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Cardiology: Open Access

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1 Research Progress on the Relationship between Serum Cystatin C and Heart Failure , Zhang Fuya, Gao Fengmin, Zhang Xianmeng, Fu Beijing, Wen Xin
Heart failure (HF) is caused by many factors that lead to myocardial damage, myocardial remodeling of ventricular overload, dysfunction of cardiac diastolic and systolic function, and insufficient blood volume of cardiac circulation. The process of myocardial remodeling is accompanied by myocardial cell ischemia, necrosis, apoptosis, progressive interstitial cell fibrosis and other pathological processes, which is a clinical syndrome in the final stage of various heart diseases, it has high morbidity and mortality, which is a serious threat to human health [1]. Early detection of HF and effective treatment to reduce its morbidity and mortality is particularly important. In recent years, it has been found that Cystatin C (Cys C) is closely related to the occurrence, development and prognosis of HF, and may be an independent predictor of HF. This article reviews the research progress on the relationship between serum Cys C and HF, as well as the pathogenesis, diagnosis, severity and prognosis of Cys C in HF