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Journal of Clinical Research and Reports

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1 Neurosarcoidosis Diagnosed After Three Decades of Evolution A Case of Perseverance and Insight , Jason L. Jia , Catherine Maurice 
A lymphoma survivor presented for reassessment of his long-standing neurological symptoms more than three decades following a diagnosis of systemic T-cell lymphoma.  Despite our desire to establish the diagnosis promptly, time is often necessary to reach conclusions based on the patient’s clinical evolution.  We recount the chronology of clinical and radiological findings that, until recently, were largely inexplicable.  We then report on the challenging diagnosis of neurosarcoidosis and suggest a known, yet rare, continuity linking it with lymphoma.  Finally, we emphasize on the clinical evolution as a determining factor in the quest for a complex diagnosis.  Insight, judgment, and perseverance are featured as key virtues of a resilient Neurologist.