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Journal of Scientific, Technology and Engineering Research

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1 Effects of New Normal Life on Electricity Consumption in Covid-19 Process , Mehmet BULUT
The measures taken during the Covid-19 process, which started in the world with the new year, brought with it a new lifestyle. In this new lifestyle, it has increased the importance of digital communication and the electrical energy that it provides. Community life is evolving towards the new normal where social distance is maintained and interpersonal contact is reduced to a minimum. With this new process, it shows that digital publishing will be more effective in the future. Due to the Covid-19 outbreak all over the world, people faced a brand new lifestyle. Urgent measures in countries where the first cases were seen forced people to rearrange their lives beyond encountering a different situation. Those who remained outside the mandatory business areas had to continue their work from home or were unemployed. This situation completely changed the domestic electrical energy consumption habits. In almost all sectors, slowing down production or stopping completely at some points caused the electricity consumption used in the industry to decrease significantly. Not only in electricity but also in transportation, heating and air conditioning routines have changed, it caused a change in demand and low consumption in almost all types of different energy types.
2 Development of Artificial Intelligence Based Vehicle Detection System , Şenol PAZAR , Mehmet BULUT , Cihan UYSAL 
Vehicle detection and traffic conditions are important factors for safe driving, accident avoidance, automatic driving and tracking. Currently, Traffic Signal Controller (TSD)systems are used at intersections for traffic signalization operations. Traffic Signal Loop Detectors installed under the road are used in these systems. The installation, operation and maintenance of these detectors are time consuming and costly. Loop detectors can also be damaged if there is any damage on the road. In addition, traffic road information that can be obtained with detectors is also very limited. In this study, which brought a new solution to traffic signalization in many cities in the transportation sector, a vehicle detection system (Video Detector) was developed with an Artificial Intelligence based camera. The main purpose of the study is to develop an image based sensor system as an alternative to conventional under-asphalt magnetic and electrical vehicle sensors. Thanks to the system developed with this study, the need for costly physical loop detectors can be avoided. First phase of this study, vehicle presence and counting can be possible by virtual sensors. Later, vehicle tracking information can be generated depending onvehicle occupation, queuing, average speed, vehicle classification at intersections.