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1 The importance of outsourcing logistic transport service: The case of Moroccan exporting companies , CHICHI Salma, BABOUNIA Aziz ,BOUREKKADI Salmane
Outsourcing has been since many decades a very common practice among both private and public companies and is revealed to be an important element in business strategy. This strategy allows the company to focus its resources on its core activity, so they take the decision to outsource some of their services that are not very profitable or cost too much. Nowadays, Transport is one of the commonly externalized functions. This project will focus on the case of the Moroccan exporting companies that rely on the act of transport outsourcing due to all the advantages that can provide. We will therefore, proceed with a theorical search to determine its fundaments and its limits, a second part will be devoted to an operational search that shows the value and origins of this subject as long as the approaches implemented in order to detect its different aspects.