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3 e-LIBRARY FOR MALVAR SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL  , Glenn A. Caraig Archie A. Menisis Maria Kristine M. Carandang  Jayson R. Pechon Jeffrey R. Pechon
4 e-LIBRARY FOR MALVAR SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL  , Glenn A. Caraig Archie A. Menisis Maria Kristine M. Carandang  Jayson R. Pechon Jeffrey R. Pechon
5 e-LIBRARY FOR MALVAR SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL  , Glenn A. Caraig Archie A. Menisis Maria Kristine M. Carandang  Jayson R. Pechon Jeffrey R. Pechon
6 e-LIBRARY FOR MALVAR SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL  , Glenn A. Caraig Archie A. Menisis Maria Kristine M. Carandang  Jayson R. Pechon Jeffrey R. Pechon
7 e-LIBRARY FOR MALVAR SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL  , Glenn A. Caraig Archie A. Menisis Maria Kristine M. Carandang  Jayson R. Pechon Jeffrey R. Pechon
8 e-LIBRARY FOR MALVAR SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL  , Glenn A. Caraig Archie A. Menisis Maria Kristine M. Carandang  Jayson R. Pechon Jeffrey R. Pechon
9 e-LIBRARY FOR MALVAR SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL  , Glenn A. Caraig Archie A. Menisis Maria Kristine M. Carandang  Jayson R. Pechon Jeffrey R. Pechon
This project aims to Analyze and Design a Footbridge to connect the existing layout of Main and ACD Building, recommended by the School of Engineering and Architecture (SEA), to help provide efficiency, safety, convenience and mobility, caused by the lack of options for wayfaring, lack of other modes of travel and time constraint, while also minimizing the impact of natural disasters, like floods and excessive exposure of Sun UV rays. The researcher, being a DWCC Student, knew the struggles of students and employees who traverse to and from the different levels available for academic use with a limited amount of time to travel while on the verge of being late; as a result of lack of options to way fare. The researcher proposes a Footbridge which connects the two buildings namely the Main and the ACD Buildings, that shall provide convenience to benefit all DWCC Students in terms of mobility and accessibility.
11 Relationship of Academic Performance in College Algebra To Personal Attributes, Attitudes, and Study Habits of Freshmen Students  , Cecilia D. Magnaye
The main purpose of this descriptive correlational study was to determine the relationship of the academic performance in Algebra of the college freshmen particularly in the College of Accountancy, Business and Economics of Batangas State University to personal attributes, attitudes and study habits. The researcher specifically described the status of the respondents in terms of their age, gender and monthly family income, found out the level of the students’ academic performance in terms of their grades in Algebra, determined the level of the study habits of the College Freshmen students in terms of their study motivation, study organization and study techniques, and identified the attitude of the respondents towards College Algebra. It has been theorized that the student’s general academic achievements in College Algebra depend largely upon their achievements on the competencies they mastered in the whole semester. Using the semestral grades of the students, the study revealed that the general and specific academic achievements in Algebra of freshmen students’ ability and learning styles. General academic achievements emanated mostly from highly hierarchically organized lessons during the whole semester and at the same time, these emphasized the important concepts or competencies, which are regularly drilled for the students’ maximum experiences. The respondents showed a good level of study habits in the areas of study motivation, organization, and technique. A significant relationship existed between the profile of the respondents and their study habits. Enrichment activities can be implemented to improve the study habits of the respondents. 
The study intended to find out the factors affecting Dasmarinas Integrated High School student-athletes sports performance in the City Sports Meet in School Year 2019-2020. This study utilized the descriptive method of research. The thirty-one student-athletes and eight coaches were the respondents of the study. Profile of student-athletes and school related factors relate significantly to the sport performance. Other variables such as, incentives, awards, sports facilities and equipment are predicted as factors to the good performance of students-athlete.  The paper shall be an input towards understanding that sports must be taken seriously to achieve the expected results. The school/s should upgrade their training program, sports facilities equipment and program in order them to attain the level of superiority in the sports performance. The study limited to the student-athletes and coaches of DIHS participating in the recently held City Division Meet.
13 PILOSOPIYA SA EDUKASYON NG MGA PILIPINONG-GURONG MAG-AARAL , Cristelyne Cheyenne Fiedacan1, Krystalyn E. Perez2, & Edelyn D. Umali3 College of Teacher Education- Batangas State University JPLPC Malvar fiedacancheyenne@gmail.com1
Ang pilosopiya sa edukasyon ang durungawan sa mundo at direksyon sa buhay. Sumasalamin ito sa pakikisalamuha sa mga mag-aaral, kapwa guro, magulang at sa pamunuan ng paaralan. Ang pag-aaral na ito ay nakatuon sa pag-alam ng pilosopiya sa edukasyon ng mga Pilipinong gurong-mag-aaral. Nilayon nitong alamin kung ano ang demograpikong kalagayan ng mga respondente batay sa kanilang kasarian, programa, espesyalisasyon, at buwanang kita ng pamilya. Ninais din nitong matuklasan kung ano ang kanilang pilosopiya sa edukasyon batay sa esensyalismo, perenyalismo, progresibismo, eksistensyalismo, at beheybyurismo, at kung may signipikante bang kaugnayan ang mga ito kapag ipinangkat sa kanilang demograpikong kalagayan. Nagsilbing instrumento ang serbey-kwestyuner sa pagkalap ng mga datos sa paraang palarawang pananaliksik. Ipinamahagi ito sa 114 na gurong- mag-aaral na kalahok sa pag-aaral mula sa ikaapat na taon sa Pambansang Pamantasan ng Batangas, JPLPC-Malvar, Taong Pang-akademiko 2016-2017 na kumukuha ng Field Study 6. Ang saliksik na ito ay ginamitan ng istadistikang bilang at bahagdan, mean, standard deviation at chi-square. Lumabas sa pag-aaral na karamihan sa mga kalahok ay babae; nakaenrol sa programang Batsilyer ng Edukasyong Pansekundarya; kumukuha ng espesyalisasyong Social Studies at nasa katamtamang kategorya ng buwanang kita ng pamilya. Lumabas sa pag-aaral na may iba’t ibang pilosopiya sa edukasyon ang mga kalahok at lahat ay may signipikanteng kaugnayan sa kanilang demograpikong kalagayan. Batay sa kinalabasan ng pag-aaral, ay nabuo ang mga implikasyong pagiging bukas pang lalo ng isipan ng mga mag-aaral tungkol sa pilosopiya sa edukasyon, ang paglinang at paggamit ng “Differentiated Instruction”, at walang pinakamainam at pinaka-angkop na pilosopiya sa edukasyon.  
The school, considered as the work environment for teachers, is the most powerful institution that can help influence the youth towards responsible and accountable citizens. The adage “Quality Education in the 21st Century” is often heard, however, quality work environment or school for teachers have been neglected.  The quality work environment is a gap that prevents the attainment of quality education. The quality work environment is a gap that prevents the attainment of quality education.  Teachers should have outstanding work environment so they could provide the Filipino youth quality education as their right and privilege. The better education we could provide to our countrymen, the easier and faster our development shall be.   The study determined the relationship of work environment to faculty performance of seven extension campuses of Batangas State University.  It focused on the physical and psycho-social environments with the following dimensions school safety and discipline, school administrator and faculty, between faculty and student, school and family.  Dimensions of faculty performance such as commitment, knowledge of the subject, teaching for independent learning, management of learning, miscellaneous outputs and critical factors were considered.  The moderator variables were age, gender, status, educational attainment and years of service in the university. The investigation used the descriptive-correlational design and is analytical in nature.  The 213 faculty members of seven campuses comprised the population of the study.  The instruments used in the study were the Work Environment Scale and Performance Evaluation Instrument which was validated by 10 experts.  Frequencies, means, standard deviation, regression and Pearson’s Product Correlation were employed in the statistical analysis. Correlation between work environment and faculty performance was found to be significant when school family relationship was considered.  Moreover, the findings revealed that the school and family relationship and civil status are variables which are directly related to faculty performance.  Finally, results show that predictor for faculty performance is school and family variables of psycho-social environment In the light of the findings of study, it could be concluded that faculty of Batangas State University extension campuses have a favorable and unfavorable physical environment.  However, they have favorable psychological and social environments.  Inspite of the undecidedness of the faculty in the physical environment they still perform their tasks and duties effectively.  Among the variables of work environment, school and family under psychological and social relationship is significantly related to performance.
15 SATISFACTION ON LIBRARY RESOURCES AND SERVICES AT BATANGAS STATE UNIVERSITY , Glenn A. Caraig1, Sotera J. Cepillo2 Ester R. Aguila3, Joefel F. De Villa4, Erica M. Buno5,  & Marielle C. Carasco6
Libraries are one of the required facilities that the institution must have to provide a comfortable atmosphere for learners. The library user's satisfaction is the top priority to accommodate learners to accomplish scholarly and academic projects. This study evaluates the level of satisfaction and assessment in terms of the usefulness of library resources and services. This research paper aims to determine the level of satisfaction and evaluation of library users on the Library Resources and Services of Batangas State University. A descriptive research method was applied with the standard instruments mentioned above. The researchers' conclusion based on the gathered data and interpretation of present information is that the Batangas State University library satisfies its user's needs regarding scholarly materials and services, with the data showing a positive response from most of the respondents. The results also show the relationship between library resources and services into the user's satisfaction and assessment level. This study may serve as a guide for the librarian to enhance further its services and increase the overall satisfaction in terms of resources for its potential patrons.