1 The Image Of Modern Filipino Pirates: Dimensions And Implications Of Media Piracy, Zoe Andrea M. Rilloraza, Juan Carlos T. Abad, Khyle Angeline F. Cabilan, Lorry John O. Cervantes, Ruflyle A. Fontanilla, Diane Grace F. Gapuz, Kryzel O. Macato, Roland O. Opeña, Cherelle Nica A. Pulido, Fernando P. Oringo
Media piracy is slowly increasing its popularity, in the Internet, in the market, schools and the community. Day by day, millions of information is either being downloaded or uploaded to or from the Internet and making media piracy a lot more popular than it is already. Enjoying the comfort of their beds and by just clicking, pirates have already earned thousands in just a minute, which attracts people to join the pack. There is no doubt that media piracy could take over the world, because in just over three decades it became a global matter. It became a monster of the society. This study is all about The Image of Modern Filipino Pirates: Dimensions and Implications on Media Piracy. This study was conducted in Lorma Colleges Special Science High School and its respondents were 3rd year and 4th year students and the Faculty of LCSSHS. This study focused on the following theories such as Rational Choice Theory, Social Learning Theory and Self-Control Theory.
2 The Use Of Manipulative In Teaching Basic Mathematics, Alexander G. Pelonia, Ronato S. Ballado
Manipulative are concrete objects that are designed to help students learn mathematics. Modeling real life situations and abstract mathematics concepts is the most striking advantage of physical manipulative in the mathematics classroom. The study used a quasi-experimental design to compare the performance of two freshman Bachelor of Secondary Education classes in Math 101 (Basic Mathematics) and determine the effect of teaching the subject using manipulative. The controlled group had the conventional instruction method while the experimental group was taught using activities with manipulative. Sources of data used in the study were results of the OLSAT mental ability test, an attitude towards mathematics inventory and a mathematics test used in the pretest and posttest. Statistical tools included frequency counts, percentages, ranking, weighted means and t-test for independent samples and correlated samples. The study found out that both groups were within the normal range of mental ability. The subject had favorable attitude towards mathematics. There was a significant difference in the performance of the two groups after the treatment. The study recommended the extensive use of manipulative in teaching mathematics classes inasmuch as the students taught could adopt the same techniques when they become teachers in the field.
3 Understanding Of Accounting Students About Earning Management To Preparation Of Financial Statements, And Code Of Ethics Accountant (Case study at the Widyatama University), Eddy Winarso, Dr. Revelino D. Garcia
OECD based on one component of Corporate Governance is the existence of adequate financial reporting system. Wyatt (2004) mentions that there are weaknesses in accounting, is the greed of individuals and corporations, providing services that reduce independence, too 'soft' on the client and avoiding participation in existing accounting rules. Should give greater attention in accounting education on two things, namely the appreciation of the accounting profession and an appreciation of the ethical dilemmas. This can be manifested in a subject, teaching method to the preparation of the curriculum which is based on the values of ethics and morals. The development of accounting education based on ethics is needed feedback about the current conditions. This study aimed to determine students 'perceptions with intent to know the understanding of earnings management in the preparation of the financial statements and the effectiveness of the existing curriculum in shaping students' understanding of accounting. The study sample consisted of 139 students majoring in Accounting S1 Regular programs are divided into 100 final year students and 39 new students. It also conducted tests of differences with other accounting courses, the number of samples used in this study were 156 students in Accounting Diploma program, and 62 students of the Accounting Profession. Based on the research results, (1) that the disclosures of information to the problem avoid differences between groups of respondents. (2) The student refuses accounting earnings management. (3) The difference in the curriculum between studies in accounting education programs lead to differences in perception between students across the course. (4) The process of teaching in S1 has managed to give a better understanding to the students that accountants require interaction with the environment.
4 Self-Efficacy In Classroom Management Of Faculty Members Of The University Of Eastern Philippines, Miriam B. Giray, Ronato S. Ballado
Our behaviour is influenced by how much we believe we can do things. If a teacher believes s/he can manage the classroom well, then there is a probability that s/he will be able to do it. The study determined the level of self-efficacy in classroom management of faculty members of the University of Eastern Philippines. It determined the relationship of the level of self-efficacy to faculty profile such as age, sex, educational attainment and academic rank. Using the 8-item classroom management efficacy part of the Teacher Efficacy Scale, the study covered 136 faculty members of the University of Eastern Philippines who were sampled from all colleges. Descriptive correlational design was used and employed statistical tools such as frequency counts, means, ranking, percentages and multiple regression analysis. Data revealed that majority of the faculty members are female, have age range of 41-60, with Instructor rank and have at least Doctoral units. The faculty members have a Very High level of self-efficacy on classroom management. No significant relationship was found between the level of efficacy and the sex, age, academic rank and educational attainment. The study recommended the conduct of further studies correlating the level of efficacy with other teacher-related variables.
5 Academic Performance, Aspirations, Attitudes And Study Habits As Determinants Of The Performance In Licensure Examination Of Accountancy Graduates, Jade B. Tan
The graduates it produces often determine the quality of education offered by an institution. In like manner, the quality of graduates produced by an institution is measured by their performance in licensure examinations. The study determined the level of student’s academic performance, aspirations, attitudes towards accounting and study habits. It also determined the performance of the graduates in the Certified Public Accountant (CPA) licensure examination, as well as the relationship of the academic performance, aspirations, attitudes towards accounting and study habits and the performance in the licensure examination. One hundred twenty-four (124) respondents were considered in the study which utilized the descriptive- correlational method. A survey questionnaire determined the level of academic performance, aspirations, attitudes and study habits. Official results of the CPA Licensure Examination were retrieved from the Professional Regulation Commission. The study employed frequency counts, weighted means, ranking and regression analysis as statistical tools. The respondents had good academic performance, high level of aspiration, favourable attitude towards Accounting and good study habits. Performance of graduates is above the national passing percentage, though, graduates do not make it in the first attempt. Graduates performed best in Theory of Accounts while the weakest performance is in Practical Accounting I. Academic performance, attitudes towards accounting and study habits are significantly related to the performance in the examination while level of aspirations was not related. The study recommended the emphasis of students’ persistence to work toward their goals, study habits and passion in accounting in admitting prospective students. Regular assessment through qualifying examination is also recommended to improve performance.
6 Areza Town Center Inventory System of Dealership, Enrico Raynor Rivano, Keith John Monteiro Monteza, Jay Ar Kamatoy San Juan, Kimberly Anareta Unson
The research study entitled “Areza Town Center Inventory System of Dealership” was an information technology (IT) system developed for the management and staff of Areza Town Center located in Pagsanjan, Laguna, Philippines. The main purpose of the study was to develop an IT system that can monitor and record the transaction and the information of customers and the accurate computation of billings, services and annual income of the company. Specifically, it aimed (1) To develop a system that will meet the requirement of the Areza Town Center; (2) To create and analyze the use of the IT system depending on the process of the transaction and functions of the Areza Town Center; (3) To test and evaluate the system in terms of system usability, design, user-friendliness, error handling and system security; and (4) To implement the system among the staff and management of the Areza. The Areza Town Center Dealership Inventory System is developed for the purpose of inventory of information and facilitate the management of Areza Town Center. The system has a restriction for any unauthorized used, decoding and manipulation of information on the system. It can handle a large amount of information and the system can assure security of data records. The system run using Pentium 4 and higher processor, at least 50 MB for the program and 1 GB for the database to store records of transactions, sales, stocks and income. The system run with the use of Microsoft XP and Windows 7 as operating system. The capstone project is a local area network (LAN) based system and it does not need an internet connection to operate. The inventory system was presented to the client for verification of the details to identify errors and clarify the process of the company. To determine the overall performance of the developed system, the researchers used a questionnaire-checklist, which includes indicators such as system design, usability, user-friendliness and error – handling. The questionnaire-checklist was validated and was distributed to the selected respondents. A total of thirty (30) respondents were purposely chosen to assess the performance of the system using the questionnaire- checklist. All the data were gathered, tabulated and the overall performance of the system was determined through statistical tools such as weighted mean and standard deviation as well as the analysis of variance to determine the overall performance of the system. The researchers used the Microsoft Excel for the computation of the statistical results. In light of the findings obtained, it was concluded that the Areza Town Center Inventory System of Dealership was highly usable, has a good design, and has excellent error-handling, highly user friendly and highly secured. Based on the conclusion drawn, the following were recommended: (1) the Areza Town Center Dealership Inventory System is recommended to be used by the Areza Town Center; (2) the researchers may enhance the database of the system by adding database backup and more additional features; and (3) future researchers may use this study as their reference when they conduct similar study.
7 Corporate Leadership Responsibility of Global Top Executives at the Cavite Export Processing Zone Authority, Dr. Revelino D Garcia, Eddy Winarso
This study was designed to evaluate the profile of various foreign top-level managers of multinational companies operating at the Cavite Export Processing Zone as a basis for proposing a model for global corporate leadership responsibility (GCLR). The study was conducted in 2011to 2012. The setting was multinational companies located at the Cavite Export Processing Zone: Cavite Export Processing Zone Authority in Rosario, Gateway Business Park in General Trias, and the First Cavite Industrial Economic Zone in Dasmariñas.
8 Human Resources Audit: Dimensions Increased Productivity and Job Performance (Ethnographic Study of the Bureau of Human Resources at the University of Widyatama), Daniel T. H. Manurung, Retno Paryati
Human Resources Audit is a systematic and objective assessment of the examination, as well as documenting the organizational functions that are affected by the management of human resources with a view to ensuring compliance with the principle of appropriateness, effectiveness and efficiency in the management of human resources for the achievement of organizational goals, objectives and functions of the work program to improve the productivity performance of the staff of the University of Widyatama. This study tries to reveal the importance of the audit of human resources in achieving the productivity and performance of employees at the University Widyatama. This research was conducted on the assessment of the Bureau of Human Resources for the performance of its employees, whether working well run each program of work and behave according to the cultural character and discipline in accordance with the behaviour of the corporate culture to improve productivity and performance by applying the principle of reward and punishment for put positions. This study uses qualitative and ethnographic approach interpretive paradigm through observation and in-depth interviews of the informants in the bureau of human resources to find out the gains in accordance with the characteristics, culture, discipline and motivation of employees working at the University of Widyatama.
9 Business Opportunities For Fishermen In Selected Baranggay In Malolos Coastal Areas Through Economic Sustainability, Maybelle N. Dela Cruz, Gualberto A. Magdaraog Jr.
The abundance of marine life and rich aquatic resources are some of the reasons why people in coastal areas particularly in the City of Malolos are engaged in fish catching as the main source of their income. However, as time went on, many things affect the fishing industry such as water pollution, over fishing, muro-ami fishing techniques, increased in the number of fish pond, fishery resources destruction (dynamite fishing), habitat loss ( mangrove conservation)etc. these situations of Marine life really affects the economic condition of the fishermen and led to poverty and its effects is the fishermen tend to seek for other business opportunities. In line with this, this study focused on assessing the skills and training of fishermen and their relatives that would help them find sustainable business opportunities. The subject of this study involved 100 randomly selected fishermen and their relatives in three-selected barangay such as barangay Caliligawan, Masile and Namayan in the City of Malolos coastal areas. In order to gather data the researcher used descriptive and qualitative techniques. The instrument used in the study was developed by the researcher and validated by the experts in the field. The data gathered were tabulated and treated using frequency, percentage mean and ranking. The analysis revealed the following: The total number of sari-sari store in three selected barangays varies through the total number of population; Most of the respondents in coastal areas are of legal age and capable of handling business; Most of the respondents in coastal areas are willing to have trainings such as automotive and merchandising for their business opportunities; Most of the respondent in coastal areas are married the reason why they are willing to have trainings to have business opportunities that may help them to prepare the future of their children; Among the three selected barangay in coastal areas barangay Masile have the highest educational attainment while the respondents in other two barangays are mostly in elementary level; Most of the respondents belong to “Samahang Kababaihan” in coastal areas; Most of the respondents are resourceful to look for their financial resources; Some of the respondents have no formal trainings from Local Government and NGO and most of them gained their knowledge by observing and through media particularly the television; lastly most of the respondents in coastal areas are not aware that some of the resources and materials around them can be used as business opportunities. The output of this research is highly recommended for the Extension Service of the different Colleges of the Bulacan State University.
10 ALS Teachers’ Instructions In Bacolod City: A Narrative Inquiry, John Gerald A. Pilar
This study attempted to explore the Alternative Learning System (ALS) teachers handling ALS instructions to the out-of-school youths/students in Bacolod City. This study was based on Philippine Education for All (EFA) 2015 plan is a vision and a holistic program of reforms that aims at improving the quality of basic education for every Filipino by 2015. This study has utilized the qualitative method of narrative inquiry, perceptions and stories were collected from ALS teachers in Bacolod City, and analysis of the information to determine their teaching competency lives according to their perceptions was possible. Moreover, one must be skilled in the art of data collection; a self-designed protocol may be needed to facilitate information from various locations and people involved (Leary, 2011). The researcher has revealed the thematic reflection as “Alternative Learning System (ALS) is linked with Patience, Learning, and Understanding for the learning process to reach the goal of success”, while the thematic insights revealed as “Alternative Learning System (ALS): Determination, Hard work and Ambition to reach the goal in life by producing modules in real-life activities/situations”, and the eidetic insights opened as “ALS as a whole is challenging towards out-of-school youths and adult education as the same quality instruction/education as what formal schooling will provide to the students”. The researcher has noted that participants were challenged in teaching ALS students particularly adults and out-of-school youths who are working for living but they need quality education not in a formal school. Thus, it is recommended that the improvement of the instructional modules in teaching ALS will help the students learn with use of the latest technology to keep abreast in learning using technology not only in modules alone and further research to be conducted in Alternative Learning System to confirm the result of the present study.
11 Factors That Make Elementary Pupils Happy, Perlita L. Atendido, Elisheba D. De Vera, William Jerick L. Mambil, Ava Ann P. Semorlan
The Elementary Christian Living teachers of the School of Saint Anthony conducted a survey among their pupils regarding the factors that make them happy. The purpose of this research is to bring awareness regarding the things that Elementary pupils’ value in life leading them to happiness. This will also serve as a glimpse of pupils’ values and to determine the factors that will motivate them in their everyday lives. The following results were derived from the study’s findings: Grade one pupils are happy when they are with their families and when they play toys and gadgets. Grade two pupils, on the other hand, are happy with their family, friends, toys and gadgets. Moreover, Grade three pupils enjoy being with their family and friends, and with new toys and gifts. As for the grade four pupils, they enjoy bonding with their families and friends, when they eat their favorite food and when they see their teachers. Furthermore, Grade five pupils love their family and are happy with new gadgets and toys. They are also happy when they play with their pets and friends. Lastly, the family serves as an important factor that makes the grade 6 pupils happy. Friends, gadgets, high grades and praying to God are the other encouraging factors of the grade 6 pupils’ gladness. Findings reveal family as the top consistent factor that makes the Elementary pupils happy. They enjoyed the different activities and experiences they had with their family members. Toys and new gadgets were also consistent factors that make the lower school pupils happy. Relationship with friends, on the other hand, serves as an important factor that inspires the Middle School pupils to be happy. Among Filipinos, across time, family remains as the source of happiness among children. This research recommends the parents to be more reflective of the moments they spend with their children and to be more sensitive with their interests and needs. This research implies the impact of families to their children’s emotional development and the deep significant marks they leave in the lives of their children.
12 Remedial Teaching Practices In Secondary Schools Of Northern Samar, Jeselle S. Aquino
The problem of poor quality in education has been traced to a number of causes, which include socio-economic factors, teacher-related factors, inadequate learning materials, and the short and congested school curriculum, among others. With this result, it is therefore imperative to organize remediation programs in low performing schools to address the needs of the learners to achieve desired learning outcomes and to enhance faculty’s teaching competence. The study determined the remedial teaching practices employed by secondary school teachers in both public and private schools in Northern Samar. It also found out the difference between the extent of remedial teaching practices as perceived by the teachers and students and if there was a significant difference between the extent of practices of public and private secondary schools in Northern Samar. The descriptive-comparative method was utilized in the study using a researcher-made survey questionnaire as the primary instrument. The study was conducted in twenty (20) public and private secondary schools in Northern Samarselected based on the results of the National Achievement Test (NAT) from 2010 to 2011. Frequency counts, percentages, and weighted mean computations were used to analyze the data obtained. The t-test was used to test the difference between the extent of remedial teaching practices as perceived by the secondary teachers and students and the difference in the extent of remedial teaching practices among public and private secondary schools in Northern Samar. The remedial teaching practices of the secondary school teachers were rated “extensive” by bothteachers and students. There was a significant difference between the perceptions of the secondary school teachers and the students on the extent of remedial teaching practices but there was no significant difference between the extent of remedial teaching practices of the public and the private secondary schools in Northern Samar.
13 Mga Salik Sa Kakayahan Sa Paggamit Ng Pandiwa At Pang-Uri Sa Mga Isinulat Na Komposisyon Ng Mga Mag-Aaral Sa Sekondarya, Josephine C. Patilan
Abstrak Tinukoy ng pag-aaral na ito ang antas ng kakayahan sa paggamit ng pandiwa at pang-uri sa mga komposisyong isinulat ng mga mag-aaral sa Sanayan na Mataas na Paaralan ng Pamantasan ng Silanganing Pilipinas. Tinukoy rin ng pag-aaral ang mga salik tulad ng wika/wikaing ginagamit sa bahay, paboritong babasahing Filipino, paboritong panooring pelikula, paboritong asignatura, paboritong leksiyon sa Filipino, at grado sa ikatlong markahan at ang kaugnayan ng mga salik na ito sa kakayahan sa paggamit ng pandiwa at pang-uri ng mga mag- aaral. Kasangkot sa pag-aaral na ito ang 166 mag-aaral sa apat na antas ng mataas na paaralan. Ginamit sa pag-aaral na ito bilang instrument ng pananaliksik ay pagsulat ng isang pormal o pinatnubayang komposisyon at pagsulat ng isang komposisyong impormal o malaya. Ginamit din ang isang checklist para sa mga salik na nabanggit. Ginamitan ang pag-aaral na ito ng istadistikang angkop sa pag-aaral gaya ng bahagdan, mean, weighted mean at regression analysis. Karamihan sa mga kalahok sa pag-aaral ay nagsasalita ng Ninorte-Samarnon sa kanilang mga bahay. Ang paboritong babasahin ng mga mag-aaral ay pahayagan. Marami sa mga kalahok ang nanonood ng mga pelikulang Ingles. Ang kanilang paboritong asignatura ay Araling Panlipunan. Ang paborito nilang leksiyon sa Filipino ay panitikan. Marami sa mga kalahok ay nakakuha ng gradong 85 bahagdan sa ikatlong markahan. Mababa ang antas ng kakayahan ng mga mga-aaral sa paggamit ng pandiwa samantalang katamtaman naman ang kakayahan nila sa paggamit ng pang-uri. Sa pagsusuri ng null hypothesis, ang wika/wikaing ginagamit sa bahay, paboritong babasahing Filipino, paboritong panooring pelikula, paboritong asignatura, at grado sa ikatlong markahan ay may makabuluhang kaugnayan sa kakayahan ng paggamit ng pandiwa samantalang ang paboritong leksiyon sa Filipino ay walang kaugnayan sa paggamit ng pandiwa. Ang lahat ng salik na nabanggit ay may makabuluhang kaugnayan sa paggamit ng pang-uri. Inirekomenda ng pag-aaral ang malimit na pagbibigay ng guro ng pagsasanay sa pagsulat ng komposisyon. Makakatulong din sa mga mag-aaral ang pagbabasa ng diyaryo at iba pang uri ng babasahing Filipino at ang panonood ng mga programang Tagalog o Filipino at pelikulang Filipino.
14 Academic Emotions And Performance In Psychology of College Freshman Students of the University Of Eastern Philippines, Josephine B. Tan
College students experience a variety of emotion-related situations. Many of these situations imply daily hassles relating to teachers, classmates, or learning at home. The emotional state of a learner has the potential to influence his/her thinking. As a subject, which deals with the human mind and its process, Psychology lessons could trigger different emotions that may affect overall performance. The study determined the level of academic emotions of the students in terms of enjoyment, pride, anger, boredom, anxiety, hope, shame and relief. It also determined the level of performance of the students in Psychology. Moreover, it looked into the significant relationship of academic emotions and performance in the subject. The study involved 387 freshman students enrolled in General Psychology in the first semester of SY 2013-2014. The respondents answered a 96-item academic emotions questionnaire. The performance of the students in Psychology was based on the grades they got in the subject. Statistical tools included frequency counts, percentages, weighted means and multiple regression analysis. The study found out that the students have a high level of enjoyment, pride, hope, and relief; low level of anger, boredom, and anxiety; and an average level of shame. The respondents had Fair to Good performance in Psychology. Test of relationship revealed that enjoyment, pride and boredom significantly related to academic performance while hope, relief, anger, anxiety and shame did not have significant relationship with performance. The study recommended the active participation in class discussions of students to enhance learning through more classroom activities and instructional strategies.
15 Performance Of Senior Teacher Education Students In A Pre-Licensure Test For General Education, Ronato S. Ballado, Mae Joy T. Espinar, Alejandro L. Giray, Jr
The Licensure Examination for Teachers (LET) cover General Education and Professional Education components for the Elementary level examination and the General Education, Professional Education and Specialization components for the Secondary level examination. The study developed a 100-item pre-licensure test on the General Education component of the Teacher Education curriculum. The study looked into the performance of the students in the examination per subject area. It also looked into the discrimination and difficulty indices to assess the validity and reliability of the items as instruments to measure achievement. The respondents covered all students who took the examination. The study used the descriptive – evaluativedesign. The performance of the students was measured through the percentage of students who got the correct answer. The data were treated statistically using means, percentages and ranking.Item analysis was done to determine the indices of difficulty and discrimination while Kuder Richardson 21 was computed to determine the reliability of the test. The examinees registered a High performance. The highest performance of the respondents was in the Filipino component while the least performance is in Science. Easiest items per percentage of correct responses were in Filipino and Social Science while the most difficult item is in Science. Close to half of the items are of moderate difficulty. Only few items have satisfactory discrimination. The study recommended the improvement of the test particularly on the choices to improve the reliability of the test. Learning areas where students performed poorly should be given focus in the teaching of the general education subjects.
16 The Relationship Of Elementary Pupils’ Final Test Score And Their Conduct Grades In School Of Saint Anthony, Quezon City, Erwin Yancy A. Erbina, William Jerick L. Mambil, Gene Paula B. Pinuela, Ann Stefanie A. Pecson, Ava Ann P. Semorlan, Jasmer Omaria M. Sugay
The purpose of this research is to determine the relationship of the Elementary pupils’ final test score in CL/GMRC and their conduct grades. This study was conducted to 941 Elementary pupils of the School of Saint Anthony with ages ranging from 6 to 13 years old. This research is quantitative in nature and used the descriptive design. Frequency, percentage, means and Pearson r correlation served as the statistical tools of the study. The gathered means displayed that the elementary girls obtained higher scores in their final written exams and conduct grades than the boys. This is apparent across all grade school levels based on the computed means. The collected data present that most of the girls seemed to be more concerned with their grades and conscious with their school behavior compared to the boys. Weak positive relationships between the final written scores and conduct grades were determined based on the computed Pearson r in each grade level. Grade 1 obtained a person r of .176, grade 2 got an r of .294, grade 4 gained an r of .24 , grade 5 obtained and r of .23 and grade 6 gained an r of .28. A moderate positive relationship, on the other hand, was calculated for the grade 3 level (.362). It can be derived from these findings that conduct grades in the Elementary levels may serve as a potential variable for the grade school pupils to achieve higher academic grades, particularly in the grade 3 level which is the transition level from lower school to middle school. Teachers, parents and other adults in the lives of the Elementary pupils play important roles in imbibing to the children the importance of being well disciplined in class to attain higher scores during exams.
17 Level of Implementation of Guidance Programs in National High Schools of Northern Samar, Arnold P. Rapsing
The Department of Education by virtue of DepEd Memo 424 series of 2007 recognizes guidance counselors and the implementation of Career Guidance Programs in public secondary schools. In relation to this, every school should have a carefully planned, organized, well-written, and expertly implemented guidance program. These guidance p services must be functional and generally should not be separated from each other. The study looked into the level of implementation of the guidance programs of national high schools in Northern Samar in terms of individual inventory services, information services, counseling services, in school placement and in-school follow-up. The study also identified problems encountered in the implementation of the guidance services. The main respondents of the study are the guidance counselors of the schools. To validate the claims, school administrators, teachers, and students answered the evaluation questionnaire. Eleven national high schools participated in the study. Statistical tools included frequency counts, percentages, weighted means. Of the five services, individual inventory services, information services, and counseling services were rated “implemented” while in-school placement and in-school follow-up were rated “much implemented”. Problems on the lack of guidance counselors assigned in some schools”, “lack of funds” and “no adequate orientation on administrators and teachers regarding the function of guidance “were considered “serious” problems. The study recommended the hiring of full-time guidance counselors in schools, an orientation of the administrators and teachers on the importance of guidance in high school, and the financial support of the administrators on the services related to guidance.
18 Prevalence Of Depression Among Osteoarthritis Clients In Baguio City, Florence L. Pulido, Dulcie Amor B. Agad, Charles Fred B. Agustin, Nikki P. Balegan, John Gabriel A. Belino, Sharmaine Khaye O. Boado, Ciarra O. Bucsit, Jaedlyn P. Esalley, Gizelle Anne D. Juico, Jobelle D. Mordenio, Giulia Ariela P. Navarro, Marie Rosario
Osteoarthritis (OA) is a degenerative and non-inflammatory disorder of movable joints. Depression may be a reaction to pain in osteoarthritis (Romano, 2013). The study aims to determine prevalence of depression among OA clients by determining degree of depression and significant difference in depression according to some factors. Purposive, convenience, and quota sampling were used. 3 respondents were taken per barangay of 129 barangays in Baguio City. Responses were tallied and subjected to percentage, t-test and f-test. The degree of depression of OA clients is normal ups and downs with 191/351(54.42%) respondents. Results show significant differences with genetics and history of bone injury to depression of OA clients and no significant differences as to age, sex, BMI, co-morbidity, occupation, history of joint injury and congenital deformities. There are individuals classified as “clinically depressed”, implying that although results are statistically insignificant, it is clinically significant. Discussions on management of OA should be holistic and integrated into the curriculum. Nurses should individualize care for OA clients because of its different biopsychosocial effects.
19 Variates Of The Teaching Aptitude Of Teacher Education Students: Inputs To Teacher Education Admission, Mary June T. Adalla, Riza C. Basierto, Jeselle S. Aquino, Cyrene B. Corsino
Teacher education institutions are mandated to produce the best graduates to ensure that only the best inputs into the teaching profession are hired. However, the issue of teacher inputs in the teaching profession could be traced on how teacher education institutions admit their students. The research looked into the students’ age, sex, course, school graduated, parents’ educational attainment, parents’ monthly income, high school Grade Point Average, College Grade Point Average for the first semester, attitudes towards the teaching profession and the performance of the students in the Teaching Aptitude Test (TAT). Significant relationship between the profile of the respondents and the teaching aptitude was found. The study utilized the descriptive correlational design. The respondents composed of the freshman students enrolled in SY 2013 – 2014, answered a survey questionnaire on the profile. The performance in the Teaching Aptitude Test was based on the examination results secured from the College Guidance Office. Frequency counts; percentages, weighted means and multiple regression analysis were used to analyze the data obtained. The profile of the College of Education freshmen revealed that majority are of age range of 15-19, female, graduates of a national high school, with parents who are either college undergraduates or college graduates, with parents whose income range below P10000, have Good performance in high school, have Good performance in college in the first semester, and Highly Favorable teaching aptitude. The respondents had Low performance in the aptitude test. In general, no significant correlation was found between the profile and the teaching aptitude. However, monthly income and attitudes towards teaching significantly predicted the teaching aptitude. The study recommended the development and validation of a localized teaching aptitude test. Another research correlating the teaching aptitude test results with other variables is suggested.
20 Pre-Service Science Teachers’ Conceptions of the Nature of Science and its Relationship to Classroom Practice, Katherine Pilongo – Caga-anan, Dr. John Mitchell O’Toole
Abstract There are significant tensions regarding relative international educational effectiveness. In the science education field such concerns churn around the extent of science understanding with which students leave school. There have been suggestions that this aspect of science literacy is related to how well teachers help students to understand the nature of science. Previous research indicates the existence of both naïve and sophisticated views of this among both teachers and students. However, little research exists regarding Filipino students preparing to teach science in a locally and international fluid context, particularly how their views of the nature of science relate to their classroom teaching practices. It was the purpose of this qualitative study involving seven pre-service science teachers from a single institution in Mindanao, Republic of the Philippines, to better understand the relationship of teacher views of the nature of science and the way that they taught science during their final teaching practice. Data was gathered through non- participant class observations, document, interview and survey analysis. Findings reveal that: (a) These pre-service science teachers hold a mixture of naïve and sophisticated views of the nature of science; (b) Their views of science as empirically based (a potentially sophisticated view), subject to strict method and producing absolute knowledge (naïve views) transferred into their planning and delivery of practice lessons to a minor but discernible extent; (c) The views of science emerging from interview and survey were more varied and more sophisticated than appeared from the lessons planned or observed. The implications of this study are significant because they support some indications in the literature that wider teacher conceptions can translate into practice. This suggests that change in the conceptions held by these teachers might lead to change in the experiences they offer to students in their classes. The research process piloted in this small study could be scaled up to make a useful contribution to science education as the nation for which it was context moves into a period of rapid curriculum change.
21 The Language of Bias among Teachers in Lorma Colleges Special Science High School , Mikaela Catbagan, Diego Miguel Bermudez, Robby Ellison Chan, Angelica Fran Delos Reyes, Brian Johanns Monteverde, Gabrielle Anne Peralta, Chenelle Nicole A. Pulido, Charence Joan Real, Fernando Oringo
Education is not about what you learn inside the classroom rather it is about how you apply the knowledge that you gain in your everyday life situation. The way the teacher trains and educates a student is one of the greatest factors of one’s knowledge. With the sudden rise of controversies about equality at school, its effects on the students can merely be notified as the matter itself captures interests of people these days. The society focuses mostly on how it affects the students’ study behavior – be it by interpersonal and intrapersonal communication; and its impact on the class as a whole. However, researches only concentrate on one party – students’ perspective. The research investigated the awareness of teachers regarding the concept of bias. Researchers featured the teachers of Lorma Colleges Special Science High School as the respondents. The research was also intended to find factors and its effects toward the teacher’s professionalism and effective instruction. Positive student-teacher relationships are characterized by open communication, as well as emotional and academic support that exist between students and teachers. In shaping successful classroom interaction, learning, and achievement, it is important to determine the degree of similarity between student’s and teacher’s personalities.
22 Career Decision Support System for Graduating High School Students , Tracy N. Tacuban
This study aimed to create and evaluate an online decision support system (DSS) which allows students to take a multiple intelligence test, determine their most dominant intelligence, suggest the most suitable courses to take for college and provide an interpretation for the result of the evaluation. The system captures the knowledge of an expert in guidance and counseling and embodied it to its knowledge base using fuzzy logic, graph search and depth first search. The system was tested at University of Iloilo–Basic Education Department, Iloilo City and Tabugon National High School, Tabugon, Dingle, Iloilo by a conveniently chosen graduating high school students. The result of the system was evaluated by 39 guidance counselors from the different secondary schools from the province and city of Iloilo. The evaluation of the system’s functionality was assessed by 15 respondents from the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) sector using the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 9126. The reliability of the system was evaluated by comparing the system output with the two other assessment tools from Western Visayas College of Science and Technology (Weber standard) and the University of Iloilo (NDDCTE standard).  Using Cramer’s V, the result of the evaluation of the NDDCTE standard as compared to the Decision Support System of the data taken from University of Iloilo and the data taken from Tabugon National High School has significant relationship. It implies that there is no significant difference in the results of the two evaluations. The result of the evaluation using Cramer’s V of the Weber standard as compared to the Decision Support System of the data taken from University of Iloilo and the data taken from Tabugon National High School has significant relationship. It implies that the two results are highly related with each other. Using arithmetic mean (M) and standard deviation (SD), the result of the evaluation of the system’s output based on the perception of 39 guidance counselor resulted to a “Very Satisfactory” result. This implies that the system generates the dominant intelligence of the student, provide accurate course and study tips based on his/ her dominant intelligence. The evaluation of the respondents to the system’s software quality characteristics based on ISO 9126 resulted to a value described as “Very Effective”.  It confirmed that the overall software characteristics of the system passed the ISO 9126 standards. Keywords: decision support system, career guidance, multiple intelligence https://doi.org/10.21016/IRRC.2015.MA15WF13O