven (187) countries were selected randomly based on their continents and cases of infection. Data from each country were obtained from United Nations Geoscheme and WHO as at October 12, 2020 and were analyzed and compared to that of the United State of America (USA). USA was used as a Comparism Factor (CF) because it has one of the best healthcare system and high COVID-19 cases. Subsequent examination of associations between the proportion of COVID-19 cases, recovery and deaths of each country to the United State of America was carried out. All data used in these analyses are from publicly available data sets. Data analyzed revealed that almost all African countries appears to be least affected by the virus. African countries have the least impacted and lesser number of deaths index. Result from the study suggests that the virus affect Africa the least when compared to USA and other continents in terms of cases and mortality. This may be due to among other factors a more robust immune response. The result also helps to provide relative explanation as to how significant developing and providing vaccine may be to various part of the world.