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American Research Journal of Medicine and surgery

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1 The Utility of Positron Emission Tomography Scanning in Parkinson’s Disease, Dr. Jason Seewoodhary1 ,Dr. Stephen Wong MD FRCP (UK)2
Positron Emission Tomography (PET) can visualise progression of Parkinsonian pathophysiology from early- through to end-stage disease generating objective quantitative longitudinal data, which enables assessing responses to treatment. The utility of PET scanning in the management of Parkinson's Disease is further exemplified by: refining the differential diagnosis of Parkinson's Disease as a distinct neurochemical entity; monitoring the efficacy of foetal nigral tissue transplantation; assessing the effects of surgical interventions such as deep brain stimulation; and guiding clinical management by studying the effects of drug-induced adverse effects. This concise review critically considers the role of PET scanning in the management of Parkinson’s Disease.
2 Sleep State Misperception or Paradoxical Insomnia? , Luciane Andrade Barreto, João E Coin-Carvalho, Luciane BC Carvalho, Lucila BFPrado, Gilmar F Prado
Sleep state misperception (SSM) intrigues sleep specialists as a disorder in which a complaint of insomnia is presented without any objective clinical evidence. International committees involved in producing sleep disorder classifications have included SSM in the insomnia group and classified this condition with a new name, paradoxical insomnia (PI)
3 Statin-Associated Autoimmune Myopathy: Diagnostic Challenges , Nirosen Vijiaratnam, Matthew Jiang, Tissa Wijeratne
Statin myopathy is a heterogenous condition Diagnosing statin-associated autoimmune myopathy is challenging but critical Anti HMGCR autoantibodies are useful in making the diagnosis Immunosuppresion is critical in this condition
4 Pharmacological Clinical and Experimental Studies on the Effect of Alginates in the Treatment of Obesity , Dr.Teodora Handjieva-Darlenska
In the prevention and treatment of obesity dietary regiments plays a major role. Recently the benefits of different food supplements are pointed out. The aim of our study was to examine the effect of alginates on the weight loss and body mass index (BMI), and some metabolic parameters in adults and rodents.
5 Providing Access to Rural Patients – A Management Decision, Kambiz Farahmand Mahmoud Mostafa Satpal Singh Wadhwa3Sudhindra Upadhyaya Vahid H Khiabani
The purpose of this study is to model the arrival of patients to a level one surgical department in a large city for two large departments namely orthopedic and Podiatry, and the cost associated with the arrivals for the Podiatry patients. Podiatry patients were chosen for the cost modeling as to set the ground worker for analyzing the feasibility of increased remote capability specifically in thePodiatry department within the referral area to minimize travel time and cost for the patients and the provider