The current instability and socio-economic problems that have afflicted Nigeria so far can be traced to the country’s flawed democratization and electoral processes. In it over five decades of independence, Nigeria is yet to witness an orderly and constitutional transition programme totally free from controversy. The country’s history of democratization and electoral process since 1923 till date is shrouded in utter controversy. Elections, which ordinarily should guide citizens to choose those who should be their leaders, have most times been abused by overzealous politicians who crave for power at all costs. This study therefore seeks to investigate the contradictions and challenges inherent in the politics of democratization and electoral process in Nigeria. Based on available evidence on Nigerian politics, this paper argues that the implementation of its electoral programme and the win at all syndrome of the politicians have made the enthronement of a virile and an enduring democracy in Nigeria almost impossible.
2 Cyber Space: A Site of Struggle and Release, Dr. Binod Mishra
Cyber Revolution today seems to have an edge over Cultural Revolution in myriad ways. Life without technology appears like a dreary desert devoid of energy and vibrancies. The slavish nature of cyber world has necessitated everyone to keep pace with the changing world, leading us to depend on (genetically modified food, mineral water, iodized salt, pesticide-bred vegetables, and adulterated sweets) various means of artificial life. While cyber world has added colours to life, it is fast approaching as an identity marker where fiction takes over fact especially with the younger generation. The change of entire cultural outfit of the world has also transformed the epistemic realities of the pragmatic order by overhauling the crest of power politics. It is time for all of us as stakeholders to realize how we can keep pace with the changing realities and balance the topsy-turvy of the world linguistically, psychologically, without discouraging the advancing wings of technology, which has become a living reality.
3 Communication in Engineering Pedagogy, Dr. Jaya Garg
The present paper deals with the problems that are encountered during English training of first year students in the Engineering colleges of Madhya Pradesh. The methods to infuse language skills at all levels have been discussed along with tools of communication in detail, to suit engineering students. For assessment of English competence, some established rubrics have been dealt superficially. Focus has been on integration of engineering education than considering Communication Skills as a part of engineering
Constraint optimization problems are encountered in numerous applications. There are different areas like Engineering design, structural optimization, VLSI design, economics & allocation problem can be applicable constraint optimization problem approach. In this present paper we have developed advance solution approach through extended Saddle points, Lagrange multipliers and penalty methods for solving constrained-optimization problems. Here studies some new theorems have been stated and simple proofs have been given. The method can be directly used to solve practical problems.
5 “Modernization of Ethnicity”- in the Novels of Chetan Bhagat, Mrs. Ashvini Joshi
Campuses across the country have become a fertile ground for fiction. After the turn of the IITs and the IIMs, the trend is now catching up in JNU. The young alumni of various colleges around the country are in the race to write the greatest Indian campus novel. These novels are a huge success among the alumni fraternity, college goers and those who wish to set foot in those campuses. They give a sense of déjà vu and are selling like hot cakes. Most college novels have simple narratives and are spun around study pressures, social integration and a romantic twist. They have a comic undertone and deal with issues that college goers have often faced. They make the reader relive his own experiences in a delightful way. At times events are exaggerated and not entirely factual. But it makes for a lighthearted read at the end of a tiring day, which is what most of us look for. In the next few months, novels revolving around the IIM, IIT, DU and the Law Campuses are expected to hit the market.
6 Humanity vs. Hatred during Partition in Khushwant Singh’s novel ‘Train to Pakistan’ , Anubha Sharma
The Partition of India, which took place in August 1947 with the emergence of Independence, divided the country in two new nations i.e. India and Pakistan. This incidence devastated the life of innumerable people who were forced to migrate and even many of them lost their lives in the process. This horrific event is marked not only in the history of India and Pakistan but also in the world history. The communal fanaticism and frustration of losing their loved ones made the people forget their sense of humanity, compassion and love. Khuswant Singh has very aptly portrayed the psychology and the actual condition of the common people who suffered the havoc of Partition through his novel ‘Train to Pakistan’. The Hindus, Muslims and Sikhs who used to live with each other in brotherhood before Partition failed to have the same feelings of unity as well as harmony for each other during Partition. But at that time of chaos also there were some people who sacrificed their life to save the victims and proved that however strong the feeling of hatred is but it could never overpower love and humanity.
7 Brand Personality in Rural Area- A case study of FMCG in Vidisha District of Madhya Pradesh, Ms. Pramila Tiwari
The purpose of this study is to examine the brand awareness in rural area and to study the interest of the customers in products of FMCG. The brand awareness is showing increasing tendency everywhere now. To examine the validity of this general statement that is being discussed by many scholars and researchers even in industry. Here, the case of Vidisha district (Madhya Pradesh) is taken up.
8 Study of Nano-Particle based Pesticides as an Alternative to Conventional Pesticides , Divya Ahuti Chaturvedi
Recent development in nano –science have opened up new direction in chemistry to allow the synthesis of new nano-materials which could not be obtained by conventional means. This shows application in various fields. Nano particles have been used as a physical approach to alter and improve the effect in the properties of some types of synthetic chemical pesticides or in the production of bio-pesticides directly. This paper aims to study the use of nanopesticides in an eco-friendly way. The present paper examines the toxicity due to chemical pesticides within the environment and it discuss the type of toxicity possible. The paper also argues that the application of eco-friendly, pesticides and Nano- based pesticides should be feasible. It concludes that to minimize the hazardous effect of pesticides , attempt should be made to develop plant based pesticides as a safe alternative and for better result.
9 Impact of Socio-Economic Status on Age at Menarche, Richa Saxena
The first menstrual bleeding is known as Menarche. It marks the beginning of the reproductive phase in a woman's life. It serves as an intermediate health outcome that affects the women's wellbeing at later stages of life. It is also considered as an indicator of quality of life. This study was a cross sectional retrospective (i.e. recall) study carried out in Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh India. Multistage sampling technique was used to identify the sampling units. The data was collected from adolescent students (aged 10-19 years) from grade 7-12. Adolescent girls born in U.P and experiencing menstruation were selected for the study. The study estimated the age at menarche. The estimated average age at menarche was 12.24 years ± 1.15 years (95% CI, 12.11 years -12.38 years). The menarche ages ranged between 10 and 12 years for about 49%, and between 13 and 14 years for 51%. It was seen that a maximum number of girls experiencing an earlier onset of menarche (between 10-12 years) belonged to middle socio-economic stratum. The results support the trend of lowering of age at menarche as one move from lower and middle, to higher economic group
10 Android Mobile Automation Framework, Pallavi Raut* & Satyaveer Tomar**
Earlier, mobile applications were offered for basic tasks such as email, contacts, calendar, music, weather, or stock information. Due to public demand and availability of advanced developer tools, mobile apps rapidly expanded into various categories such as games, factory automation, location-based services, banking, etc. Increasingly prevalent usage of mobile devices has raised the popularity of mobile apps; soon enough, functional testing of those apps has become an extremely important task.
11 Low Carbon High Performance Concrete – Sustainability Approach, Neelam Nagraj Petkar*, Prof. Smita Patil**& Hemant Chore***
Industrial by products such as Blast furnace slag, flyash, silica fume & engineering materials metakolin have conventionally been used for concrete as supplementary cementitious materials primarily from the aspect of the effective utilization of industrial waste. Considering natural resources conservation and prevention of global warming, new tailor made material which does not generate extra CO2 emission should be urgently established in concrete-related industries.
12 Foreign Pilgrims To Bodhgaya: Historical Perspective, Dr. Aprajita Krishna*, Shrinkhala**, Shama Parween***& Dr. Surabhi Prasad****
Bodhgaya is the most holy place for the followers of the Buddhist faith all over the world, the other three being kushinagar, Lumbini and Sarnath. Situated on the bank of river Neranjana the place was then known as Uruvela. There are four famous pilgrimage sites for Buddhists namely: Lumbini, where he was born; Bodhgaya, where he attained Supreme Enlightenment; Deer Park in Sarnath, where he preached the First Sermon; and Kusinara, where he passed into Mahaparinibbana
13 Performance Studies on Concrete Using Rice Husk Ash and Ground Granulated Blast Furnace Slag, Ulhaskumar V. Patil* & Dr. H.S. Chore**
Concrete is the most widely used material of construction. Concrete gained the popularity as a construction material due to the easy availability of its component materials, the easy formability, strength and rigidity upon setting and curing. In construction industry, strength is a primary criterion in selecting a concrete for a particular application. Now a days, the substantial amount of waste materials, containing the properties of the Pozzolana, is being generated from the major industries;
14 Self Help Group-Bank Linkage Programme in Nagaland; A Case Study of Peren, Kohima and Dimapur District of Nagaland., Mr. K.Timothy Langwangbe
Of late the Self –Help groups are the becoming the most popular and widely accepted means of livelihood. The formal launching of the SHGs Bank Linkage programme in India in 1992 by NABARD was mainly to integrate informal savings and credit groups with the mainstream banking systems. Since then many of the SHGs were formed across India with or without Bank linkage programmes. This paper lay focus on the effectiveness of the SHGs –Bank linkage programmes in Nagaland by undertaking an intensive case study of three Districts of Nagaland, viz. Peren, Kohima, and Dimapur.
15 Utilization of Waste Soya Cake (Okara), Er. Puneet Arora*, & Er. Parimita**
Maintenance of optimal nutrition and positive health of Population through assumed nutrient intake continues to be a national priority. For a nation to be healthy, strong and productive, the nutritional status of people must be good. Soymilk and tofu production yields large quantities of agro waste (Okara).Okara is high in fiber making it a potential nutritious food ingredients. The shelf life of only a day makes its difficult to work with in large scale operations. in the new millennium we are witnessing the upward trend in nutritional and health awareness which has increased the consumer demand for functional foods.
16 The Bhopal Gas Disaster a Case of WRONG Management and Engineering DECISIONS!!! , Dr. Dharmendra C. Kothari,
The Indian government, although keen to attract foreign investment through the new initiative of make in INDIA, needed to make a decision on the basic safety requirements for its citizens. During future Multi National Corporations (MNC) projects, designs of installations need to be peer reviewed and more stringent environmental, health and safety considerations should be adopted. During any future plant builds, standards of materials and equipment used should reflect those used in Western countries. MNC need to be aware that reduction in safety standards as a means of improving profit margins is not an option such as the disaster at Bhopal.
17 The Art of G. Nagarajan: Narration Decoding the Ethics of the Society , Dr. M. Anandharaj
G.Nagarajan, a forerunner to all modernist Tamil writers was born in 1920s. He started writing fiction at the end of 1950s. The personality of G.Nagarajan as elaborately discussed today in the literary circles lead us to reread his writings and ponder over its effect on modern Tamil literature. The approach to him will raise certain questions regarding the role of narration that tries to decode the ethical values of a society in which he lived. When we look at his memorable fictions we come to understand that he dared to discuss uncommon characters and unusual human affairs which were very unethical and illegal in general outlook.
18 Churches in Odisha: A Comprehensive Study, Dr. Sadanand Nayak
The world is a store house and everything is available so anybody can search for anything in this world. The world witnesses of having multi kinds of things, ideas and ideologies. The present world is composite of multi- society, multi-habits and multi-practices on the basis of time, region and peoples. Religion is one of them which have multi practices by multi-practitioners and Christianity is one of the major religions of this world having its multi-character and multi-practitioners. Though, Christians are fractioned into denominations still then they unite under single platform of different places for religious activities. That is known as prayer houses or churches.
19 Human Being and Spiritual Education, Dr. Prem Shankar Srivastava
The article is written to describe briefly the Human –being and Spiritual education and its beneficial effect to the betterment of the society as a whole. Human being is the supreme creature of God on this earth. Each and every human being is born with inherent quality; all spiritual or material knowledge is in his mind. Human being and other being differ on account of soul. In this paper an attempt has been made to deal a conceptual framework regarding growth and development of human-being with respect to spiritual education.
20 Voicing the Voiceless: A Critique of Dostoevsky’s Poor People, Dr. Pramod Kumar
Poverty, whether actual or political (as an agenda by the ruling class), has always attracted the attention of sensitive souls. Some who have been a victim of this man-made vice, and have traversed through its paths are able to describe its various ferocious forms since they have been blessed with the potential to do so.Dostoevsky is one such writer in world literature who suffered from chronic poverty all his life, and this he inherited from his father, and there are but a few of his stature as a writer who can be paralleled in monetary sufferings with him.
21 Analysis on Women Expenditure Pattern & Purchasing Buying Behavior – Spinster Vs Married women, Dr (Ms) Mamta Vyas
Today, women are equal partners in household expenditure. If they are married, they provide their share in household expenditure due to price hikes. In olden day women save her money because as it is psychology of men that they do not touch salary of women & easily managed their life financially. Today, women start earning at the age of 21. She is aware about managing her budget and saving for the future. At the same time women life style has been changed and she loves to spend money on its look or beauty, clothes , property and on electronics items and comfort products and services.
22 Corruption in a university in West Bengal, India: A First Person Narrative, Abhijit Guha
This action oriented empirical article deals with the misappropriation of University Grants Commission Unassigned Grant fund by a Vice-Chancellor of a university in West Bengal. The data for this study have been collected by RTI applications filed by the author over a period more than two years and presented in the form of a case study by using real names. The study revealed that it is not only important to know how a particular act of corruption is done by the use of public office for personal gain but it is also vital to know how after the exposure of the corruption in the public domain, the authorities again take recourse to cover up the scam by using bureaucratic measures.
23 Vegetational Parameters in Different Disturbance Regimes in Corbett National Park, Vivek Pandey*, Beena Tewari**, Ashish Tewari***& Jeet Ram****
Himalayan vegetation is subjected to various types of disturbances and most of them are either geological or anthropogenic or both. Biodiversity at all hierarchical levels is impacted upon by disturbance of an ecosystem in terms of maintenance and restoration. Protected Areas are forests that have as their primary function the protection of people or assets against the impacts of natural hazards. The main 'product' of these forests are standing trees which act as obstacles to down slope mass movements such as rock falls, snow avalanches, erosion, landslides, debris flows, and floods. The study area is located between 290 24’ and 290 27’ N latitude and 780 52’ and 780 59’ E longitude between 280 and 370 m elevation in Uttarakhand Himalaya.
24 Aerobic Exercise: Fat Cremation and Heart Rejuvenation, Dr. Upender Kumar
A large amount of body fat is stored in the form of triglyceride within adipose tissue as well as within muscle fibers. These stores must be mobilized into free fatty acids (FFA) and transported to muscle mitochondria for oxidation during exercise. Fatty acids from adipose tissue are mobilized into plasma and carried by albumin to muscle for oxidation. As exercise intensity increases from low (25% VO2max) to moderate (65% VO2max) to high (85% VO2max), plasma FFA mobilization declines.
25 Factors that influence the Organizational Commitment – A Case of Paramedical Staff at Private Hospitals , Prof. Lissy. T. A* & Dr. J. Venkatesh**
A committed workforce is an asset to the organizations. Committed employees decide to stay with organization for a long term. Purpose of the present study is to examine the influence of factors - HR practices, Pay & Benefits and Employee engagement strategies on Organizational commitment of the paramedical staff in private hospitals in Bangalore, India. The study also examines the relationship of these three factors with organizational commitment of hospital employees. 10 multi-specialty hospitals were identified for the present study with a sample size 500. Pearson Correlation and Multiple regression were employed to study the relationship with and influence of the above factors with organizational commitment. Pearson Correlation results indicated significant relationship between three factors and organizational commitment.
26 Teachers Perception towards the Functioning of Cluster Resource Centers (CRCs) – An Issue Analysis, Dr. R.RAMNATH
An SSA (Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan) is the scheme of MHRD functioning with the motto “Education for all”. This scheme has brought many innovations in the field of education in general and primary education in particular. Out of its various activities, the in-service training to the teachers is highly appreciable which is offered through different centres. The CRCs (Cluster Resource Centres) are the centres established under every BRC which look after the pre-planned and continuous training programmes to the teachers. But, it is not sure that all the trainings and their outputs are on the route of success.
27 Entrepreneurship Development: An Approach to Economic Empowerment of Women, Dr. Ambrish
Women are often considered as better economic stewards of capital than men. Women all over the world are challenged by a number of obstacles that restrict their ability to play significant roles in their communities and the broader society. For a long time they have lagged far behind men in key socio-economic indicators that place them at a huge disadvantage.
28 Postmodernist Indian Sensibilities: Manu Joseph’s Serious Men as a Socio-Cultural Document, Dr Chitra Thrivikraman Nair
The contemporary world is marked by cataclysmic changes unprecedented in the history of mankind. The process of globalization has contributed towards introducing revolutionary transformations across the globe in all levels of human life. Most of the countries in the contemporary world have become multicultural, multiethnic and multireligious, and India too is no exception to this phenomenon.
29 Necessity of Value Education in Modern Period, Dr. E. Ravi Kumar
Man believes in the same way like animals. He also eats, drinks, procreates and vegetates. But in addition to these, he does one more activity, and that is, he thinks, reflects. It is this power to think, to reflect, to rationalise that distinguishes him not only from animals but also from the other forms of creation.
30 Corruption: Its Impact on Development and Curative Actions, Dr. Jitender Singh Dhull
Corruption is a factor which effects the development and is present since ages. It is global problem. The meaning of corruption in present scenario is important, how it is prevailing in our country and what are the legal provisions to check this problem. The corruption effects the development which is matter of concern; there is also a comparison of corruption prevailing in our country and the other countries. Then what has been done and what is required to be done including suggestions to check this problem are the main issues.
31 Study of Anomalies in Stock Market, Dr M. Rama Naik
In financial markets, Anomalies refer to situations when a security or group of securities performs different to the notion of efficient markets, where security prices are said to reflect all available information at any point in time. With the constant release and rapid dissemination of new information, sometimes efficient markets are hard to achieve and even more difficult to maintain. There are many market anomalies; some occur once and disappear, while others are continuously observed.
32 Studies on Morphological and Morphometric Variation of Black Bengal Goat (Capra hircus bengalensis) in some villages of Hooghly and Howrah districts, West Bengal, Ranu Mukherjee*, Anuradha Koyal*, Pranab Kr. Banerjee *
Black Bengal (BB) goat is one of the recognized breed among the domestic species in India and serves as integral part of rural India's symbiotic system of crop and livestock production. Variation is a unique feature for every organism which is manifested through morphology and morphometry. BB goats are known to be famous for their adaptability, prolificacy, delicacy of meat and superior skin quality. It is precious germplasm of West Bengal. But enough care has not been taken to study the variation of black Bengal goat in West Bengal.
33 Conflict of Culture in Paula Gunn Allen’s The Woman Who Owned the Shadows, J. G. Ravi Kumar
Paula Gunn Allen attempts to educate mainstream audiences about Native American themes, issues, and concerns by promoting Native American literature as a variable and rich source of study. Allen’s work is preoccupied with her identity as a woman, mixed blood and lesbian in Laguna and white society. Focusing on the themes of assimilation, self-identity, and remembrance, she frequently examines the quest for spiritual wholeness. Allen’s works have generally received positive acclaim.
34 Role of Independence in Ethics for SMP Accountants, CA. KISHORE S PESHORI
“Ethics is all about our becoming and feeling responsible about everything that is around us. We are responsible only when we appreciate everything that is ethical and denounce all that is not ethical around us. I would like our membership to ensure that they always go for the stricter interpretation, foregoing the liberal one wherever and whenever they realise a presence of two interpretations on a matter of professional interest, despite both being legal. Such a courageous display of moral conduct will inspire not only generations of our professionals, but also those from other walks of life
35 A Study on Self-Regulated Learning and Academic Achievement among the Science Graduate Students, Dr. Payel Banarjee * & Kamlesh Kumar**
Self-regulated learning (SRL) is recognized as an important predictor of student Academic motivation and achievement. It is a pivotal construct in contemporary accounts of effective academic learning. Self-regulation is essential to the learning process by which students direct their acquisition of academic knowledge. SRL creates opportunities for students to manage their own resources and to perform better in all learning processes. Self-regulated learners take responsibility for their own learning processes and adopt their learning strategies to meet their demands. Students use various cognitive, meta-cognitive, behavioural, motivational and environmental strategies to control and regulate their own learning.
36 “Echo” Criticism, Haripriya D
“Echo” criticism is an eco-critical study; an endeavour to trace the echoes of ecology/eco-consciousness in the popular myths of Babylonian, Greek, Egyptian and Indian myths. The object is to show how the aforementioned pagan civilizations comprised essentially of deeply eco-conscious people who associated nature conservation with religions and gods to instil fear in the community, guided by the conception that scare-tactics would keep humans in check rather than gentle persuasion. It also hints at how the words of the prescient ancients are discarded by the modern mechanical man as myths.
37 Monetary Policy and Fiscal Policy: Instruments &Strategies of Development, Shruti Mallick
The Centre for Public Policy (CPP) of Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore, hosts 9th Annual International Conference from August 11-13, 2014 on Public Policy. Present article originates with the interest of financial policy of Indian Government. Dr. Arvind Mayaram, Arun Maira and Harun R Khan were among plethora of experts at 3-day meet at IIM
38 Experimental Studies on High Performance Concrete Using Blast Furnace Slag as a Cement Replacement Material, Ashish J. Bharnuke* & Dr. H.S. Chore**
The paper presents the experimental investigation on the performance evaluation of the high performance concrete. The ground granulated blast furnace slag was used to replace the cement partially. The study was aimed at finding out the optimum contents of the GGBFS as the partial replacement of cement without affecting the properties of concrete. The study was further aimed at evaluating the effect of crushed sand on the performance of concrete in place of river sand. The equal amounts of these materials were used in eight trial mixes with varying amount of cement. The water cement ratio was also varied. The chemical admixture was also added to improve the workability of concrete. The engineering properties such as compressive strengths of cubes and cylinders for 7 and 28 days’ curing in respect of the concrete made using GGBFS are evaluated.is the most widely used material of construction.
39 Food security in Agro based sector, Dr. Sunil Sharma* & Mrs. Urmila Pushkar**
Food security addresses one of human kinds most fundamental needs-access to a nutritious and adequate diet. Food security defines as a state-whereby all people, at all times, have physical access to sufficient, safe and nutritious food to meet their dietary needs and food preferences for an active and a healthy life. National food security act (NAFSA) is an important effort to ensure that the majority of India’s population has access to an adequate quantity of food at affordable prices. The Sonia Gandhi led National Advisory council in 2010, drafted the bill originally and proposed legal food entitlement by 75% of India’s population.
40 Women Empowerment in India: Issues and Challenges, Mr. Pema Lama
Unlike in the earlier days, women were maltreated even as slaves in the post-Vedic and Epic ages After Indian Independence, India has so far passed or amended several women specific legislations and implemented a plethora of programs for women’s advancement and economic emancipation in different spheres. The women’s movement including widespread NGO network having strong grass-root presence and deep insights into women’s concerns have contributed in inspiring initiatives for the women empowerment.
41 A Perspective of Politeness Principle in Mahesh Elkunchwar’s Old Stone Mansion , Sachin D Bhandare* & Dr S G Bhanegaonkar**
Application of theories from pragmatics to literature is one of the recently developed methods of studying literature. Pragmatics is basically interested in utterances. Among the various genres of literature, drama makes profound use of utterances. The dramatist creates men and women who speak to each other and from this communication we gather the story of their life. In drama there is no narration. There is no plain or fancy description like fiction; there is first and only dialogue and Pragmatics is interested only in analysing these dialogues or ‘language-in-use’. The present paper delineates to analyse dialogues from the play Old Stone Mansion by Mahesh Elkunchwar in the light of politeness principle from pragmatics.
42 Studies on Intensity of Environmental Awareness among Assistant Professors of Senior College and Universities, Dr. Varsha U. Lomate *
To recognize the growing awareness about Environmental degradation, pollution and self responsibility of its protection it becomes necessary to study the extent of awareness among the intellectual class of society. In the past two decades, environment has attracted the attention of decision makers, scientists and even laymen in many parts of the world. They are becoming increasingly conscious of issues such as famines, droughts, floods, scarcity of fuel, firewood and fodder.
43 Landuse/Land Cover Mapping and Change Detection – A Case Study of Hisar-Bhiwani Watershed, Haryana, S.K. Bansal*, Dilbag Singh**, Anurag***, Vipin Kumar****,
The land use information collected for Hisar-Bhiwani watershed in Haryana from the analysis of the IRS-P6/1D LISS – III data for the year 2004-2005 and NRDMS Resource Atlas of Haryana data for the year 1999-2000 revealed a large change in the area of different land use categories during the period from 1999- 2005. The total geographical areas the present watershed is 3531.05 km2. The cropped land covering an area of about 3322.32 km2 (94.11 percent of the total area) in 1999-2000 reduced to 2934.62 km2 (83.1 percent of the total area) in 2004-2005, while the area under rural settlements increased from 51.73 km2 in 1999-2000 to 101.26 ha. in 2004-2005.
44 Online Expert System Based on Raga Chikitsa for Health Care, Manisha S. Deshmukh*& Shubhangi S. Sapkale**
Music is used to change mood in everyday life and to maintain physical and psychological health of human being. Number of research papers on Raga Chikitsa (Music Therapy) evaluated the evidence that music improves health and well-being of human being through the motivation and pleasure; stress and arousal; immunity and social affiliation. This paper presented an online Expert System based on Indian Classical Music therapy for health care. In this Expert System knowledge base has been contain information about the Indian classical Ragas and the symptoms of the disease which will be used to solve the query of the user.
45 Preparation of Sandesh by using honey , Er. Puneet Arora* & Er. Parimita**
Sandesh is a very popular heat-desiccated product of coagulated milk protein mass called chhana (a heat- and acid-coagulated product of milk that is analogous to cottage cheese) of West Bengal, India. Sen and Rajorhia (1990) mentioned that sandesh was also gaining popularity in other regions of India. Sandesh is prepared by continuous stirring of chhana with sugar over medium heat. Sandesh is known for its palatability, aroma and as a rich source of milk proteins, fat, sucrose and fat-soluble vitamins.
46 What Lies Deep in the Unconscious: A Psychoanalytical Scrutiny of Harry Potter in J. K. Rowling’s Harry Potter Series, Kaustav Chanda
Since the inception of its epical journey, Joanne Katherine Rowling’s Harry Potter series has come a long way to become a phenomenon in the domain of children’s literature, intriguing readers and critics alike, raising questions regarding its nature, its viability for children, and sparking debates among scholars around the world over the social, cultural, political, and psychological subtexts in the series.
47 Triad problematic of youth entrepreneurship: Voices from University Students , Pierre Sindambiwe* & Donah Mbabazi**
Based on previous research investigated, we identified various factors affecting youth entrepreneurship like instance lack of access to finance, lack of business skills, psychological orientation, lack of market opportunity and others and measured their importance on unemployed youth. As unemployed youth can be categorized in three: unemployed uneducated ones, those in schools and unemployed educated ones, our study focused on those still in university.
48 Financial Inclusion: Triggers and Barriers in Rural India, Ms Tina Sachdeva* & Dr. Smita Gupta**
Growth with equity is the main objective of Financial Inclusion. Poverty is not only inadequate income, but somewhat the absence of extensive range of capabilities, including security and competence to participate in economic and political systems. Financial Inclusion emphasizes on delivery of financial services at a reasonable cost to the huge vulnerable sections of society. Banks and other financial service players are largely expected to moderate the supply side constraints that prevent poor and underprivileged groups from gaining access to the financial system.
49 Polarity of Law and Justice In Clifford Odets' Till The Day I Die, Vidya Dass*
Till the Day I Die is based on the rise of communism in Germany when Hitler was in power. It concentrates on the plight of the German communists who were continuously arrested and tortured by the Nazis. Once arrested the communists do not accept them again in their camps. Ernst Tausig, the protagonist of the play is arrested and undergoes such suppressions but still foresee a promising new world. He is persuaded to commit suicide by one of the Nazi authorities who heart of hearts support the communists. “Law and Justice” is established in the vice versa which manifests the polarity of the two.
50 Emergence of Ethnomusicology: As Traced in Indian Perspectives., Bisakha Goswami*
Ethnomusicology can be considered as the holistic and cultural study of music existing in various folk, tribal and other ethnic societies. The discipline ethnomusicology deals with the study of music from a social and cultural perspective and aims to survey and analyze the music traditions of various cultures. Ethnomusicology also emphasizes the study of music of one’s own and other cultures which promotes the intercultural perspective of music. Initially, the Indo-British interrelationship paved the way for intercultural communication through musical works and set the foundation for ethno musicological study in India.
51 Managing Attrition through HR System in Hotel Industry, Shweta Upamanyu
Hotel industry is facing a downfall in the rate of employees. Attrition in hotel industry is a matter of concern and its peak in current scenario. Reasons behind leaving of employees are many and moreover common in nature throughout the world. Among these reasons, one of the important reasons is the poor and improper HR policies adopted by the hotels. The study focuses on the HR policies adopted and benefits offered by the hotels to their employees as a reason of attrition.
52 Productivity Improvement in Milk Processing Plant, Atul Anant Deshpande*
The economical condition of country, mainly depend upon agriculture sector. While the milk industry is the side & co - business of farmers along with agricultural sector .It is better to said both are mutually correlated. All small scale & large scale farmers focusing on the milk business, there is a net profit in milk business, but both businesses are depend mostly on natural conditions. Along with the advantages in the milk sector farmers and manufactures are facing a lot of problem at various stages. The milk is a natural product so it required the proper preserving condition for quality maintenance.
53 Rural Marketing: Challenges, Opportunities and Strategies , Dr. Satish Modi *
In recent years, rural markets have acquired significance, as the overall growth of the economy has resulted into substantial increase in the purchasing power of the rural communities. On account of green revolution, the rural areas are consuming a large quantity of industrial and urban manufactured products. In this context, a special marketing strategy, namely, rural marketing has emerged. Rural marketing represents the heart of India. Although the Indian rural market, with its vast size and demand base offers great opportunities to marketers; yet there are several difficulties confronting the effort to fully explore rural markets.
54 The New trends in Latin American bloom “Magical Realism” in the Novel of Gabriel García Márquez’ One Hundred Years of Solitude – a Postcolonial Study., K. Thomas Alwa Edison
This paper focus the new trends in Latin American bloom magical realism through the narrative technique of Gabriel García Márquez’ novel One Hundred Years of Solitude this paper also concentrates one of the third world countries Colombia’s culture, life style, food style during the colonial period and after, people migrated one place to other they adopted various life styles and various languages. They didn’t follow a fixed culture, at the same time science and technologies flourished rapidly.
55 Indian Perspective on the Legal Response towards Rights of Child: An Overview, Dr. Sanjay Sindhu
It is widely accepted fact that children are the most important assets of any nation. Hence, children are said to be the future as the strength of the nation lies in a healthy, protected, educated and well-developed child population that will grow up productive citizens of the country. Existing socio-economic conditions also render some children vulnerable and more at risk to abuse, exploitation and neglect, India
56 The Treatment of Violence in Plays of Girish Karnad and Vijay Tendulkar, Dr. Priyanka Pasari
Violence can be defined as “the intentional use of physical force or power, threatened or actual, against oneself, another person, or against a group or community, which either results in or has a high likelihood of resulting in injury, death, psychological harm, mal-development, or deprivation. “Generally speaking, anything that is turbulent or excited in an injurious, damaging or destructive way, or presenting risk accordingly, may be described as violent, even if not signifying violence by a person and against a person.
57 ICT Application in Education: An Overview , Sudhir Sudam Kaware* & Dr. Sunil Kumar Sain**,
Today, we are living in an age of computer. The computer has occupied a very significant place in the 21st century. Without which we cannot imagine anything. It plays a vital role in the fields like banking, business, medicine, engineering, entertainment etc. So is the case with educational field.
58 Yes, India is a Federal Country, Karn Marwaha
Federalism, as a system of Government is modestly a new sort of Government in our history. Though earliest form of political organization was unitary in nature but due to various social and economical factors, the unitary states were forced to adopt federal form of government in order to address the common concerns of the nation. This gave the concept of Federalism an important historical dimension.
59 Adolescence Period: Reflections Through Spiritual Education, Dr. Prem Shankar Srivastava
The paper deals with the need of spiritual education during adolescence period. The paper also deals with the developments such as cognitive development, and psycho-motor development along with affective development i.e. Education of the Feeling take place during adolescence period which are the integral part of spiritual education
60 Contemporary Relevance of Buddha Philosophy, Dr. E. Ravi Kumar
India has given to the world, religions such as Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism and Sikhism. Religion has helped considerably to create and sustain the higher values of human conduct and character.
61 Comparative Analysis of Performance of Tax Saving Mutual Funds: A Case Study of Selected Asset Management Companies , Mr. Jitendra Kumar* and Dr. Anindita Adhikary**
A mutual fund is a financial intermediary that pools the savings of small investors for collective investment in a diversified portfolio of securities. Indian mutual fund industry is playing a significant role in the development of capital market and in the growth of Indian economy. Mutual fund investment is quite popular among small investors for seeking tax incentives.
62 Towards Conceptualizing Business Strategies, Mr. Wangchuk Chungyalpa* & Dr. Bedanta Bora**
In today’s hyper competitive business environment characterized as dynamic and constantly changing, business strategy seems to have lost its importance and significance. Some argue that in such environment, ‘strategic planning’ at best has lost much of its relevance and at worst, has been rendered meaningless.
63 Case Study on Entrepreneurship Management AP Mani & Sons , Dr. Rashmi Gopinathan* & Dr. Sapna Suri**
The case discusses the attitude and mindset of entrepreneurs who do their business in a traditional manner and have grown but for further growth have a blocked mindset. The case also discusses the Evolution & Revolution of family business growth. It Covers some main issues to be addressed by Entrepreneurs who start family business as to how and at which stage of family business there should be introduction of Professional management and lessons to be articulated for growth.
64 Women in Tribal Folk Narrative of Rajasthan “Pabuji Ki Phad” , Dr. Priyanka Mathur
Women’s contribution is significant in the origin and the development of Folk Culture. Folk Narratives provides a pavement to study and interpret the role of woman in shaping cultural patterns in little communities. Usually, the roles of rural women in Rajasthan remain unrecognized from historic times and their voices are seldom perceptible, if ever heard, it is only in folk songs & narratives.
65 Ceremonies of Culture a Study of Leslie Marmon Silko, J. G. Ravi Kumar
Leslie Marmon Silko Ceremony established with its depiction of life on the Indian reservation and its exploration of philosophical issues, Ceremony considered a powerful confirmation of cosmic order. The book is about the power of timeless, primal forms of seeing and knowing and relating to all of life.
66 New Historicism and Mistry’s Such A Long Journey : A Critique, Ram Lalit
Histories are more time specific than cultures; they are more deeply rooted in political structures than memories and myths. They also have a tendency to be subjective by the degree of articulation of the individual. Thus their relationship to new locations can be fairly problematic. It is history which records discriminatory practices, unfair laws and animosities. The remembering of history is not without its problems. It is this which intervenes in the process of belonging
67 Psycho – Socio Variations in Male and Female Student Teachers with Internal and External Behavioural Control , Dr. P.S.BALAJI
The present study was an attempt to assess the difference in the behavioural control – internal / external – on certain psycho- socio characteristics under different environmental conditions prevailing in colleges of education. A sample comprising 334 male and 487 female student-teachers was inducted in the study.
68 Analysis and Comparison of Filtering Techniques for Image Restoration, Manjunath Savadatti
Image restoration is an important issue in high-level image processing. Images are often degraded during the data acquisition process. The degradation may involve blurring, information loss due to sampling, quantization effects, and various sources of noise. The purpose of image restoration is to estimate the original image from the degraded data. It is widely used in various fields of applications, such as medical imaging, astronomical imaging, remote sensing,
The paper gives a brief description of digital library. It highlights the point like need of the digital library, characteristics of the digital library as well as criteria of selecting material for digitization and also new challenges are explained here. In the technological development the role of the librarian should be changed very much. The librarian should also adapt themselves according to changing ICT techniques and tool to provide the users optimum services
70 Impact of Mid day Meal Programme in India: A review , LALITA VERMA
Mid Day Meal in schools has had a long history in India. The Midday Meal Scheme in India is the largest school meal programme in the world, covering an estimated 139 million children. The Midday Meal Scheme has bold objectives: it aims to enhance enrolment, retention and attendance among primary school children while simultaneously improving their nutritional levels.
71 Writings from The Margins: Contribution of Bapsi Sidwa in Marginal Literature , Dr. Simi Rizvi
Literature after World War I became an object of academic discourse, discussion centred in designing literature and placing certain canonical texts within that definition. Much work has been done since the advent of structuralist and post-structuralist discourse in recognizing those spaces of marginality surrounding black writing, women’s writing, gay writing, and colonial writing etc.l
72 Quest for Self in Kamala Das’ The Old Playhouse, Arya P A
Kamala Das, a well-known figure in English literature is the torch bearer of confessional women writing in India. She opened a new arena where the utmost feelings of a female- her dreams, hopes, love, lust, suffering, despair, anguish are openly expressed. Das expresses her need for love with frankness and openness unusual in the Indian context. This study is an analysis of Das’ poem ‘The Old Playhouse’. Quest for identity in a male dominated world is one of her recurring themes
73 Study of Resilience and Parenting Styles of Adolescents, Dr. Manju Gera* & Jasjit Kaur**
Adolescence is a period of development where lot of changes- physical, emotional and psychological takes place. This period can have lot of influence of parenting styles adopted by their parents which can also affect their resilience. Resilience is the ability of an individual to come out of an adverse situation. The present study was done to see relationship between resilience and parenting styles of adolescents. It was a descriptive type of research.
74 Swami Vivekananda’s Views on Philosophy of Education and Its Relevancy with Modern Life , Ms Richa Tripathi*, Dr K.P. Singh**& Dr Sandeep Verma***
In this paper, I would focus on Swami Vivekananda’s views on Philosophy of Education and its relevancy with modern life. According to Swami Vivekananda, education does not mean the mass of information which is inserted by force into the mind of a child. In his own words, education is the manifestation of perfection already in man. Indian nationalism and spiritualism were the basic foundations
75 Basics of Investment in Commodity Market in India, Dr. Ambrish* & Dr Arvind Kumar Singh**
Commodity futures trading in India commenced more than 100 years back. Major enactment to this effect was in the form of Forward Contract Regulation Act (FCRA), 1952. But, the situation has not matured due to the virtual banning of futures trading since the early 60s till late 80s when the scarcity environment prevailed. Presently, it has become very popular among the traders and retail investors, the reason
76 High-Efficiency Switched-Capacitor-Based Resonant Converter Fed Dc Drive , C.Pratheeba*, G.Praveen Santhosh Kumar **& A.Karthikeyani***
This paper presents operating performance of a switched-capacitor-based resonant converter (SCRC) using a phase-shift control method. The proposed phase-shift control realizes zero-voltage switching operation, and thus achieves high conversion efficiency. A theoretical analysis shows that the SCRC can reduce its inductor
77 A Study on First Aid Awareness among Higher Secondary School Students in Sivagangai District, Dr.G. Kalaiyarasan
According to the modern concept of curriculum it means to develop not only the traditional subjects but also develop co curricular activities, extracurricular activities and also having awareness about traffic rules, first aid awareness etc. As a student one must have the awareness on first aid in order to do for himself or to help others in an accident.
78 Development and Quality Evaluation of Baked Potato Chips in Microwave , Geeta Dewangan* & Yashwant Kumar**
The study was conducted to develop microwave baked potato chips and to evaluate the effect of microwave power, baking time and slice thickness on chemical and quality characteristics such as moisture, crude fat, protein content, sensory and overall acceptability (OAA) of potato chips. The local cultivar of potato was selected and cut in three different thicknesses 1±10% mm, 2±10% mm and 3±10% mm, respectively.
79 Indian Perspective on the legal Status of Marital Rape: An Overview , Dr. Sanjay Sindhu* & Monika Thakur**
Sexual abuse whether in marriage or outside it, has been recognized as serious violation of women’s dignity. Rape is sexual intercourse with a woman against her will or without her consent, it is the most heinous crime committed against woman by men. It is virtually a living death for the women yet the victim of forcible sexual intercourse is treated as an accomplice in a society which values chastity as the most important
80 Role of Indian Public Sector Health Insurers: An Overview, P. Saravana Kumar*
Health insurance continues to be one of the rapidly growing sectors in the Indian insurance industry. The insurance industry was a government monopoly. It is now experiencing cutthroat competitions because, a number of players have entered into the Indian market in the form of joint ventures with Indian private sector partners. Consequently, the Indian Insurance industry is closely integrated
81 Modernist Exponents in Robert Frost’s Poetry: A Critical Analysis , Varshika Srivastava*
T.S. Eliot explained about the modern age in his essay ‘The Metaphysical Poets’ (1921), “It appears likely that poets in our civilization, as it exists at present, must be difficult. Our civilization comprehends great variety and complexity, and this variety and complexity, playing upon a refined sensibility, must produce various and complex results. The poet must become more and more comprehensive
82 Energy Efficient Ad hoc on Demand DREAM Routing in Wireless Ad Hoc Network, Avinash Rai*, & Dr. Tripti Arjariya**
In Wireless Ad hoc Network nodes are forming the temporary connection establishment in between sender and receiver through intermediate nodes. The nodes are uses the limited power or energy for routing packets or performing any function in the network. Due to that the energy efficient routing is the significant issue in Wireless Ad hoc Network. In dynamic network the connection lost and re-establishment consumes more energy in routing. In this paper we proposed a new energy efficient
83 The Wasy Women and “This business of living”: Tomson Highway’s The Rez Sisters , Dr. Aditi Vahia
While discussing Highway’s play, dramatist Carol Bolt observes that watching The Rez Sisters makes the audience feel part of “an extra-ordinary, exuberant, life-affirming family”. It is extra-ordinary because it involves common women with uncommon dreams. It is exuberant because all these women celebrate life and living at every given moment. And it is life affirming because they are essentially optimistic
84 Emerging Challenges and Consequences of Evaluation Process in School Education: An Ethnographic Insight, Paramita Sen*, Pinaki Dey Mullick**, Dr. Gopalkrishna Chakrabarti*** & Dr. Arnab Das****
As an integral part of formal education system, examination is executed to evaluate and assess the academic performances of the learners. Alike other countries, in India, several academic boards and educational policies concerned with specific academic institutions and practices prevailing there, aim to improve and retain the standards of the education, and regulate the process of evaluation of learning systematically. Along with exploring and understanding the meaning and action
85 Moral Ecological Nexus: Behavioural Strategies in Anjum Hasan’s NETI, NETI: NOT THIS, NOT THIS, Dr. M.Rosary Royar*
NETI, NETI: NOT THIS, NOT THIS (2009) by Anjum Hasan presents India as a land of multilingual, multireligious, multiethnic and multicultural powers. Amit Chaudhuri comments the author has displayed ‘an unexpected combination of shrewd noticing and poetic insight about how small-town imaginings and cosmopolitan sophistication flow in and out of each other’. Shillong and Bangalore are juxtaposed against the unifying canopy of India. As a young student Sophie has understood
86 An Ethos of Alliance: Ecological Aesthetics in Deepal Dalal’s The Snow Leopard Adventure, Dr. R. Saktheswari*
Literature reflects novel perspectives and perceptions, keeping intact its classic integrity. Ecological concerns are gaining momentum as humanity has ventured into the all possible realms of nature only to enlarge human beings’ comfort zone. Indian literature sketches the impacts of such anthropocentric attitudes. Not stopping with the mere portrayals of human beings’ ruthless trespassing, it leaps forward to advocate ways for mending the impaired structures. Deepak Dalal is one such writer who is committed to expose the beauty of nature and its components to create
87 Sales Forecasting of Milk and Milk Products by Quantitative Techniques-A Case Study, Er. Parimita* & Er. Puneet Arora**
Sales forecast is generally studied for making decision on working capital, the size of facilities, the amount of advertising and sales promotion, the need to change prices and many other problems. The study was conducted with the objective to forecast the net sales of Shyam Dairy products, Allahabad by using different quantitative methods of forecasting and use of different models such as naïve model, moving average model , exponential smoothing, casual forecasting methods(linear regression
88 Assessment of Nutritional Adequacy of Perimenopausal and Menopausal Working Women of Allahabad, Singh Pallavi*, Paul Virginia** & Prajapati Aditi***
Assessing the dietary pattern and nutrient intake of perimenopausal and menopausal working women 2) Observing the presence of sign and symptoms of perimenopausal and menopausal working women.