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Global Media and Social Sciences Research Journal

ISSN(p): 2709-3425 | ISSN(e):2709-3433
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1 The “Linguistic Imperialism”: English as Dominate Language among University Students   , Khadija Asad 1Student, Media and Communication Studies, University of Central Punjab, Lahore, khadijaasad80@gmail.com  
Language plays an important role in a society as it represents the culture of a country. This paper reviews the phenomena of Imperialism in language where focus is the English language as it is recognized as an international language. Urdu is the national whereas English has become the second official language of Pakistan. Language imperialism exists within North/South relations where policy of language has emerged culturally everywhere. Language imperialism focuses on the phenomena of certain languages that dominate globally. This study aims to explore the perception of university students that what they think about it. Therefore, quantitative methodology vis-à-vis survey method was used. Sample of 400 students including 230 females and 170 males were from different departments of University of the Central Punjab, Lahore. Findings show that majority of the students consider English as foreign language and it is dominating in Pakistan rapidly. Results also revealed undergraduates 353(42.7790) highly perceive English as a foreign language. The data has concluded that English has become a dominant official language in Pakistani institutions as well as government offices.