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International Journal of Latest Research in Engineering and Science

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1 Study of Extreme Weather Events (hot & cold day or wave) over Bihar Region, R. K. Giri , Devendra Pradhan and A. K. Sen
In this paper an attempt has been made to study the heat wave /cold wave and hot /cold days for Bihar region during 46 years of data (1969-2014). The representative months have been taken from December to February and March to June for cold wave/ cold days and hot wave /hot days respectively. The results obtained from decade analysis shows that the frequency of the hot wave /hot days increased during the last decade (2005 to 2014) almost for all the stations of Bihar region. In the similar manner the frequency of the cold wave /cold days also increases during last two decades (1995 to 2004 and 2005 to 2014) over the region. The gaps in the data of part time observatories have not been taken into account in the final decision.
2 Performance and Cost Evaluation of an Adaptive Encryption Architecture for Cloud Database, Ramana Reddy and M.Premchander
The cloud database as a service is a novel paradigm that can support several Internet-based applications, but its adoption requires the solution of information confidentiality problems. We propose a novel architecture for adaptive encryption of public cloud databases that offers an interesting alternative to the tradeoff between the required data confidentiality level and the flexibility of the cloud database structures at design time. We demonstrate the feasibility and performance of the proposed solution through a software prototype. Moreover, we propose an original cost model that is oriented to the evaluation of cloud database services in plain and encrypted instances and that takes into account the variability of cloud prices and tenant workloads during a medium-term period.