1 Bangladesh-East Asia Relations in the Context of Bangladesh’s Look East Policy   ,   Akkas Ahamed1, Md. Masum Sikdar2*, and Sonia Shirin3   1Dept. of Political Science, University of Chittagong, Chittagong, Bangladesh; 2Dept. of Political Science, University of Barisal, Barisal, Bangladesh; and 3Dept. of English, Gono Bishwabidyalay, Dhaka, Bangladesh *Correspondence: masum.cu84@gmail.com  
  'Look East' diplomacy and its foreign policy aspiration of engagement with East Asian countries is part of clear recognition of strategic and economic importance of the region to Bangladesh's national interests. Bangladesh's government is planning to implement the 65,000-kilometer road project through the Asian highway route. Bangladesh would be linked to 15 countries with the proposed road network. The Asian Highway plan was first launched in 1959 under the UN Economic, and Social Commission for South Asia, and Pacific (ESCAP). Its main purpose is to increase regional and international cooperation between Asia, and Europe via Turkey and to set transportation, infrastructural progress for the socio-economic development of many countries in the region. In order to realize Bangladesh’s potential and expedite further growth, Japan has come up with the concept of the Bay of Bengal industrial growth belt” or what Prime Minister Shinzo Abe termed “The BIG-B”. On the other hand, Chinese President Xi Jinping narrates Bangladesh as an emerging country along with the “Maritime Silk Road” (MSR) project that he has been championing, which envisages deepening connectivity, constructing ports, free trade sectors, and boosting trade with littoral countries in the Indian Ocean zone, and in East Asia. In the introductory part of this paper, we will give a little summary of the concept of look east policy, the relationship between Bangladesh, and East Asia, particularly Japan and China. Political and economic relations, trade and investment, regional connectivity, infrastructural development, between Japan and Bangladesh, and China and Bangladesh have been discussed in the paper. The main purpose of this paper is to provide a basic understanding of look east policy of Bangladesh foreign policy, which is very significant in order to ensure more investment and transfer of technology to Bangladesh.   
2 Impact of Social Networking Sites on Interpersonal Relationship among Teenager: A Sociological Analysis in the District of Bagerhat   ,   Md. Shahin Parvez1*, Md. Anisur Rahaman1, Kaniz Fatema1, and Druti Rani Mondal1   1Dept. of Sociology, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Science and Technology University, Gopalganj, Bangladesh *Correspondence: shahin.bsmrstu.soc18@gmail.com  
  Social Networking Sites (SNSs) are clearly becoming an authentic and chosen form of Communication. At present, utilize of SNSs amongst teenage students has enlarged, and utilize of SNS has extensive influence on these students in various ways, especially on their interpersonal relationships. The current study is placed in this context to determine the influence of SNS on interpersonal relationships of the teenager, and also find out the impetus of utilize, interest, as well as danger associated with SNS among the college student. In this study students finished a questionnaire that utilizes of SNSs from Khalilur Rahman Degree College, Shahed Hemayet Uddin Girl’s High School, and Wajed Memorial Secondary School at Mollahat Upazila for creating primary data; It was established that the utilize of SNS has a result on interpersonal relationships of a teenager, particularly with their members of family, and friends. We were also found that how much average time they take up on SNSs, what kind of alter has occurred in their face to face relationship. The study also tries to reveal the benefit and dangers associated with SNSs among teenagers. The study found that, although the SNSs have supported improve relationships among teenagers as friends, they have also created some negative effects such as losing their time, increase crime, and immoral activities, and increase their monthly expenditure. It provides an outlook for exploring the technological implications of a society in the domain of sociology.  
3 A Feministic Approach to Nora of Henric Ibsen’s A Doll’s House   ,   Md. Shaon Akter1*, Muhammed Asgor Hossain2, Ferdousi Akter2, and Md. Abdul Zalil3   1Dept. of English, Khwaja Yunus Ali University, Sirajgonj, Bangladesh; 2Dept. of English, Islamic University, Kushtia; and 3Bangladesh International School & College, Jeddah, K.S.A *Correspondence: shekhshaon1989@gmail.com  
  A Doll’s House by Henrik Ibsen is a significant work as a model play in the rise of feminism of the 19th century. Nora, the central female character, acts as the harbinger of feminism here. She is seen in the play as a rebellious female for establishing her own recognition as a human being. She discovers herself as a locked bird in both her father’s house and husband’s as well. She also proves that in the name of love and adoration she receives only humiliation from the male-dominated families. So she leaves her “happy home” for uncertainty as well as she leaves the community of her own people. Actually, Nora is the representative of the pioneering female world who tried to change the male-dominated social systems and to change their discriminatory outlook to the womanhood. So this study is to find out the seeds of feminism in the women waiting to be flourished with an explosion of freedom in the 19th century.  
4 Present Status of Information and Internet Services in Union Council of Madhukhali Upazila: A Case Study   ,   Md. Rubel Hossain1*, Shalehar Khatun1, and Md. Abdur Rashid2   1Department of Library and Information Science, Khwaja Yunus Ali University, Sirajgonj, Bangladesh; and 2Library and Documentation, Nuclear Power Plant Bangladesh, Bangladesh *Correspondence: rubelru91@gmail.com  
  Bangladesh is the smallest country but has a huge population. The government of Bangladesh tries to digital information and internet service to a remote area by the Union Council Information Centres. This center was established to bring information like agriculture, education, government, and non-government commercial services, community relations support services, etc. The purpose of UCIIS is to supply the easiest internet -services and to create an interaction. In this research, both qualitative and quantitative research approach has been applied. Data were collected by using questionnaires from random sampling through the service receivers from the study area which was in Madhukhali Upazila under Faridpur District in Bangladesh. While internet-service providing Union Council Information and Internet Services (UCIIS) is an outlet to supply information and internet-service, facilities among the rural level people of Bangladesh. Equipment, power supply, internet speed, trained entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs’ satisfaction income, financial Support, from Union Council have a positive relation with infrastructure and other's support. The study result has shown that the effectiveness of UCIIS, in respect of citizen satisfaction, is close to the successful level while the effectiveness of UCIIS, in respect of infrastructure and logistic support, is in between successful and somehow successful level. The effectiveness of UCIIS about the Internet-service delivery largely depends upon the citizen’s satisfaction and infrastructure & logistic support.  
5 The Subversive Use of Parading Effeminacy by Transgender People in increasing Crime Rate in Bangladesh: A Study on Several Investigating Crime Reports   ,   Sakina Akter Sema1*    1Department of English, Pundra University of Science and Technology, Bogura, Bangladesh  *Correspondence: sakinaseema40@gmail.com  
  Transgender or Hijras are human being those who born with sexual deformation. They are considered as nor man nor women but the other third gender known as ‘Hijras’ in Indian-subcontinent. They have different societies that are lead by their leaders known as Guruma. They are strictly controlled by their gurumas and have very limited scope to enroll them in several activities without their permission. So frequently they are influenced by their gurumas to involve in criminal activities and sometimes they do that willingly for the other reasons. This study was an attempt to investigate the reasons for doing such criminal activities by them and to find the effects of such criminal activities in increasing the crime rate in Bangladesh. To conduct this study descriptive research design with a qualitative study was applied. Most of the data were collected from secondary sources like- scholarly articles, newspapers, several online YouTube channels, FBI reports, Bangladesh Police Discipline Security Progress reports and so on. Few data were also collected from primary sources like- directly interviewing transgender people who have sufficient knowledge about criminal activities that are occurring at the present time in Bangladesh. In the case of interviewing, the purposive sampling method was used to select the transgender people as a sample size. The study has found that a number of criminal activities are done by the transgender people in Bangladesh and there are some reasons behind it. If the respective authorities take some necessary steps to reduce the causes then the effects will be ultimately reduced. Finally, the total scenario of the crime situation in Bangladesh will be changed positively and it would be a good place to live in for all regardless of their gender identity.   
6 A Comparative Study Relating to Community Policing in the Context of Bangladesh   ,   Md. Nahidul Islam1*   1Department of Law, Gono Bishwabidyalay, Savar, Dhaka, Bangladesh  *Correspondence: jsnahid07law@gmail.com (Dr. Md. Nahidul Islam, Assistant Professor, Department of Law, Gono Bishwabidyalay, Savar, Dhaka, Bangladesh).  
  This paper is basically concerned with the concept of community policing, its significance, objectives, various organizations and institutions relating to security, community policing in different countries, population growth in comprising with community policing, and finally the conceptual framework and the present scenario of community policing in Bangladesh. The concept of community policing which is an essential part especially for ensuring quality policing in the context of a democratic and developing country like Bangladesh has been briefly discussed in this study. In fact, finally, the conceptual framework has been mentioned in this paper to ensure quality policing after a brief analysis between the concept of traditional policing and community policing with the review of certain developed and developing countries.  
7 The Impact of Human Rights Violation Concerning the Status of Women and Children in Bangladesh: A Critical Review   ,   Md. Nahidul Islam1*   1Department of Law, Gono Bishwabidyalay, Savar, Dhaka-1344, Bangladesh *Correspondence: jsnahid07law@gmail.com (Dr. Md. Nahidul Islam, Assistant Professor, Gono Bishwabidyalay, Dhaka).  
  This paper is basically concerned with the status of Women and Children relating to the violation of human rights and its impact. This paper mostly dwells on certain examples of violation of human rights relating to torture, sexual harassment, trafficking and sexual exploitation, rape, and murder or even the violation of domestic workers’ rights emphasizing on the human rights situation in a democratic and a developing country like Bangladesh. In this study, in addition to this, an attempt has been made to unveil the relationship between Human Rights and Police Administration. Most importantly, there is a further attempt to uphold the facts of human rights violations especially concerning the status of women and children mentioning and studying certain sensational cases too. Finally, in this paper, the researcher has endeavored to bring out the actual situation and impact of such violations analyzing and reviewing critically the status of women and children as well as the indigenous community i.e., the rights of indigenous women and children in Bangladesh too and certain facts in different perspectives in connection with the activities of the law enforcers i.e., the police where these agencies are always on action having the responsibilities to protect and ensure the human rights of the citizens in a democratic and developing country like Bangladesh.  
8 Perceived Effect of Motivation on the Job Performance of Library Personnel of Universities in Benue State, Nigeria   ,   Margaret Mngusuur Ubagu1 and Joseph Ahemba Gbuushi2   1&2University Library and Information Services, Benue State University, Makurdi, Nigeria *Correspondence: josephgbuushi@gmail.com  
  The study was conducted on the perceived effect of motivation on the job performance of library personnel of universities in Benue State. Two objectives were formulated to find out the perceived effect of training and salary payment on job performance of library personnel of universities in Benue State. Two research questions and two hypotheses were also formulated in line with the formulated objectives. The survey research design was adopted. The study population was 223 library personnel from the Federal University of Agriculture, Makurdi, Benue State University, Makurdi, and University of Mkar, Mkar. The entire population was used for the study hence there was no sample and sampling. A self-structure questionnaire was used for data collection. The questionnaire was subjected to face and content validity. Cronbach alpha was used to test the reliability of the instrument which yielded a value of 0.94. Mean values were used to answer research questions while one-way Analysis of Variance (ANOVA) was used to test hypotheses at 0.5 level of significance. The study found that training and salary payments have a significant difference in job performance of library personnel of universities in Benue State. The study recommended, therefore, that university library personnel should be sent for constant training and retraining; they should also be paid salaries for optimum job performance.   
9 Dependency among Kautilya’s Three Major Ideas: Upaya, Sadgunya, and Prakrti   ,   Krishna Kumar Saha*   Department of Public Administration, Comilla University, Cumilla-3506, Bangladesh. *Correspondence: krishna_du@yahoo.com (Krishna Kumar Saha, Assistant Professor, Dept. of Public Administration, Comilla University, Bangladesh).  
  Since the rediscovery of Kautilya’s Arthasastra, it is considered as one of the oldest books on statecrafts and political realism in the world. In the book Arthasastra, Kautilya has described many ideas of statecraft, and they are still in the use of state polity. Until now some of his ideas remained unextractable. Many scholars in South Asia and the West are practicing the ideas formulated by Kautilya. Yet, as a native South Asian political fractional and international relations theorist, Kautilya remained under exposed. Nevertheless, this current study is an attempt to find the dependency among the three significant concepts by Kautilya from his Arthasastra. In the study, the researcher has attempted to show how shifts in one of the three major concepts can change the other two. They are entirely dependent on each other. The researcher has made an effort to create a ‘measurement scale’ to measure the dependence among the ‘Upaya, Sadgunya, and Prakrti.’ On the other hand, since these concepts can also be found in the modern-day state system, the study has analyzed the ‘1962 Sino-Indian War’ concerning those three concepts. This current research is an explorative investigation.  
10 Corporate Social Responsibility Practice of Multinational Companies in Ethiopia: A Case Study of Heineken Brewery S.C   ,   Berihu Gereziher1* and Yohannes Shiferaw2   1&2School of Journalism and Communication, College of Social Sciences and Humanities, Addis Ababa University, Ethiopia. *Correspondence: bgereziher12@gmail.com  
  Multinational profit-making organizations are expected to carry out their Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR) in order to protect the environment and the safety of people living in the surrounding of their plants. The main aim of this study was to explore the CSR practices of a multinational brewery company in Ethiopia, Heineken brewery, with specific reference to the brewery plant in Kilinto. The researcher explored the CSR practices with respect to Elkington’s CSR triple bottom line and a specific focus on the people and planet perspectives. Relevant literature was reviewed to describe multinational company's CSR practices in developed and developing country's perspectives. The qualitative research method was used in the study with a Case study approach since this research is about a specific case in a specific company. Semi-structured interviews, observation, and document analysis were used to collect data. The qualitative content analysis method was used to analyze the qualitative data and describe the meaning. The researcher examined the data in a systematic way in relation to the research questions reducing the data by coding and categorizing to draw meaning. The findings indicate that Heineken lacked balanced CSR practice in its environmental and social CSR practices. Though the company took part in some philanthropic CSR activities, its CSR approach was short term and reactive instead of being proactive. Heineken’s CSR strategy needs modification to customize its global CSR strategies into local contexts to solve local problems. Based on the findings, the researcher recommended that Heineken needs to make improvement in its CSR to sustainably address environmental and social needs with stronger community engagement and communicating its CSR efforts through effective PR practice.  
11 Inevitability of the Education Sector in the Success of Vision 2021: A Critical Study of Bangladesh Perspective   ,   Muhammed Asgor Hossain1* and Md. Shaon Akter2**   1Dept. of English, Islamic University (IU), Jhenidah-Kushtia, Bangladesh; 2Dept. of English, Khwaja Yunus Ali University (KYAU), Sirajgonj, Bangladesh. *Correspondence: muhammedasgor123@gmail.com (Dr. Muhammed Asgor Hossain, Professor, Dept. of English, IU, Jhenidah-Kushtia, Bangladesh). **Correspondence: shekhshaon1989@gmail.com (Md. Shaon Akter, Lecturer, Dept. of English, KYAU, Sirajgonj, Bangladesh).  
  Education is the backbone of a nation. The total development of a country largely depends on the development of the education sector. Our government has initiated to implement the Vision 2021 where it has been estimated that this country will acquire self-sufficiency in all the sectors. It is assumed that Bangladesh will overcome the poverty level and stand as a self-reliant country in the world by this vision of 2021. The economic growth of Bangladesh will cover up a satisfactory level to remove poverty and this nation will build up a new identity as a middle-income nation. The per-capita income will be higher and the citizens will lead to a higher standard of living after the implementation of Vision 2021. But no planning will come into effort without ensuring education for all. So the study is to remind the Government that they need to keep in mind the inevitability of education before going forth for the success of Visio 2021. To come out successful in this attempt, I have selected some text books, journals, magazines, books on criticism, and web links, etc.  
12 Evolution and Assessment of South Asian Folk Music: A Study of Social and Religious Perspective   ,   Ruksana Karim*   Department of Music, Faculty of Arts, Jagannath University, Dhaka, Bangladesh. *Correspondence: rukhsanakanon@gmail.com (Ruksana Karim, Lecturer, Department of Music, Jagannath University, Dhaka, Bangladesh).      
  This paper describes how South Asian folk music figured out from the ancient era and people discovered its individual form after ages. South Asia has too many colorful nations and they owned different culture from the very beginning. Folk music is like a treasure of South Asian culture. According to history, South Asian people established themselves here as a nation (Arya) before five thousand years from today and started to live with native people. So a perfect mixture of two ancient nations and their culture produced a new South Asia. This paper explores the massive changes that happened to South Asian folk music which creates several ways to correspond to their root and how they are different from each other. After many natural disasters and political changes, South Asian people faced many socio-economic conditions but there was the only way to share their feelings. They articulated their sorrows, happiness, wishes, prayers, and love with music, celebrated social and religious festivals all the way through music. As a result, bunches of folk music are being created with different lyrics and tune in every corner of South Asia.  
13 Factors Influencing Family Size: A Critical Study on Khulna District of Bangladesh   ,   Md. Jahidul Islam*   Sociology Discipline, Social Science School, Khulna University, Khulna, Bangladesh.  *Correspondence: jahidsoc14ku@gmail.com  
  Family size in any particular society depends on different socioeconomic and cultural factors. This study makes an attempt to examine the determinants of family size in the Khulna district of Bangladesh. The study was carried out in Paikgacha villages under Paikgacha Upazila and. Ward no. 31 of Khulna city under Khulna district. The study opted for survey research design and the unit of analyses was the head of households from the study area. Samples of 296 respondents were selected through simple random sampling and were interviewed with a semi-structured interview schedule. The bivariate studies were executed using chi-square to explore the probable association between family size and certain covariates. To know the marginal effects of independent variables, the OLS (Ordinary Least Square) model was measured. Results show that half of the households (54.1% to be exact) were small (had four or less than that members) in size. Besides, age, family income, educational status, number of surviving children, number of desired children, sex preferences, contraceptive use, family planning, and residence were linked with the size of the family (p<.005) as potential socioeconomic and cultural factors.   
14 Quest and Assessment for Self-Identity in the Select Novel of Arun Joshi   ,   P. Revathy1* and V. Peruvalluthi2 1Dept. of English, Muthurangam Government Arts College, Vellore-2, India; and 2English Reader, Thiruvalluvar University, Serkadu, India. *Correspondence: revathy2014@gmail.com (Dr. P. Revathy, Assistant Professor, Dept. of English, Muthurangam Government Arts College, Vellore-2, India).  
  Literature is one among the fine arts like painting, sculpture and music which express emotions, feelings, humour, and happiness using language as a medium of communication through different sorts of the genre like prose, poetry, drama and novel. It reflects the items that happen within society and life. It deals with human being’s personal experience, nature, war, culture, imagination, history, etc. Indian English literature is that the outcome of the works written by the Indian author who writes in English. In India, there are numerous languages and different literatures. Arun Joshi deals with a very difficult situation of a modern man and is sensitively alive to the various dimensions of tortures, exerted by the difficult character and demands of the society in which same age man is destined to live. The heroes of his novels are helpless outsiders and the harsh strangers. The consciousness of man’s rootlessness and new feeling and the major search for a meaningful self is the key factor of Joshi’s novels.  
15 Impacts of Unemployment on Graduates in Bangladesh: A Case Study   ,   Md. Harunur Rashid1*, and Md. Ashraful Islam2**   1Department of Public Administration and Governance Studies, Jatiya Kabi Kazi Nazrul Islam University (JKKNIU), Trishal, Mymensingh, Bangladesh; and 2Master of Business Administration, University of Greenwich, London, United Kingdom.  *Correspondence: harun_du.rashid92@yahoo.com (Md. Harunur Rashid, Lecturer, Department of Public Administration and Governance Studies, JKKNIU, Trishal, Mymensingh, Bangladesh).  **Correspondence: aislam208@outlook.com (Md. Ashraful Islam, MBA Student, University of Greenwich, London, United Kingdom).  
  The study attempts to explore the impacts of unemployment; how the state of unemployment is becoming the cause of social, economic, physical, personality, and psychological costs on the unemployed graduates with identification of reasons for unemployment in Bangladesh. The study area was the unemployed graduates of the social science faculty of the University of Dhaka. The study followed a qualitative approach by using the case study method. Capacity mismatch, corruption, the incapacity of the graduates, absence of job specialization, outdated curriculum were the leading reasons for unemployment, the study identified. The impacts of unemployment are invariably alike on graduates-mental depression, embarrassment, socio-economic vulnerability, erosion of inner potentiality, degradation of personality, and frustration. The study explored that sense of self-esteem erodes due to peer group pressure and their attitudes towards unemployed graduates. The findings significantly guide that Bangladeshi graduates, who hailed from lower and middle strata, lack in entrepreneurial spirit and are bound in cyclical craziness to secure a job primarily a government job. It recommends for further evaluation of Bangladesh’s education systems, the focus on higher education which will meet the capacity mismatch between market demands and education; and changes in attitudes-overindulgence on government jobs, associated with cultural factors, must be needed to minimize the vulnerabilities. Academia, learners, policymakers, scholars, policy advocates will get significant insight from the findings of the study.   
16 Exploration of the Personal Memmorate of a Local Myth Based on Oral Genre Analysis   ,   Israt Jahan Lipa*   Dept. of Anthropology, Comilla University, Comilla-3506, Bangladesh.  *Correspondence: isratjahan.lipa99@gmail.com (Israt Jahan Lipa, Lecturer, Department of Anthropology, Comilla University, Comilla-3506, Bangladesh).  
  The conversational genres are part of and performed in everyday life, the culture of everyday talk, and the type of discourses embedded in ongoing social processes. Studying the communication and performance of ordinary people is essential to understand the discourses and to hear the unheard voices in our society. These are individual narratives usually composed orally by the tellers based on real incidents and personal experiences. Myths are important to be studied out to analyze discursive changes and locate personal experiences within the society. The importance of this local myth as an oral genre can be illustrated by analyzing their presence, practices, and functions within the community. For example, this local myth provides a useful narrative of cultural norms, changes in living conditions, and the world view of the local inhabitants. This paper is written following the personal memmorate analysis and it is analyzed based on oral genre analysis. It is explored that local people perceive this myth in their daily experiences and it guides their action.   
17 Factors Affecting Diffusion of Entitlement in Consumption of Scarce Commodities: A Psychological Approach   , Tharumini Weerakoon* Department of Health and Life Sciences, School of Psychological, Social and Behavioral Sciences, Coventry University, UK. *Correspondence: tharumini456@gmail.com  
This research examined factors affecting Diffusion of Entitlement to identify the most likely individual to be prone to Diffusion of Entitlement.  This was explored by considering 3 key factors; Self-esteem, Emotional Intelligence and Culture Orientation. An online survey of a cross sectional correlational design was conducted on 96 undergraduate students (21 males and 75 females, mean age = 21.1, SD = 4.72) from Coventry University, UK. 3 scales measuring the 3 independent variables along with a decision vignette to measure if an individual was prone to Diffusion of Entitlement or not was provided. The results were analyzed to show a high significance value for High Emotional Intelligence predicting Diffusion of Entitlement and no prediction from Self Esteem and Culture Orientation.  
18 Impact of Foucauldian Discourse on Feminism and Postcolonial Studies   , Yasif Ahmad Faysal1* and Md. Mijanur Rahman2 1&2Department of English, Faculty of Arts and Humanities, University of Barishal, Barishal, Bangladesh. *Correspondence: yasiffaysal@gmail.com (Yasif Ahmad Faysal, Assistant Professor, Department of English, University of Barishal, Barishal, Bangladesh).  
Foucault’s concept of power and its working in a complex process for the formation of identity and the mobilization of resistance has been of paramount interest over the years to individuals and groups located in unfavorable positions in power-relations. That knowledge and power work together in an exclusionary formation signified in the concept of discourse has inspired feminists and theorists of colonial and post-colonial studies to rework discourse theories to map out new identities and programs of resistance. Although Foucault’s ideas are appropriated by critical schools for various reasons, such appropriation still requires a measure of clarification, since there is no unified position among the schools themselves. In this paper, we therefore attempt to show how themes of exclusion, identity and resistance-very seminal to Foucault’s critical oeuvre, are received and modified by feminist thinkers and theorists of colonial and post-colonial studies.  
19 Role of ICT to Meet the Local Demands of Information Services: A Case Study of Ghorjan and Rajapur Union, Sirajganj   , Muzammel Haque1*, Abu Sharif Md. Mahbub-E-Kibria1, Shankor Paul3, and S M Saify Iqbal2 1Department of Soil, Water and Environment, University of Dhaka, Dhaka, Bangladesh; 2Department of Geography and Environment, University of Dhaka, Dhaka, Bangladesh; and 3Department of Geography and Environment, Jahangirnagar University, Savar, Dhaka, Bangladesh.  *Correspondence: rubel.muzammel@gmail.com
The study aims to analyze local needs/demands of information services in two Char-based Unions (i.e. Ghorjan and Rajapur) of Sirajganj district to address shortcomings of information requires for sustaining people’s lives and livelihood and contributing to the development of a Disaster Information Management System in Char-land areas of Bangladesh. It is a fact that a large section of Char communities is staying out of access to information at present due to their geographical isolation, lack of appropriate communication mechanisms, and initiatives - placing them in a difficult situation to survive. From this point of view, the focal theme of this study was the assessment of local needs/demands of information to develop “sustainable information communication and services mechanisms” by which the Char-land people get available access to such information. Based on this theme, the study adopted a participatory research approach to allow a cross-section of some selected stakeholders groups (farmer, fisherman, and migrant workers) along with Union Digital Center (UDC) and Char Digital Center (CDC) entrepreneurs, Union Parishad representatives, local NGOs, technical institutions, community volunteers, Government officials and community-based civil society organizations in selected Char-land areas to share their information needs and possible ways for channelizing it in long term perspectives and prioritize it in line with the people’s necessity and emergency, and finally tried to shape a framework for sustainable use of such information and communication services by using existing UDC, CDC, and community volunteers. 
20 Consequences of Maternal Mortality in Bangladesh Rural Families an Experience of Gonoshasthaya Kendra (GK) 2008-2018   , M. A Kashem Shaikh*, Manzur Kadir Ahmed2, and Rezaul Haque2 1Center for Multidisciplinary Research, Gono Bishwabidyalay, Savar, Dhaka-1344, Bangladesh; and 2Gonoshasthaya Kendra, Savar, Dhaka, Bangladesh.  *Correspondence: gonoresearch@gmail.com (M.A Kashem Shaikh, Ph.D; Director, Center for Multidisciplinary Research, Gono Bishwabidyalay,  Savar, Dhaka-1344, Bangladesh).
An estimated 529,000 women, from developing countries including Bangladesh, continue to die each year from maternal causes (www.thelancet.com, 2006). In contrast, progress in reducing levels of maternal mortality, making pregnancy and childbearing safer for women, despite being a central element of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), has been much slower. To achieve this goal the GK has been working since 1972, to reduce maternal mortality and to provide better health services. The objective of this paper is to examine the success rate and to provide the facts that helping to reduce maternal mortality in GK areas. GK has increased its coverage to more than 1.2 million rural population with 43 PHC centers in 631 villages across the country with 5 referral hospitals. This paper discusses maternal mortality in rural Bangladesh, using maternal mortality registration data from 19 Gonoshasthaya health program areas along with 10 health sub-centers for the period from 2008-2018. After the registration of pregnant women, paramedics follow up by offering antenatal and post-natal care services. The study was conducted by analyzing the panel data in the period of 14th April 2008 to 13th April 2018. The findings showed out of 3125236 female population, aged 15-49,16711 died during the study period yielding an adult death rate of 0.64 per 1000 female population. This finding suggests that maternal mortality would reduce further if women had access to adequate health care during pregnancy and child birth. 
21 Customer’s Satisfaction toward Robi Axiata Limited: Study on Rajshahi University Area   , Shalehar Khatun1 and Md. Rubel Hossain2* 1&2Department of Library and Information Science, Khwaja Yunus Ali University, Sirajgonj, Bangladesh.  *Correspondence: rubelru91@gmail.com (Md. Rubel Hossain, Lecturer, Department of Library and Information Science, Khwaja Yunus Ali University, Sirajgonj, Bangladesh).
The beginning of the telecommunication business has been appealing not on time in Bangladesh when to compare Asian countries. The mobile telecommunication of serving is repetition on a yearly basis over the last two or three years. Now in our country four mobile phone operators, one is Robi. Most of the companies are offering diverse innovative packages and offer charge added services for satisfying the customer’s needs &demands. This research is the main objective to find out Customer’s satisfaction with Robi Axiata Limited in the Rajshahi University area. There are different ways which have an effect on the performance. The aim of this paper is to search crucial issues which regularly control the more level of performance of mobile users in the Rajshahi University area. Network of coverage, quality of the network, quality of internet, taxes, customer services, value-added services, payment system; encouraging offers are the utmost valuable issues that feelings customer fulfillment. Robi carries their work till now because of their different 4.5 packages. 
22 Social Safety Net Programmes in Bangladesh: Gaps and Policy Recommendations   , Nazmul Hasan1* and Afroza Islam Lipi2 1Department of Public Administration and Governance Studies, Jatiya Kabi Kazi Nazrul Islam University, Trishal, Mymenshingh, Bangladesh; 2Department of Local Government and Urban Development, Jatiya Kabi Kazi Nazrul Islam University, Trishal, Mymenshingh, Bangladesh.  *Correspondence: nazmul.pags23@gmail.com (Lecturer, Department of Public Administration and Governance Studies, Jatiya Kabi Kazi Nazrul Islam University, Trishal, Mymenshingh, Bangladesh).
The Social Safety Net Programs (SSNPs) play an important role in Bangladesh to guards the poor people against poorness and vulnerability. Either financial gain poorness or human poverty is accountable for the prevalence of poorness in Bangladesh. Taking into consideration these factors, the government of Bangladesh is attempting to poorness by the death penalty varied varieties of social safety net programs since her emergence as a brand-new nation. The government of Bangladesh allocates a huge quantity of cash within the budget to implement varied social safety internet measures with the motive to attenuate the degree of poorness. Social safety internet programs in Bangladesh will be compound beneath 2 broad ranges: (i) social protection measures; (ii) social authorization measures. The article is an effort to debate the history of a social safety net program, varied social safety net programs in Bangladesh, findings of gaps and irregularities, and policy recommendation of social safety net programs in Bangladesh. There's would like for a comprehensive economic science policy response and robust programmer management to create the SSNPs work expeditiously. 
23 Impact of Primary Schools Infrastructure on the Dropout Rate: A Situational Analysis on the Context of Bangladesh , Mahmudul Hasan1, Md. Mokter Ali1*, Mst. Tahmina Sultana1, and Rehena Parvin1  1Department of Sociology and Social Work, Gono Bishwabidyalay (University), Mirzanagar, Savar, Dhaka, Bangladesh.  *Correspondence: dipugb@gmail.com (Md. Mokter Ali, Senior Lecturer, Department of Sociology and Social Work, Gono Bishwabidyalay (University), Mirzanagar, Savar, Dhaka-1344, Bangladesh).
The objectives of this research were to discover the impact of primary school infrastructure and resources on the dropout rate of primary schools in Bangladesh. This study also includes the other circumstances of student dropout from the primary schools of Bangladesh. The main method of this study was an interview survey and also used Focus Group Discussions (FGD). The primary data have been collected from study areas which are four districts of Bangladesh (Dhaka, Gazipur, Shariatpur, and Tangail) and secondary ones from different relevant publications, books, dissertations, journal articles, government publications, and websites. The current literacy rate has increased in Bangladesh. But the stall factor remains the main obstacle to reaching this objective. So far, an enumerated number of students do not pursue their studies for many reasons. The vulnerable condition of the infrastructure and the scarcity of resources in these schools are the principal causes. Some of the survey data are presented here, like 8.1% primary schools are tin-shed +mosaic floor construct, 14% school’s doors and windows are broken, and 21.6% school is unsanitary. Ultimately, this study found that, on average, 6.68% of students were dropped out of primary school because of a broken infrastructure. It’s a massive obstacle to acquiring a 100% literacy rate. Moreover, Simple Linear Regression Analysis found more authentic speculation as to the cause of the dropout of the students from the primary level. This survey found that ‘Infrastructural facilities’ and ‘Apparent of Buildings’ are more efficiently related. With a P-value of 0.005b, this is less than the significant level of 0.05. The linear regression model was found to be an excellent fit. In this research, we focused on a specific cause of dropout and wanted to pinpoint the margin of the problem. Hopefully, this research will make a meaningful contribution to the field of knowledge. 
24 Rostow’s Stages of Growth and Bangladesh: To Which Stage Does Bangladesh Belong?   , Soma Dhar* Department of Economics, University of Chittagong, Bangladesh. *Correspondence: soma.chowdhury7@yahoo.com (Soma Dhar, PhD Student, Department of Economics, University of Chittagong, Bangladesh).
Albeit facing ample challenges as encountered by most developing countries of the world, Bangladesh’s economy has consistently been prepared for take-off. There are quite a number of glairing failures but the commendable successes it has attained throughout the last one and a half-decade in macro-management of the economy have shaped a ground for take-off, which may pave the way for resolving many of the critical development problems such as poverty, illiteracy, unemployment, and low productivity within a foreseeable future. This is not a synthetic arrangement to sterilize pessimism into the expectation of false hope, rather assist build, in what has already been attained, a foundation for what ought to be done next. It is rather some sort of confidence-building based on some positive modification that has already taken place within the economy. From the five stages growth model of Rostow, the stage ‘take-off’ has been deliberately chosen to precise an emphatic drive that a developing country needs in setting dynamism in its economy for sustained development. The stipulations for ‘transition’ and therefore the ground setting required for ‘take-off’ are planned as prompt and timely actions needed for a desperate nation aspiring fast development of the country. This study depicts the different stages of Rostow’s growth model and tries to figure out the current stage of growth of Bangladesh. The study also employs how Bangladesh’s development model and development management model play an important role to spice up the growth sector and the acceleration of the economic uplift of the country. 
25 Learning Styles & Academic Performance of Teacher Education Students , Bernadette A. Cada* Eastern Samar State University, Borongan City, Eastern Samar, Philippines, 6800.  *Correspondence: dettec1023@gmail.com (Dr. Bernadette A. Cada, Professor, College of Education (English Language), Eastern Samar State University, Borongan City, Eastern Samar, Philippines).
ABSTRACT Individual differences can be attributed to learning styles across students. It is the goal of this research to determine the students’ preferred learning styles and how well they performed academically. This study is a descriptive-correlation method of research on the learning style and academic performance of teacher education students. The results revealed that: First-year teacher education students have varied learning styles with social learning style as the most dominant. This implies that the first-year teacher education students prefer to learn in groups or with other people; The rating of the first-year teacher education students ranges from 1.6-2.0 which is equivalent to “very good” in the adjectival rating based on the grading system of the university, and The correlation analysis using the Pearson’s Product Moment Correlation of Coefficient result to a p-value which is greater than the level of significance (0.05) for all learning styles which means that there is no correlation between students' chosen learning techniques and their academic success. 
26 A Critical Study of The Man-Eater of Malgudi from Ecofeminist Perspectives , A.K.M. Masudul Mannan* Dept. of English Language and Literature, Jatiya Kabi Kazi Nazrul Islam University, Mymensingh, Bangladesh.  *Correspondence: masudulmannan1234@gmail.com (A.K.M. Masudul Mannan, Lecturer, Dept, of English Language and Literature, Jatiya Kabi Kazi Nazrul Islam University, Mymensingh, Bangladesh).
ABSTRACT This article attempts to analyze how R.K. Narayan’s The Man-Eater of Malgudi draws a polyphonic picture about woman, life, and the nature of Malgudi from an ecofeminist perspective. It attempts to explore how the theory of ecofeminism that was originally hypothesized in the West is echoed in Narayan’s novel The Man-Eater of Malgudi (1961) based on an Indian setting. This work is an attempt to evaluate and analyze the roles and positions of women and nature that philosophically and phenomenally resembles each other in The Man-Eater of Malgudi with an ecofeminist approach. Ecofeminism or ecological feminism is now very valid in the academic and literary world. The present paper examines the selected novel under the lens of oriental view towards woman and nature where both are closely associated with each other. Women are victims of degradation, domination, and exploitation, yet they play the role to bring ecological harmony and sustainability. The way Rangi, though oppressed by patriarchy, attempts to save the elephant; Kumar mirrors the purpose of eco-feminism; to create a balance in nature by establishing an inter-cooperative, consistent and unbiased relationship with all creatures of the world irrespective of gender, class, and color. The interrelationship and inter-connectivity between woman and nature are strongly highlighted in this paper through the character Rangi who dismisses Vasu’s anti-ecological ventures. 
27 A Critical Study of The Man-Eater of Malgudi from Ecofeminist Perspectives , A.K.M. Masudul Mannan* Dept. of English Language and Literature, Jatiya Kabi Kazi Nazrul Islam University, Mymensingh, Bangladesh.  *Correspondence: masudulmannan1234@gmail.com (A.K.M. Masudul Mannan, Lecturer, Dept, of English Language and Literature, Jatiya Kabi Kazi Nazrul Islam University, Mymensingh, Bangladesh).
ABSTRACT This article attempts to analyze how R.K. Narayan’s The Man-Eater of Malgudi draws a polyphonic picture about woman, life, and the nature of Malgudi from an ecofeminist perspective. It attempts to explore how the theory of ecofeminism that was originally hypothesized in the West is echoed in Narayan’s novel The Man-Eater of Malgudi (1961) based on an Indian setting. This work is an attempt to evaluate and analyze the roles and positions of women and nature that philosophically and phenomenally resembles each other in The Man-Eater of Malgudi with an ecofeminist approach. Ecofeminism or ecological feminism is now very valid in the academic and literary world. The present paper examines the selected novel under the lens of oriental view towards woman and nature where both are closely associated with each other. Women are victims of degradation, domination, and exploitation, yet they play the role to bring ecological harmony and sustainability. The way Rangi, though oppressed by patriarchy, attempts to save the elephant; Kumar mirrors the purpose of eco-feminism; to create a balance in nature by establishing an inter-cooperative, consistent and unbiased relationship with all creatures of the world irrespective of gender, class, and color. The interrelationship and inter-connectivity between woman and nature are strongly highlighted in this paper through the character Rangi who dismisses Vasu’s anti-ecological ventures. 
28 The Inevitable Consequences of Nuclear Armament: An Urgent Call for Nuclear Disarmament , Ignatius Nnaemeka Onwuatuegwu1* and Nkemjika Bernardine Nwagu2 1Dept. of Philosophy, Faculty of Arts, Nnamdi Azikiwe University Awka, Nigeria; and 2Dept. of Entrepreneurship, Faculty of Management Sciences, University of Benin, Nigeria.  *Correspondence: frig2014@gmail.com (Ignatius Nnaemeka Onwuatuegwu, Dept. of Philosophy, Faculty of Arts, Nnamdi Azikiwe University Awka, Nigeria).
ABSTRACT Advancement in technology and growth in human wisdom and knowledge has become a boom and at the same time, a bane to the continued survival of mankind. Despite been born free, mankind has become enslaved to the products of their hands. The invention of weapons of human destruction (nuclear weapons), which remains the most destructive form of armory ever created, with the capacity to inflict a large-scale disaster in the shortest time, in just a strike. These weapons and their mass destructive capacity were first experienced in the Hiroshima and Nagasaki atomic bombing in the year 1945, from that moment on the world, have seen an increase in nuclear testing, nuclear armory, and nuclear race among nuclear-weapon states. The mere presence of nuclear weapons poses a serious threat to the earth's environment and its inhabitants. Many islands have become inhabitable or declared a no-go zone due to the high presence of radiation and radioactivity in those places which is a direct result of years of nuclear testing. As a consequence, many people have been displaced from their ancestral lands, while some victims have lost their time to radiation-induced diseases such as cancer and its various variation. This article, therefore, will focus on the global threat to humanity posed by nuclear armament. 
29 Truck Art in Retrospect: The Ascension of Religious, Political and Cultural Visuals , Fatima Zahra* School of the Arts, Universiti Sains Malaysia, 11800 USM Penang, Malaysia.  *Correspondence: zahrasiddiqi13@gmail.com (Fatima Zahra, School of the Arts, Universiti Sains Malaysia, 11800 USM Penang, Malaysia).    
ABSTRACT Truck art has a long and illustrious tradition in South Asia. It is, above all, one of Pakistan's most popular and globally recognized art forms. The visual representation of the cultures of Pakistan's four regions is the cause for this art form's appeal. As a result, truck art has evolved into a means of expressing many cultural ideas via the appealing quality of its images. Such images emphasize the significance of the location or place from where the vehicle comes. Furthermore, the truck's graphics are not only appealing but also effective communicators. It’s a qualitative study based on rhetorical analysis, with the goal of understanding the culturally impacted images displayed on trucks. The study of the chosen truck images is based on topic categories that investigate various cultural connections of visuals. According to the findings, these truck images are rhetorical visuals that may interact with viewers. It delivers more strong information in the form of images and displays greater aesthetical beauty that draws the audience as a cultural representative of the region or location. This study, on the other hand, uses exemplification to show that vehicle pictures have a larger impact on the audience and convey ideas more successfully by beautifying aesthetical, religious, or cultural themes. As a consequence of such visual interpretations, one may become a detective who investigates cultural concepts, values, and traditions.
30 The Contribution of Women in the Bengali Language Movement (1952): A Historical Analysis , Md. Rajaul Karim1* and Md. Shaon Akter2 1Bangladesh Studies, Khwaja Yunus Ali University, Sirajgonj, Bangladesh and 2Department of English, Khwaja Yunus Ali University, Sirajgonj, Bangladesh.  *Correspondence: mdrezaulkarim801@gmail.com (Dr. Md. Rajaul Karim, Senior Lecturer, Bangladesh Studies, Khwaja Yunus Ali University, Sirajgonj, Bangladesh).
ABSTRACT During the period 1947-48, student movements started in various areas of Bangladesh demanding to make Bengali one of the state languages. Through participation in these movements, political awareness among the girls of Bengal increased. So in the final stages of the 1952 language movement, the massive participation of girls can be noticed. The girls of Dhaka and the girls of different districts and sub-divisional cities of Bangladesh took an active part in the 1952 language movement. In addition to school-college girls, various members of various women's organizations such as Shishuraksha Samiti, Wari Mahila Samiti, and others actively take part in the 1952 language movement. Therefore, the role of Bengali women in the Bengali language movement was unforgettable. Apart from men, women also acted as supporting forces of the language movement in various ways from their position. Therefore, the idea which Bengali women are just helpless, helpless is not correct. In this article, we have analyzed the role of women in the Bengali language movement. 
31 Impact of Teachers’ Feedback in Improving Students’ Writing Skills: A Study of Tertiary Level Students in Dhaka , Nafisa Sultana1* and Nafisa Tabassum Yoko2 1&2Department of English, Notre Dame University Bangladesh, Arambag, Dhaka-1000, Bangladesh.  *Correspondence: sultananafisa@ndub.edu.bd (Nafisa Sultana, Assistant Professor, Department of English, Notre Dame University Bangladesh, Arambag, Dhaka-1000, Bangladesh).
ABSTRACT This study sought to investigate the impact of teachers’ feedback in improving students' writing skills. Feedback is perhaps the most widely used method for responding to students’ writing. While various studies have investigated the effectiveness of providing error correction, there has been relatively little research in Bangladesh incorporating the impact of teachers' feedback in improving students’ writing skills. Supporting Vygotsky's concept of ‘Zone of Proximal Development’ a mixed-method approach was used to collect data. The data was analyzed in both numerical and descriptive manner. 90 undergraduate students were chosen for this research using convenience sampling. The major findings indicate that students find multiple benefits of feedback and have a positive attitude towards receiving feedback but the feedback they receive is not clear, specific, well explained, and immediate. This study finds that teacher-student conferencing is the feedback that students prefer the most. Finally, some suggestions are given to improve feedback quality for enhancing the writing skills of tertiary-level students in Bangladesh. This study will help teachers have a better understanding of giving feedback to improve the writing skills of EFL students. It will also facilitate educational administrators and policymakers. 
32 A Critical Discourse Analysis for Advertisements in Instagram: Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger and H&M , Ay?e Muhtaro?ullar?* English Language and Literature, Girne American University, University Drive, PO Box 5, 99428, Karmi Campus, Karao?lano?lu, Kyrenia/TRNC, Cyprus.  *Correspondence: aysemuhtarogullari@gau.edu.tr (Dr. Ay?e Muhtaro?ullar?, Assistant Professor, English Language and Literature, Girne American University, University Drive, PO Box 5, 99428, Karmi Campus, Karao?lano?lu, Kyrenia/ TRNC, Cyprus).
ABSTRACT Online Advertising has a significant influence in this modern century; because of this, famous companies effectively use online advertisements to introduce their products.  Such as Calvin Klein, H&M, and Tommy Hilfiger are some famous brand companies that use advertisements on social media for their marketing strategies. Those companies have influential followers on Instagram, and they reach many people around the world. Thus, they use online media to sell their products and deliver their cultural values to reach the target audiences. Namely, famous brand companies want to be part of the social changes. Because of this, they use visual and verbal discursive strategies for their advertisements to influence and change socio-cultural values and stereotypes of people. In other words, advertisers use discursive language to persuade people to buy beliefs, values, and ideas besides commercial products. The visual and verbal language in online advertisements reveals the hidden meanings of stereotypes: body image, racism, and LGBT rights. Therefore, the qualitative analysis method uses to analyze the brands' advertisements. As a qualitative method, the writer applies the Critical Discourse Analysis to reveal the hidden meanings of Tommy Hilfiger, H&M, Calvin Klein’s Instagram Advertisement Photos. The analysis and interpretation reveal that advertisers use different people to show that those companies think about everyone and want to reach everyone. The body type is not essential, and consumers can find different sizes of clothes. In addition, advertisers promote different body images to shape society's ideas to purchase their products and show like celebrities, who are confident, happy with their color, body size, sexual orientation, and ethnic minorities. Even visual and verbal languages show that differences are beautiful and make you forget/remove your boundaries to be free. 
33 A Toddler at 60? Nigerian’s Democracy and Development under Arabic Poetic Loupe , Saheed .O. Timehin* Department of Foreign Languages, Lagos State University, Lagos, Nigeria. *Correspondence: saheedot@yahoo.com (Saheed . O. Timehin, Ph. D, Department of Foreign Languages, Lagos State University, Lagos, Nigeria).
ABSTRACT When, in 1960, Nigeria was granted independence from colonial rule, it was thought that the country was going to be a model of a brilliant experience in parliamentary democracy; but less than six years after the supposed license for self-rule, a military coup struck which lay to rest the dreams of most people. From that coup, the nation has gone through a civil war and several upheavals of varying dimensions while its potentials have nosedived and its people, despite the immense human and natural resources of the country, barely live above the poverty line. This sad situation has, for years, attracted several reactions from people of different social classes. One class that has often been ignored in the Nigerian socio-political conversation is the ever-growing horde of Arabic verse-smiths that use the Arabic language as their medium of registering their reactions to national challenges. Using Shaykh Ma’ruf Ahmad al-Ajahwi as a representational model, this study examines Shaykh’s poem “Naij?riyya fi ?m al sitt?n” (Nigeria at Sixty); it places his thoughts and sentiments within the general matrix of Nigerian socio-political discourse and posits that the poem indeed represents the true yearnings of the average Nigerian who daily suffers owing to bad policies of the government. It goes further to reflect on the challenge of democracy and development in their global context as well as the particularistic expressions of both concepts in a developing country like Nigeria and opines that the average Nigerian is more concerned about good governance and not necessarily the nomenclature given to a system of government. 
34 An Economic Analysis on Years of Schooling of the Children Related to Financial Support from Family and Govt. & Non-Govt. Institutions , Lutfunneher1* and Taj-E-Jannat Mim2 1Dept. of Economics, Jatiya Kabi Kazi Nazrul Islam University, Trishal, Mymensingh;  2Dept.of Statistics, Jatiya Kabi Kazi Nazrul Islam University, Trishal, Mymensingh.  *Correspondence: luttfunnahar@gmail.com (Lutfunneher, Lecturer, Dept. of Economics, Jatiya Kabi Kazi Nazrul Islam University, Trishal, Mymensingh).
ABSTRACT This study examined the relationship among father’s education, amount of father’s land (Dec), fathers occupation, any government help, and years of schooling in the rural area at Muktagacha Upazila in Mymensingh Division. Qualitative variables and variables which are quantitative in nature have been used for this study. We have chosen the years of schooling of the children of households as a dependent variable and the selected independent variables are father's education, fathers land amount, fathers occupation, male, rural, number of siblings, age antigovernment help. A convenient sampling procedure has been used in our research. Questionnaire and structured interview were the research instruments. Not only an urban area is counted for research but also rural households are counted for data collection about school-going children. We conducted our research by using primary data. 
35 Pidgin and Creole: Concept, Origin and Evolution , Ismet Jerin Khan1* and Md. Shaon Akter2 1Department of English, Islamic University, Kushtia, Bangladesh; and 2Department of English, Khwaja Yunus Ali University, Enayetpur, Sirajgonj, Bangladesh.  *Correspondence: ismet.jerin.khan@gmail.com (Ismet Jerin Khan, Assistant Professor, Department of English, Islamic University, Kushtia, Bangladesh).
ABSTRACT Every language has a history, and, as in the rest of human culture, changes are constantly taking place in the course of the learned transmission of a language from one generation to another. Human culture and animal behavior contain differences. Language changes in all their aspects, in their pronunciation, word forms, syntax, and word meaning (semantic change). These changes are mostly very gradual in their operation becoming noticeable only cumulatively over the course of several generations. Pidgins and creoles (p & c) are not different- They are also undergoing different types of changes. This paper tries to investigate the concepts of p & c by analyzing different linguistic views and tracing back the origin of these contact languages with the help of different theories. This study throws some light on the evolution of p & c and aims at attaching proper value to them. 
36 Factors Influencing Faculty Publication Performance: A Grounded Theory Analysis , Helen C. Fuentes* College of Education, Eastern Samar State University, Borongan City, Philippines.  *Correspondence: hcaliwan@yahoo.com (Helen C. Fuentes, Assistant Professor, College of Education, Eastern Samar State University, Borongan City, Philippines).
ABSTRACT The study's major goal was to develop a theoretical model for the elements that influence ESSU faculty members' publication performance. The following conclusions were drawn using the grounded theory technique of qualitative research and the theoretical sampling procedure in the deciding to involve a total of 16 participants: favorable research atmosphere defined by the availability of funding support for publication fee, publication incentive, availability of technical support service, low workload in instruction and administration; research exposure and peer influence; favorable attitude toward publication; and belief in the beneficial effects of publication are the factors that lead to high publication performance. An unfavorable research environment, lack of exposure to research or weak research background, and a negative attitude toward research and publishing research results are all variables that contribute to poor publication performance. Furthermore, faculty members with excellent publishing performance were acknowledged in the scientific world, and a strong research track record led to funding opportunities and peer reviewer positions in scientific journals. Fortunately, the faculty members' academic rank rose as a result of their high publication performance. 
37 Reading Tahmima Anam’s Postcolonial Fiction- A Golden Age in the Light of Fredrick Jameson’s Concept of ‘National Allegory’ , Fahima Yeasmin
ABSTRACT Tahmima Anam’s postcolonial fiction- A Golden Age is such a novel that can be called a narrative of the liberation war of Bangladesh. Despite having good art of characterization and universal theme with global appeal, it is plausible to dissect the thought and action of the characters as well as different events of this fiction with the argument of Fredrick Jameson that all the Third-World texts are actually ‘National Allegory’. He asserted that even if a text of Third-World seems to contain private feelings and emotions, the underlying meaning is different since the author’s main purpose is to demonstrate the collective state of a nation where individual part matters less. That A Golden Age is a ‘National Allegory’ is the prime concern of this article in which it will be shown how Anam, a daughter of a freedom fighter, has portrayed her characters mainly to articulate the saga of 1971 in Bangladesh (the then East Pakistan). 
38 Practical Scenario of Implementation of the Children Act, 2013 in Sylhet Metropolitan Area and Rule of Law , Md. Jahurul Islam, Md. Arifuzzaman, and Juber Ahmmod Khan
ABSTRACT According to section 96 of the Children Act, 2013 "the Government shall take all necessary measures for the effective implementation of this Act and may, if necessary, issue directions in this regard". That means Bangladesh has to take essential steps regarding implementation of the Children Act, 2013 under its territory including Sylhet Metropolitan Area. To ensure protection of the best interest of the child and application of rule of law in this Sylhet Metropolitan Area the Government of Bangladesh shall try its best. If in that mentioned area does not get implementation of this said Act the Government cannot say they are able to establish rule of law whole over Bangladesh. Main objective of this study is to highlight the current situation of implementation of the Children Act, 2013 in Sylhet Metropolitan Area. This study provides suggestions to the Government, which steps are necessary to take for the effective implementation of the mentioned Act in Sylhet Metropolitan Area. Secondary and primary data used in the research are based on fieldwork in different child related institutions (Probation Officers Office, Police Station, Metropolitan Children’s Court, Sharkari Shishu  Paribar, Chotomoni Nibash, Safe Home, Victim Support Centre, and Development Fair 2018). 
39 Information Requirements for Farmers and Search Behavior: A Case Study at Manda Upazila, Naogaon,Bangadesh , Md. Rubel Hossain, Md. Dulal Uddin, Shalehar Khatun, Md. Rashed Nizami, Md. Rajaul Karim, and Md. Emon Sheikh
In recent scenarios, information is badly necessary for daily life. Information is essential in every part of the daily job. Information can be obtained or retrieved from a variety of places. This article focuses on the information needs of farmer groups in rural areas. This research paper fulfills the basic required information of rural farmers. This study was conducted using the questionnaire approach, and it revealed that practically all farmers are aware of agricultural facts, as this paper demonstrates. This paper also demonstrates that a greater number of sources use to inform the farmers mainly human assistance. But there have some limitations to reaching information, general to all search groups, were lacking authenticity and timeliness. The findings show that tailoring agricultural information delivery to farmers' diverse information search patterns is an important consideration for extension programs. 
40 The Constitutional Equilibrium of the Bangladesh Premises Rent Control Act, 1991 , Syed Menhazul Bari
The friction between the participants of a lease isn’t a newfangled aspect, such has been in existence over long periods of time. However, recent developing events allude to the exponential enumeration of such kerfuffle. Enactments addressing such issues and providing easement have been in performance since the independence of the Indian subcontinent, which underwent multiple repeal and reenactments pertaining to adapting it to the need of the respective time. Principle of Equity suggests vigilant bus non-dormant bus Jura subventions i.e., to be legally aware and to act promptly furthermore, Bangladesh is a developing nation where multiple sources imply the literacy level to be up to seventy percent (70%), however, legal knowledge is not as widely prevalent as it should be. Not much research has been done on the current topic hence; this study aspires to enlighten the legal rights and limitations of a landlord and a tenant. Through the route of this study, it has been recurringly proven that the concept of rental payment mainly dictates the course of law. A tenant continues to be one so long the rent is cleared and is willing to abide by the regulations of tenancy without fashioning a lump and the landlord without reasonable grounds and bonafide requirements cannot evict a tenant. 
41 Interrogating the Secret Society of Robert Burns , Norah H. Alsaeed
As soon as we mention the name of the poet Robert Burns, we associate him with the poets of the Romantic Movement who were involved with nature, as well as we link his name with the glorified patriots of their countries who are eager to find a national identity. Robert Burns is a Scottish poet born in Ayrshire in 1759.  His father, William Burness was a farmer. He worked with his eldest son Robert Burns on the farm which he owned in Ayrshire. Robert Burns spent most of their time working on the farm. His work makes him in contact directly with rural life. The archetypes presented by the poet at this early stage of his life are only real pictures depicting the nature of life in Scotland. His sources were his direct contact with the community and the life that surrounds this community. He wrote many folks depicting the joys and sorrows of this community. What appears most prominent in his personality is his ability to socialize. He loved the community and the members of this community and was grateful to his companions and sanctified for group relations, which made him popular among his friends and welcomed wherever he was. What we do not know about the poet, or perhaps know little about him, is that his social nature and his ability to socialize nurtured a sense of Masonic thought that was in force at the end of the eighteenth century in Scotland. The poet merged with the brothers in their meetings and proved the credibility and sincerity of this Masonic community, which made him hold many positions there. Freemasonry supported the poet and helped him in publishing and printing his poetic works, which made him dedicate his poems to Freemasonry until his death in 1796. This paper will shed light on this hidden side of Robert burns’ life giving more attention to his masonic poetry. 
42 Financial Crimes: Activities that Amount to Money Laundering Offences , Ameer Faysal and Md. Arifuzzaman
Financial crimes are activities that generate wealth through the conduct of criminal activities, including the act of protecting the benefit that has been facilitated dishonestly by taking the benefits or obtaining property from any unlawful activity a.k.a. money laundering offences. The authors express their views by referring to 'get rich, quick’ as a reactionary and impulsive behaviour, detected among locals involved directly or indirectly in dishonest or fraudulent activities of those in power. The authors further converse about how such corruption may lead to a sense of despair and alienation in the society, especially for those who are deprived of their basic human rights due to such prevalent corruption and governance failure. And how much can also weaken the key institutions of the national integrity system as corruption teardowns public trust in the government. The authors in this paper articulated in a chronological manner a clear nexus as to how techniques used to launder money are often used by organised crime for drug trafficking purposes and/or terrorist financing; as such funds may originate from legitimate sources and/or criminal activities. Research methodology applied by the authors is solely for the objective of gathering and analyzing the information acquired, applying an open-ended and conversational communication. Here the authors desire to rely mainly on secondary sources for data collection where the authors apply comparative analysis methods to examine relationships between the variables to better emphasize the dire need to make more people aware of such criminal activities that amount to money laundering offences. 
43 A Study on Women’s Voice as News Source in the Mainstream Newspaper of Bangladesh , Jakia Jahan Mukta and Sanjoy Basak Partha
Women are being treated more equally and have more opportunities to explore themselves than ever before in the 21st century. Nevertheless, the scenario is still asymmetric for women in comparison to men, as women are still lagged behind in several aspects. Working on women's empowerment can be considered one of the major responsibilities of mass media. However, the male voice seems to be still in a dominating position when it comes to the discussion of the usage of news sources. This research aims to find out the ratio of men's and women's voices as news sources in Bangladesh's mainstream newspapers. This paper is prepared on the observation of the content of 'The Daily Prothom Alo', 'The Daily Star' and 'The Dailly Samakal'- three of the mainstream newspaper of Bangladesh in five specific areas as follows: Politics, Business, Sports, Health and Fashion. This study was conducted in Content Analysis and In-Depth Interview Methods. Researchers analyzed half-yearly content from January 2021 to June 2021. The paper concludes that all the five beats are heavily male-dominated since females are mostly unavailable in the ‘Sports’ beat and given exposure in the ‘Fashion’ beat. 
44 An Essay on Investigating Factors Influencing Comprehensibility of World Englishes by Critically Evaluating Studies in the Domain , Farhana Shahzad
This paper uncovers the factors that influence comprehensibility – a construct predominantly the focus of Applied Linguistics research due to the dual role that speakers and listeners play in interpreting meaning. The essay discusses the factors highlighted by Smith & Nelson, (1985) outlined in their seminal paper. The critical evaluation of the research published in the domain extrapolates; comprehensibility between interlocutors – NS-NNS and NNS-NNS is not impeded by the accentedness of NNS’s, but predominantly by the lack of familiarity with it. NNS’s comprehensibility for both native listeners/raters and non-native listeners/raters improved with familiarity with the interlocutor or with the variety of World English (WE). Research also emphasized the factors: the interlocutor’s proficiency, L1 interference in L2 utterance, attitude towards WE’s, listeners/raters background, and effort to communicate greatly influenced comprehensibility. Awareness of the NNS’s accent made the listeners/raters overlook other errors of accent either segmental, supra segmental and even lexico-grammatical errors (Webb et al., 2016). In case of NS-NNS communication, it is an unrealistic expectation of the NNS to achieve native like accentedness to make them comprehensible. In high stakes tests like TOEFL and IELTS, the raters could improve L2 comprehensibility by gaining exposure to World English’s. Teachers are advised to include pronunciation in their syllabi. In particular, they could stress on teaching those segmental and supra segmental features which are characteristic of learner's L1 that influence erroneous L2 utterances. 
45 Level and Patterns of Access to Education by Refugees in Refugee Communities of Uganda, Peter Ssimbwa1*, Asiimwe Solomon1, and Michael Mawa1 1Directorate of Post Graduate Studies and Research, Nkumba University, Uganda. *Correspondence: petssimbwa@gmail.com (Peter Ssimbwa, PhD Student, Directorate of Post Graduate Studies & Research, Nkumba University, Uganda).
ABSTRACT The study sought to examine factors influencing refugee access to education and the programs of education available for students in refugee communities of Uganda namely Kiryandogo and Kampala. It explored the levels and patterns of access to education programs in settlements. As such to find out how refugees and leaders of institutions engage in initiatives aimed to ensure that national education objectives for refugees enshrined in the Uganda Refugee Act, (2006) are achieved. A sample of students and education administrators in the districts and refugee education mandated organizations were involved in the study. Structured questionnaires, interviews, and focused group discussions were administered to 193 study participants. A descriptive study revealed that the education of refugees had a positive impact. Despite bottlenecks experienced, education programs are accessible to refugees from primary school, vocational colleges to universities. Early childhood development centers (ECDCs), students’ clubs, and adult literacy centers increased education opportunities for refugees irrespective of age or socio-economic status. Partnerships created with beneficiaries, international development institutions, local governments, and host communities ensure that each makes a contribution to refugee education. Education programs available to refugees enabled the outcomes of education achieved by UNHCR and implementing partners. Results show improved efficiency ratios in school enrollment, the ratio of refugees to nationals, education infrastructure, and funding opportunities for refugees to reconstruct school life significantly eliminated factors limiting refugees’ education. Refugees accessed education programs and gained useful knowledge and skills to resolve community challenges. They are capable of getting employed or starting their own businesses.
46 Fear of Crime and Victimization: An Explorative Study, Md. Maznu Mia1, Mohammad Arifur Rahman2*, and Tahira Siddiqua3 1,2&3Department of Criminology and Police Science, Mawlana Bhashani Science and Technology University, Tangail, Bangladesh. *Correspondence: arahman.fdr83@gmail.com (Mohammad Arifur Rahman, Department of Criminology and Police Science, Mawlana Bhashani Science and Technology University, Tangail, Bangladesh).
ABSTRACT The fear of crime is a new dimension of crime. It is not only a burning issue in Bangladesh but also all over the world. Fear of crime was theorized to be related to experiences of victimization, but this assumption was soon to be disputed. This study is based on empirical data which are from quantitative and qualitative research methods and the research is exploratory in nature. This study finds that 38-47 years of age group 36% of them are highest victimized by fear of crime. And 71% of males and 29% of females are victimized by fear of crime. Fear of crime affects far more people in Bangladesh than the crime itself, and there are sound reasons for treating crime and fear of crime as distinct social problems. Every year a huge number of people are suffered from fear of crime. Fear of crime has a great impact on our education, economy, and infrastructure. Important links exist between fear of crime and causation of victimization, location of occurrences, time of victimization, presence of law enforcement agencies, and levels of knowledge of the victims about the victim support services. The study findings play an important role in policy making and also for the upcoming researcher in the criminological arena.
47 Huburow: The Voice and Vision of the Students of the University of Southern Somalia, Mohamed A. Eno1,2&3* 1University of Southern Somalia, Baidoa, Southwest State, Somalia; 2Hakaba Institute for Research and Training, Baidoa, Southwest State, Somalia; and 3St Clements Private University, Lausanne, Switzerland. *Correspondence: president@uss.edu.so (Dr. Mohamed A. Eno, Professor, Dept. of Social Work & Social Administration; Dept. of Social Studies Education, University of Southern Somalia, Baidoa, Southwest State, Somalia, and St Clements Private University, Lausanne, Switzerland).
ABSTRACT Literature is one of the most creative areas of study. Its width covers disciplines across philosophy, science fiction, mythology, culture, and beyond. Using the hip hop mode of self-praise, this literary essay explores how narrative can engage with scientific subjects. It attempts to portray how creative art or literature has no boundaries when the author intends to harmonize metaphor, narrative, voice, culture, fiction, science, and society. In this regard, it can be said that as the master of the magic in the word, a writer can establish the latitude of any imaginable scenario to limn his/her inner vision of the images perceived in that particular context. In other words, the image of an imaginary world can be presented as an idealistic viewpoint without a real ecospheric landscape where it can exist beyond the author’s imagination, yet it remains an entertaining piece of literary work on which a reader can reflect. To do so, the essay borrows considerably from selected works by Ali Jimale Ahmed and other Somali scholars.
48 Developing Student Autonomy through the Enhancement of Technological Approaches, Alim Asanov* Department of Global Education, Westminster International University in Tashkent, Uzbekistan. *Correspondence: aasanov@wiut.uz (Alim Asanov, Lecturer, School of Law, Technology, and Education, Department of Global Education, Westminster International University in Tashkent, Uzbekistan).
ABSTRACT The concept of “learner autonomy” (LA) infatuates the interest of researchers across different dimensions of science and technology. In the previous century, the initial associations with the term springing to one’s mind were to do with self-access technology-rich centres, commonly known as “resource centres'; however, with its rapid global penetration, it reached the contexts of developing countries, thus introducing change to how the learners can become better versions of themselves. The aim of this study is to report on the effectiveness of the consequent introduction of a wide range of e-tools studied and experimented with minor teacher intervention. The study is limited to a scope of 24-25 CIFS students studying at Westminster International University in Tashkent (henceforth WIUT) aged between the ages of 17 and 20. The group will be randomly divided into two samples: experimental and control. Supposedly, there will be 12 students in each of the two sample groups.
49 Comparison between Freedom of Expression and the Digital Security Act, 2018: Bangladesh Perspective, Suraia Khan Nishat1, Md. Nahidul Islam2*, and Sumona Sharmin3 1Dept. of Law, Daffodil International University, Dhaka, Bangladesh; 2Dept. of Law & Justice, North East University Bangladesh (NEUB), Sylhet-3100, Bangladesh; and 3Dept. of Sociology, University of Dhaka, Dhaka, Bangladesh. *Correspondence: jsnahid07law@gmail.com (Dr. Md. Nahidul Islam, Associate Professor & Head, Dept. of Law & Justice, North East University Bangladesh (NEUB), Sylhet-3100, Bangladesh).
ABSTRACT This article is basically concerned with the freedom of expression, thoughts, and speech to the violation of fundamental rights of the citizen and its impact. Freedom of expression means a person can share his or her opinion freely no one can violate his or her rights but they have some reasonable restrictions. Several times people are harassed directly or indirectly through media. The Digital Security Act 2018 is made for protecting the rights of the citizen of Bangladesh. Here it has been tried to relate this Act with our Constitution where we see that our fundamental rights are enforceable by the Court under Article 44, 102. Even Article 7, 8, 26 where says that if inconsistency will arise then that Act will be void. Basically, this Act is imposed for protecting the citizen from cybercrime whereas under Digital Security Act Police gets more opportunity to use their power, unfortunately, they use it negatively. As citizens of a democracy, we have the right to commend both good and bad government work, but DSA is implemented to silence the public voice.
50 Arrest Under the Code of Criminal Procedure, 1898: A Critique, Syed Menhazul Bari1 and Md. Jahurul Islam1* 1Department of Law, Khwaja Yunus Ali University, Enayetpur, Sirajganj, Bangladesh. *Correspondence: jahurul.islam00@gmail.com (Md. Jahurul Islam, Assistant Professor, Department of Law, Khwaja Yunus Ali University, Enayetpur, Sirajganj, Bangladesh).
ABSTRACT Amar Shonar Bangla (or literally translated as my Golden Bengal) the first verse of the national anthem is the expected reflection of Bangladesh especially given the fact that the country was born of nine long months of vicious struggle against occupation, lawlessness, and prejudice. The glory contemplated in the national anthem is envisaged through lawfulness, democracy whereby rule of law along with fundamental human rights and freedom is institutionalized. However, glory has somehow become synonymous with ignominy in respect of various law enforcing agencies in Bangladesh. The golden Bengal now accommodates officials that degrade the law and human life in general, exhibit disregard to the constitutional mandates, and somehow are always entitled to authority. De integro above, this study efforts to elucidate how such glory may be restored, provide a voice to the voiceless, bestow knowledge upon the knowledge less on how arrest and detention are perceived by the Constitution in tadem various rights guaranteed by the Constitution and other statutes and the lawful dos and the don’ts of arrest and detention and the scope of misuse of statutory arresting jurisdiction.
51 Prestige Restoration According to the Afghan Legal System, Pasoon Miakhil1*, Attaullah Naeemi2, and Ali Ahmad Bahar3 1Dept. of Jurisdiction and Prosecution, Faculty of Law and Political Sciences, Sheikh Zayad University, Afghanistan; 2Dept. of Islamic Culture, Faculty of Sharia, Nangarhar University, Afghanistan; and 3Dept. of Fiqh and law, Faculty of Sharia, Said Jamaluddin University, Kunar, Afghanistan. *Correspondence: pasoonwafamiakhil@yahoo.com (Pasoon Miakhil, Teaching Assistant, Dept. of Jurisdiction and Prosecution, Faculty of Law and Political Sciences, Sheikh Zayad University, Afghanistan).
ABSTRACT Prestige Restoration is the means by which the convicted person returns to the original state after being charged and convicted, and the convicted person acts to restore his or her dignity after serving imprisonment or punishment through legal and judicial channels. There are several conditions for the restoration of prestige according to law, which is; to serve whole punishment, amnesty, mitigation of punishment, or suspension of punishment. In addition, two types of restoration of dignity are considered; restoration of dignity based on the law, and restoration of dignity according to the judiciary; or Legal restoration of dignity and judicial restoration of dignity.
52 Position of Bangladesh in International Commercial Arbitration: An Analysis, Md. Jahurul Islam1* and Md. Rezaul Haque2 1&2Department of Law, Khwaja Yunus Ali University, Sirajganj, Bangladesh. *Correspondence: jahurul.islam00@gmail.com (Md. Jahurul Islam, Assistant Professor, Department of Law, Khwaja Yunus Ali University, Sirajganj, Bangladesh).
ABSTRACT Arbitration has become an essential component for guaranteeing effective dispute resolution in international trade and commerce. The business community places trust in the arbitral process so that the whole trade system can be expanded in spite of the challenges across the borders. In fulfillment of the international community with the New York Convention and UNCITRAL Bangladesh has enacted legislation on arbitration law namely The Arbitration Act, 2001. With this Act, Bangladesh has kept peace with the recent trends in the field of international commercial arbitration with the rest of the world. The new Act is based on the UNCITRAL Model Law on International Commercial Arbitration, (1985) and consolidates the laws relating to both national and international commercial arbitration. The new Act creates an integrated legal regime for arbitration in Bangladesh which has also been a trend in recent times elsewhere. Bangladesh has enacted its arbitration laws along the outlines of the UNCITRAL Model Law. The enactment of law relating to international commercial arbitration in Bangladesh by the Arbitration Act, 2001 gives Bangladesh a modernization as a safe place for dispute resolution in the field of international trade, commerce, and investment.
53 Keats’ Sufi Speaker Jumps Back to Reality: An Evaluation of “Ode to Nightingale”, Fairooz Saiyara1* and Ashik Istiak2 1&2Department of English, Green University of Bangladesh, Dhaka, Bangladesh. *Correspondence: fairoozshaolee19@gmail.com (Fairooz Saiyara, Department of English, Green University of Bangladesh Dhaka, Bangladesh).
ABSTRACT Sufism predates Romanticism by over 900 years and has an arresting similarity with British Romanticism and American transcendentalism. The faith in an immortal afterlife, the consideration of death as a gateway to eternity, and the belief in the unity of the creator and the creation make the two philosophical genres very close to each other. John Keats, being one of the greatest British romantic poets, has shown numerous occasions where he puts death in a hierarchic position over life, and also describes elements that have eternal nature. Sufism too searches for a greater mystic regardless of the pain and pleasure of the material world. Keats’ “Ode to Nightingale” presents the poet himself having an obsession with the spiritual world of the nightingale but his wish is countered by the sudden return to reality. Hence, through a Sufi evaluation of the ode, the hasty transformation of the poet may be explored. First of all, the definition, origin, and overall practices of Sufism are briefly discussed. Also, how Sufism concurs with other philosophical developments, especially in Europe is also highlighted. Finally, close obser