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South Asian Journal of Social Sciences and Humanities

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1 Intersectionality as an emerging discipline in the 21st Century Women Studies , Asra Qudsia Research Scholar, Department of English, Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh, India. Corresponding Author: Asra Qudsia, E-mail: asramakhdumi@gmail.com
The Civil Rights Movement and Feminist Movement in the 1960’s America fought for their basic rights and eventually were successful in achieving them. These two movements promised a new beginning for African-American men and White American women, but ironically these movements were relegating an equally important issue and that was of Black American women. Both the Civil Right and Feminist activists did not fulfill their promise to help Black women of America to come out of their century’s old bondage of multi-dimensional oppression. It was high time for black women activists, writers and intellectuals to raise their voice against the injustice they faced in their own homes where they confronted domestic violence in the hands of male family members and in the homes of their white masters and landladies where these black women worked as maids or nannies. Black feminists argued that feminism which was in vogue at the middle of the 20th century has always been Euro-centric in its approach; they didn’t see a promising future for themselves even when Civil rights movement was successful. For them, it was male dominated movement, sexiest and misogynist in its approach. Also, feminism was not giving enough space to black women as it always carried white supremacy at its core. Black women were left out in protest and rallies which were organized by white middle class American women because of the racist attitude. Black women of America started their own campaign against the oppression they faced in the society to make their voices heard and their identities recognized. In this paper, I have tried to present the core issues of Intersectionality (study of multiple oppressions), its inclusive nature, its difference from traditional feminism and the major arguments of Intersectional theorists who have tried to use Intersectionality as a new research paradigm in women studies.
2 The relationship of Personality Traits and Academic and Social Self-Efficacies of Learning Disabilities (LD) Learners , Norazlem Abd Hamid1, Moop Echee2, Abderrahim Benlahcene3 & Anita Lubana4 1, 2 & 3School of Education and Modern Languages, Universiti Utara Malaysia, Malaysia 4Department of Botany, Government Girls College, Ajmer, Rajasthan, India Corresponding Author: Abderrahim Benlahcene, E-mail: rahimhacen@gmail.com
This paper examined the relationship between Big Five personality traits (OCEAN) and academic and social self-efficacies of learning disabilities (LD) learners. A total of 89 LD learners aged 10 to 19 years old completed questionnaires measuring Big-Five personality traits (International Personality Item Pool, IPIP), academic self-efficacy (Academic Efficacy scale from the Manual for the Patterns of Adaptive Learning Scales, MPAL), and social self-efficacy (Social Competence Rating Scale for Children, SCRSC). Pearson correlation shows that personality traits that have a significant relationship with academic and social self-efficacies were openness, conscientiousness, extraversion, and agreeableness while neuroticism does not have a significant relationship with both academic and social self-efficacies. Implications for future intervention are also being discussed.  
3 The Pathway of Organizational Sustainability through Segregation of Dimensional Indicators for Manufacturing Enterprises , Aemin Nasir1 & Kashif Saghir Rao2 1School of Business Management, Universiti Utara Malaysia, Malaysia 2School of Business, University of Central Punjab, Pakistan Corresponding Author: Aemin Nasir, E-mail: aemin_nasir@oyagsb.uum.edu.my
The organizational sustainability is the burning concern around the globe. The key focus of the study is to present the most suitable concept of sustainability for manufacturing enterprises through elaborating its three-dimensional divisions. The organizational sustainability consists of economical, social and environmental aspects. This conceptual paper contains the segregation of all the three dimensions, by identification of current issues and then associating them with the inner indicators of enterprises. This includes the guideline for the management such as policy makers, top managers and employees towards the accomplishment of sustainability.
4 Social Media as a Channel to Promote Youth Participation in Governance , Safiah Suhaimi1, Nor Azizah Zainal Abıdın2 & Asmah Laili Yeon3 1,2 School of Government, 3School of Law, Universiti Utara Malaysia, Malaysia. Corresponding Author: Safiah Suhaimi, E-mail: ciksafiah@gmail.com
Youth is the largest group in the structure of society in Malaysia. Youth is a valuable national asset and generation to be proud of. Youth is an experience that can shape the level of dependence of an individual, which can be marked according to different cultural perspectives in different ways. When social participation is used today, participation in governance will be rapid. The problem happened when lack of social media sharing channels for the continued engagement of young people. The youth believed that they still lacked the social media platforms needed for effective participation and expressed little confidence in their involvement. This paper analysed social media potential as channels for youth governance participation. The methods that used an extensive literature search which is secondary data. The social media is also critical for youth engagement in governance as knowledge channels. The Social Media and Participation literature review will be reviewed. Drawing on the final findings, social media plays an important role in youth engagement thus highlighting all the functions of social media.
5 Diagnosis of Dyscalculia: A Comprehensive Overview , Mohammad Amimul Ihsan Aquil Department of Computer and Information Sciences, Universiti Teknologi Petronas, Malaysia Corresponding Author: Mohammad Amimul Ihsan Aquil, E-mail: aihsan.aquil@gmail.com
The aim of this article is to provide an overview of symptoms, causes and diagnosis of Dyscalculia based on current research findings.This paper reviews selected literature spanning from 2001 to date from PubMed, PsycINFO, Springer, ERIC databases using the keywords: dyscalculia, mathematical disability and math disorder and selectively reviewed articles for the diagnostic of Dyscalculia in general. The acquisition of mathematical skills is a development process that begins well before school starts. As a result, the children already start with different mathematical prior knowledge in the initial class. In order to be able to identify children at risk for a weakness in arithmetic (technical term: dyscalculia) at an early stage and to adequately support their needs, it is essential to set up a well-functioning diagnosis. According to the International Classification of Diseases (ICD-10), Dyscalculia belongs to the specific developmental disorders and is characterized by impairment in speech, motor activity and visual-spatial perception. The discrepancy between intelligence and expected arithmetic abilities is the essential criterion for the diagnosis of Dyscalculia. A comprehensive examination, also suitable for therapeutic intervention preparation, should take etiological conception of Dyscalculia into account as well as impairments in visual information processing. This should be reflected in the deliberate selection of appropriate test procedures. Recent diagnosis of Dyscalculia does not only account the classroom-based math performance and IQ into account, but also impaired basic skills associated with Dyscalculia into account while IQ discrepancy and appropriate IQ test for Dyscalculia remain a controversial topic. An innovative aspect of this work is synthesizing comprehensive view of Dyscalculia and its diagnosis using multidisciplinary approach which could be helpful for researchers across disciplines.
6 Developing a Conceptual Framework on Retailers’ Performance Towards Tourists’ Shopping Satisfaction , Ataul Karim Patwary School of Tourism, Hospitality and Event Management, Universiti Utara Malaysia, Malaysia. Corresponding Author: Ataul Karim Patwary, E-mail: raselataul@gmail.com
Malaysia is well known for its shopping reputation among the tourists, specially from Asian and Middle East countries. Shopping is one of the reasons why international tourists chose to visit Malaysia. During shopping, most of the time international tourists interact with retailers which is the context of this study. This study aims to explore on tourists’ shopping related issues in Malaysia in relation with retailers’ performance and develop a framework which will direct the future researchers to conduct empirical investigations. For the current study, the researcher relied on existing literature in the area of international tourists’ shopping behavior and how it influences on their satisfaction.
7 Forgiveness as a moderator for the relationship between suicidal behavior and anger expression among University students , Zainab Bibi1 & Sammrah Javaid2 1 & 2Department of Applied Psychology, Bahaudin Zakriya University, Pakistan. Corresponding Author: Zainab Bibi, E-mail: f.hafeez123@gmail.com
Anger is an expression, ranging from calm to compelling, and often manifests itself when people's destinations or needs are blocked. Most of the time the main reason behind poor physical and mental health like suicidal ideation and negative thoughts relates to anger. according to the World Health Organization (2005), about 2% of the world’s death is due to suicide. People's healthy relationship is forgiveness. In the Expression of anger in a fruitful and less harming way, forgiveness plays a vital role as it reduces negative outcomes of anger and makes people express their feelings in a positive way Several studies promote that forgiveness reduces the anger outcome that may further lead to suicidal ideation. The present study investigates the moderating role of forgiveness for the link of anger expression and suicidal behavior among students. The current study determined to discover the connection between suicidal behavior and anger expression and check the moderating effect of forgiveness. A total of 250 students which included 120 male and 130 female students were taken from Bahauddin Zakariya University Multan by using a convenient sampling technique as participants for the study. Their age range was between 19-26 years old. Suicidal behavior questionnaire- revised developed by (Osman A, Bagge CL 2001), Heartland forgiveness scale developed by (Yamhure Thompson, Laura; Snyder, C. R. (Rick); and Hoffman, Lesa 2005) and Novaco anger scale and provocation inventory (Novaco, 2003) was used to measure suicidal ideation, forgiveness attitude, and anger expression respectively. Results show an insignificant difference between males and females scores on suicide, forgiveness, and anger with a p-value of .483, .401, and .415 at the alpha level of 0.05 respectively. The present study concludes that Males are often more aggressive than females and age have a significant impact on expressing anger. Present studies show that forgiveness act as a moderator for the relationship of anger and suicidal ideation as (t=-2.123. p<0.05).
8 The concept of change and the young: A psycho-social reading of Sembene Ousmane’s Les Bouts De Bois De Dieu and Xala. , Olowolagba, Comfort Chioma1 & Otegbale Edirin Sylvester2 1Department of French, Adeyemi College of Education, Ondo, Ondo State - Nigeria 2Department of European Studies, University of Ibadan, Ibadan Oyo State - Nigeria Corresponding Author: Olowolagba, Comfort Chioma, E-mail: chiomacomfort67@gmail.com
Change is the only constant experience in all walks of life, literature inclusive. In the past decades, various critics have examined the selected novels of Sembène Ousmane from feminist and Marxist perspectives. However, this paper examines the selected texts from sociological perspective, with the aim of underlining some silent oversight of critics with respect to change. Pavlov’s classical conditioning serves as a tool in the analyses of the selected texts. Change for positive socio-cultural, economic and political development is underlined as a quality more pronounced in the young and lacking in the older generation of characters. The attitude of the older generation in aiding obsolete traditions in opposition to the beliefs and reality facing the younger generation precisely in political representation and marital unions are examined through a close reading. The study concludes with a clarion call to African elites on the need to introduce the younger, smarter generation of youths in the helms of affairs to ensure sustainable development through the application of their technical know-how, modern ideologies and expertise if tangible socio-cultural, economic development must be realised where phallocentric ideas have failed since independence as well as foster general entente in the society.
9 The Effectiveness of Facebook Advertisements on Purchase Intention of Customers in Malaysia , Shah Roman Al Mahmud School of Computing, Universiti Utara Malaysia, 06010 UUM, Sintok, Kedah, Malaysia. Corresponding Author: Shah Roman Al Mahmud, E-mail: romanalmahmud@gmail.com
The purpose of this empirical study is to examine the effectiveness of Facebook advertisement on enhancing consumer purchase intention. Facebook, as a social networking site, has become very popular among the people of all ages around the world. Facebook advertising is becoming very popular as it can reach to the mass people as a medium of social sites. The study is hopefully help Facebook stakeholder provide their customers with more customized messages and offer rewards and promotions to encourage them for exposing their products and services.
10 Investigation on the Bond and Sukuk market in Malaysia , 1Shahedin Alom & 2Mohammad Mehdi Hasan Khan 1Department of Accounting and Finance, School of Business and Economics, Universiti Putra Malaysia 2Faculty of Business Administration, Geomatika University College. Correspondent Author: Shahedin Alom, Email: turag357@gmail.com
The Malaysian capital market has a dual full fledged Islamic bond (Sukuk) instrument which operates in parallel with the conventional bond. This study investigates the correlation between the return of Sukuk portfolio differ significantly from conventional bond in Malaysia capital market. For this purpose, we just used the TR BPAM ALL BOND INDEX series from 2008 to 2013. This study is using the paired sample T test and correlation analysis; it found a positive and significant correlation between the returns of the conventional bond and Islamic (Sukuk) bond between the short term maturity bonds comparatively. Interestingly, the individual results of two debt instrument found that there is a noteworthy difference in the mean among long-term maturity of Sukuk and conventional bonds efficiency, which indicates that such two financial products, while traded in the same marketplace, are performed in different ways. The evidence justifies that long term maturity bond and Sukuk indicate that the higher probability of volatility in return and the maturity of the portfolio of bond and Sukuk.
11 An Empirical Exploration of Demand and Supply in Malaysia Housing Market , Shahedin Alom Department of Accounting and Finance, School of Business and Economics, Universiti Putra Malaysia Correspondent Author: Shahedin Alom, E-mail: turag357@gmail.com
The article provides an overview of factors that affect the supply of housing and the level of demand on the basis of market change in the Malaysia with transition economy. In the last decade, home prices in Malaysia have fluctuated considerably. This market volatility creates a significant impact on the Malaysian who want to buy or invest housing. Several scholars have argued that housing prices are directly correlated to buyers' ability to own a home, so the government plays a pivotal role in ensuring Malaysia's housing prices are equivalent to income rates. Therefore, this study is aimed at addressing various factors that impact Malaysian housing prices. The dynamics of prices on land and various types of completed buildings are also discussed. In this paper, it is seen how the housing market in Malaysia has been long discussed and has given attention to a great extent since the First Malaysia Plan (1966-1970). The finding presented in this paper may help to convince investor and house buyers that market volatility is not necessarily something to fear. The housing market is, to a certain degree predictable and hence house price movement may be detectable in advance.
12 An Empirical Case Study of Kraft Foods (IPO) & Kyber Network (ICO) , Shahedin Alom Department of Accounting and Finance, School of Business and Economics, Universiti Putra Malaysia Correspondent Author: Shahedin Alom, Email: turag357@gmail.com
In order to advise investors, who are choosing the appropriate avenue to invest between Kyber Network and Kraft Foods, this study investigates the platforms under which these two companies perform in the capital markets. These platforms are the Initial Public Offering [IPO] and Initial Coin Offering [ICO]. In order to find the most appropriate option, both platforms were studied on how they have developed over time. Various principles and requirement guiding their different uses and application were furthermore studied to provide insights on what a potential investor may be required in order to venture into these platforms. These findings were critical in proceeding to further find out how Kyber Network and Kraft Food have embraced these differences. Kyber Network trades in ICO while Kraft Food trades in IPO. In aspects of profitability, this study found out that Kyber Network has more prospective profitability with time due to increasing in per crypto price. Kraft Food’s per share price is declining hence it’s not profitable. In floating process, Kyber Network was found to be simpler and efficient for users since it only needs a user to create an account and begin trading with their crypto currencies or crypto tokens. Though Kyber Network was found to carry higher risk in the aspect of cyber risk, basic etiquettes of securing one’s online information would address any cyber risk. Henceforth, this study finds that investing in Kyber Network ICO is more profitable for investors.
13 Donor’s Perception Regarding Plasma Donation in Pakistan , Tauram Javed1 & Adnan Younas2 1Fourth Year MBBS, Sahiwal Medical College, Sahiwal, University of Health Sciences, Lahore, Pakistan 2Final Year MBBS, Rai Medical College, Sargodha, University of Health Sciences, Lahore, Pakistan Corresponding Author: Tauram Javed, E-mail: tauramjaved@gmail.com
Covid19 is rightly ranked as first international pandemic that within a short span of time covered the globe. There was no specific medicine to fight Covid-19 in early days (Rubin et al., 2020). But soon it was discovered that plasma of recovered covid-19 patient could be a hope for the newly affected patient. Fortunately, in Pakistan trails of convalescent plasma therapy proved much better results. But most of recovered people have fears and myths about plasma donation. This study aimed to motivate the recovered covid-19 patients to donate plasma generously through removal of apprehensions. plasma. In this cross-sectional study, self-generated questionnaire having answer (Yes/No) were designed and got it filled by 112 covid-19 recovered patients on Google forms and tried to find out the views about plasma therapy. Data is analyzed through SPSS version 26. About 55.5% people think that plasma donation is equal to blood donation, 50.9% think that plasma donation causes adverse effects on their health after donation. Amongst the participants in the sample, 73.2% had never donated blood even for a single time in their lives. The study enabled to know more precisely that why recovered patients avoid to help others to whom they were a ray of hope. The major deadly concern which kept the healed patient to abstain from plasma donation was further deterioration of health. While addressing the specific hinderance creating misconceptions the majority of recovered patients were ready to donate. A strong need is felt to encourage the mobs to donate blood in general and covid-19 recovered patient should donate their plasma for saving lives through proper awareness sessions by using social media, print media as well as electronic media.
14 Prevention, Management and Resolution of Political Conflicts in Nigeria: The Polite Language Approach , Donatus Chijioke Nwabunze1 & Ngozi M. Obi2 1Department of English and Literary Studies, Nwafor Orizu College of Education, Nsugbe, Nigeria 2Department of English and Literary Studies, Nwafor Orizu College of Education, Nsugbe, Nigeria Corresponding Author: Donatus Chijioke Nwabunze, Email: dnwabunze@gmail.com
As it has been observed by Aristotle centuries ago, of all the animals on earth, humans are the only beings endowed with the capacity to talk. They can as well use and manipulate diverse tools for various purposes. But the most important tool that makes them unique from other animals is their capacity to make use of speech to interact. Man is language; language is man. As social beings’ people cannot get along in the society without it, as far as communication is concerned. However, apart from positive functions of language, it can also perform negative functions when used offensively. It can be used both as constructive and destructive tool. The world over, offensive language leads to conflict –serious disagreement, quarrel or dispute between one person and another, between two groups of people, and even between nations. Interestingly language can equally be used to prevent, control, manage or settle disputes. It is the view of this paper that global conflicts, with particular reference to Nigeria, can be prevented, controlled and managed if the citizens can learn to use language constructively in a manner that does not slur and smear others. This paper further argues that inter-personal, ethnic and national conflicts can be curbed in Nigeria with skillful application of polite language in any communication event. Conclusively, this paper is of the view that the avoidance of conflict-inducing language would enhance fellowship of Nigerian citizens, rather than fellowship of race, ethnicity, religion and class in the country. As an empirical study, the research has Brown and Levinson’s politeness theory, and Deborah Cameron’s verbal hygiene theory, as theoretical frameworks. It is hoped that the study will complement all the efforts government has been making in the prevention, management and resolution of various politically motivated conflicts which are threatening the corporate existence of Nigeria as a nation.
15 Internal Party Democracy and Institutionalization of Political Parties in Nigeria's Fourth Republic , 1Alfa Patrick Innocent 2Kamarul Zaman Haji Yusoff & 3Otaida Eikojonwa 1Department of Social Science and Humanities, The Federal Polytechnic, Idah, Nigeria. 2School of International Studies,Universiti Utara Malaysia, Malaysia 3Department of Political Science, Federal University Dutsin Ma, Katsina State, Nigeria Corresponding Author: Alfa Patrick Innocent, Email: alfaintellectual@gmail.com.
This paper interrogates the connection between the level of internal party democracy which exists in Nigeria's Fourth Republic political parties and their propensity to become institutionalised. The objective is to unravel the reason for their inability to make effective contribution the deepening of democracy in the country. The paper is descriptive and conceptual. It got insights from secondary data which includes journal articles, national dailies, internet, magazines and textbooks. The data gathered were analysed under various themes. The paper contends that Nigeria's Fourth Republic political parties do not adhere to the tenets of internal party democracy, thus undermining the prospects of their institutionalisation and negates the performance of their democratic functions. The paper offers valuable suggestions that could enhance the level of internal party democracy in the parties, propel them towards institutionalisation and most fundamentally contribute optimally to the consolidation of democracy in the Fourth Republic and beyond.
16 Peer Acceptance among Learning Disabilities (LD) and Mainstream Students in Inclusive Classroom in a Primary School , Armeetaa Kaur Mallanhanse1, Nur Fadzmin Alias2, Siti Salma Najwa Bt Ahmad Bidin3 1, 2 & 3School of Education and Modern Languages, College of Arts & Sciences, Universiti Utara Malaysia, Malaysia Corresponding Author: Armeetaa, Email: armeetaakaur@gmail.com
The need to include students with learning disabilities (LD) together with mainstream students in general education is vital in providing equal opportunity for all students regardless of their disabilities in obtaining the same education. Therefore, the present study aims in investigating peer acceptance from the perspectives of LD students and mainstream students, together with gender difference between these two group of learners in an inclusive classroom in a primary school in Sungai Petani, Kedah, Malaysia. The sample of this study consisted of 30 primary students involved in the inclusive programme within an age range of 8-11 years old. Data were collected using Acceptance Scale for Kindergarten-Revised. The findings revealed that there was no significant difference between LD and mainstream students on peer acceptance. Meanwhile, the analysis on gender differences revealed that there was a significant difference between male and female mainstream students on peer acceptance of their LD peers, in which male students reported higher peer acceptance than female students. While no gender differences were found among LD students on peer acceptance of their mainstream peers. The findings demonstrated that LD students are accepted in an inclusive classroom, indicating that mainstream students are willing to learn and experience education process together with LD students.
17 The King that Devours his People: Conceptual Notes on a Sculpture Project , Chikelue Chris Akabuike Department of Fine and Applied Arts, University of Nigeria, Nigeria. Corresponding Author: Chikelue Chris Akabuike, E-Mail: chikelue.akabuike@unn.edu.ng
This paper discusses the implications of personality cult leadership style in the Nigerian context. It sought to situate the work under discussion in a way that it contributes to the ongoing dialogues and debates, within the works of literary and visual artists who have sought to speak against personality cult phenomena. It uses the author’s sculptural woodwork titled, The King that Devours His People, a process-oriented studio exploration, produced as a visual metaphor using the joinery technique as a method. Thus, the instrumentalist essences of the studio project’s formal features are discussed in ways that draw out the implications of personality cult leadership style, especially, in the Nigerian setting. The generated visual imageries articulate the socio-political activities of leaders and its’ consequences on the led. It meteorologically addresses the man inhumanity to man perpetrated by the Nigerian leaders on the masses. It particularly focuses on mobilizing against personality cult syndrome. The project significantly rationalizes the history of Nigeria and her people who have been shaped by one form of leadership or another. Thus, the unique joinery method, that gave rise to the formal features shows how artistic media and processes is used as a metaphor to discuss the implications of personality cults as a way of interrogating the strength and limitations of the effect of personality cults within the Nigerian situation.
18 The Impact of COVID-19 on Food Security and Nutrition in Pakistan: A Narrative Review , Uzma Quraishi1, Hina Ali2, Ruqia Safdar Bajwa3 & Asia Bibi4 1, 2, 4 TheWomen University, Multan Pakistan 3Bahauddin Zakariya University Multan, Pakistan Corresponding Author: Hina Ali, E-mail: hinaali@wum.edu.pk
Covid-19 pandemic impact on food security and nutrition is a global occurrence that is increased domestically as well as economically. The impact of COVID-19 on food security and nutrition is harmful. The primary risk to food security is at the country level. Covid-19 pandemic has sparked health and economic crisis. The supply chain is disrupted due to the lockdown situation and unemployment in the country. Loss of incomes and remittances are creating immense food security risks in Pakistan. The purpose of this study is to analyze the impact of COVID-19 on food security and nutrition in Pakistan. People want fresh and healthier food but the food industry is unable to achieve challenges due to lack of resources and finance. The income level of the people became near to the ground due to lockdown in the country. People’s power of purchasing and spending on food is low, as a result, the demand for the product is fewer and the industry supply chain is being affected day by day. Due to the impact of COVID-19 and lockdown, the food insecurity grew up since there is an increase in daily base goods like fruit, milk, and vegetables, etc. The chance of food insecurity and depletion increased due to COVID-19 and lockdown. Thousand of deaths were reported in the world due to food insecurity and pandemic illness. The risk for food insecurity increases when money to buy food has limited The findings of the study show that the impact of COVID-19 on food security and nutrition is more rigorous and severe. Food insecurity affects the human life of young, old, children and pregnant women, etc.the reason is that food, nutrition, health, unemployment, and socio-economic outcomes are interlinked.
19 Issues of Single Mothers in Practice Parenting Style to Adolescent in Indonesia , 1Ika Indrawaty Hamzah & 2Fauziah Md Jaafar 1&2Universiti Utara Malaysia, College of Arts and Sciences, School of Education and Modern Languages Corresponding Author: Ika Indrawaty Hamzah, E-mail: ikaindrawatyhamzah@yahoo.com
This paper aims to illustrate the issues of single mothers in practice parenting style to adolescents in Indonesia. Single mothers are a massive challenge to continue living with their children because they carry out multiple responsibilities, including childcare and the livelihood of their children. However, they have lost their dependence, inability to give birth to young children and in school using heavy stress including financial, psychological, stigma, social, and social problems in educating their children. To overcome the problems faced, single mothers need social support from the parties concerned. Therefore, this paper recommends to the relevant parties for each program that can assist single mothers who can be independent and various problems faced that squeeze life with their children.
20 Public Education and Social Citizenship - Potentials and Pitfalls. , Paroma Ray Mphil research scholar, University of Delhi, Delhi, India. Corresponding Author: Proma Ray, E-mail: ray.iph@gmail.com
In this paper I aim to explore the ideological and practical connections between citizenship and public education. Drawing from Marshall’s social citizenship I will attempt to explore the strands of ideas that facilitate or restrict the growth of social citizenship. The idea of global cosmopolitan citizenship and Deep citizenship will be of special interest to me and I shall attempt to locate the ethics behind them and how it ties up with public education. Questions of justice and equality and rights will be the ethical considerations that would form an undercurrent to my discussion on citizenship and education. Walzer, Agamben and Arendt’s ideas will be important in order to understand these dimensions. I will also attempt to briefly trace the evolution of the concept of mass education and public education and look at both nationalizing as well as globalizing tendencies in its history. While I will be looking at the educational policies of India, I shall focus on only those aspects of education in India that fit the general frame of the debates happening globally. Lastly, I will focus on the specific question of movement of both citizens and non-citizens and its relationship with public education. Given that education takes place over a decade of someone’s life informal movement has significant impact on the breaks and continuity in one’s education and in one’s perception of oneself as a member of a productive community that puts a premium value on education and educational qualifications while allowing for the exploitation of those without an education.
21 The Comparison Between Students’ Writing Achievement In Private and State of Junior High School , Riska Maharani Putri1, Yoga Prihatin2, Yuvita3 1,2&3Department of English, University of Pancasakti Tegal, Indonesia Corresponding Author: Riska Maharani Putri, E-mail: riskamaharani1998@gmail.com
The objectives of this Research Project are to find out the differences between students’ writing achievement in state and private of junior high school and to identify the motivating factors that influence the difference between students’ English learning. The research method used is MMR (Mixed Method Approach). There are 66 students as the sample, 33 students from state and private school. The researcher analysis data by using t-test and questionnaire. The sig. 2-tailed is 0,012 while the significant level is at 5% level significance, which is 0,05. It indicates that there is a difference between students’ writing achievement in state and private school because the significance 2-tailed is less than the significant level (0,012 < 0,05). After the researcher analyzed the t-test, the researcher analyzed the questionnaire. The questionnaire is divided into two, internal factors and external factors. About 59% state school respondents gives positive responses toward internal factors while there is 51% private school respondents gives positive responses toward external factors.
22 Communication Strategies Towards Preventing Violent Extremist Attacks in Pakistan , Sundus Mustaqeem1, Romlah Ramli2 & Syarizan Dalib3 1,2&3School of Multimedia Technology and Communication, University Utara Malaysia Corresponding Author: Sundus Mustaqeem, E-mail: sundus1074fm@gmail.com
With unpredictable purposes, extremism in Pakistan has attracted considerable local and global attention, especially after 9/11. Due to war against terrorism, Pakistan has suffered tremendous losses both in terms of number of precious lives and billions of dollars in foreign investment; economic terrorism imposed by foreign sponsored and homegrown terrorist networks. The country has been facing the challenging situations in the form of target killings and bomb blasts. On 16 December 2014 the brutal terrorist attack on Army Public School (APS) in Peshawar Pakistan appeared as major catastrophe, as killing children has become a major puzzle to our understanding of terrorism. This research examines the consequences of extremist attacks in Pakistan while revealing APS attack and argues that communication strategies can be assimilated into policies as preventive measures to minimize extremism and establish peace. To investigate this, qualitative methodology has been used, based on in-depth interviews to provide comprehensive perspectives from field experts and practitioners, affiliated with the same area. Thus, with the observations of 13 Informants, the study revealed that strategic communication for countering violence extremism from both the long-term and short-time strategic approaches are expedient. The study discovered that plausible communication strategies required to counter violent extremist need to underscore preventive communication strategies and consistent use of credible sources of information. In order to support the findings, models were generated through NVivo 10. Finally, it is recommended that communication strategies should convey healthy messages regarding conduct and aptitude to far-reaching populations through media and other sources of communication.