1 Simulation of Shunt Active Power Filter for Compensating Current Harmonics for Single Phase System , Srinivas K, Srinivas G and Narasihma Rao K
Among the various power quality problem, current harmonics are most commonly seen on the power system. This is mainly due to increased application of nonlinear loads by the end users. In this paper, an analysis and simulation of a PV interactive shunt power active filter (SPAF) is done for single phase system. The shunt active power filter is used to eliminate harmonics generated by the nonlinear load. During the day-time with intensive sunlight, the PV interactive Shunt Active Filter system brings all its functions into operation. At night and during no sunlight periods, the power required by the loads is received from the distribution system while the inverter system only provides reactive power and filter harmonic currents. For the Shunt Active Filter reference current computation, the instantaneous real and reactive current (Ip-Iq) method is used. For gating signal generation we apply the hysteresis current control technique. The Simulation results (using MATLAB/SIMULINK) are presented and discussed. The proposed solution has achieved a low THD (Total Harmonic Distortion), demonstrating the effectiveness of the presented method.
2 Mechanism and PLC Design of Twin Spindle Drilling Machine – A Innovative Approach , Pravin R Patil and Tayade R M
The author of this paper has taken an initiative with keen interest to design an entire newly Twin Spindle Head Drill Machine currently not available in commercial market, to be exclusively used for Flange manufacturing along with other supplementary manufacturing options. The author in this paper had explained the conceptual Design of the machine and its mechanism, electrical system, PLC, interlocking and safety system.