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2 The Arab economic integration and its future strategies, ????? ????
The Arab world is an integral part of the international world, thus the subject of economic integration figured prominently in Arab countries, and the Arab economic integration has become one among the important issues that are extensively arisen recently on both theoretical and practical level, formally and non-formally as well. This interest is in fact an extension of earlier stages, and it will remain the same in the future, given the magnitude of risks and challenges facing the Arab nation and its national security. There is no doubt that these challenges impose on Arab States to develop a new kind of approaches. On this basis, our problematic is the following: Could the Arab economic integration have any future giving the fact that it lives under the pressure of international economic integration? And if it happens what are the most important strategies to follow in the future? Key words: economic integration, globalization, economic integration.
3 The impact of research and development strategy on the profitability of economic enterprise , ??? ?????? ??????? ??? ?????? ????
In the light of globalization and the new changes, challenges are becoming bigger, competition is intensifying and enterprises find themselves looking for appropriate solutions to keep pace with changes in the field of science and technology and to maintain their market shares that ensure their survival, and maximize their profits and to develop their competitiveness. The clear vision of the future provides sufficient flexibility and the ability to respond to various and fast changes imposed by the competitive environment. The research and development strategy associated with continuity of renewal is considered one of the most important strategies that promote creativity and innovation and the creation of new technologies to improve the performance of the enterprise and to achieve the total quality of products at competitive prices that maximizes profits and develops their competitiveness compared to its competitors. This is mainly the aim of this paper. Key words: research and development, profitability, investment, technological change.
4 Determinants of competitiveness in the food industry the case of small and medium enterprises in the Algerian south-east , ??? ?????? ???????? ????? ?? ????? ????? ??? ?????
This article aims to study the main determinants of competitiveness of a sample of SMEs in the food industry in the South east of Algeria. The obtained results were centered on the negative impact of a range of determinants, particularly production factors, domestic demand, firm strategy, and a positive impact, but at weak level of government’s role. Moreover, the study of this sample shows that there are a lot of obstacles that prevent the improvement of competitiveness, such as low levels of training and education, lack of full use of productive capacity, local marketing, low quality and the weak role of supportive institutions. Keywords: food industry, competitiveness indicators, competitiveness determinants, competitive advantage.
5 An attempt to apply activity-based costing (ABC) system on the university’s service sector The case of 2000- bed dormitory Ouargla, ???? ?????? ??????? ????? ???????????
The aim of this study is the attempt to apply the activity-based costing (ABC) system on the university’s service sector in Algeria, using one of its student dormitories as a sample. This is due to the growing importance of these facilities within the university’s community and society as a whole, and because their need to make the right administrative decisions that provide the best use of their resources along with preserving their social and service role. Key words: cost accounting, public service, the final cost, indirect costs, activities.
6 An assessment Study of the administrative and financial performance of olive presses cooperative associations in Salfeet Province, ???? ???? ???? ????
The results of the study opposed the working reality of local Palestinian cooperative associations of various kinds as it came in contrary with the results of most previous studies that have been consulted and referred to. The results indicated that the administrative and financial performance of the olive presses cooperative associations operating in Salfeet Province was high, and the cooperative culture reality of members was also high and positive. In addition, the training operations carried out by the cooperative associations for their members were relatively high and positive. Overall, the results showed that the performance assessment of institutions working with cooperative associations was high. The study recommends the necessity to design specialized training programs related to the work of cooperatives. These cooperatives have to be followed and guided by competent and specialized authorities using modern methods, along with the application of transparency and accountability standards inside these cooperatives. Keywords: cooperative association, administrative performance, financial performance, salfeet Province, olive presses.
7 Internationalization of Algerian SMEs chances of success and risks of failure, ???? ????? ? ???? ???????
Recently, internationalization of SMEs is no longer a secondary activity that does not receive attention only in case of saturation or severe competition in domestic markets, but it has become a survival and continuity condition. The Algerian SMEs were aware of this growing interest of internationalization as a strategic choice to build a balanced economy that can withstand the fluctuations that may affect the hydrocarbon sector due to the changes in the business environment, which can be observed through the increased competition as a result of economic openness and liberalization of markets. This study aims to highlight the main opportunities that can serve the internationalization process of the Algerian SMEs, in addition to the risks that may face this process. Key words: small and medium-sized enterprises, internationalization, export, Chances of success, risk of failure.
8 The impact of applying electronic trading system on the performance of the Saudi stock Market, ???? ??????
This article aims to highlight the impact of using electronic trading system on the performance of the Saudi stock market (during the period from Sep 1999 to Dec 2003) which is represented by the trading volume and the number of transactions executed in the Saudi market. The results obtained in this study have proved that the use of modern electronic systems instead of traditional ones has contributed to increase the trading volume and the number of transactions executed in the Saudi market. This is due to the contribution of electronic trading system in enhancing the level of transparency and disclosure. Keywords: financial markets, information system, E-trading, performance, Saudi stock market.
9 E-learning as a strategic choice to achieve human resources competence within the economic knowledge in Algeria, ???? ????? ? ???? ????
This article aims to highlight the role of e-learning based on multi-media and via the internet as a strategic choice to develop and promote education, and to enhance the competence of human resources. knowledge and competencies have become the engine of production and economic growth to achieve economic and development goals resulting from the use of highly advanced information technology associated with high performance and low cost, especially in today’s world in which the role of knowledge and information increases steadily for better competitiveness imposed by globalization challenges and the growth of economic knowledge. Keywords: e-learning, economic knowledge, competence of human resources, communication and information technology.
10 The role of leadership styles and personal variables of individuals in organizational change , ???? ??????
The organizational change is one of the modern enterprises’ characteristics. This change is not spontaneous but it is imposed on the enterprise by its surrounding circumstances. The survival of the enterprise is the main preoccupation of leading administrators, and the success of organizational change in the enterprise cannot happen without an effective leadership style. Enterprises could have similar goals but the change results differ according to leadership styles. We aim through this article to highlight the role of leadership style in the process of organizational change, in addition to the role of personal variables (gender, age, educational level, professional experience, career position) of individuals involved in the process of organizational change.
11 The new strategy of economic growth , Abdallah el hirtsi Hamid
This paper aims at exposing actual economic growth strategies, in quest of a new one for the future decades. By analyzing strength and weakness related with it according to a literature review. The findings show that even helpful actual strategies seems insufficient to realize promises of development as reducing poverty and realizing catch up with progress. However, the study points that in the nexus between growth, poverty and employment will hold answers to policy maker on how to sustain economic growth. Keywords: Economic growth, employment, social cohesion, inclusive growth, poverty;
12 The effects of the global economic crisis on the steel activity of Arcelor Mittal: Adopted strategies and obtained results, some aspects of Annaba plant, Nesrine CHERAIET
The 2009 crisis, which has taken root primarily in the non-real sphere of the economy, has resulted in an unparalleled monetary and financial disorder whose effects on the real economy have been extremely sharp. The transformation of this crisis into a major one is through the amplification of deindustrialization, delocalization and deregulation that are always occurring under the effect of an exclusively financial system. In this context, the multinational steel ArcelorMittal, although an international actor of some influence, has not so far escaped the sharp effects of this very crisis. It is within this very context that this contribution seeks to list the negative effects of the crisis on the economic activity of the company and its consequent reactive strategy. More specifically, this article tries also to assess the impact that this crisis is having on the local steel plant of Annaba which is also an integral part of ArcelorMittal, and the consequent strategy that the latter is adopting. Keywords: global economic crisis- cutting effects of the crisis- financial indicators of ArcelorMittal- the multinational strategy.
13 An overview of SMEs in Algeria: constraints and prospects, Karim SI LEKHAL , Youcef KORICHI, Ali GABOUSSA
This article aims to provide the essential elements that can help to understand the position of small and medium-sized enterprises in the national economy, which is shifting to a market economy since 1990s, and an attempt to show the contribution of these small companies in terms of job creation and added value. It also analyzes particularly the realities of socio-economic environment in which our entrepreneurs are growing, and to identify closely their characteristics and the obstacles facing to their effective development. We will then list the various aid programs and measures dedicated to the development of SMEs, their balance sheets and their limits, and finally appropriate suggestions that allow industrial economies to advance. Keywords: SME, entrepreneur, creation, constraints, development.