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1 FACTORS INFLUENCING CONSUMERS’ BEHAVIOURAL INTENTION ON E-COMMERCE ADOPTION IN MALAYSIA, Audrey Ann Balraj * Kavitha Balakrishnan** and Ajitha Angusamy*** * Teacher, SMK Telok Mas, Melaka, Malaysia ** Lecturer, LiFE, Multimedia University, Melaka, Malaysia *** Lecturer, Faculty of Business, Multimedia University, Melaka, Malaysia
The growth of e-commerce has seen rapid changes and developed higher expectations among retailers and consumers. This is more evident in today’s fast growing age of technology-oriented products which demand constant enhancement. The study is aimed at understanding the significant influence of perceived enjoyment, perceived satisfaction, perceived usefulness and perceived service quality factors on the consumers’ behavioural intention on e-commerce adoption in Malaysia. This study confirms that consumers look at enjoyment, satisfaction, usefulness and service quality as having significant influence on their behavioural intention in the e-commerce industry.
2 THE EFFECT OF SOCIAL NETWORKING BASED BRAND COMMUNITIES AND BRAND LOVE, ON BRAND LOYALTY, Mirza Ashfaq Ahmed* Alina Ahsan** and Umair Majeed*** * Assistant Professor, Department of Management Sciences, University of Gujrat, Pakistan ** MBA Scholar, Department of Management Sciences, University of Gujrat, Pakistan *** MBA Scholar, Department of Management Sciences, University of Gujrat, Pakistan
Social networking-based brand communities are developed to provide a platform for those who want to connect with the brand and brand-related information. The aim of this research is to check whether these social networking-based brand communities and brand love, have any effect on brand loyalty or not. This research was conducted using an online survey of Samsung Inc. face book community’s members. The results of structure equation model show that brand communities, which are based on social networks, are positively attached with community makers, which means that they have positive effect (share ideas, take part in discussion, satisfied with the brand) and the brand love, based on social media, also has positive effect (passionate attachment with brand) and the both constructs ultimately contribute towards loyalty.